A breakdown in US – Israeli relations

That also affects the European US relationships very much. A conversation overheard by eager journalists heard that the French President Sarkozy called the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a liar and President Obama, did not vehemently deny it either.

The world is catching up fast on the facts of politics.

Less diplomacy, more hostility

The latest development in the Israeli / Egyptian status is concerning, as it signals a reduction in diplomacy and opens the doors for hostility and discrimination for Israeli wives of Egyptian nationals to the effect that Egyptian men, married to Israeli women are in danger losing their nationality outright and also their children lose the dual Egyptian nationality. Around 30.000 Egyptian men are married to Israeli women . The discrimination goes so far as stopping children from such marriages to enter armed service, reports the BBC.

Such discrimination is strange to us, when we in the EU have strict anti-discrimination policies in a continental community. Maybe such a geographical diplomatic marriage is not an option for an area  where religious obedience is the first consideration when it comes to political allegiance.

This latest fracture with Egyptian ties, is another step backwards for Israelis to settle in the area and being confined to their small spot of land.

This signals dangers to world peace because the relaxation of strict Islamic rules in social relations is one driving force to mix cultures in the western world. Especially the ban on military services for mixed marriage children shows that the Egyptian military has policies that could at least upset mixed marriage children and call their allegiance into question. If such military policies are in place that would signal an overall aggressive policy towards Israel on a more general basis and not just a conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Israels bargaining power is confined to their good relationship with the US and the western world in general, which can only have indirect beneficial effect on this nation that has little economic incentive to heckle over with that small area of land they call their home. Yet whilst Israel in its beleaguered state needs all the sympathy it can get, Israel now refuses an international enquiry into the flotilla shootings, saying it can and has the right to investigate its own miliary matters.  “UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had earlier telephoned Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu with the proposal.” says the BBC.

Israel’s attitude is not much different from the Iranian one, who also argue with privacy of national affairs. Israel wants to build on that US allegiance and Michael Oren told Fox News they are prepared to discuss a way forward with the Obama administration, which is about the only way forward for them unless they wish to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Israel behaves more like a US Colonial state rather than an independent nation. But then on the other side of the fence, there is a coordination of Islamic efforts as well.

Gaza, the never ending problem

It is not a time for Cynicism but Israel as nation was formed on the strength of people holding a hunger strike in the mediterranean sea to get the promised land. Now its a load of aid on ships to Gaza that get attacked by Israeli soldiers.

Israel should remember its own very humble beginnings in 1946, Israel now gives the same treatment to Gaza visitors that it feared for its own first citizens to enter the newly founded land in the middle of the Gaza strip just after World War II.

I can understand it must be very stressful for Israelites to have to live with constant attacks from Gaza but things are certainly not going to get better if aid cannot get through. The world’s sympathies will turn against Israel if seemingly innocent people are shot on a whim.

Isn’t it possible to regulate such aid processions with UN guides? Often when I hear about Israel and the Palestinians I do not know whom to belive and wonder what is actually going on. Both sides always tell different stories. I think that is the most prevalent problem that observers should be there that have an balanced view on the situation and can calm things down on both sides.

Because of the nature of its existence I think Israel can never live in peace, neither can the Palestinians, and I can feel most sorry for the Christians who have to spend life behind a high wall. Every citizen there is a martyr. I do not want to seem a coward but think I’ll pass on the trip to Israel that the church has planned for next year.

On today’s Sky News 2-6-10 we can read that Israel compares the Flotilla raid to the US actions Word War II. The feeling and perception of paranoia must be overwhelming for Israelis to live with. I can well understand that they feel surrounded by enemies and the immediate violent street protests with flag burning, show that fears are justified.

I do not think that either nation Israel or the Gaza Palestinian settlers are capable to resolve the issue and more diplomatic intervention needs to take place to avoid another looming tragedy like the Flotilla raid. Isn’t this problem a little similar to Afghanistan and Iraq where it needs the building of a structure to enable an economic coexistence of different cultures that have to share a geographical area.

Most of all we need to overcome those grassroots violent tendencies of the population who have no other methods but use primitive revenge to make good on lost feelings. A withdrawal of aid will only fire up the emotions further and it is up to the people who live there to show some willingness to work hard and attract business investment to get out of the desperate humanitarian crisis the country is it.

We could read on Yahoo News yesterday that Lebanon fired on Israeli war planes that flew over southern Lebanon and the situation is more than concerning all around. Israel being surrounded by so many hostile nations must seek the most peaceful solution for the sake of its nationals residing in that land.

The more that middle eastern conflict escalated the more can we appreciate the concerns of the Iranian Uranium negotiations and the reasons why the UN Security council’s needs to stem a built up of military might in that region of our planet, that could spill out and escalate into a World War III. A resolution was made as far back as May 2006.

