UK v. China

The latest diplomatic row is merely based on the territorial dispute around Hong Kong. It makes sense to discharge the Extradition deal on that basis. The UK can hardly be expected to extradite protesters from Hong Kong, which fled to the UK or associated territories.

I just don’t like that the discussion gets based around policies to do with repression of populations in China.

Both China and the UK have policies to reduce population growth.

China houses people but doesn’t allow them to have children, whilst the UK doesn’t house people and allows them to have children.

On my council estate a lot of the 1-bed or 2-bed flats are occupied by single house buyers. Those flats would have been allocated to young mothers or young families who were given a start in life with their children.

As these flats were taken off the social housing register by selling them, we have in effect made it impossible for poor young couples with children to get social housing as easily as it used to be.

Also people who bought a small flat, let’s say 1-bed, they then decide to have kids. The flat soon becomes too small but they work in a town. They cannot sell the flat and buy a bigger one in the same location. They cannot move away without losing the job, so they are trapped in that small flat with children.

Yet the bedroom tax does not solve those problems, yet some Labour politicians do not argue to get rid of it. Overall the decision to sell council flats was the worst decision ever made. Removing the pool of council flats restricted choices for most.

In effect Chinese and British policy has a similar outcome. Only difference is in Britain if you manage to get rich, you can have as many children as you can afford whilst in China, they restrict children to almost all but now rural populations.

There we have the class inequality again that two-class sytem is alive and well in Britain.

As Tony Blair is just as enthusiastic about Margaret Thatcher as Boris Johnson is, the consensus of stopping the poor in Britain from having kids is not just in the domain of the Conservatives.

Hence Labour does not have a policy that is defending the poor to have equal rights for all, so for many, there is little point in voting for Labour.

Honouring Jo Cox

Boris Johnson actually said: “The best way to Honour in Jo Cox’s memory is to get Brexit done”.

There it is again, the sheer repetitive intellectual poverty of those privately educated Tories who say the same thing again and again and again.

For years we heard as standard answer to all queries: “Yes but we improved the employment rate”. That was the one for all answers of all answers and it always worked. Whatever the opposition said, this one answer solved all problems.

Now Boris is the standard bearer for repetitive, almost notorious answers by saying, we need to get Brexit done, to every query put.

If an old person keeps on saying the same thing over and over, they get diagnosed with Alzheimers, Dementia and the like but if a politicians keep on repeating themselves in parliament, then it is a good thing. It doesn’t surprise me that Margaret Thatcher suffered from extreme Dementia in old age that is because of her working schedule and working methods. It cannot be healthy for anybody, having to repeat the same process over and over again.

Not being able to show compassion for people must affect your mental health.

We have automation for repeats even in production but for politicians they actually repeat the same phrases over and over again.

Thatched Mary

My only fascination with Margaret Thatcher arises from the fact that she reminds me very much of my own mother, who sadly died when I was aged 17. That attracted me to the Conservative Party at one point. Not only the looks of Maggie but also the dress and whole behaviour are very similar. Yet my mother only spoke German and was lovely. But Carol Thatcher is trying very hard to be a nice person too, she won by a long margin during her jungle spot.

What is also interesting now is the fascination about Maggie Thatcher that the Tories now have, it’s a bit like holy Maggie compared to “Holy Mary Mother of God” it’s ‘Holy Mary, mother of the Conservatives’.

The 10 Commandments

Look at the 10 Commandments and here it says in Commandment no 2 “You shall have no other Gods before me”. And  Lady Thatcher has been elevated to Godess like status, which is a Godly sin.

The whole way, in which this lady is elevated to special status reminds me of the personality cult we find in Communist countries. Incidentally the Conservative Party recently had a big Humanist renaissance.  I think her current rise and elevation will lead to a big fall in a couple of decades.

Others have also mentioned that Mrs Thatcher is often seen a lone woman surrounded by men, that no other women were given large scale support in the party.

A Thatcher museum is planned for her inventive politics. I can’t see anything especially good or inventive about them. Plainly she saw the whole world as one big shop and treated Britain as if it was for sale. She acted merely as the shop keeper of Britain, as she was a shopkeeper’s daughter. Now look who owns business in Britain. Even the once hated Russians now own football clubs and hand out free newspapers, which often enough denounce the Tories.

