Nothing compares

A lot of things are trying to compare something to Malala Yousafzai. Yet Malala is completely unique. She is unique in her quest to establish better girls education because she comes from a country that is notorious trying to prevent girls from getting to grip with any kind of academic concept. Malala has become a world-wide ambassador for better girls education.

Malala was almost killed by Taleban fighters, shot in the head, but luckily survived to be a great role model for girls around the world.

That fact, that girls need education is true for every culture in the world. However, since people’s mix and move and mingle in other geographical locations, secular principles are a good idea. I support it that countries forbid their civil servants, including teachers to wear religious symbols at work. Every person, girl or boy has the right to a great education and if everybody gets the same treatment, we all have the same chances.

That should not stop churches or relgions to run schools, anybody with the correct qualifications can run a school and educate pupils. We are attending a local Church of England school and we love that the school is not too pragmatic and doesn’t enforce stereo-typical relgious practises. Some churches, have too much dogma and cannot successfully run their schools in a multi-cultural environment.

Of course most countries, have developed certain holidays around relgious beliefs that had been held over centuries but even that  phases out gradually, the more pople mix. Many people still are accustomed to practises they were taught as children and carry on through families, and it will take a long time to ease out of this.

Most schools now educate on a variety of religions, during religious education classes, which could be further enriched with Humanist content.

We are more tolerant generally in western countries and allow people time to neutralise their relgious belief; the Chinese however actively re-educate and tear people away from their familar surroundings in tailor-made camps. The tactic to take children away from families now becomes more popular and is even practised in the USA to deal with immigrants. Yet the Chinese seem to treat the children better than the US.

The Chinese have the space and resources to build such huge camps, we in smaller countries would never have the space to do so. We slowly integrate. We develop methods like having to speak the host country language and making people work in jobs their religion would normally forbid. We establish laws that contradict some relgions and enforce them on the whole population.

We out-lawed forced marriage, domestic violence, genital mutilation and our laws force all children into education.







China wants to be top-dog

China has now called that the US Dollar stops to be the world’s reserve currency amidst the current world debt crisis. Financial markets are shifting and David Cameron has said that the English Pound is in fairly good shape. Putting the emphasis on the fairly, it makes the sentence a fairy tale.

Our economy drives on debt. Banks lend money on a debtor’s ability to pay back the debt and that is a calculated risk that then drives on the economy by pushing up the production of goods. China thinks that this is the wrong way to go about driving forward economic and commercial markets. We used to stop counting monies on primarily gold reserves a long time ago and the playing with financial figures now creates a headache because the interest calculations create and reduce imaginary monies and further attached money debt purchases and the credit interest on those produce a big cliff hanger for the economy. It produces an enormous gap and creates wealth that really does not exist but that money can be spent by those with the finger in the till.

Considering that it is all mostly money created on data sheets and not real money in a bank or a gold reserve, it can all be seen as a giant game of Monopoly, with very serious consequences.

Of course the Western nations want to prop up and support the US as the mother of all currencies but China and of course India in its footsteps would like to see the finance centres of the world shifted Eastwards.

Of course world dependency has shifted from US produced goods and food to Chinese and India produced goods and services. My new phone was actually produced in India, a first for my collection of phones. Whilst we increase our debts, our unemployed continue to enjoy the cheap clothing Made in China, whilst the Chinese sweat behind sewing machines and keep their heads down with merciless vigour.  Here in the West we have only just established that most of those who claimed disability benefits can do some sort of work, yet the work is not here but it is there and far away, maybe too far for the ones that were unlucky enough to get the notice to quit for their council flat to move to for employment.

We saw feverish attempts to rid us of our gold by sending out bags to sell your gold quickly without fuss for those who needed a few quid in the most recent downturn. But whilst Tony Blair tried to make the UK an education centre of the world, I wonder what they want to teach? How to mess up a financial system and lose the top spot in the world perhaps.

Unfortunately it is impossible to bring any common sense into our financial systems as only those get employed who have been thoroughly brainwashed  into accepting our current financial system without any creativity. I suppose the less you can use mental arithmetic the better for the banking jobs.

