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Plea of Pakistani flood victims

Very sad indeed. There is no infrastructure to deal with these predictable weather conditions in the Manoor valley of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province (source). Earth warming will raise water levels for many coastal communities and those in the third world particularly will need re-housing further inland. I was just going to write about my keep-fit… Continue reading Plea of Pakistani flood victims

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Energy consumption

Use of any type of energy, that is produced with the effect of carbon emmission will contribute towards global warming. If we reduce energy consumption in whichever shape or form, we'll do good for our planet. Lets look at cooking for example. It makes a huge difference whether we use gas, electric hobs or induction.… Continue reading Energy consumption

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Moon gravitation

There is a new moon circling around earth. In fact there are many new moons circling around earth. We sent them up there and they are circling at their own pace and in their own way. The moon is responsible for the gravitational pull of our planet, makes the tides come in and out and… Continue reading Moon gravitation

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Bezos pledges 10 Billion to fight climate change

Latest news announced on his Instagram account., Bezos announces that $3 Billion will be donated to climate change causes, Money to be distributed from this year. Amazon Prime is already thinking about deliveries from drones, at least that will beat the traffic stopping demos from Extinction Rebellion. ER dug up some lawns in Cambridge University.… Continue reading Bezos pledges 10 Billion to fight climate change

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Don’t support traffic stopping demos

We all want to do something sensible about earth warming and stop global carbon emissions. Yet the traffic stopping demonstrations that Extinction Rebellions lays on, do exactly the opposite from what we are trying to achieve. Those demos stop traffic and make cars spew out more exhaust fumes as they otherwise would. Research has totally… Continue reading Don’t support traffic stopping demos