Is Breivik insane?

It must be the worst job in the world being Breivik’s lawyer right now and probably it is a way for the lawyer to come to terms with his truly awful job to suggest Breivik could be insane. I am totally distressed by the events in Norway just being a spectator hundreds of miles away in the UK and I am distressed each time such atrocities happen. I just hate needless distraction of property and life under any circumstances.

Breivik seems to belief that his actions will be acknowledged in 60 year’s time but that is total rubbish because it will never be acceptable to kill innocent young lives for any reason.

Now left-over explosives found on Breivik’s farm were destroyed and this article suggests that the police is not certain that fertilizer was used to make the bombs but that it is believed to be the basis of his bombs. I think that this cautious comment of the MSN report shows that there is no certainty that he used fertilizer at all.

further the Chief of Security in Norway is a woman and she said that no evidence of claims that he had meetings with UK right-wingers 9 years ago could be found. I think that this is another very unstable remark of the Norwegian police at this time because I suppose there are many ways to contact people and I think since Breivik was quite open in his approach so far, I cannot see why he should lie about links to UK extremists.

But probably the right everywhere just wants to deny a connection to this man under any circumstances. I belief that Breivik is only the tip of the iceberg and that there are many people just like him around, waiting to hunt down left-wing persons for their beliefs. Just as the left have threatened to destroy the right.

Whilst Breivik’s lawyer laid down claims of insanity, it remains to be seen if the court will accept an eventual plea. I suppose for the whole right-wing movement it will be better if Breivik admits insanity as this will make his claims of links to UK right-wingers less believable. But surely the man ran his farm, he had academic qualifications, he planned the attack for years, so even the fact that he might have taken drugs just prior to the attack cannot make any difference in the fact that Breivik at all times conscientiously wanted to kill many innocent young lives and do damage to the democratic institutions.

Breivik’s actions look like a scene out of a computer game and only a person very detached from reality could play the actor but since he planned it for years that implies that he had moral support at the very least and got that somehow, even if no the traces of this support have been found. It is very possible that the police themselves helped to destroy the links to UK or other right-wing groups because they themselves are right-wing.  The question is, where did Breivik get that police uniform from in the first place?

Dealing with the unexpected

I think what this latest Norwegian attack shows is that our security forces worldwide are unable to deal with the unexpected. For that purpose the list of  deadly shootings worldwide is not complete enough but it shows that none of those incidents were even remotely expected.  But if you think that in Afghanistan an Al Qaeda operative worked as chief Security Guard for an Afghanistan government official shows that world-wide   intelligence lacks certain skills.

I wonder whether the selection processes to employ people are good enough or not and whether the monitoring of those who are in work is even in existence.

There is now a strong chance that the freedom of movement we all enjoy might become restricted because what could prevent such an incident occurring is if people had to proof where they are travelling via some documentation but that reminds us all of the restrictions under the Hitler era.

Realistically speaking I think that such incidences are on the increase rather than decrease simply because we are living in an increasingly corrupt society. Selection for top jobs is very much dependant on whom you know and if you find approval of those already in jobs and especially of those already in top jobs. But that is what always drove forward human evolution and especially social evolution, that is why whole cultures vanished from the face of this earth it is because their selection processes became stagnant, failed to select the best for the posts, were unable to adapt to changing circumstances and so on.

Here in the UK David Cameron wants to buck the trend and adapt military operation to suit the current individualistic climate and operational style of single cells or individuals. That is all very good but that might actually backfire because it spreads the use of weapons more widely and allows further individualistic activity of lone gunmen, whatever side they happen to be on.

Recent examples of computer hacking are the best example of how the best in the field are excluded from work and manage to show that the work of those who are employed to do the jobs is inadequate. All the law can do is punish those who can do it but who are not authorised to do it.

That is the whole problem these day that the ones who are in jobs might not be the best ones to be in them and that produces so many that feel left out from opportunities and likely to rebel in one way or another.

What this particular Norwegian tragedy teaches us is never trust anybody just because they wear a uniform. Yet those who are in the uniform are very likely to declare the wrong persons seucrity risks whilst others can go on rampages undetected until it is too late.

China’s non-dialectic dialect

Alfred Nobel

The New World Order cannot exist on international business agreements alone as it never sat easily with democratic countries how China can supply us with goods from the other side of the world without upsetting our sense of democracy and freedom.

It was more than needed that somebody started the dialogue with China in the department of its undemocratic regime, the Communist rule that forbids freedom of expression, speech and association.

Just as we rebelled against having to wear garments that were manufactured with the aid of child labour, we are feeling uneasy to use household goods and many other Made in Chine’ articles because the people making them are not working under a free and equal regime.

China started a war of words with Norway when the Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Price whilst being interned in China on a charge of subversion.

The question is, will this award do the same trick to China as the world’s support did for Nelson Mandela in South Africa?

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