A breakdown in US – Israeli relations

That also affects the European US relationships very much. A conversation overheard by eager journalists heard that the French President Sarkozy called the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a liar and President Obama, did not vehemently deny it either.

The world is catching up fast on the facts of politics.

the problem with Capitalism

there is a definite problem with Capitalism in that it does not necessarily guarantee excellence in the field of human performance.

If it is true that Saudi Arabia has spent 87 Billion US Dollars to promote true Islam we have to ask ourselves first and foremost how could Saudi Arabia get so much money and the answer of course lies in its oil wealth. Saudi Arabia made money from selling crude oil. Why could they sell crude oil? The answer is because Christian civilisation developed a technology that needs petrol to power it.

So Christians made Muslims so rich that Muslims now got the power to convince Christians that Islam is the best religion. Does it make sense so far?

You might say, why did we do that? Well that is a very good question. It seems that many people do things without being able or not willing to foresee the consequences of their actions.

Normally today all people with money are seen as good and all people without money are seen as questionable characters who have to prove that they are worth supporting and to prove that they are worth supporting they have to work for somebody who already has got money and can distribute it. Can you see the circular reference in this equation, sorry about the mathematical context here, that might not be everybody’s taste.

Lets give another example. Most people have children. One of the most favourite things to spend time today is watching films or other forms of entertainment. The actors and entertainers are famous and earn lots of money. A huge industry has sprung up to make money out of this again by starting agencies that teach children the art of entertaining. There are drama schools, acting schools, dance schools, ballet schools and other educational establishments of an artistic nature.To get your child into one of those schools you need money. Only the richest children can enjoy the fruits of their parents’ labour because they can afford to pay for the classes.

That helps the schools to pay for the upkeep and make a profit on the takings.Now lets look at the selection process for the classes. They do not look out for kids who are ideally physically suited to dance or hop or read or rock, they just look for kids with rich parents. Result, lots of art and drama classes with all kinds of very much loved children who have not got talent to become entertainers because they might be too fat, not artistic at all but their parents can afford to pay for them to attend the schools.This then produces actors who are put into productions, which prove a ratings flop, simply because the actors do not appeal to the public.

When we now go back the to petrol consuming inventions, we can see that making things that use petrol had a lot of different effects, the most catastrophic of which was earth warming because the burning of those fossil fuels causes a lot of damage to the environment. What effect do  you think it will have if the entertainment industry is taken over by lots of untalented persons who are simply entertaining because they can afford to pay for the classes? The fact is that any poor child that is good at art or dance could not make a career because they cannot afford it. So that all those medium talents would swamp the industry. (I don’t mean to offend, I am certain all those untalented artists are lovely people really).

We would see a decline in of the entertainment industry for lack of talent, just as we see a decline of our environment because of a reduction of air quality.

These are just 2 examples how capitalism harms our world. The question is why did the most developed civilisation on this planet develop such technology that harms the very environment we depend on for our very existence. Could the answer be space travel, so that we could try to find another planet once we have ruined this one?

I believe that we truly have to stop and think about what we are doing to ourselves and throw away the little boxes we have to put good and bad ideology into, we need to think what we are doing really hard.

OUTSTANDING Obama BBC interview

The most recent interview US President Obama gave to the BBC is outstandingly good. It shows what an extraordinary good understanding Mr Obama has about just about everything that matters to us and to policies.

Tony Blair also praises Obama’s excellent attitude towards the Middle East.

Compare Miliband to Obama and you end up with the fly on the wall, whereby Miliband represents the fly.

When we compare international politics to national strategies it seems to me that it was domestic political strategies that lost Labour the UK election and of course the inability of the UK media to appreciate the politicians themselves.

Of course in relation to international politics there are real enemies to be considered whilst on the home front, we have an interlaced political scene whereby we see all being friends and there is nothing really to go against. National strategies require a deeper understanding of domestic issues and that is something current politicians cannot do very well throughout the political spectrum. We see the Conservative plan to sell forests backfire. The next new contested plan is revolutionising the NHS but there Obama also failed in his own country, when he tried to reform US health care.