Perhaps the Tories of today do not want to show the world that they know they have been sold out and try to tactically keep cool by playing nice guy to a bad problem. The facts are that less things are British today than they were before Thatcher.

The most typically cynical twist on the Thatcher story is that £10 million are spent on her funeral alone and that more money is going to be spent on the memorial library, when ordinary libraries close and the country supposedly has no money for the needy. These Thatcher tributes are built on the suffering of the poor. It is a devillish plan to do this. The bible tells us to support the poor and not to exploit them.

The benefit caps about to start in London are supposed to be about fairness and to cut back the Deficit and they were brought on very sudden, too sudden for large families with lots of children. It could be argued that these benefit caps finance the Thatcher legacy. The death of Thatcher could be well anticipated and it is arguable that the benefit cap was introduced to finance Thatcher’s memory after the Olympics already depleted the public purse.

I think that the Thatcher cult is going to be the beginning of the downfall of not only the Tories but also of the Monarchy because the Queen is taking part in this funeral that is going to cause a lot of demonstrations and dissent. Ministers said they can easily afford the cost of £10million for the funeral but families are told they have suffer more child poverty with the new benefit caps coming in from today.

The problem is that centuries ago, when large-scale social problems arose like the potato famine for example,people could emigrate to foreign lands and start a new life. Today there are no unknown foreign lands people can emigrate to. That will leave no choice but internal revolt, which is simmering. I would recommend that people do not break the law and criminalise themselves as this is playing into the hands of the repression. Instead of making poor children suffer, they should use those £10 million and subsidise low wage worker’s families.

Fact is you cannot tell people to get jobs, jobs have to be created first. I do not think that either Liberals or Labour are going to be a good alternative because as previously said, Labour has not effectively reversed any of Thatcher’s policies but instead they sell them to us after people got fed up with the Tories each time. It’s the revolving door syndrome.

The lost society

Margaret Thatcher once said there is no such thing as society. This little sentence was the beginning of the end of sensible politics for Britain. It also shows the desperate lack of understanding of how society works.

Yet as the Conservative Party despises society as non existent, they put one of their biggest hopes for us in Building Societies, which by their very name are societies.  Societies are part of every culture; in fact cultures build societies. The Conservatives want us all to have building society accounts and build society around home ownership. Yet the politics of Baroness Thatcher, who doesn’t belief in societies is the biggest building block of today’s failing politics in Britain.

Britain is getting weaker by the minute. Scotland wants to break away, the Irish want Northern Ireland and the Welsh are only just hanging in there by a threat.

Maybe Margaret Thatcher saw us all as  toys that are put onto shelves, then into baskets and sold. She loved to surround herself with men. It is a trait of the Conservative Party that they traditionally only accept very few women into their top ranks; Anne Widdecombe used to fulfil that role beautifully. Margaret Thatcher seems to have been the political equivalent of her Majesty the Queen, who herself tries to beat the Empress Queen Victoria by staying longer on the throne than Victoria.

Obviously government currently is trying to re-create Victorian style poverty in Britain to facilitate that endeavour. But we are all in it together and we have to try to save our local little lives from the ruin that society steers to. Since Margaret Thatcher didn’t belief in society, there was every reason to ruin society as it existed.

What has happened since Mrs Thatcher disliked our society, is that China, India and other countries have enormously prospered whilst Britain has slowly faltered. Our services where sold to India and our manufacturing was sold to China. There is no way of arguing that away. Well there is one way, how comes that we are told that the British economy is weak when in London there are now more building sites then ever before?  How comes we are told Britain is poor when we see new tower blocks rising up in London everywhere. There are now countless building sites in London. Our transport infrastructure gets better each day. We have Overground going all around London, We get Crossrail, high-speed rail links to Birmingham, plans for bigger airports. Yet our unemployment is rising, homelessness is rising. Our credit rating remains critical. There are now more ready food shops in London than ever before, who are all these people who can afford to buy those expensive take-away foods? Instead of better home ownership we have enormous amounts of secret dwellers in the West London back gardens, where sheds have been converted into illegal living spaces for illegal immigrants.

Is it all a scam? Are we told the truth by the media?

Us little people we are losing our family structure and that is what makes society, the culture that develops out of working families lives. Yet working families are on the decrease but working singles are on the increase, perhaps from that aspect Britain has lost its society and tradition.

