76% of Tory Brexiteers don’t care about Scots

Research by Lord Ashcroft, as published by The Times today confirms that 76% of all Conservatives who voted leave in the referendum do not care about Scotland and couldn’t care less whether they leave or stay within the British Union. they think Brexit is more important than the Union.

Wonder whether the Queen cares about the advice given by the Prime Minister about matters to do with proroguing parliament in the future?


love your neighbour

There is this Poker game going on, Europe says, there will be no deal possible and UK is likely to drop out without a deal and UK says, we’ll drop out without a deal anyway.

It’s just like children trying to impress each other, proposing strength that just aren’t there really.

So the EU has gotten Britain over a Barrell because of the Irish and Northern Ireland border.

I am trying to get to find out what the history of this is and how everything went to pot in these areas.

I know something about a potato famine, killing many Irish people because the UK took all those spuds away as exports. Yet being an immigrant without any relatives in Northern Ireland or Ireland, the facts are hazy for me. But looking this up on Wikipedia it seems the Irish Free State got established in 1922, not that long ago. In 1949 Ireland became a Republic.

Well it seems the British government needs to have a look into the relationship with the Home Nations because we constantly see squabbling over Scottish or Welsh independence. Perhaps the Queen wants to stand down and allow some fresh thoughts into the debate, as longest serving monarch, perhaps she also has the most troubles over her reign.

It is very important to firstly get on with your neighbours and always keep friendly with them because if circumstances change and a country is under International law and regulations, then there is nothing that can be done.

Britain cannot blame the EU for applying international law to the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, to ask them to do so, would be completely crazy. Unless of course the UK has gotten a secret argument and asks the EU to join a British deal with Britain being in charge. Yet that would jeopardise all other arrangements the EU would have with other nations.

Whilst Boris says Britain can save 1 Billion per month, the Insititute for Fiscal Studies says it would cost business 1 1/4 Billion to deal with administrative and other changes.

A no-deal Brexit would push the borrowing requirements for the UK to a 50-year high. So where is the rational basis for wanting out of the EU?


In the interest of national unity

Today’s unanimous judgement of the Supreme Court will strengthen national unity and is good for Britain’s future.

Had the Supreme Court found against the appeal of Gina Millar and quashed the Scottish ruling, then the rift between Britain’s regions would have deepened considerably.

MP’s are calling for a Unity Government whilst Boris Johnson is at the UN Climate Summit and has endless calls to resign. Boris said he would not resign. But if even Nigel Farage asks for the sacking of Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s adviser, then things are getting really serious for the government.

Boris behaved like a tinpot dictator and probably could get into the history books as the shortest serving Prime Minister ever.

The Supreme Court quashed the prorogation as if it had never happened. So all laws, which were in preparation do not have to be done again.

The 2013 Honours List

I am just not getting excited about the Honours List any longer. It is the result of a boring and irrelevant process to give those that attract a lot of public attention a Queen’s Honour. People like the creator of Moshi Monsters or actresses.

Whilst there are fire crews and ambulances, together with volunteers battle to save and help flood victims here in the UK, the entertainment industry gets top honours. The Queen is a batty old lady, who is totally removed from reality.

What should be honoured are attempts to ease the suffering from freak weather conditions and to help the planet.

Yet a record number of women got honoured at a time when there is little compassion for the poor and needy. My theory is that single career women have little sympathy for those in need. Just at the moment little workers are the most repressed. Police workers are on strike so are other public service workers. It would have been good if at least one of those honoured would have refused the gong in favour of those who work hard and never get anything, but that didn’t happen this year.

But that just shows how corrupt current society is in Britain, those at the top are very much aligned with the government, that created 100 new peers, raised the Queen’s allowance, raised the MP allowances, whilst the rest is stuck on the minimum wage or gets below inflation rises.

28 Jan 2014, just to complement this story of Royal malaise, it has been reported that the Queen is unable to control her finances and down to 1 Million in reserves, holds lots of parties but cannot repair her estates and palaces.

The anti-social government

What this government does now is positively anti-social in terms of the bigger picture. Mr Osborne has been warned by the IMF and other heads of financial services that they have to stop this strict austerity but Mr Osborne defends his plan to continue to scale down.

This is at the expense of our children’s education, as I previously blogged and also our economy continues to shrink. I think this government suffers from Conservative Autism.They just want to do their own thing in their own order and if it disrupts others around them, it doesn’t matter as long as it is done the Conservative, or should I say Cameron way.

David Cameron looks more and more like Henry VIII; he has steadily put on weight, despite one of his colleagues recently proclaiming that only people from poor working class backgrounds are obese nowadays. Incidentally Cameron and Clegg seem to put on weight at exactly the same rate. Perhaps they spend many hours having dinners to discuss their discrepancies and the stress of it all makes them eat more.

But surely now Osborne, Cameron and co. are now the only ones in the village that think the way they do; even fellow Conservative old-timers have stood up to speak out on the disaster.