US is changing

I don’t know what’s worst this morning, to read that there is now a souring of relations of the US with Jewish settlers or that the American Union Teamsters wants to support the Unite Union in the BA strike action.

That is the first time that I have heard of an American Union supporting an UK strike. It shows that the new American President Obama was not the best choice to lead America. If we now see the undermining of Euro-American business by international solidarity of Unions what hope have we got to get our economy back on track. Should we fear that now also our local transport businesses have to surrender to the same fate as our local manufacturing industries that have all been exported to Asian countries? Have we got anything left that works here in the Western World?

I think that this proposal of an American Union supporting a British dispute is very bad news for business and industry in the western world in general.

I did not like it when I read that Obama had cancelled European / American business meetings a few months ago and now we see the first result of this, we see that the Unions are rising instead.

This coincides with the UK deficit being at its worst lowest level in 17 months. I was also very concerned when I read that Obama had cancelled the EU – US summit. I have however read many articles that warn of a rise of Marxism in the USA and that is a far cry from the US we know from the 20th century especially under Hoover.

It may seem odd to many that I, as a Conservative, am in support of the European Union but in the light of the latest developments in the US, I think I was right to have that stance.  We need to develop and work on the business side of  Europe as otherwise we will be swamped by what the US tried to fight during the last century.

Sweet Caroline

magic circle painting by John William, 1886. I chosen this picture as most appropriate because Caroline Flint complains about the inner circle. Unfortunately I have no copyright to show a picture of the Blair babes.

"magic circle" painting by John William, 1886. I chosen this picture as most appropriate because Caroline Flint complains about the inner circle. Unfortunately I have no copyright to show a picture of the Blair babes.

Another New Labour woman that has become victim of the use and abuse regime in New Labour. Caroline Flint has recognised that a lot of Labour’s initial strength in fact came from the loyal women who stood by their men.

Poor old Hazel Blears often was forced to dance on hot coals and as the mumsy face of New Labour often juggled public opinion in their favour by giving policies a common sense flavour, a flavour that only a woman can sincerely project. There was no other logical reason to do something, Labour lets a woman appeal for calm to the nation.

The final straw came for Hazel Blears just before the EU elections and now finally Caroline Flint also has realised that New Labour’s drive for women politicians is not much more than integrating easy pawns for the Labour game on their side of the board.

Here in Bethnal Green Oona King was thrown to the wolves, ideally chosen I must admit by the policy makers because of her half-Jewish heritage, to support the Iraq war in a predominantly pro-Islam area. No wonder then that George Galloway had such an easy task to import his pro-Palestine and anti-Iraq message and got in.

Labour’s strategy wasn’t bad, I must admit that and I am good at strategy, in computer games at least.

Labour just thinks of itself, the political party, but forgets that such a party is always made up of people with ambitions and most of those people have actually good intentions when they join but then fall victim to the Stalinist agenda, but often realise it too late, what is happening there.

So firstly Labour chose the good-looking Tony Blair (he invented the Blair Babe) with public appeal to get into No 10, then simultaneously appealed to the radical element in Tower Hamlets by putting an MP that was bound to upset them but at the same time, working with an even more radical ex Labour member to come and attract their votes to integrate those into the Labour Party in the end because by now almost all former Respect Councillors have changed over to Labour. I am not sure though how much of this was planned or whether it was sheer coincidence.

Matter of fact is that all Respect councillors but one are either still Respect, a new strain of Respect, changed to Labour. Only one of them, Councillor  Ahmed Hussain changed to the Conservatives and I was a Labour member, briefly went to Respect but left quickly and am now in the Conservatives too.

Result the Tower Hamlets Labour leaders are busy to give the newly integrated former Respect members (now Labour Councillors) key posts in the cabinet. Labour does anything to keep the Labour flag flying over the Tower Hamlets town hall.

We however now see a shift in the voting pattern I predict whereby we, the Conservatives can count on more Asian voters because they are now starting to look through Labour’s and the socialist strategy, which is merely a cosmetic way to appeal to voters of all convictions but in the end, these mind-bending policies just run themselves to death.

It’s a win, win situation for the Conservatives and the people can only gain by voting for them.

Of course not all see Blair’s babes in the same favourable light as I do as the Scottish Sun today (Donald MacLeod) ridicules all those good women who allowed themselves to be drawn into the Labour spectacular as Blair’s witches.

Personally I could never get past the post in the Labour Party and I am glad I could not adapt myself enough to rise through the ranks there. I always followed my own initiative knowing that as a woman I always look up to men and that can be abused by some people if I let them. In that context I also see that Mrs Merkel in Germany does a very good job to keep politics on a friendlier level than probably a man could.

England is now almost completely blue according to the latest election results, see the map for yourselfs here.

