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How can anybody be charged with an offence if the remarks made make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

It seems completely outlandish to even think that residing Muslims could be compared to Nazis in any capacity whatsoever. The remarks are so off the mark that nobody could possibly belief them.

If Le Pen actually believes what she said, and if anybody admires her for it, then they are all completely and totally crackers. Perhaps the only thing Le Pen could be guilty of is admiration of Hitler. Both seem equally mad.


Is England cornered?

Whilst we now have a Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Germany, who originates from Scotland and has the name David MacAllister, we see the rise of the Scottish power going steeper and steeper into the political horizon. Scotland has made first steps into independence from the UK and or England and Wales.

So far so bad for England, that badly needs the partnership with Scotland to get some real and down to earth relationship with politics and geography because apparently the financial industry is the only big business that England knows these days. But now the EU ministers from France and Germany in particular want to push for the tax on financial transactions, which would raise an enormous amount of taxes for the EU coffers but apparently the UK would be the biggest contributors to the funds, from which France, that relies heavily on subsidies for farming industry, would mostly benefit.

This would take away most of Britain’s edge to the finance industry, Britain that currently calls itself the finance capital of the world. English ministers and British politicians worry that many financial houses might want to re-locate elsewhere, where they do not have to pay the financial transaction tax.

Of course that would put the final nail in the coffin of the British commerce and especially the English one. Because if the Scots become independent and get involved in selling natural energy and other products, England would shiver because it could not even afford to heat its many homes as their income would be shrinking and it could become the prune of Europe.

Many Euro sceptics have encouraged a drop out of Europe quickly but Cameron apparently thinks we should remain but become more powerful in Europe, but powerful with what? Is the UK about to become the next Greece? Apparently the pattern is the same Greece hosted the Olympics and then crashed their economy and we are going to host the Olympics and our economy is very likely to crash completely when the EU finance tax becomes reality.

That makes Germany and France very powerful because they do not rely on financial transactions to stay strong but they rely on real industries to keep in power. I criticised it years ago when under Tony Blair Britain embarked on making education, entertainment and finance the main industries of Britain. of course education is a no-brainer as Britain has fallen far down in the league tables. Is it any wonder with the highest drug consumption in Europe that the English in particular have no thought left to think on how to save the failing economy.

Most interesting of all Ed Miliband fully supports the Euro levied finance tax when he announced during a visit of crane manufacturer :Liebherr that he would tax bankers and bonuses to fund jobs. What jobs would be left to fund, when Britain does not have a native engineering industry as such? Only bankers that trade from Britain can be taxed and what Mr Miliband forgotten to think about is that they are not bound to trade from Britain at all.

I think Italy is a good example in how a country can actually try to resolve a problem without elected politicians. They now established a government of Technocrats, which is something that could to Britain a lot of good.

Whilst the Scottish feel strong and take power in Germany and become independent from England, the English themselves seem to have lost grip on the situation and try to solve problems by creating dodgy judgements that are politically tainted to influence Russian politics and forget all about how to tackle the European malaise with real assets. The English don’t seem to understand that they cannot bathe in the glory of winning 2 world wars forever. Cameron, a polemicist of the European relationship since he has become known in politics, drags behind him a steady tail of Euro sceptics who seem to spend all day lamenting about how bad Europe is whilst the French, Germans and Scots try to drive England into the ground with new tax regulations and the Italians have had enough of trusting in politicians altogether.

Of course the best move Osborne could come up with so far was to sell Northern Rock to Virgin Money with a loss.

A breakdown in US – Israeli relations

That also affects the European US relationships very much. A conversation overheard by eager journalists heard that the French President Sarkozy called the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a liar and President Obama, did not vehemently deny it either.

The world is catching up fast on the facts of politics.

Can we learn from Muslims?

Islam is gaining memento and more influence all over the world. But what can we learn from them. It is veracity. It secretly impresses people that Muslims stick to their ‘guns’ and attack others who mock them, at least that is how Muslims perceive the latest edition of a French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, that meant to celebrate the win of a Muslim political party in the recent Tunisian elections with a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, calling him the editor in chief. I thought that Germans do hot have a sense of humour but that is definitely surpassed by Muslims, who are even more sensitive to mockery.