I wonder whether Cameron wants to break up the EU by withdrawing economic activity of the UK because that will severely affect the other nations around us because our lack of consumer spending power will reduce the amount of goods we can import from our neighbours. Our economy has shrunk.

I think it has gone beyond the joke and Cameron’s desperate attempts to save Royal Britain from the European Republic simply puts the Queen and the monarchy in a very bad light indeed and does more damage than good.

The UK, the uncaring nation

I must say, I am thoroughly disgusted and it is literally keeping me awake tonight, that the UK felt fit to put their elderly monarch, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband through the ordeal of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations the way they did.

The Duke ended up in hospital with a bladder infection, that is the official version, and that could, in my view, have been avoided.

I would not have put our own pensioners through the ordeal of having to spend half hour outside in the cold on Jubilee day but our Queen had to endure 90 minutes standing in the open air when the temperature was forecast for only 12 degrees with wet and windy weather. The Duke is 90 years of age.

Some people wouldn’t force their dogs to go for a walk on a day like that but we expect our elderly Queen and royals to spend hours outside in the cold and rainy weather. Even under an umbrella, I thought it was too cold for a pensioner to spend prolonged periods of time outside, that is why I moved our own street party indoors into our community centre.

It is unbelievable that the organisers of the Diamond Jubilee did not have a plan B for a cold and rainy weather. That was more than inflexible and I think unworthy organisation for our great nation. Of course the flotilla itself was very impressive but we should have shown more care for our elderly royals and should not have forced them outside for hours in that weather.

There should have been a plan B and an indoor celebration should have been available for bad weather. Shame on the organisers of the Queen’s official Jubilee celebrations.

Why honour anything?

I have just read some stuff on the New Year’s Honours list and I am very disappointed that the down-ward trend on who gets the honours is more than apparent. Somebody actually got a honour just for turning away from crime and doing what most of us usually do, that is not to commit crime and one person got an honour making sure drug addicts get clean needles. If he gets an honour for turning away from gangs, all of those who never committed crimes in the first place should get honours too. If a nurse gets a honour for giving addicts clean needles then all those who do not use drugs should get honours too.

As if there are not enough outstanding law-abiding citizens around who truly improve the lives of the people who bring quality to our society. The Queen is making bad examples a virtue. I would like to express every respect to those who refused the Queen’s Honours. Fact is that those who genuinely contribute to society with outstanding art or scientific work for example hardly need the Queen’s approval to do so in any case.

I just wonder whether the Queen has gone soft in the head and whether there should be a pension age for monarchs.

Dame on the Rocks (Box)

Whilst there is in my mind no doubt about it, that it is the size of a person’s bank account that determines the elevation to Dame or Lord, in Dame Vivienne Westwood’s case it was obviously not high enough, because the good lady elevated herself even higher to address the St. Paul’s Camp. I wonder whether the Queen now regrets having bestowed that honour onto V Westwood or not. After all her Majesty is the  head of the Church of England, the very religious establishment the dame arose from.

Whether the Queen will be more careful in future whom she empowers to such titles, maybe she wants to wait a bit longer. Just because obviously wealth and titles do not stop public figures from joining left-wing protests.

So far her Majesty has refrained from joining the diplomatic row over the movement that strikes at the heart of the Monarchy, the St. Paul’s church is one of the most important symbols of British power.

Isn’t it nice and easy to join a protest once one is rich and famous. I wish I had the choice. But then I have to find a job and cannot possibly be seen near such a collection of upheaval. Of course we are all afraid of the earth warming but camping in tents outside of St. Paul’s is hardly going to stop it nor would it give the necessary discipline or ideas to cope with it.  I love the pinstripe against the redhead, so tasteful against the backdrop of the architecture. It’s like a sun down in the city. Or is it a sun rise. As the saying goes: “Red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds warning.

Having once been invited to a fashion show, I was surprised that there are designers that actually want to use natural materials, which are not environmentally straining in any way, something Vivienne perhaps could turn to in her strive to be more environmentally in tune.  I have seen bracelets made from snake skin, huhuhu, lets not even go there. Maybe V Westwood thinks those protestors might want to use designer tents in future and are a new type of customer, perhaps.

Perhaps the session is just part of the normal British street meeting mentality. Solving communication problems with street meetings is part and parcel of the British mentality. We have the Big Lunch, just to name one, who encourage people to talk things over in open spaces. So the tent camp outside of St. Paul’s is nothing out of the ordinary for the British, whose homes are their castles.

More down to Orde

From this recent BBC article it seems that Sir Hugh Orde is more down to Earth in his approach to policing here in Britain because he puts the context within the European Union and the laws that have to be observed in Europe. David Cameron’s approach is quite clearly a forceful one as he accused the police of acting timidly. Cameron’s newly appointed personal advisor Bill Bratton wears 2 handguns when he is out on patrol. Bratton has 400 gangs in his neck of the woods to deal with and Sir Orde points out that getting to a stage where 400 gangs can even built up is a sign of bad policing. I am not certain how many gangs operate in the UK.

