We need social mobility

The former Conservative slogan ‘Britain isn’t working’ showing people queueing for work could now be altered to show people queueing for food instead whilst they got jobs now.

The Brexit disaster is a great example why we need more social mobility.  It’s the way this Brexit story came about that makes the case.

At the time David Cameron and George Osborne formed that young Conservative government. Both pals from university, one could almost feel the connection those two had. They both felt strong and nothing bad could ever happen was the feeling they radiated out to us.

And then David Cameron cooked up this recipe for disaster, which is called the Brexit vote. Now we have nothing but division and dismay over this Brexit referendum when the country was split in half by it.  51.89% leave and 48.11% remain. David Cameron himself then left his post as prime minister as he was obviously upset by the results, which he did not expect and his old friend George Osborne followed David’s example to leave government as well.

Yet these two had a lot of power to set up British political events for decades to come, those two uni pals. Apparently many people in powerful public positions know each other from university. In Britain the two most influental universities are Cambridge and Oxford.

There are now some MPs who say we need to honour the outcome of the vote,

The vote was badly set up, it simply asked: ” Do you want to leave or remain in the European Union?”

Obviously things are not that easy. There are contracts and terms and conditions to respect. Only if the policital system in the EU was so bad that we would rather fight them then deal with them could we even consider not honouring our contractual obligations.

The vote itself was very badly set up, very short-sighted.

Neither politicians nor the public were properly informed what staying in or leaving actually implied.

People were not asked whether they want to just leave without a deal or what kind of further relationship they want and that insincerity now causes all the problems.

I blame to a great extent the lack of social mobility because the same mates that go to uni together then find themselves in position of power. If universities get populated more by people who come from different walks of life the whole emotional backdrop would not exist and people would become more rational and actually examine their own mindsets and the whole thought processes in depths.

What now also becomes apparent, is that after years of Conservative government the cracks begin to show. More and more companies close down, or get moved to Europe or other parts of the world. The only way the employment rate is kept high because people are driven into self-employment or zero hours contracts. Apparently many people have to do questionable things to be able to cope with Universal Credit, a system that causes immense misery to more vulnerable people. It also exploits women who are driven into doing things they normally would not do to survive.

Britain is now the least family-friendly country in Europe according to UNICEF.

That current benefit system is self-serving, it keeps the low very low and stoops them lower whilst it supports the government and allows them to keep huge amounts of savings in case of no deal Brexit. So the Brexit saga was merely an instrument to increase the misery of the poor.

Perhaps it is worth examining the data the Department of Works and Pension holds to find out how it is possible to have such a high rate of employment when the press is daily filled with company closures.

It is quite apparent to everyone that most of our high street shops have closed in favour of food outlets and that footfall in highstreet has dramatically decreased.

Social mobility would stop such crass disputes in parliament because the two sides created through our elitist education would not emerge to that extent. Working class and richer kids could mix in uni at student level and get to know each other then instead of clashing later. If there were more people from poor backgrounds involved in government, the policies would change to take more care of the vulnerable citizens.

The emergency of the Change UK new party is a direct result of social clashes and people who want to overcome them.

The only good thing I can say about Food banks is that they are better than the food stamps Hitler used to give to the people he liked and refused to give to the people he let starve to death. Food banks are relatively easy to use and people can access them.

Yet, a political system that boasts full employment but makes those employees relying on food banks despite a minimum and national living wage is obviously very flawed.



Prime Minister’s Question Time 8/1/14

Was able to watch some of it and it  became quite clear yesterday that the Conservative Party simply is trained to turn any criticism into something positive.

Simple example. An MP asked Cameron that in his constituency police officers now have to transport arrested suspects on public transport, what he thinks about this. Cameron immediately replied that in that constituency crime is down by about 25%.

Later in points of order the same MP asked what he could do to stop the PM from misrepresenting facts. The point he made that crime in his constituency had in fact gone up by 25% and not down and that amazingly seconds after the PM’s answer the wrong answer was published on twitter.

The speaker did not have a conclusive solution to this problem and asked MPs to persevere.

I could not say that I have heard once that any Conservative has shown any compassion towards the suffering that was portrait in the House of Commons by opposition MPs.

Good point Mr Afriyie

He has got a good point, he has got a very good point, this government is creating  jobs for the boys. Problem for David Cameron is, he has got too many rubbish ministers on his cabinet, like Iain Duncan-Smith for example, who messes up all his public profile.

The only person who knows what he is doing and doing popularly is Boris Johnson, and Jo Johnson, Boris’ brother,  is the next best thing to Boris. Boris is of course busy running London, so he can’t step in to save David Cameron’s bacon at the moment.

But generally yes, this government is not better but equally worst to all other governments before it to create jobs for its allegiances.

Of course there is no wonder that Adam Afriyie feels overlooked, there are few black faces in this government and David Cameron certainly doesn’t risk training on a few in the job.