People admire it if they know they belong and some strong defence is put onto a group.  I think Christianity is suffering from a softening of the attitude and the softer Christianity gets the less want to be part of it. Tolerance is nice and good but it drives people away rather than attract them.

Charlie Hebdo has been completely destroyed. But then, when I read that they are planning to run such a cartoon a few days ago, I was anticipating that this would happen, as it always has happened as soon as a non-Muslim organisation of any stripe tends to get humorous with Islam. All the reaction Muslims are going to get is an apologist ‘we won’t do that again’ attitude an that shows the weakest always perish. Unfortunately that is still the stark reality in life. What the west tends to do is attack whole countries and destroy their leaders like they did with Gaddafi and Hussein but that is as far as it goes. The system there then just recovers, slightly adapted but no less still the same in structure and belief.

Overall Muslims enjoy a renaissance of Islam and they are getting stronger by the minute, simply because they stick to their beliefs and do not give in. It has now become satirical also in the sense that the USA has been driven from their leadership in Unesco.

What is really important in the strength of Muslims is their domestic daily routine, that is thoroughly drenched by religious rites, whilst former Christians have faded into oblivion and flirt with all types of religions or none at all. Whilst the Communist blocks who are fiercely anti-religious enjoy equally strong leadership and advance in economic terms in the world as we can see in China and Russia, the Christian block simply fades away in ideological, economic terms. Christians have one thing in common and that is indecisiveness and lack of conviction.  Strangely enough Christians still live in the belief that it is them who rules the world but that is only repeated in the official brain-washing propaganda machine. A bit self-deluding really.  They rely on banking mechanism, which is not so important in real terms because people can always live as long as they get some supply of food and water.  Civilisations have come and gone with the ages and I think this one has soon surpassed itself.

In essence it is really important that whatever you do, you do it thoroughly and not half-hearted and that always impresses.

I do not mean to express sympathy with the action that destroyed this French publisher I merely mean to say that there is a considerable world-wide support for one religion that does not accept our laws but only sticks to their own and is showing strength of character in doing so.  The moral of this story is that if you are really fed up with live, just mock Muhammad and wait what happens.  But on the other hand if you mock Jesus, you get an apology for having been offended by his name.

the grey area of dirty money

It  is a fascinating tale of alleged corruption of Mr Chirac and Mr de Villepin, that it is alleged, that they took millions of dollars in corrupt payments from former African colonies.

What is interesting on this story is the fact that nobody seems to care where the money that people spend(t) actually comes from. There is no policing of funds. No-one has to justify the origin of their cash unless of course allegations are made in the aftermath of some conflicts.

Obviously when some ordinary citizen suddenly starts to splash cash around like water, the neighbours become suspicious and start to ask questions but for high-flying politicians there is no need to worry about spending a few hundred millions too much it seems. I am just surprised that the French do not lay such books on the table to be accountable at all.

Maybe there is a good twist in the decision of the Conservative Party to become more transparent and making public declarations of funds. It seems that this is the only way to prevent that such corruption can occur and it will stop people from spending money they are not supposed to have. We are so clever in monitoring all sorts of things, phone calls, e-mails, CCTV but when it comes to money, our bank accounts do not have any self-controlling alarming conscious built in that could warn the public or the police that dishonest money is being spent because the account cannot trace proper origins of the money.

I always wonder when I read that monies have disappeared and cannot be traced. Because unless some transactions took place in cash, there is virtually no way of not being able to trace the route money takes.

So many times we read how corrupt former political leaders siphoned off the states’ money but if there was some sort of built-in monitoring process in the accounts of those who are in responsible public positions we would also not have to limp behind and wait for somebody to spill the beans before we find out what went on, just to have to go through lengthy investigations that are very expensive to perform.

More rape allegations in France

I am really glad that the women who feel they have been violated come forward and make accusations and that the police acts on those allegations. Another prominent public figure was charged with rape in France and again denies the accusations.