Bill Bratton has advised that the UK police cannot arrest their way out of the problem, that either indicates that he thinks shooting is better than arresting or that he thinks that the underlying social problems have to be addressed.

I think what has to be on the forefront of tactical thinking is the fact that the riots have to be broken up quickly to prevent loss of life and victims. The longer those riots would have gone on, the more people’s lives would have been at risk and there were already a number of deaths and people had to escape fires and run or jump for their lives.

It’s a little bit strange that David Cameron gets  himself a personal advisor from the US on board, who has no legal powers whatsoever in the UK and cannot think in the local context. There also has been wrangling between government ministers and police chiefs over who has the final word on policing orders and strategies. Obviously the police have to be seen to be politically neutral. Theresa May reacted cleverly to publications about a possible rift with the police over cancelling all leave. One report said she ordered all leave to be cancelled whereby police said that she has no power to do so. Mrs May praised the police for their actions.

The riots were completely unpredictable and with current police numbers impossible to quench quickly on the basis that no water canons or plastic bullets were used. I don’t think using those methods would have alienated the youth more because there is little in social actions proposed to help them out of the dilemma they are in, the youth that is. There is little social investment in young people and their families and instead of proposing some, the government wants to favour benefit cuts and homelessness for riot participants and their families. It would have done the youth a favour to cool them down quickly and disperse them even faster because then they could not have committed the crimes that later happened when the riots progressed further north.

It seems that Mr Osborne is more concerned cutting the 50p tax rate than devising help packages for our young citizens.

The riots leave a bitter taste in everybody’s mouth who expected a caring attitude from our government towards young people. It’s really just cracking down the whip and getting rid of the responsibility by sanction and imprisonment.

The problem that has arisen is the lack of consistency for what is needed to deal with such sudden riots and what the political and social answer to those discontented is. David Cameron does not even want to hold an enquiry and forget about it as quickly as possible whilst Ed Miliband called for one.

The former advisor to Ken Livingstone made a sympathetic statement for the youth but then under Livingstone, there was a much higher rate of youth on youth crime, when he constantly had stabbings in London, which have receded under Boris Johnson. Yet under Livingstone we did not have youth rioting. It seems we have a choice between rioting and stabbing but that is a choice nobody really wants to make and all we need is a way out of this malaise.

From other comments made around the net, I wonder whether this riot was a political uprising on the scale of an attempted revolution and think that David Cameron’s approach will not help stem it at all. He simply drives the problem into the Underground and that can get well out of hand. It seems to be Cameron’s tactic not to get involved in any social tit for tat and just get rid of the unhappy youth by making them criminals and keeping them criminals and outlaws a bit similar to the good old Sheriff of Nottingham.  I think Cameron’s strategy is political suicide and will lead to a further detriment of the UK gentry.

Putting it into the context that Mark Duggan’s uncle was a crime lord, according to the Mail online, I wonder how much criminal and how much political context this whole riot actually has. History has proven that politicians always call those who are in more or less violent opposition criminals. Yet it has to be seriously considered as a tactic that local opponents of current upper classes want to flood the UK with drugs in the hope that those upper classes drug themselves out of their minds and become hapless victims of their own habits. The recent confiscation of a very large haul of drugs cannot have been welcome by UK drug barons.

It is only in the drug context that I can understand why Cameron wants to involve a US cop (Bratton) as advisor.  I see little hope that the current government can come up with a digestible approach that is coordinated across all service areas of government.

I am often tempted to compare today’s civilisation with the Roman Empire and scientists now belief that the sanity of Roman Emperors was afflicted by the lead in the water they drank because their water viaduct pipes contained a lot of lead. Could it be that the lead of Roman times is replaced today by class A drugs? After all the use of drugs spreads more and more into upper circles and I believe that today’s society is very much inflicted with drug abuse. We see that society is pretty stagnant and corrupt too.

Amazon environment activists killed

From this article that reports the murder of 2 prominent Amazon rain forest environmental activists it becomes clear that Brazil eased legislature on de-forestation of this important region of the world.

The Prince’s Rainforest Project raises awareness of the international importance of some regions of the world for the whole planet.

I think that countries who hold such international treasures,such as rainforest should be subject to an international panel of experts before they can make any legislation that affects those internationally important assets such as rainforest. The status of the Amazon rainforest will affect this whole planet and the earth warming we are already subjected to. Brazil now eased laws on deforestation. If each country in that region allows similar laws, we could see the disappearance of the Amazon rainforest within decades and that could have devastating results for the planet.

I am not sure why not more pressure is being put on World Health Organisations or other similar bodies to found an International organisation that has input on countries, making it compulsory to seek international approval before national legislation can be changed.

We are definitely sitting all in the same boat, I mean on the same planet and national sovereignty must come second when planet’s needs are overriding.

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