Margaret Hodge is another person asking to ban insider dealing in respect of accountants, but she has got a nerve to do so, when it was a Tesco chief executive that sat on the previous Labour government advising them, since he is off the job, Tesco’s profits have started to falter.

What all those critics really mean, is that they only want their own friends in positions of power, not those who support the other side.

It seems

Dinosaurs put to work by Cameron

I feel completely astonished to read that David Cameron made an ageist remark to ridicule an elder opposition member and compared him to a Dinosaur. I am particularly disappointed that on one hand, he wants people to be young enough to lose their pension, to be young enough to work longer but then they are too old for the House of Commons?

That just shows how immature our young Prime Minister is; him and is equally immature young side-kick Osborne are running this country into the ground and they think they can do so because they are young?

By immature I purely mean political experience because this prime minister must be the most inexperienced person ever to run an entire country or Empire in this case.

It is gob-smacking ridiculous to steal people’s pension and then laugh about their elder status and comparing them to Dinosaurs.

Is there anybody left in this country who actually can support this government. He can hardly expect somebody who just lost out on their pension, like I did,  to go and support him.

But this ageist attitude that Cameron showed, during Prime Minister’s Question Time today, is exactly the attitude many employers show towards me, they must interview me but deep down inside, they think I am much too old for the job and they ask questions they are not even allowed to ask.  Very recently Cameron upset half the nation by ridiculing people with disabilities. He now more and more often makes strange comparisons, which he thinks they are funny, they are often well-known cheesy slogans, I reckon the pressure is too much for him and he has to stand down.

I reckon if we go on at this rate, Miliband won’t even have to strain himself to impress people because Cameron is ridiculing himself so much, that he makes Miliband look good.

Basic British decency

Yes,there is such a thing as basic British decency and the government has now been accused of trying to cross the line of what the British think is decent or not with their Welfare Reform bill. Trying to take the disabled benefits of cancer sufferers and young disabled by making it more stressful is quite wrong, so the Lord’s decided and turned down measures that were passed in the House of Commons.

So much for the Lords. Yet most of the Lords are still there by appointment and not voted in. I just wonder whether voting them in would change their attitude towards the basic British decency as Baroness Meacher puts it.

I just wonder whom the Conservatives think will support their national hysteria on welfare scroungers. After all it is the majority of people who get some sort of support payment or other. I think not a lot of the elderly who are all in danger of losing their free bus passes aged 60 will vote Conservative ever again.

I remember well the hype that was made during the last Mayoral elections where Labour spread the rumour that all 60 year olds will lose their free bus passes and it was then strongly denied that this would happen but it seems now that it will.

I don’t think that there is anybody in this land that could possibly support a political party that is merely there to support the interests of the rich.

What is being done effectively is that the government tries to swim against the stream of international finance policy and measures, which make an economy based on debt. Unless that system is changed we cannot save pennies by depriving the poor and needy from their benefits. What this government creates is a downward spiral of economic decline.

Is England cornered?

Whilst we now have a Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Germany, who originates from Scotland and has the name David MacAllister, we see the rise of the Scottish power going steeper and steeper into the political horizon. Scotland has made first steps into independence from the UK and or England and Wales.

So far so bad for England, that badly needs the partnership with Scotland to get some real and down to earth relationship with politics and geography because apparently the financial industry is the only big business that England knows these days. But now the EU ministers from France and Germany in particular want to push for the tax on financial transactions, which would raise an enormous amount of taxes for the EU coffers but apparently the UK would be the biggest contributors to the funds, from which France, that relies heavily on subsidies for farming industry, would mostly benefit.

This would take away most of Britain’s edge to the finance industry, Britain that currently calls itself the finance capital of the world. English ministers and British politicians worry that many financial houses might want to re-locate elsewhere, where they do not have to pay the financial transaction tax.

Of course that would put the final nail in the coffin of the British commerce and especially the English one. Because if the Scots become independent and get involved in selling natural energy and other products, England would shiver because it could not even afford to heat its many homes as their income would be shrinking and it could become the prune of Europe.

Many Euro sceptics have encouraged a drop out of Europe quickly but Cameron apparently thinks we should remain but become more powerful in Europe, but powerful with what? Is the UK about to become the next Greece? Apparently the pattern is the same Greece hosted the Olympics and then crashed their economy and we are going to host the Olympics and our economy is very likely to crash completely when the EU finance tax becomes reality.

That makes Germany and France very powerful because they do not rely on financial transactions to stay strong but they rely on real industries to keep in power. I criticised it years ago when under Tony Blair Britain embarked on making education, entertainment and finance the main industries of Britain. of course education is a no-brainer as Britain has fallen far down in the league tables. Is it any wonder with the highest drug consumption in Europe that the English in particular have no thought left to think on how to save the failing economy.

