Preventing fires

Tower Hamlets council wants to prevent arson by asking people not to leave bulky rubbish outside because it could be set alight by someone. But they allow you to leave it out for 1 night, just before the collection date. How embarrassing is that? Think is there less risk of fire? It doesn’t matter whether an item is out one night or 10 nights it can still be set alight in that 1 night that it is outside.

I think that Tower Hamlets council has not gotten the concept of fire-prevention right by saying that you can leave a potential fire hazard outside for 1 night alone but not for more than 1 might. They should improve their bulky rubbish collection system so that bulky rubbish can only be collected from inside of an address instead of allowing people to leave their bulky rubbish outside in communal areas.

I think that the whole concept of rubbish disposal on council estate is poorly managed as well. Please note that it is impossible for me to get a job in local government.

We have lost control of the environment

The headline of this blog is a quote from Mr Kessler, a retired NASA scientist. It seems that all the space experiments have created is a load of rubbish, that now freely circles around earth. It has become so bad that all experiments in space are in danger of being sabotaged by those pieces of rubbish that circle the earth.

What a load of rubbish literally. Basically what modern civilisation has achieved is that it created a lot of unmanageable rubbish. There is nothing more and nothing less. This rubbish blights our live on earth and now in space. What is the point in putting so much rubbish into orbit around earth that it has created a curtain of debris that has become our moving prison cell bars? Apparently it is not so easy to catch all that rubbish. China has deliberately created a lot of rubbish by destroying a satellite as an experiment, creating 150.000 pieces larger than 1 cm and this rubbish circulates around earth at 28.162km/h. That’s a speed you never reach on the M1, where we drive at 60km/h.

I just wonder why there can’t be that sudden switch in international governments to reverse some trends, but apparently the law is an ass and once in place cannot budge. The laws today are only created to protect our social and economic structures, the same structures which created all the problems we have to face on a daily basis and which plight our future too.

There is not even an attempt to look at ourselves in a critical fashion and especially in the employment stakes it is quite apparent that only those who are true to the current mentality, which supports self-destruction of our planet get the jobs, how odd.

Yet what is not  needed is mindless violence to try and overcome the problems, it would not help but only create more chaos. But trying a structured approach might be rather difficult because so many people are simply so used to doing things always the same way and are totally inflexible.

The problem that therefore always arises is that humanity has become neurotic to the extent that it cannot self-heal and lets things get to the brink of madness and then we always get these huge world-wars breaking out as result of it. Especially men are always creatures of habit, their instincts are blighted by wanting to do things always a certain way to please their own desire for repetition and regular cliché. Personal discipline and time-keeping is considered more important than a meaningful context to the actions we do and on that basis I see little hope of any big improvements happening fast.

What is really needed is a radical overhaul of those people who are on the top and because we get this top-down management of earthly affairs, we have to make our voices known at the next elections and vote those out who now are unable to be flexible and sensible.

The cycle of waste

I can count myself lucky that I do not have one of those fancy double counting water meters, that do not only meter the incoming but also measure the outgoing water. Why, is that? It is because I am wondering whether it is worth recycling cans and jars that take a lot of water and effort to clean prior to recycling.

Would we not do more damage to the environment by too much water usage or would we do more damage to the environment by not recycling metal cans and glass jars?

I went to bring some old metal to the scrap metal dealer and ended up with some money in my pocket but when I have to clean out old cans and put them into the recycling, it costs me money and I do not even get a discount for recycling when I purchase a new product to replace the old one.

Especially products like peanut butter or chocolate jars, and even cans of beans, take a longish while to clean before the containers are fit for the recycling container. So is it worth it for me to heat water to loosen up the fatty peanut butter, so that I can scrape out the jar and clean it?

It costs me electricity, water and detergent to do so, not to mention the time spent doing it.  I am almost certain that many busy working people rather bin a can than find the time to clean it.

Yet my local scrap dealer was only too happy to give me cash for metal. I wonder whether it is not cheaper to crush up and collect old tins to bring them to the scrap metal merchant, who does not need clean metal to process it.

Just when I am in the mood to moan about the waste, I had to remove food from containers to compact them or they would have taken too much space in my freezer. Why pack food items in containers that are 3 times too big in the first place?

What would be a really good idea in my view, is the recycling of old furniture and especially those wood-chip, flat-pack buried, icons of old furniture we see often draped around waste bins. There is an awful lot of forest in the Amazon but there is also an awful lot of wood waste in our bins each and every day.

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