It’s all about the money, money

Whilst the Taxpayers Alliance stimulates people to vote Tory to avoid higher taxes, tax payers are taken to the cleaners by private finance initiatives like ‘buying council flats’, which cost them loads more money than paying a little more tax. Many people have been defrauded by crooks exploiting vulnerabilities of private investors.

I am trying to keep out of current affairs, yet today’s politicians don’t seem to look further than just in front of their noses. There are no long-term goals indicated in policies.

It’s out of the EU, free trade deals with the US but no longer-term plans on how to avoid incremental costs with all those extra risk factors that are accumulated through trade deals with far-away countries.

There are talks about reducing carbon rich activities, but how does bulk trade with far-away countries reduce the amount of carbon that is generated through transport. How do we avoid bad-weather disturbances of container ship transports?

Unfortunately today’s politics do not ask people to look at the basics, but their minds get fixed on ideologically tinted ideologies.

It were American manufacturers who supplied most of that faulty cladding that adornes our tower blocks and which cost a fortune to leaseholders to remove. They also manufactured the faulty tumble dryers.

Leaving the EU in favour of American trade deals will be very expensive according to this social media profile: @BarnabyEdwards

Costs broken down per day, per person:

  • EU membership £ 0.35 per person per day.
  • Cost of Brexit since 2016: £ 0.91 per person per day
  • Est. cost of Brexit: £ $.15 per person per day
  • Est. cost of No-deal Brexit: £ 5.81 per person per day
  • Nigel Farage’s earning from publicity since 2016: £ 541.10 per day.

Whilst our current government constantly claims to deliver the cheapest options, I am not so sure that those following all the advice, especially including private ownershp of council homes, actually make much money out of it.

I think it would be much more sensible if the Americans (US) concentrate on improving relationships with their neighbours (like Mexico) instead of constantly building walls and the same should be said about every other geographical region. If all continents make strong relations within themselves, we will all have better chances of getting a better life.

We do need world-peace and will not achieve it if we cannot make peace with our neighbours.

It’s like a desease that everywhere we look there are these pockets of aggressive conflict and it seems to be catching like a virus.


Nothing compares

A lot of things are trying to compare something to Malala Yousafzai. Yet Malala is completely unique. She is unique in her quest to establish better girls education because she comes from a country that is notorious trying to prevent girls from getting to grip with any kind of academic concept. Malala has become a world-wide ambassador for better girls education.

Malala was almost killed by Taleban fighters, shot in the head, but luckily survived to be a great role model for girls around the world.

That fact, that girls need education is true for every culture in the world. However, since people’s mix and move and mingle in other geographical locations, secular principles are a good idea. I support it that countries forbid their civil servants, including teachers to wear religious symbols at work. Every person, girl or boy has the right to a great education and if everybody gets the same treatment, we all have the same chances.

That should not stop churches or relgions to run schools, anybody with the correct qualifications can run a school and educate pupils. We are attending a local Church of England school and we love that the school is not too pragmatic and doesn’t enforce stereo-typical relgious practises. Some churches, have too much dogma and cannot successfully run their schools in a multi-cultural environment.

Of course most countries, have developed certain holidays around relgious beliefs that had been held over centuries but even that  phases out gradually, the more pople mix. Many people still are accustomed to practises they were taught as children and carry on through families, and it will take a long time to ease out of this.

Most schools now educate on a variety of religions, during religious education classes, which could be further enriched with Humanist content.

We are more tolerant generally in western countries and allow people time to neutralise their relgious belief; the Chinese however actively re-educate and tear people away from their familar surroundings in tailor-made camps. The tactic to take children away from families now becomes more popular and is even practised in the USA to deal with immigrants. Yet the Chinese seem to treat the children better than the US.

The Chinese have the space and resources to build such huge camps, we in smaller countries would never have the space to do so. We slowly integrate. We develop methods like having to speak the host country language and making people work in jobs their religion would normally forbid. We establish laws that contradict some relgions and enforce them on the whole population.

We out-lawed forced marriage, domestic violence, genital mutilation and our laws force all children into education.






The 2 Nigels

Under Labour we had 2 Jags Lord Prescott, who dictated the political scene but now under the Conservatives we are wedged between the 2 Nigels, that is Nigel Lawson and Nigel Farage. The Farage sort of Nigel is of course not a Torie but right-wing enough to have the same tendencies as Nigel Lawson, who wants Britain to quit the EU.

Steady on you two!!!

It is quite true that the world is dominated by International conglomerates and we all import from Eastern countries more than we export but being part of the EU would still give a geographical sense of belonging, whilst if Britain gives in to the old urges to tear away from Europe again, it would be alone with or against the rest of the world without EU support.

I find it surprising that Nigel Lawson doesn’t look ahead and goes by the momentous statistics, when I thought that the Tories plan for the future with the hope that things get better and if they get better for Europe Britain will find it hard not to be jealous if Britain is not going to be part of it.

Drop the dead Donkey is what the Nigels want to play, rather than Jack the Peg with the extra leg.

