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a virtual world on Klondike

Over those long stay-at-home days, I have taken to trying out yet another farming game and this is called Klondike. It is surprisingly complicated as you have to produce things, both farming and material, using raw material that you either find or produce in factories, you have to build from materials you have made. You… Continue reading a virtual world on Klondike

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Energy consumption

Use of any type of energy, that is produced with the effect of carbon emmission will contribute towards global warming. If we reduce energy consumption in whichever shape or form, we'll do good for our planet. Lets look at cooking for example. It makes a huge difference whether we use gas, electric hobs or induction.… Continue reading Energy consumption

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Lutheran tactics

When Martin Luther nailed his thesis' on the door of the Gutenberg Church in 1517, it meant a revolution was about to start in the church. The posters reading 'Closed for Good' plastered by Extinction Rebellion on businesses doors are not so different. This relationship in methods is probably one reason to the fact that… Continue reading Lutheran tactics

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TV ads instead of demos

Whilst Extinction Rebellion are trying to sell us their story, they do so by stopping traffic, apologetic, no less, they cause a disturbance. They say, they need to do this, to make us aware of the climate agenda. But, what about taking out a TV ad instead. You cannot reach more people than with a… Continue reading TV ads instead of demos

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I support if it helps the climate

Doesn't make much sense for the purpose of fighting this virus, the measures, the government comes up with but it helps a lot in reducing carbon emissions, with flights cancelled and other energy consuming activities reduced. So, I do support. I am not even remotely ill and I am not scared about getting ill. I… Continue reading I support if it helps the climate

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non-sensical advice

I'm listening to the daily briefings of no 10 about corona virus, which incidentally have a NHS placard in front of them. People are advised not to go to clubs, pubs, theatres and music venues etc, but those venues have not been asked to close. Without closure orders, they have no financial protection. So there… Continue reading non-sensical advice

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trees as weapons

trees can be a force for good or for bad As a good force they capture carbon and keep it in the wood they produce. For that to happen a tree has to be 20 - 30 years old and not be allowed to rot be destroyed otherwise. A bad side-effect of trees can be… Continue reading trees as weapons

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self-preservation planet

Is this how the planet itself reacts to earth warming? The Corona virus certainly has nutralised carbon emissions in China because the closing down of production and travel has cleared the air there. Nature has always created deadly viruses, which humans try to fight. As soon as we have one vaccine, we get another new… Continue reading self-preservation planet

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Thinking about Heathrow

Extinction Rebellion is a movement sponsored by Billionnaires and those having gotten rich from the old way of doing business. Now, come to think of it, Britain being an Island nation, relying on transport and especially so, air travel, Extinction Rebellion pours a lot of energy and money into fighting the expansion of Heathrow Airport,… Continue reading Thinking about Heathrow

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Moon gravitation

There is a new moon circling around earth. In fact there are many new moons circling around earth. We sent them up there and they are circling at their own pace and in their own way. The moon is responsible for the gravitational pull of our planet, makes the tides come in and out and… Continue reading Moon gravitation