A roof over your head

Have you noticed how the sale of tents has become more popular, that people with monkey like feet are likely to start climbing and living in trees again?

A Spanish Mayor has declared that all those who live in his town since 2 years have a right to a home. So far so good. That is not different from our own region. Even here in London, people who live here have a right to a roof over their heads. People are even housed in luxurious hotels at an astonishing cost per night to fulfil the right to a home obligation.

It seems that just the methods are different between the London and Marinaleda town.

In Marinaleda the Mayor Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo says “A home should be a right and not a business”. Here in London the right to a home is coupled with the right of making a business out of home provision.

In the Spanish town individual residents are given actual land and bricks and expertise to build their own permanent house on permanent land, whilst here in London the homeless are given temporary accommodation that is making those who own it immense profits. It seems the Spanish solution simply costs the tax payer lots of money. The mayor there has gone so far as to repossess houses from banks who took them of those who failed to keep up with mortgage repayments.

The Secretary-General for Housing in Andalusia, Amanda Meyer, says thousands of families were “tricked” into taking out a mortgage and that their situation is now “hellish”. Of course many here in the Britain, the rest of Europe and anywhere in the world can feel this if they followed advise to purchase their own home and then lost their jobs. With an unemployment rate of 37% it is kind of quite obvious that not all those on the dole can be expected to purchase tents and populate the roads around towns.

Such rural solutions would not be thinkable here in London.Is there any multi-national company that offers to built homes for the homeless unemployed in Spain?

The cucumber scare

It reminds me a lot of the egg salmonella scare we had under the previous Conservative government, when John Mayor’s bid on the side announced that there is a danger from salmonella in eggs. I did not take the slightest bid of notice and continued to eat eggs as normal at that time.

Now we have the cucumber scare but it is not quite clear what actually the problem is. I read several contradicting reports. One thing seems sure, that it has to do with organic vegetables. I can’t afford to buy them, so there is no danger for me getting ill from those.

My favourite salad is cucumber salad. I eat it almost every day. I just buy the cheapest cucumbers in my reach, which are normally the Lidl ones. My local Lidl in Well Street is currently closed, and my cucumbers now come from Sainsburys and they got grown in Essex on them. My local market stall does not say where their cucumbers come from at all.

I can understand that the Spaniards are hopping mad and threaten a huge compensation claim because in some reports it is not even clear whether any vegetables became contaminated in Spain or in Germany where they are packed and re-sold or exported, sometimes even back to Spain.

The thing about organic veg is that they are fertilised with raw sewage and it takes a lot of knowledge of how to do it. But it doesn’t seem to be clear at all yet what the actual cause of the e-coli outbreak is. I thought that mapping would help.

It cannot be excluded that someone tampered with the veggies whilst they were packed or further processed. It seems so silly that vegetables should be responsible for e-coli in any case. I am very concerned that this will drop the vegetable consumption even lower and people will be scared to buy fresh veggies, which is not good for longterm health.

I think that more should be done to pin point the exact source of the outbreak but can understand that some countries are careful and rather avoid any problem by banning the import of whole batches, which will drop the prices of some vegetables because supermarkets are keen to get rid of them.That is the time for the daring to purchase cheap vegetables.

As it seems, some people also became ill after returning from a German vacation, the German authorities must try harder to find the source of the problem and stop speculating.

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