Those found guilty of misdemeanor were publicly prosecuted. Yet here in the UK whilst MPs and Lords were imprisoned over badly composed expenses claims the NPIA ran up £6.5 million up on government owned credit cards of which £100.000 was for taxi rides  and some money had been spent on lingerie and karaoke equipment.

Interestingly Gordon Brown took the western way of doing business to the hilt and wanted to increase borrowing whilst Cameron said to tone it down, which is what China likes and Cameron was then in conference with the Chinese PM. Does Cameron play more into the hands of the Chinese than Brown does? it seems that way.

The people had enough of the suffering and riots have broken out all over London. Just imagine the press in other countries about this. If they report the same way about us as we report about them, then it doesn’t look too good for us.

Cameron completely underestimates the situation with his policies and in the end Archbishop of Canterbury was correct in his assessment in saying that the policies werent’ wanted. We had now widespread rioting that was set off by police shooting a local resident with 4 children, who was suspected of having shot at an officer.Quite obviously that was only the trigger that set off that widespread rioting because people have lost out everywhere, now even their secure homes and they get less housing benefit and there are no jobs. I think that David Cameron cannot expect too much from the British public and that Gordon Brown held the situation better under control than Cameron can who lives in his cloud cuckoo dream.

It has now become apparent that Asian stocks have also slumped in the market downturn. Obviously the less we spend there the less they earn.

Selling pigs to China?

I wonder whether there is a mistake but it seems like Britain is making a contract to sell pigs to China. That is a surprise and seems ridiculous to say the least because looking at the sheer geographical difference of the 2 countries, it is quite and  more than obvious that China has got much more space to breed and farm pigs than Britain has. So why does Britain invest in pig farming when there is so little space already?

the idea to send British architects to China to help them develop good building structures is a good one and makes sense taking the news that buildings in China collapsed into account, but the pig and poultry story seems far out.

I think politicians should consider how much space is there, how can that space be put to best use and not make agreements that see us increase pig production to sell to a huge country that can easily produce their own pigs. We are short of housing, short of green space and decide to sell more pigs?

I wonder whether there is more behind that meeting than the media will let on. I thoroughly welcome that the meeting includes talks about the environment as China has become one of the biggest polluters in the world.

Lines like “China’s rapid economic rise is good news for the UK. It means more money flowing into our economies and has the potential to create more jobs and investment opportunities for British business at home and in China.

“The summit will be an opportunity to tap that potential and to continue to work closely with China to find global solutions to a range of issues from climate change to global security.”, that come from Downing Street, sound a little bit stale and meaningless, taking into consideration that China is a Communist Country with a very poor Human Rights record.

Well it is apparent that the publisher wants to not aggravate global security concerns further by only hinting on the issue of global security in the article on the BBC website, which is in my view the overriding objective of the talks in the first place.

But apparently the UK wants to secure £1 billion worth of bilateral trade, I reckon that is a matter Labour would be proud to do. I am not confident that this deal will work for us however taking into account the geographical obvious problem that Britain is very small and China very big. Our bargaining power is not as big as China’s is obviously.

It would be interesting to look into all the agreements China is trying to make at the moment world-wide, which will take a little time to research.

Yet if the Human Rights issue can be knocked on positively that will be a welcome effect of those talks alone.

China’s non-dialectic dialect

Alfred Nobel

The New World Order cannot exist on international business agreements alone as it never sat easily with democratic countries how China can supply us with goods from the other side of the world without upsetting our sense of democracy and freedom.

It was more than needed that somebody started the dialogue with China in the department of its undemocratic regime, the Communist rule that forbids freedom of expression, speech and association.

Just as we rebelled against having to wear garments that were manufactured with the aid of child labour, we are feeling uneasy to use household goods and many other Made in Chine’ articles because the people making them are not working under a free and equal regime.

China started a war of words with Norway when the Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Price whilst being interned in China on a charge of subversion.

The question is, will this award do the same trick to China as the world’s support did for Nelson Mandela in South Africa?

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