It is easier to formulate international requirements for peace but within our own borders we still find it difficult to make sense of international business and domestic finances.

I think that international peace will be immensely important for the future of humanity itself and therefore all diplomatic efforts are very important. Obama made it quite clear that the US will not tolerate attacks on the US without retaliation and that is a very understandable effort.

I would really like to see more emphasis being placed on spelling out how irresponsible people like Bin Laden really are as they can jeopardise world stability to a point that could endanger the whole human race.

The Sudanese Wave

Ever since the political changes started in Sudan we hear of other related incidents and measures around the world. Sudan of course was subject to enormous human suffering and related problems.

If I remember right, Egypt played an important part in the farming strategy of Sudan. The original nomadic tribes were displaced and forced to change their lifestyle of make space for the farming of cattle to produce beef.

Incidentally today an English paper warms people to eat less steaks because of cancer risks. Thinking one and one makes two, I wonder whether there is a direct connection in the political and of course then economic changes to do with the cattle farming regions of Sudan and our ability to eat beef.  Health warnings over certain food items, can be a convenient way to encourage less demand. Of course I heard warnings about processed meat like ham before, in that we are not to give children lots of ham, as it is also a processed meat. Yet ham is made from pork and steaks are made from beef.

Beef itself is not a processed meat but a red meat. I read previously that eating too much red meat could cause cancer of the stomach related organs. Yet find the current trend to put people off from eating steak a little surprising.

Research shows that at some stage of the human development, humans divided into two groups, the meat eaters and the vegetarians and that the meat eaters prevailed as they developed greater intellect. It was put to us that eating meat stimulates brain activity.

I am concerned that contradicting reports about the benefits of eating meat might be caused by current affairs and a need to curb meat eating because of political and economic problems in farming the beef.

Of course Sudan was a major beef farming region and those changes there might have been he start of the social and political unrest taking place in the east right now. Incidentally Egypt was the first post of call, when Egypt was the most economically dependant on Sudan.

Well, hat is just a thought, and it takes a lot of research of not widely publicised facts and figures to establish the facts of the matter.

Appalling race-hate on Facebook

Today at 18:00 hours a group was founded on Facebook that invited people to attend an event called “Kill a Jew Day“. It was further introduced as “the event will take place on Martin Luther king day because we don’t like niggers. 14/88 HEIL HITLER!”.

This was then posted around Facebook by some people who were appalled by this post and many complained to Facebook to take the post off. The group was still up at 21:00 hours and 247 people actually did promise to come and gave positive comments by that time. That is really sad, that this comes just a few days after the cowardly murder attempt on an American-Jewish politician, Congress woman Ciffords. I have contacted my MEP with links and hope that this matter is made a public matter in that such posts can even get established on the Internet.  Let’s face it if one allows one hate group then all others want to do the same and we’ll have civil war in no time.

PS: Found a message this morning that Facebook took the offending post off during the night. It is however very scary that people feel  fit to post something like that on Facebook. It appears that Antisemitism is present in Islamist Muslims as well as in white Skinheads and for the sake of peace and civil living, I must urge Internet Service Providers of all sorts to bring in mechanisms that does not allow race hate messages to appear. Even short times of display can be enough to spread messages and allow people to put such meeting places into their diaries. It causes real hurt in those concerned and leaves a bitter taste in everybody’s mouth. We do not want race hate, we o want to live in peace.

I ask all those who hate others so much to take example on the Christian gospel and pray for a better understanding of others.

Equal measures

What would happen if a British minister said that immigrants bring disease and all those who don’t speak English have to leave the country and be put on a plane back where they came from, if they are illegal immigrants with children.

So that is what is happening in Israel, first they wanted to send all those families back with children, who originally came illegally but when protests started to mount, even from Israeli Human Rights protestors the government became a bit more lenient.