I think that the funeral of Baroness Thatcher should be a personal affair.She was a Methodist and her local church community is missing that special funeral the local person that was part of their community.  I do agree with the Bishop of Grantham that the £10 million for Mrs Thatcher’s state funeral could have been spent better, especially as her funeral will spark large social tensions. As a person Baroness Thatcher deserves the respect of her local community for her funeral proceedings.

No witches please we are civilised

Having heard that the song “Ding dong the witch is dead” made 3rd spot in this week’s charts, of course that is an incredible coincidence that this occurs the week after Margaret Thatcher’s death, I started to think about this a little bit.

I thought what is the cause of the problem, is it Lady Thatcher or is it the ill-begotten habit that people have with witches?

Women have been burned as witches, quartered, ridiculed, outcast, you name it.  And very unfortunately the witch saga is continued in the very popular film the Wizard of Oz, that happens to deal with good and evil. But apparently in the film there is a good witch and a bad witch, but the song celebrates the death of the bad witch.

Why don’t we just stop using the term witch completely and so clear our minds of bad discriminatory and sexist habits?

The next step down is the ridicule of the Mother in Law, though  this is not so strong but equally sexist ridicule of a lady in authority. The term witch is also pagan and not Christian.

This sexist ridicule of decent women has become very much ingrained into our social behaviour that people won’t even stop using it at the burial of a former Prime Minister.

I am more than certain that there are plenty of men who made harsh decisions whilst in political office but nobody would find a compatible way to ridicule them,would they?

Thatcher tributes

Spent some time today to listen to the House of Commons tribute session. It makes Conservatives more impressive that they were there and spoke. Every time Labour spoke, especially about the miners dispute it was very compassionate and deeply impressive. Yet, if there would have been more Labour speakers it would have impressed me more but because all I have to listen to is mainly Conservative speakers, their point of view impresses into my mind.

One thing I found very puzzling, it is that a Conservative MP said that Labour did not reverse Mrs Thatcher’s policies and that is very strange because they had lots of time in power to reverse her implementations, yet they chose not to. In fact Tony Blair is still one very big supporter of her.

It seems, that local communities, which relied on very specific industry like mining, and lost their jobs because of industrial disputes, are now still wanting to turn back the clock to find work in those old industries. It was also quite apparent that certain skills became obsolete in some industries because there was little training and practise to be had. It is very unfortunate that Labour MPs chose not to attend. I would have learned more listening to them.

Yet to think that each MP claimed £3.600 to attend on the day, perhaps it is cheaper for us all the less MPs attended today’s session.

Celebrate Lady Thatcher’s death

It happens to all of us one day and we should always make the best of even the last occasion that happens in our life, which is death and funeral. We all deserve a dignified occasion. Whether you love her or loath her you can celebrate the occasion of Lady Thatcher’s death by giving to her chosen charity, the Chelsea Pensioners, which supports a hospice for war veterans.

Lady Thatcher must have been a great and appreciated Prime Minister as she had been elected 3 times into office during democratically held elections. Celebrate Lady Thatcher’s Life and death.

By the way, it doesn’t really raise my confidence in the English/British education system that adults hold street parties to celebrate the death of a Prime Minister. If English education was as good as it claims to be, it would produce more sober adults. I remember that the amount of school provision was fantastic during her reign. Almost each school provided free After  School Clubs till 6 pm. It was under Labour that schools gotten rid of this free service and childcare gotten more expensive. The fact that free milk was stopped at age 7 is relatively unimportant in the light of the much bigger cuts to services that were made under Labour.

I think anybody with problems over politics should engage in a civilised political manner. I do not agree with a lot of political decisions and I think time will proof me right but that is entirely another matter. It seems rather strange that these days bankers get ridiculed over financial decisions but politicians can just get away with political decisions unscathed. Without a doubt the privatisation strategies influenced the ability of bankers severely with regards to profitability.

At this moment in time however, it is practically impossible to get any politicians and the media to see sense, time will play a part though. It is up to society as a whole to sober up and not for a few individuals to stage rowdy and unethical scenes. Society has shown the ability to publicly criticise bankers, they will also do so for politicians when the time is right. For those staging protests that are not worthy of civilised human beings, I ask what is the point even of all that education when it produces primitive behaviour?

In the meantime it would help us all to donate to the chosen charity of Margaret Thatcher, which also doubles as book of remembrance. Donate to the Chelsea Pensioners Appeal instead of lowering yourself if you didn’t agree with her and in support if you were a fan.

