The German Atomic Conscience

Just as David Cameron announced a nuclear energy programme for the UK, the Germans are out on the streets, protesting against nuclear energy in the light of the Japanese disaster.

I am very impressed by that because it shows that the German self-preservation instinct is still intact. It is this attitude of Cameron to roll out a nuclear energy program throughout the UK that makes me very disappointed with the Conservatives. This practically nullifies everything else I might fight beneficial about Tory policies.

We cannot simply come along and say, but wait a minute, didn’t we fight the Germans in Word War I and II and so have to keep on fighting everything they do? When I heard the German anthem being played at the Monaco Grand Prix I felt proud to be from Germany and when I look at the nuclear policy of late, I regret having gotten myself a British passport.

These latest German protests in Germany show to me that there is a healthy survival instinct in Germany and I wonder why Cameron first of all wanted to sell off all forests and make more nuclear energy available.

Angela Merkel pledges to cease all nuclear energy production by 2022.  Currently 23 % of German energy is produced with the help of atomic power and rightly the German industrialists have argued that there is danger to the German productive economy from its German base. There is little chance that a disaster like the Japanese one will strike in this region just yet but long-term earth warming predictions are as grim for us as for the rest of the world.

Yet current government advisors have said that nuclear energy is the cheapest solution for Britain. I just think that is a little bit short-sighted and I am very disappointed at this suggestion being embraced by the current government.


Green pressure on the Blues

Of course since the Conservative Party changed the logo from a flame to a tree, the emphasise became not only pictorial but also contractual a green agenda. The Conservatives promised to become the greenest government ever and that no doubt got them a lot of tactical votes from the Green Lobby.

The government since made some very unpopular moves in wanting to sell off publicly owned forests, which had to be withdrawn, there is now a query on energy and carbon management.

What I did not know about is the existence of a Green Investment Bank but that just shows how little that has been promoted over the general media. I read about it in a BBC article that explains how the green lobby wrote a letter to the Prime  minister that was signed by no less than 15 leaders of environmental organisations including Christian Aid, Green Peace and Oxfam.

I think that any future government will stand or fall on green issues as this affects our quality of life and environmental sustainability needs to be built in. I think that Prince Charles is the one voice not to forget about this as he shows great understanding of the issue with his rainforest project.

One of the biggest issues is of course energy and the government currently favours nuclear energy, which many are doubtful about, which is confirmed by the problems Japan had in a recent earth quake. Yet Britain is not prone to earth quakes but our near neighbour Spain, recently suffered an earthquake of considerable strength.

Of course anything new is expensive because it is not mass produced. What however has to be credited to this government is the fact that people have less money to spend and that must have a direct effect on the environment because if people buy less consumer goods less carbon is produced in making and transporting goods.

I thought that Germany is a leader on environmental policies and it remains to be seen what public pressure can achieve in the UK. So far very little has changed in the long-term policies of housing providers, yet there is a glimpse of preparation for earth warming because the government is moving some of its agencies up north.

What is of course an important consideration, is the freedom of movement we call can enjoy as built in human right. That of course reflects on the burning of fossil fuels for the moment and energy prices again will be high on the agenda. I think that the swith in fuel habits is a painful one and industry is little prepared and the people have not got the cash to purchase those new, environemntally friendly vehicles; neither is the infrastructure in place to use battery driven cars, e.g. charging points.

I read about a new vehicle that works mainly on air, that is the one that interests me the most.  See an overview here.

the case against nuclear power plants

is made by this latest earth quake, that struck at 8.9 richter scale off the cost of Japan. Even though nuclear power plants have shut down automatically, damage done by sudden natural disasters can have other effects that are not preventable by shut down.

Japan proves that Brown’s plans were doomed for failure

Whilst Gordon Brown and now even his predecessors keep on telling us we need to borrow more to stimulate the economy we can see on the example of Japan, which has followed that idea since a very long time, that it simply does not work.

Japan is suffocating in debt, monies borrowed to stimulate but now unable to cope.  I fail to understand why New Labour continues to follow that line, that more borrowing means a way out of the slump. Well as a former German citizen I can  understand that political leaders cannot always be trusted and that we as a nation have to be alert and check that whatever our political leaders tell us to be good actually is good.

But if we really think about it our current economies are mainly the result of complicated accounting procedures and no longer the result of the actual treasures kept in chest in the castle of the Emperor but merely virtual monies that are passed around on electronic systems from bank to bank.

If we now do not stop to account in such a manner, we will simply all be broke to a point of no return because we are slave to our balance sheets. The burden of debt must be overwhelming to almost each and every nation and I wonder is there any nation that is not in debt today. Not having looked at statistics, I do not think that there is. It seems we all borrow from each other and why not just write off all debts and start again?

Maybe our current accounting systems are simply not able to cope with the reality of the situation.  I have on many occasions explained that the mathematical effect of calculating interest on debt or credit is the downfall of our economies and I still think that I am quite right about this. Mathematics is a pure science that aims to control our daily lives,  but human needs and earthly requirements simply cannot be automated by financial calculations.

If we would now strictly enforce the profit and loss situation of each nation, we would have to cut off all social spending just to balance the books again and that would be in total contradiction to our human and equality agendas, we have adopted worldwide. Balancing the books via spending cut, to get back into profit would not only wipe out debt but also 3/4 of the earth’s population.

If our civilisation breaks down again this time, then it is because our financial systems are unable to cope with the requirements.

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