Royalty is thicker than gas

I can smell a total royal knees up in the matter of the sour gas contract being awarded to Shell rather than Total. The Royal connections of the Dutch to the Royal House of Abu Dhabi could be playing a role and explain why the French republic got left out in the cold.

Just as I gotten myself a new gas cooker, I can now rest assured that there will actually be the gas to cook my dinners.

What worries me slightly with all excavations, whether gas or oil is what it does to the earth’s crust when those layers of material are sucked out of the earth and a vacant space is created underneath. Seeing that the earth’s core is ca. 6000 C, about as hot as the sun, we can do with any bit of bolster to shield us from the heat. Surprisingly little is written about this subject but I can imagine that in generations to come they may regret that this material has been extracted for some reason or other.

That just reminds me to ask myself why we have heard so much about various gas explosions in all types of countries, even as far away as Prague

Normally we rarely hear about gas explosion and now suddenly they seem to turn up everywhere? Are we being told the truth or had the media only just started to tell us about gas explosions that happen all the time?

I would urge anyone who smells any gas, to call 999 immediately.

Go East

Not surprising for me, Michael Gove now urges us to adapt Eastern lifestyles to improve our Maths. It’s just as I wrote in my previous blog “Thatched Mary” that Britain is less British since Margaret Thatcher, changed us to have a shopkeepers mentality. Mr Gove wants longer school hours, ,shorter holidays.

The argument that the old  term rhythm is grouped around old rural lifestyles might be true but then proposals had already been accepted to shorten the summer holidays and stretch out terms equally around the year.

I do however smell a rat around the term argument because fees are often paid per term and if terms get shorter and more frequent, as suggested by some,then we can simply be asked to pay more money for education and more often. One school wants to have 7 terms per year. David Young Community Academy in Leeds which operates a seven-term year starting in June.

There is absolutely no proof that different terms or longer school hours improve the Maths of a pupil. My child is doing very well at Maths with the terms and school hours we have. There are a lot of factors involved like ability, which is something we constantly get ignored by modern education.

I do agree that academies like Harefield, that specialises in athletics, need much longer training hours because often sports require intense physical training on a daily basis.

I think it is a mistake to use a blanket approach and say now we have to copy Chinese lifestyles because they already manufacture our goods. That was not the idea to end Christianity and become Communists, though that is what many modern Conservatives think would be a good idea.

I could almost imagine how Mr Gove wants us to work longer hours for less pay, just to copy the Eastern lifestyles more authentically, in the hope that our children Maths would improve, NOT!!!


Where has all the copper gone?

Whilst we have been plagued by copper thieves all around the country, I wonder where all the copper came from that the North Koreans built their statues with?

UK trade deficit may increase

Looking at the fact that Japan just posted a record trade deficit, it seems that the UK will follow suite in the same fashion. The value of the Pound has just reached a new low against the Euro and the Dollar. Yet somebody actually suggested that this will  help the export of UK goods. But because imports will become so much more expensive that will increase our trade deficit much faster.

David Cameron is busy rekindling the UK’s love affair with India and he asks for better trade relations. This amidst the ongoing grunting of UK banking and other customers that they do not like Indian call centres.

Obviously to me, Cameron tries to build up an anti-EU anti-dote by making the UK more engaged with Asian countries, such as India.

But why go so far when the good things are so near. Britain has trading partners nearer to home ready and waiting and even the US has intensified trading agreement talks with Europe. It is just that the current government tries to buck the trend and wants to show their increasingly cold shoulder to Europe. That will cost this country dear.

Personally I just closed an online banking account with one large UK bank. They do use Indian call centre staff who also run their online banking scheme. I got absolutely inundated with phone calls, e-mails and not even a request to stop calling me ended the at least 3 calls per day I got from these people who obviously have gotten nothing better to do. Calls asked me to look at my e-mails, to make statements whether I like the response from them to a comment I made via online banking. I gotten so fed up with it now that I closed the whole online banking account and that will give me peace. I just do not want to spend more time complaining about nothing really.

But it shows that in India staff are there at an abundance and clearly use their time to engage with customers at a rate that is not always appreciated.

But then not even the Indians themselves seem to be happy with the trading reforms proposed by their government. It will obviously destroy their current social and economic infrastructure if they get western supermarket chains. But whilst we have no choice but to use them,India still can say no.

But then most countries with mainly rural societies will see big changes coming along.

Can we help Afghanistan women?

I think unless Afghan women unite and stay strong they will be treated worst than dogs by the Taliban, who gained power in Afghanistan recently. It’s gone back to the old ways prior to the invasion. Just because we have such good international communications we have been made aware of a widow and her daughter being stoned and shot to death.

This is very concerning for all us western women who would not even be able to understand such atrocities. Yet the men who carry out such murders seem comfortable with the idea, that a widow is murdered and then follows her husband to the grave that way. It seems to give the murderous Taliban comfort to think that a woman has no independent life after her husband’s death. The only other culture that is worst and that I can think of is Egypt where servants had to die with rulers and were buried alive when the employers died.

It seems that the people of that region put up with all sorts of abuse on a regular basis, that a self-elected authority like the Taliban abuse people regularly and they allow to be abused.