I think immigration controls should be changed so that as soon as somebody gets a flat or employed in any country they should be allowed to stay. It is preposterous to first “allow” people to work, to settle and then say, off you go now, I’ve had enough of you on the spur of the moment and on short notice..

People are not commodities and not things you can push around. It’s of course different if the contractual obligations are clear to start with, that a country says, OK, we allow people in to work for 3 years, have children or not, after that time you have to move. But what about their prospects, where are they going to live? One cannot just create an underclass of human gipsy’s, guest workers that become detached from the normal housing systems and become very vulnerable and open to immense exploitation, if they are made to move around like that.

I think that an international accepted standard has to be set to stop exploitation of groups of people for whatever purpose.

I don’t think it’s a case of having to move with children its a case of expectation and where families can go with housing and support in place for them.

Less diplomacy, more hostility

The latest development in the Israeli / Egyptian status is concerning, as it signals a reduction in diplomacy and opens the doors for hostility and discrimination for Israeli wives of Egyptian nationals to the effect that Egyptian men, married to Israeli women are in danger losing their nationality outright and also their children lose the dual Egyptian nationality. Around 30.000 Egyptian men are married to Israeli women . The discrimination goes so far as stopping children from such marriages to enter armed service, reports the BBC.

Such discrimination is strange to us, when we in the EU have strict anti-discrimination policies in a continental community. Maybe such a geographical diplomatic marriage is not an option for an area  where religious obedience is the first consideration when it comes to political allegiance.

This latest fracture with Egyptian ties, is another step backwards for Israelis to settle in the area and being confined to their small spot of land.

This signals dangers to world peace because the relaxation of strict Islamic rules in social relations is one driving force to mix cultures in the western world. Especially the ban on military services for mixed marriage children shows that the Egyptian military has policies that could at least upset mixed marriage children and call their allegiance into question. If such military policies are in place that would signal an overall aggressive policy towards Israel on a more general basis and not just a conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Israels bargaining power is confined to their good relationship with the US and the western world in general, which can only have indirect beneficial effect on this nation that has little economic incentive to heckle over with that small area of land they call their home. Yet whilst Israel in its beleaguered state needs all the sympathy it can get, Israel now refuses an international enquiry into the flotilla shootings, saying it can and has the right to investigate its own miliary matters.  “UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had earlier telephoned Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu with the proposal.” says the BBC.

Israel’s attitude is not much different from the Iranian one, who also argue with privacy of national affairs. Israel wants to build on that US allegiance and Michael Oren told Fox News they are prepared to discuss a way forward with the Obama administration, which is about the only way forward for them unless they wish to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Israel behaves more like a US Colonial state rather than an independent nation. But then on the other side of the fence, there is a coordination of Islamic efforts as well.

Gaza, the never ending problem

It is not a time for Cynicism but Israel as nation was formed on the strength of people holding a hunger strike in the mediterranean sea to get the promised land. Now its a load of aid on ships to Gaza that get attacked by Israeli soldiers.

Israel should remember its own very humble beginnings in 1946, Israel now gives the same treatment to Gaza visitors that it feared for its own first citizens to enter the newly founded land in the middle of the Gaza strip just after World War II.

I can understand it must be very stressful for Israelites to have to live with constant attacks from Gaza but things are certainly not going to get better if aid cannot get through. The world’s sympathies will turn against Israel if seemingly innocent people are shot on a whim.

Isn’t it possible to regulate such aid processions with UN guides? Often when I hear about Israel and the Palestinians I do not know whom to belive and wonder what is actually going on. Both sides always tell different stories. I think that is the most prevalent problem that observers should be there that have an balanced view on the situation and can calm things down on both sides.

Because of the nature of its existence I think Israel can never live in peace, neither can the Palestinians, and I can feel most sorry for the Christians who have to spend life behind a high wall. Every citizen there is a martyr. I do not want to seem a coward but think I’ll pass on the trip to Israel that the church has planned for next year.

