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football fairness

I can't understand why UEFA doesn't act immediately. If the goal keeper had a laser pen shone into his eyes then that should bring an immediate decision about the validity of the goal. If there was a problem with other discipline issues, they should have stopped the game and thrown the people causing the problems… Continue reading football fairness

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In the interest of national unity

Today's unanimous judgement of the Supreme Court will strengthen national unity and is good for Britain's future. Had the Supreme Court found against the appeal of Gina Millar and quashed the Scottish ruling, then the rift between Britain's regions would have deepened considerably. MP's are calling for a Unity Government whilst Boris Johnson is at… Continue reading In the interest of national unity

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Government investigates Tower Hamlets again

Apparently people like Sylvia Pankhurst and Danny Boyle are among a high-profile string of supporters of the Raine's Foundation Trust and Steering Group and the many grateful parents and pupils who happily attend the school. This new investigation is mainly concentrating around the illegal attempt by Tower Hamlets council, trying to close Raine's Foundation, Church… Continue reading Government investigates Tower Hamlets again

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Boris re-elected

The results are in and Boris can feel good about himself as the majority of Londoners voted for him in a closed contest. What I found really interesting were the results in my own constituency of City and East where there was a relatively high vote for the BNP with 7031 votes, but that was… Continue reading Boris re-elected

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Democracy isn’t working

Renewable energy, made from wind and marine power has become a serious alternative to nuclear power. I am very pleased about that. The cost of transporting such natural energy from Scotland has sunk by 80% under new proposals. That now contradicts Mr Osborne's warnings, that the proposed referendum on Scottish independence would put business stability… Continue reading Democracy isn’t working

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Community Radio a better alternative to East End Life

Whilst the government has now made a new fund available for innovative Crime Fighting ideas I have already sent of requests to Andy Bamber and Paul Rickett to support my applications for fund money. Either has to approve my application to roll out the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme throughout Tower Hamlets. The Neighbourhood Watch system works very well for the rest of the… Continue reading Community Radio a better alternative to East End Life