What I want to know why is there no widespread uprising to such terror regime? Here in the west people spend hundreds of years to liberate themselves from harsh rulers. Women risked their freedom to become able to vote. In Afghanistan women put up with public lashing when a Taliban commander disapproves of them.

Girls are prevented medical care and schooling. Women are not even allowed to their own wedding because they are too noisy and could disturb the men.

I do not think we can change that submissiveness of the Afghan people by intervening in the abuse. If the people themselves do not want to be free, how can we make them free? They are not kept in jails, they are living in normal communities and just accept the Taliban rule because that is what they want.

Of course it is not possible for us to even sympathise with this at all. We do not have the money and resources to deploy permanent military staff across Afghanistan to stop the Taliban from re-settling, which is what they already started. Neither can we live with those constant reports of abuses. It is a dilemma.

Maybe only an international effort that allows the arrest and transport of any person being found committing atrocities out of the region and being jailed in a remote location will put off others from following suite. It is essentially a local problem and people support each other in being inhuman. The quality of life is very low and the only large economic production is drugs. So the whole region oozes negativity and destruction. There is little point in allowing this region to stay as a settlement. One should displace the locals there and spread them around the world and settle others there with a new outlook on life. The religion that is predominant, favours death as being godly. Whilst there is nothing that makes life worth living, why does the world not intervene and just re-settle people from that region and disown anybody who who supports the Taliban?

People who support them should have their lands confiscated and they should be send away and forced to re-settle elsewhere.

A breakdown in US – Israeli relations

That also affects the European US relationships very much. A conversation overheard by eager journalists heard that the French President Sarkozy called the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a liar and President Obama, did not vehemently deny it either.

The world is catching up fast on the facts of politics.

China wants to be top-dog

China has now called that the US Dollar stops to be the world’s reserve currency amidst the current world debt crisis. Financial markets are shifting and David Cameron has said that the English Pound is in fairly good shape. Putting the emphasis on the fairly, it makes the sentence a fairy tale.

Our economy drives on debt. Banks lend money on a debtor’s ability to pay back the debt and that is a calculated risk that then drives on the economy by pushing up the production of goods. China thinks that this is the wrong way to go about driving forward economic and commercial markets. We used to stop counting monies on primarily gold reserves a long time ago and the playing with financial figures now creates a headache because the interest calculations create and reduce imaginary monies and further attached money debt purchases and the credit interest on those produce a big cliff hanger for the economy. It produces an enormous gap and creates wealth that really does not exist but that money can be spent by those with the finger in the till.

Considering that it is all mostly money created on data sheets and not real money in a bank or a gold reserve, it can all be seen as a giant game of Monopoly, with very serious consequences.

Of course the Western nations want to prop up and support the US as the mother of all currencies but China and of course India in its footsteps would like to see the finance centres of the world shifted Eastwards.

Of course world dependency has shifted from US produced goods and food to Chinese and India produced goods and services. My new phone was actually produced in India, a first for my collection of phones. Whilst we increase our debts, our unemployed continue to enjoy the cheap clothing Made in China, whilst the Chinese sweat behind sewing machines and keep their heads down with merciless vigour.  Here in the West we have only just established that most of those who claimed disability benefits can do some sort of work, yet the work is not here but it is there and far away, maybe too far for the ones that were unlucky enough to get the notice to quit for their council flat to move to for employment.

We saw feverish attempts to rid us of our gold by sending out bags to sell your gold quickly without fuss for those who needed a few quid in the most recent downturn. But whilst Tony Blair tried to make the UK an education centre of the world, I wonder what they want to teach? How to mess up a financial system and lose the top spot in the world perhaps.

Unfortunately it is impossible to bring any common sense into our financial systems as only those get employed who have been thoroughly brainwashed  into accepting our current financial system without any creativity. I suppose the less you can use mental arithmetic the better for the banking jobs.

Those found guilty of misdemeanor were publicly prosecuted. Yet here in the UK whilst MPs and Lords were imprisoned over badly composed expenses claims the NPIA ran up £6.5 million up on government owned credit cards of which £100.000 was for taxi rides  and some money had been spent on lingerie and karaoke equipment.

Interestingly Gordon Brown took the western way of doing business to the hilt and wanted to increase borrowing whilst Cameron said to tone it down, which is what China likes and Cameron was then in conference with the Chinese PM. Does Cameron play more into the hands of the Chinese than Brown does? it seems that way.

The people had enough of the suffering and riots have broken out all over London. Just imagine the press in other countries about this. If they report the same way about us as we report about them, then it doesn’t look too good for us.

Cameron completely underestimates the situation with his policies and in the end Archbishop of Canterbury was correct in his assessment in saying that the policies werent’ wanted. We had now widespread rioting that was set off by police shooting a local resident with 4 children, who was suspected of having shot at an officer.Quite obviously that was only the trigger that set off that widespread rioting because people have lost out everywhere, now even their secure homes and they get less housing benefit and there are no jobs. I think that David Cameron cannot expect too much from the British public and that Gordon Brown held the situation better under control than Cameron can who lives in his cloud cuckoo dream.

It has now become apparent that Asian stocks have also slumped in the market downturn. Obviously the less we spend there the less they earn.

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