No wonder Labour’s policies on all counts are bound to fail as their efforts strain nature, Labour tries to make everyone the same.  Not even Labour can go against God’s will.

Old Labour v. New Labour = change of government

Early results in council elections 2009

Early results in council elections 2009

In a role reversal the old guard of Labour e.g. Harriet Harman and Gordon Brown build the hardcore of Labour, the old Labour leaders who built New Labour are in dispute with the new faces in New Labour.

Another minister resigned at the end of the European polls, Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell, that followed Hazel Blears Community Secretary a day prior to the polls.

Why, to put pressure onto Brown to quit to save the prospects of Labour’s position in the forthcoming general elections.

I think it just reiterates the fact that Labour is in dire shambles and regardless how often they change leadership, shift people around, the confusion just gets bigger.

Whilst the old labour faces stick to the “stand by your leader” routine the new faces want to force a shift in the leadership structure of the party.

All this happens on the expense of the constituents who must suffer the aftermath of all those resignations and party incoherency because obviously the MPs won’t have much time to care for their local problems with all those other ones.

Labour strangles itself and we all have to suffer. What an idiocy.

What in my view will now also lead to a shift in the voting pattern of our large Muslim communities is the fact that Hazel Blears is being sued for defamation by Muslim leader Dr Daud Abdullah, deputy secretary general to the Muslim Council of Britain MCB over the Istanbul declaration. the government had suspended with the MCB on the eve of the unveiling of Contest 2, the updated anti-terrorist strategic plan.

Israel exists independently since 1948 and anyone who wants to know how it came about should read the book from Leon Uris called Exodus, which explains why Israel was created as a nation. This creates another problem that has been haunting the world and it is reasonable to query whether that has led to more dialogue or created more problems.

More philosophically interesting is the question how purposeful and peaceful dialogue between religions can assist this latest conflict.
Politically Labour is fundamentally without any concept, being formally based on broad opposition to the Conservative leadership, that prevailed Britain since the ‘beginning of time’, they now find the inconceivable differences in old ideology and New Labour that tries to copy Conservative tactics, keeping old-fashioned Labour values alive. Its not possible and tears Labour apart to distract away from pressing problem Britain should be coping with instead.
We don’t just need a change in Leadership for the Labour Party we need a change of government to save us from further political disaster. See BBC comment on re-shuffle

The brave new world

Where Isreal is located on a wider map of the Middle East

Where Isreal is located on a wider map of the Middle East

Suggestion by American peace keepers, amongst others, that an independent Palestinian state should be conceived and established in the near future is the only sensible solution in the Middle East crisis.  Mr Netanyahu hasn’t got a choice but to say yes and hopefully soon.

Israel was established on the demand of the Jews who held hunger-strikes on a ship after World War II off the shores of what is now Israel until they got their wish. Fed up with being persecuted again and again over the centuries Jews wanted their homeland back, what is theirs. Though I should say that over the centuries and since earth existed, countries always established borders through conflicts and wars and no one ever got a lost land back on the basis of a hunger-strike. But the world’s sympathy was with the Jews who suffered terrible under German hands and this intolerable suffering had to be compensated somehow. And the world created the new Israel. Only problem was, the land was occupied by Palestinians who now lost their homeland. But one has to give those people somewhere to call home!

I think Britain would be very upset if for instance the Romans came back now and say “We want our lands back, we used to own it and it is ours, similar story with the Vikings I suppose”.

People are sick and tired of watching the human suffering, they were sick and tired of watching the human suffering generated in Germany int he 1940s and they are sick and tired of watching the human suffering generated in Israel (Palestine).

Because of these extraordinary circumstances, how Israel came to be, by driving those who thought the land rightly to be theirs, (as it would be normally) off their land and putting their own houses there.

Everyone wants peace and the most sensible solution is to manifest the rights of all people’s to have somewhere to call home. Establish the borders, work out the treaty and there are then proper diplomatic grounds on which to negotiate and settle the dust and dry up the blood and prevent further bloodshed.

We are suffering from this just by having to witness what is going on and we could not turn a blind eye if we wanted to because of the worldwide communications networks we find out about each and every breach of human right in the furthest corner of the world each day, thanks to the BBC I might say.

Indisputably Jews have had their more than fair share of religious persecution over the centuries but why pass on the buck to the Palestinians?

One of the most used excuses by children for example is but they do it as well and the best answer a parent can give, is you should never copy the wrongs of others.

Often victims of crime subject others to the same indignities but people have to learn to overcome the suffering they had to endure and look forward to new and fresh starts or we will always linger on old and terrible pasts instead of developing the brave new world we all long for.

I hope Israel really, really means it and does not just say this at the spur of the moment hoping that the dust settles on this proposal.

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