The power of the city

London used to be top city in 1895 with a population of 5,974,000 but has now sunk down well below others.

Whilst Bejing was the no 1 city in 1500 with a population of 672,000 with London not even reaching the top 10, it is now the leader with most growth with London being in 4th position. See the animation to see the development from 1500 to 2018.

London rose in the latter part of 1800 till the beginning of 1900 and then fell back sharply after world war II.

By 2100 London is not even expected to be in the top 20. However, caution has to be given to that list as it doesn’t include predicted sea-level rises by that time.

Whoever is in charge of policies in Britain today is not doing this country any favour by making policies, which will not lead to a growth either in size of our city or will help develop it.


Bigger wind turbines ‘Britannia’

Whilst the Britannia wind turbine is shown to us as an example of how we can produce ‘greener’ electricity, I just wonder whether those turbines will be able to cope with the rise in sea levels that is predicted or whether they will sink below the waves in 80 year’s time.

No oil please Obama and Cameron

If you think about it, this was a disaster to happen, and I am surprised it hasn’t happened before, that one of those under-water oil wells hasn’t ruptured to spew out oil into the sea. I suppose we can pack up and move planet if we continue to have accidents of that sort.

The oil row has now moved away from being purely environmental, purely a share-holder issue to a holy diplomatic matter between Obama and Cameron. When Obama can say to Cameron, he what have yo British done to our wonderful American shore? And of course there is little Cameron can say to deny the basic fact that it was a British company that spilled not the beans but the oil into the ocean.

I reckon that such a little oil spill can ruin the whole of the ocean if it is allowed to go on long enough as it will continually destroy the natural sea environment, slowly poisoning underwater fauna and flora.

Because this has now become an earth threatening problem, maybe we should allow the army to intervene and let them fix the pipeline and stop the spew of oil But then in such cases even the army relies on companies to produce equipment they use. If we all put our thinking caps on, we come to the conclusion that what this problem needs is exactly that, a cap and if one measures the diameter of a circle, e.g. the raptured pipe and makes a cap that fits on it, then the problem should be fixed, or perhaps an underground explosion could simply cave in the pipeline. Well it could go the opposite way and make the hole even bigger.

In such cases one has to consider the basic sciences, e.g. the earth’s gravity and what it does to weights and how the force of the gravity moves liquids always to the top, liquids that are normally contained in the inner stratus of the earth. How about dropping great big stone boulders into the sea where the hole is, that is probably the most primitive but also cheapest solution. It is quite obvious that pumping liquid sludge back into a hole that is forced to spit everything back up because of gravity, I think that was not a very good idea at all. Well I am unpaid and cannot get a job myself. lets leave it to those that get a wage to deal with that crisis.

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