Most interesting of all Ed Miliband fully supports the Euro levied finance tax when he announced during a visit of crane manufacturer :Liebherr that he would tax bankers and bonuses to fund jobs. What jobs would be left to fund, when Britain does not have a native engineering industry as such? Only bankers that trade from Britain can be taxed and what Mr Miliband forgotten to think about is that they are not bound to trade from Britain at all.

I think Italy is a good example in how a country can actually try to resolve a problem without elected politicians. They now established a government of Technocrats, which is something that could to Britain a lot of good.

Whilst the Scottish feel strong and take power in Germany and become independent from England, the English themselves seem to have lost grip on the situation and try to solve problems by creating dodgy judgements that are politically tainted to influence Russian politics and forget all about how to tackle the European malaise with real assets. The English don’t seem to understand that they cannot bathe in the glory of winning 2 world wars forever. Cameron, a polemicist of the European relationship since he has become known in politics, drags behind him a steady tail of Euro sceptics who seem to spend all day lamenting about how bad Europe is whilst the French, Germans and Scots try to drive England into the ground with new tax regulations and the Italians have had enough of trusting in politicians altogether.

Of course the best move Osborne could come up with so far was to sell Northern Rock to Virgin Money with a loss.

Never vote for a good writer

There are 2 reasons why I voted for, supported and joined the Conservative Party and one is the Grammar school system and the other is David Cameron’s book. Neither of the two have become viable reasons to continue to support the Conservative Party.

What have Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Barack Obama and David Cameron in common? They are all good writers but oddly enough only Hitler, Cameron and Obama became elected politicians whilst the world only now starts to see the reasons behind Marx’s Das Kapital in that he predicted the downfall of Capitalism in it.  Now I do not want to make a case for Communism I just want to point out another odd discrepancy in the world-leader comparison.

For Cameron its all about himself and his concepts. He swears that Free schools are THE new education strategy, but with the Conservatives its all about their concepts and not the results that count. Yet Cameron has admitted before the whole wide world that the Comprehensive Education system does work somehow, though I think it doesn’t work well enough and could do better. But Cameron is really a self-pleasing slob who is only interested in furthering his own rich constituents when he laments about the poor inner City London kids getting 70% good grades in the SATS whilst at least 5 of his own schools in his rich constituency have failed that maker in his speech when he opened one of his Free schools.

His exact words were: “”More than four out of five state schools in Surrey and Oxfordshire are doing worse than two state schools in relatively deprived parts of inner-London. That must be a wake-up call.” I further quote from the BBC “He added: “If you can get 70% of children to get five good GCSEs, including English and maths, in parts of inner London, you should be asking why aren’t we doing that everywhere in parts of the country that are wealthier like Oxfordshire where I represent.””

So really what Cameron is interested in is getting his own class back into track and not improving the education that he considers already to be too good for the poor inner London students when his own lot limps behind. That is really very disappointing because it is obvious that English education is not that good at all because the international league tables put the UK far behind other countries. I think Cameron is a complete joke and full of himself.

The Daily Mail has published an article, informing us that the UK is ranked 43th in the world behind Albania in Maths and Cameron mulls on about the kids from Surrey and Oxfordshire doing worst than most likely Tower Hamlets. Of course he does know that his Free Schools concept falls mostly on deaf ears in Tower Hamlets and that the poor parents of the poor kids neither have the time or the money to even think about setting up a free school.

I don’t believe at all that Mr Cameron really wants to improve education for all but only for the upper class children in the richer areas of the country or he would have introduced Grammar schools back into Britain, which was the only schooling system that kept the UK high up in the International education league tables.

Interestingly Cameron and Hitler seem to have another odd thing in common and that has to do with pee. It is said that Hitler had a strange fascination with urine, but oddly enough Cameron has said before he even got elected that it is best to hold a speech on a full bladder. Now anybody who is in the vicinity of him after he had given a speech, watch out what he does with his full bladder after a speech. Does he go straight to the loo?

Cameron lost grip on the Tories

The planned disbandment of the Scottish Tories tells the tale of the disintegrating Conservative Party under the leadership of David Cameron. With recent ideas  of selling NHS hospital services abroad to foreign owners, we can see the tendency to sell this country bit by bit to foreign investors.

Scots have lost faith in the mainstream very soft Conservatives that rule Britannia at the moment. We have a very young and unknown team at the helm of the party, with only a few current ministers widely known from previous opposition appearances in the former Labour Party government.

So much in the Tory Party image has changed, including the logo, which I think is a very unhappy series of pictures, which are not liked by children for  start.

I think the Tories are in danger of disintegrating completely but it is only the coming Olympics that keep the Labour opponents from calling it a day because of the national pride attached to bringing a successfully managed Olympic games.

