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Homeland series 3

Now they are trying to make us belief that it is OK to have the vice president of the United States killed because Brody doesn't agree with his decisions. Brody obtained the access code to the vice-president's pace maker and gave it to terrorists who made the pace maker malfunction and Brody watched him die.… Continue reading Homeland series 3

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Social norms created for profiteering

President Macron of France is a great solace to me. He shows that sexist norms can be overcome and that a man is able to truly love any woman they want. source wikipedia The wife of President Macron is 25 years older than himself and I totally admire that this man has made it to… Continue reading Social norms created for profiteering

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The leaking fest

I am really quite glad to read about the forward looking reports about how our government will develop into a new style of supportive leadership. The hustle and buzz of the leadership contest grips the nation. Luckily we have gotten superb candidates as prospective Conservative Party leaders and prime minister candidates. Once the press found… Continue reading The leaking fest

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When he turned

Looking at the picture turning back to No 10 after his resignation speech is not so different from the way Theresa May resigned. All those Prime Ministers always stay adamant that they will stay in office, until the sudden collapse comes. It all seems to be about Brexit after all, judging by comments from John… Continue reading When he turned

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Under pressure

The whole shabang about Boris Johnson is a media created campaign, that was more than welcomed by all opposition parties and is echoed around as such. With the best intentions, the pressure must get to any figure in public life. It seems like two factions are up against in other in a very public way.… Continue reading Under pressure

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Closing popular bus routes

Another bit of drama created by Sadiq Khan is his desire to close the most popular bus routes because of 'government cuts'. Obviously it is designed for maximum anti-government protest. Nobody who has to make cuts would cut the most popular routes, as those routes obviously make money for the service provider. It is sheer… Continue reading Closing popular bus routes

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Affordable hygiene

Of course, I support the banning of plastic wet wipes. I buy the Andrex washlets, which are purely made from paper, that dissolves when flushed. Whatever the government comes up with, it has to be affordable. Also they are saving time for busy parents who cannot spend a lot of it changing nappies as parents… Continue reading Affordable hygiene

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Grateful that protests are allowed

but using the resources of a nation, which allows protests to deal with protests and use resources, like police, which in fact plays into the hands of criminals, who have less police to catch them because of protests, is not really effective. Greta says, she tries to speak to activists in China, where such protests… Continue reading Grateful that protests are allowed

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The German weakness

The biggest one is wanting to equalise everything or make it the same. One party, one uniform, all looking the same, the odd ones out. Translate this to today, the EU suffered from laws about odd looking veggies or fruit and now it’s the turn of the iPhone charger, which is just different. Germans still… Continue reading The German weakness

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Complaint up-held

Sense at last. UK Visas & Immigration have decided to up-hold my complaint about treatment received via HM Government to do with the EU Citizenship procedure. Despite being a fully signed up British Citizen, with a British passport since decades, HM Government kept on sending me letters about EU Settlement. They said that I need… Continue reading Complaint up-held