It is strange how we keep on getting those drives for female equality and less domestic violence when women increasingly complain of being assaulted whilst at work.

Overall it is very good that women stand up for themselves and especially in France, where the privacy laws are different and the press doesn’t report about the private habits of politicians.

Georges Tron has resigned from his ministerial post but remains Mayor of his town in Dravell whilst being on bail.

The bail is in itself a questionable situation when the man is accused and simultaneously in a very powerful position as Mayor of the town where the women who accused him presumably reside and work.

The eyes of the world will follow this situation with great interest as well as the forthcoming trial of Strauss-Kahn in the US over allegations of sexual misconduct with a hotel maid.

In general women who work for powerful men have to take a stand and say no and complain because if sexual abuse becomes part of public life then we do not have much to look forward to. European, American and Western women in general worked hard to overcome discrimination and that seems to be a never ending fight.

the EU membership is worth paying

I am most impressed by the EU Justice Commissioner Vivian Reding over the handling of the Romany affair in France. That shows that the EU is doing its job, is stepping in when serious discrimination of ethnic groups is in the making and happening and steps in at the beginning of the problem and doesn’t wait until people have been exterminated and been subjected to serious ethnic cleansing.  See BBC report here.

The argument of the French government that these people have to be thrown out of France because the children are subject to serious exploitation is laughable. All children potentially are subject to serious exploitation, just look at the constant cases of sex-abuse of established European children that constantly gleam in the media.

The French Romany crisis shows what is wrong with western society today in that people are allowed to travel to be exploited for low paid labour and that when they are no longer needed, they are being disposed of with some excuse. Of course it would not help those poor Romany children if they were sent back because that doesn’t improve their lives or their security one bit.

France is simply too lazy to do something about the problem and wants to rid themselves of it.

This type of ethnic discrimination is exactly the reason the EU was founded and why we have the Human Rights Act, in which I strongly believe. It was founded to create an instrument to prevent any society forming a similar mechanism as under Hitler, where one crazy person could gather so much political support that he manged to ethnically cleanse not only the people he openly supported, the blue-eyed, blonde (“Arians”), Germans, but also other population groups, the Jews. Both population groups got killed in similar numbers by different methods of death. One group the Jews got killed by the Germans and the Germans got killed in a crazy war.

Now the EU steps in at the beginning, when a matter of ethnic discrimination happens as it starts. It is immensely important if an ethnic group of persons is displaced and treated like that.

Considering that our laws are seriously rusty and corrupted, its only those who favour that corrupted legal system that do not want to pay the EU contributions.  It’s been over 70 years now since Germany and things have a tendency to repeat themselves, history has proven that many times.

French MPs vote 335:1 against full face veil

I am just thinking how stupid George Galloway would look if he spoke his silly threats in France, where most Muslims just follow the law and do neither threaten to commit suicide or kill others over the decision of the French parliament.

Recently in France a Muslim woman was fined € 22 for driving whilst wearing the full-face veil.

I am not certain why Britain doesn’t just follow the pattern as France is not the only European nation that outlaws the full-face veil.

At least the Conservative President Sarkozy has the full support of his Communist counterpart Andre Gerin who compares the veil to a walking coffin or muzzle. The only opposition vote came from the Socialist MP (I presume).

Whilst out of  the 5 million Muslims in France only 2,000 wear the veil, the ban is seen as an important instrument of integration.

Business man Rachid Nekkaz, wants to provide a € 1 million fund for those women who want to defy the ban and so encourage them to wear it. I wonder whether there is going to be a new crime, aiding and abetting the wearing of forbidden clothing.  Surprisingly the Muslim council of France supports the abandonment of full face veils for women.

The bill, that was introduced by Ms Alliot-Marie is not meant to stigmatize a group of people or religion but to help further democratic openness, starting with an open face for all.

Up-date on 18 May 2010, it seems that George Galloway found support from Damian Green who said outlawing the full-face veil would be un-British and Catherine Hesseltime said we should stop wasting our time discussing it. I suppose we are covered under Freedom of Expression and speech if we do.

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