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My main activity at present is to follow the National Proclamations in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and this week in my own borough. King Charles III makes all municipal regions of the country and commonwealth swear allegiance very systematically, like a contractual obligation for states. They all - including Lutfur Rahman's administration - pledge… Continue reading Royalty

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Complaint up-held

Sense at last. UK Visas & Immigration have decided to up-hold my complaint about treatment received via HM Government to do with the EU Citizenship procedure. Despite being a fully signed up British Citizen, with a British passport since decades, HM Government kept on sending me letters about EU Settlement. They said that I need… Continue reading Complaint up-held

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Good old NHS

The whole threats from HM Government to withdraw benefits from British Citizens who come from European countries can easily be circumvented in respect of NHS treatment. Not for the NHS Covid App but for the main NHS App, you need to upload your passport to be accepted onto the platform. That is ample proof of… Continue reading Good old NHS