The thing with David Cameron is that he is a good writer and speaker but has little understanding of people’s sentiments. There were many hard-line legal challenges to popular disruptions but there is no real support from within the country for his draconian measures. Whilst of course the law has to act on law-breakers there are many different ways of selling this to the nation and Cameron was not very successful in his comments.

It seems that the Conservative leadership counts a lot on foreign support and that would simply tear the heart out of this nation, which like every other nation wants to have some national pride and keep local services local. Plans to sell off whole hospitals abroad, will simply disgust many who thought that national services are to be brought by national citizens. But then again there is a lot of outsourcing going on already with NHS hospital letters being typed in India and our calls going through foreign call centres, so that there is little left to hide for individuals in the UK.

I think Cameron has failed to grip the national sentiment completely and does not reach the hearts of the nation.

Cameron wants to intrude into family privacy

I already mentioned the Prime Minister’s remarks in a previous post because they were published today but in this extended version the Prime Minister talks of getting into the hearts of troubled families to find out what’s actually wrong with them.

At the same time Communities Secretary Eric Pickles blasts councils for collecting unnecessary private information from individuals.

I see this as direct contradiction especially also as the Police now has a strategy of social mapping.

It is of course correct that many companies, including job agencies now collect information like sexual orientation from prospective job hunters but what is needed is clear legislation that anybody wanting to collect information makes it clear whether the information is compulsory or not; this does not only apply to councils and it is short-sighted to restrict it only to councils.

As for the Prime Minister’s pledge to make money available to troubled families as soon as the government can get more information from them, this concept is doomed from the start.

Just today Ben Howlett, chair of the Conservative Future promoted home ownership as social solution on Facebook today. But in America the government is suing several mortgage deal providers, e.g. banks over mismanagement of mortgage deals.

As I said in many of my blogs previously, the issues at hand are very complex and this government is unable to comprehensively deal with all of them so that it makes sense.

It is a well-known fact that getting a foot on the housing ladder has become increasingly difficult and prying into the private lives of families is not going to help this issue Mr Cameron.

It’s the thought that counts

I am disturbed by the fact that people got prison for suggesting rioting over social media. It is a basic Freedom of Speech that people can organise revolts. Whether they succeed or not is another matter. Over the ages, we all learned in history how many times people revolted against despotic rulers and sometimes they succeeded, and we all nod our heads in approval that people managed to rid themselves of despots and bad rulers.

I am certain those ancient rulers also did not like it when people congregated or communicated to organise such riots and revolts.

But if enough people want to topple a government, they can, I am sure of it.

Forbidding people to organise a riot over Facebook, is similar to not allowing them to speak about this at all to others.

Of course it keeps the police more busy and makes our lives that little more difficult but in the end, if only a tiny minority always comes together to cause damage, there is certainty that things are good for most of us. During the most recent riots in the UK some very ridiculous sentences have been passed down to show how much the government disapproves with the fact that some made a point and showed dissatisfaction with our current order. Fair enough, the rioters didn’t succeed, the majority was not on their side, but they could have joined in and toppled the government. Lets be realistic about this.

I agree that anybody should have the freedom of speech to organise a putsch and if they are in the minority, they have to take the consequences and in the case of immigrants be banned from our shores. If people protest more often it would force the government to invest more in people to avoid discontent. What we see now is more control over freedom of speech to avoid any grumbling about living conditions, which makes no happiness at all but just quenches the protest before it arises but it will simmer under the bonnets, in people’s thoughts just to break out more forceful later on.

I think the UK has to be a people’s investor and do more to teach people skills, invest in public schemes, improve live in general instead of telling people they are not allowed to voice their frustration if there is no other democratic way for them to make desired change. Maybe the processes currently in place are not user-friendly enough but our government just doesn’t want to look into this and thinks arresting their way out of this problem solves it.

It is the thought that counts and it always tarts with a thought and the more have the same thought, the less satisfaction is all around. I think Cameron has not shown any compassion for young people in Britain today.

The government simply tries to silence protest but that does not mean that the dissent has disappeared. Just because Abu Hamza has been stopped from preaching hate does not mean that this hate does not exist. It would be much more useful to look the hate in the eye and deal with it rather than driving it underground, which is what this government and current laws does.

It must be obvious that if protest stays open that it is much easier to keep track of the protesters. It must be easy for the law enforcers to follow open made protests and keep them in check but if that communication is no longer accessible easily then it is much easier for protest to stay unnoticed until it is too late.

The government thinks that people just stay quiet and eat their crumbs and sleep under bridges and die quietly without voicing protest because it is against the law.  The only difference between the UK and Syria is the fact that rioters here in the UK don’t get shot.  We however have increasing incidences where individuals get shot by armed police. But the excuse that the police can feel under threat and therefore have the right to shoot people would be valid in Syria as well as in the UK and there is little qualitative difference.

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