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Conservatives took a Labour seat

Let's not get brainwashed by some media who desperately spreading false news that Labour is winning in all sorts of ways and that they are the next government. They are not. It is perfectly explained by this latest Conservative win in Sherbourne where Jackie Gardiner took a Labour seat with a comfortable majority. These were… Continue reading Conservatives took a Labour seat

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Prime Minister’s tribute

A speech well worth remembering and reproducing, as it will become a corner stone of all speeches, and an era that has now come to an end and is the new beginning of forward-thinking Britons and the world. Liz Truss has managed to interweave her personal experience with national events, as you do as Prime… Continue reading Prime Minister’s tribute

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The most diverse cabinet in history

I am pleasantly surprised by Liz Truss. That proves, never listen to the hype of the media. Actually, the local Bethnal Green and Bow Association was directly supporting Liz Truss, just that I had not been invited and so did not even know that Liz Truss is actually from Greenwich, Royal Greenwich, which has one… Continue reading The most diverse cabinet in history

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land of opportunities

and of Hope and Glory. The message we give to all Commonwealth member states and the world. That we are champions of equal opportunity and that race, creed, colour or sexual orientation is no hindrance to career. Rishi Sunak embodies the Commonwealth. Born in Southampton to parents of Indian descent who migrated to Britain from East Africa in the… Continue reading land of opportunities

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Very impressive debate

Yes, it was well worth watching the hustings for votes towards the next Prime Minister. I've even been convinced that nuclear energy is a good way of producing cheap and reliable energy. I was all for wind turbines but that is on its one a very laborious and not very versatile and fragile type of… Continue reading Very impressive debate

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potential case of candidate discrimination

It has been brought to my attention that during the last Mayoral elections for Tower Hamlets Council in 2022, a Mayoral candidate was not invited to take part in a hustings event hosted by the East London Business Alliance ELBA. This organisation has an impressive list of corporate sponsors. I am wondering whether the sponsors… Continue reading potential case of candidate discrimination