On today’s Sky News 2-6-10 we can read that Israel compares the Flotilla raid to the US actions Word War II. The feeling and perception of paranoia must be overwhelming for Israelis to live with. I can well understand that they feel surrounded by enemies and the immediate violent street protests with flag burning, show that fears are justified.

I do not think that either nation Israel or the Gaza Palestinian settlers are capable to resolve the issue and more diplomatic intervention needs to take place to avoid another looming tragedy like the Flotilla raid. Isn’t this problem a little similar to Afghanistan and Iraq where it needs the building of a structure to enable an economic coexistence of different cultures that have to share a geographical area.

Most of all we need to overcome those grassroots violent tendencies of the population who have no other methods but use primitive revenge to make good on lost feelings. A withdrawal of aid will only fire up the emotions further and it is up to the people who live there to show some willingness to work hard and attract business investment to get out of the desperate humanitarian crisis the country is it.

We could read on Yahoo News yesterday that Lebanon fired on Israeli war planes that flew over southern Lebanon and the situation is more than concerning all around. Israel being surrounded by so many hostile nations must seek the most peaceful solution for the sake of its nationals residing in that land.

The more that middle eastern conflict escalated the more can we appreciate the concerns of the Iranian Uranium negotiations and the reasons why the UN Security council’s needs to stem a built up of military might in that region of our planet, that could spill out and escalate into a World War III. A resolution was made as far back as May 2006.

A nuclear free Middle-East

There is a big problem brewing in the middle east region because President Obama objects to Israel being singled out of a common middle-east agreement on nuclear weapons technology and the Non-Proliferation Treaty in short NPT. Israel has rejected the plans.

It is up to world leaders not to abuse that technology, mostly men.

Whilst the West has traditionally used Israel, since its renewed existence in 1946 as a springboard into middle eastern politics, it has now become a problem spot because it gives countries like Iran an excuse to argue that if Israel can have it so can we. President Obama doesn’t want Israel to have that special status.

Of course for the rest of us we know that nuclear explosions in one country of the globe will jeopardise live for the rest of us. We have seen what the nuclear reactor problem in Chernobyl did to us for generations.  Even the Hiroshima bomb devastated the country for a very long time. Ironically the bomb was called little boy, as if that is something especially cute but shows the mentality men basically have.  That reminds me to support calls for more women in politics.

Considering that with the expected global warming many countries will lose considerable amounts of land to the sea, I think the earth’s politicians will be busy soon to organise relief operations for those affected instead of pondering over atomic weapons, but of course it is a very necessary and essential task. I think the real threat that exists is that when Global warming sets in, that in the confusion radical elements may try to exploit the turmoil in their favour and we must prepare for that as an utmost priority.

US is changing

I don’t know what’s worst this morning, to read that there is now a souring of relations of the US with Jewish settlers or that the American Union Teamsters wants to support the Unite Union in the BA strike action.

That is the first time that I have heard of an American Union supporting an UK strike. It shows that the new American President Obama was not the best choice to lead America. If we now see the undermining of Euro-American business by international solidarity of Unions what hope have we got to get our economy back on track. Should we fear that now also our local transport businesses have to surrender to the same fate as our local manufacturing industries that have all been exported to Asian countries? Have we got anything left that works here in the Western World?

I think that this proposal of an American Union supporting a British dispute is very bad news for business and industry in the western world in general.

I did not like it when I read that Obama had cancelled European / American business meetings a few months ago and now we see the first result of this, we see that the Unions are rising instead.

This coincides with the UK deficit being at its worst lowest level in 17 months. I was also very concerned when I read that Obama had cancelled the EU – US summit. I have however read many articles that warn of a rise of Marxism in the USA and that is a far cry from the US we know from the 20th century especially under Hoover.

It may seem odd to many that I, as a Conservative, am in support of the European Union but in the light of the latest developments in the US, I think I was right to have that stance.  We need to develop and work on the business side of  Europe as otherwise we will be swamped by what the US tried to fight during the last century.

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