Apparently already Australians call Margaret Thatcher racist but isn’t racism what is exactly behind all those privatisation policies? Bob Carr might be very fond of his Malaysian born wife but she lived to his western rules. What Margaret Thatcher tried to devise was a democratic way to keep Christian Britain British but that has not worked very well as we are now being owned by non British financiers and depend on even Russian support to keep all those businesses going.

The  best example is British Rail and train services are now owned and run by foreign companies and British commuters pay over the odds for their profitability and get exploited by the private industry.

Looking at Margaret Thatcher’s stance on Europe, what then brought on large scale opposition to her anti-Europe attitude is today’s bread and butter of David Cameron.

I think Brits have to sober up a bit, I don’t think Britain kept a clear head over the female leadership of Margaret Thatcher, there was always an element of gentlemen not being able to oppose what a Lady would prescribe and not being able to personally not honour a woman. Even Tony Blair erected her statue in the House of Commons, when he is supposed to be in opposition.

I think international money men have made a meal of Lady Thatcher’s ideas. Holding flippant street parties is certainly not going to help.

I am very sceptical about this NHS deal

Though I am always for new things to be tried out, but what is missing in the NHS problem at this moment in time, is the actual responsibility of the individual for their conditions being recognised. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, if you are obese and come with health related problems to the NHS, you do not have to sell your house to get treatment. People are just being encouraged to get ill, they do not have to make income related contributions to their health bill.

The understanding of keeping healthy is still very poor in Britain. Blaming something else for one’s health is still in fashion.

People still think walking is for losers, thanks to Mrs Thatcher, who enforced that attitude during her time as Prime Minister. She ensured that her successors praise her by introducing the post Prime Ministerial payments and so all of them hail her as the best thing since sliced bread.

But if we really look at her record, we can see that her policies are very short-sighted. The home owner scheme she developed does not help couples, who now have problems sorting out the mortgage and value on shared owned homes when they break up. The home ownership has caused misery on council estates, where leaseholder often have problems keeping up with repairs and caused a shortfall of public housing and of course she failed to relate health costs to finance via a person’s assets.

But at least it is one lady this nation still treats with respect whilst in many other aspects Britain has gone rude towards the previously weaker sex. Baroness Thatcher did a lot to rid us of ‘the man has to hold the door open’ attitude because she emancipated women probably beyond the level they wanted to be emancipated. This nation is very polite towards this first lady beyond cause I may add.

So whilst Circle tries to run an entire NHS trust on the same funding as all the trusts are run, they will have to cut costs to make it work and if they cannot make it work, that will then be just another company costing banks a lot of money in defaulted loans. We need a fundamental change to NHS funding procedures to get health costs into perspective. All persons who are reckless with their own health should have to use their own assets to pay for the treatment.

It really does not help to put all home owners on the same high pedestal, we put Mrs Thatcher and then allow them to run up a high health cost bill if they are irresponsible with their own health but they can keep their assets.

Margaret Thatcher on Socialism

Having just trawled through David Osler’s site full of nonsense, I then came across a YouTube clip from Margaret Thatcher called “Margaret Thatcher on Socialism”. I think the answer she gave Mr Hughes from the Liberal Democrats is brilliant, and puts it all into the nutshell, that wealth has to be created so that it can be distributed and shared among the poor.

And the Conservatives did a good job in sharing the wealth all around, we had better play centre provision in schools, better housing standards in council homes and estates, more jobs and less taxes. We even got social security benefits easier under Conservative rule, we got free furniture, moving allowances, new clothes when our weight changed, etc.  We all  had dentists as well.

Today Gordon Brown in also accused of widening the gap between rich and poor, yet he has not managed to share that wealth as well as the Conservatives could, New Labour has cut play centre provision in schools by stopping subsidies, cut service provision in social housing and NHS provision. Now under Labour many cannot even get a dentist any longer, whilst we all had a dentist under the Conservatives.

We must vote Conservative on 6 May because if we don’t we will stall our economy completely.

When I read through the list of Osler blogs, one was once published called something like, why can’t socialists use populist methods and I thought well they do, all they ever do is moan and complain and that is very popular but those politicians that create constructive wealth are popularly ridiculed by socialists and left-wingers alike, so they are very populist among themselves.  I reckon they all much more prefer to live in Cuba where all are equally poor.

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