avoiding left-wing radicalisation

I think I did a splendid job in the way that I handled the left-wing extremism propaganda about me that was spurted about by Lead Councillor Francis in 2007, who wanted to brand me an extremist. In fact I think that I had joined the Respect Party for a short while helped to lead to their demise because my public denunciation of that party afterwards helped people to turn away from it. I openly encouraged that people join the Conservative Party at that time.

What in fact happened is that certain members of the Labour Party tried to create a left-wing icon, the left-over from the German Baader-Meinhof terrorist days that joined the Respect Party were their headlines and that of course fired up the radical elements in the community who probably already rubbed their hands at the prospect of more left-wing extremism in the community.

It was irresponsible from Osler and John Gray how they reported about me, in blogs they promised to re-publish should I lose my appeal. I am writing this now to counter-act any eventual re-publication. What Osler and Gray should have told people that the law in Germany in 1975 was not as the law is today in England under the current Human Rights legislation. Arrests that took place in Germany in 1975 would be against the law today and illegal internment.

Especially as I have been working with the local police since years and actually once appeared as a prosecution witness for them, then founded a Neighbourhood Watch and got support from the police for it, must make it clear to anyone that the police are hardly likely to work with individuals that pose a threat to law and order and/or have a dodgy past. I think that is what John Gray and David Osler tried to imply and I am still on the case so to speak.

I think it was correct to take the local problem as it was and avert more damage as had already been done by the publications of Osler, Gray, Hilton and in effect also Councillor Francis with his letters to the East London Advertiser.

I find it always really concerning that the Labour party manage to warn of others who are left-wing yet they themselves encouraged Respect members to join their ranks. In fact Mr Biggs himself stood up in defence of Mr Galloway during the Mayoral elections for London when I was busy drumming up support for Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson won, despite all the Labour lies.

I think any responsible resident cannot ignore the threat that left-wing extremism poses to the community and just ignoring it is just not enough. During the last general elections I had scores of Respect members knocking on my door, begging for a vote, when again I turned away and supported the Conservative Party.

I have never been left-wing or extremist in my life, yet there are some who wish to purport that impression, yet I always tell others not to fall for the lies. I think we have come to a good consensus in Tower Hamlets that we need a peaceful coexistence of all residents and have seen off the threat from the EDL and Islamist extremists. The Respect party got wiped from the map and we saw an increase of Muslims in the mainstream parties, especially the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour.

I think we can all say well done to ourselves and our neighbours and hope that we can keep up the good work for the betterment of our communities.

I continue to work as Neighbourhood Watch coordinator, and the local Safer Neighbourhood Police  and sit on the Police and Community Safety Board in Tower Hamlets and we had a splendid meeting only last week with the wonderful input of the Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

I have always supported good relations with the local police and in fact once supported a case they brought against a local prowler as prosecution witness. When do these warmongers like Osler, Gray and others finally realise that there is no point telling people of 35-year-old closed matters, when the very people who are in the forefront in the fight of terrorism and crime have a closed working relationship with me on a voluntary basis and they should know of any important issues. It would have been much more useful had Mr Gray and Osler and Hilton encouraged support for my local Safer Neighbourhood Work instead of trying to focus in on some old and forgotten stuff that has long been shredded by the German authorities and buried.

The flirtation with left-wing radicalism that some left-wingers propagate under the mantle of public interest does more harm than good and we have to try and avert the damage done by irresponsible publications such as they come from Mr Osler and Mr Gray.

Elections in Tower Hamlets

I am looking forward to the results. I am hopeful that we can smash the Labour lead of Jim Fitzpatrick in Poplar and Limehouse who had a relatively tiny 3000 majority. source

Galloway is no serious contender for the post and certainly won’t de-throne Fitzpatrick in any case. Galloway admitted that he is standing because he loves elections and will fight elections till the day he dies. Sounds like a bit of an addictive personality to me. But then most jobs become an addition over time. Galloway sees himself as a big voice for the East End and I can vouch for that his constant noisy antics cause disruption to the daily lives of those who live near his party offices near the St. Hilda Community Centre. His campaign bus and the noise with it drives the residents not crazy for him but crazy to “cannot wait until is over” type of feeling.

The vote in Poplar Limehouse is split up by a lot of Independents, want to have a go heroes who won’t achieve anywhere near a respectable number of ballot papers in their favour but who nevertheless can take away crucial votes from the serious candidates. Yet seriously the essence is on turnout. The less of the sane and/or serious people come out to vote, the more chances the left-wingers and other fringe candidates will get in. No doubt the rock solid Labour support has crumbled with the renewal of the area. Is is coincidental that Labour support crumbles as soon as the crumbling housing disappears? Makes me think!!! We can see it in Cuba that the less people possess. the only hold on is, we are poor in socialist unity. So since the Isle of Dogs spruces up, the Conservative support rose. I do not see much chance for the Liberals though as they show a lot of support for the criminal minority in wanting to allow the vote for convicted murderers and paedophiles and they want an amnesty for illegal immigrants. The Isle of Dogs is not populated mainly by criminals and their families and so the chances of the Liberals are tiny.

Yet incidentally the MP candidate of the Conservatives Zakir Khan worked in the Public Affairs Department of the Canary Wharf Group since the last 10 years and is a true local. Our MP candidate Tim Archer is a highly regarded councillor for the Blackwall & Cubitt Town area. This is where the smart money goes, the solid support for the more than a dozen Conservative Councillors that have a stronghold on the Isle of Dogs area and won’t be beaten not even by the stale mate figure of Michael Keith, who has been cleaned of his mothballs, in which he was wrapped for storage, and stood up for election again. Labour don’t seem to have much in young and hopeful candidates for the future of the area.

Local Muslims have become aware that Galloway has been a fanciful figure in his approach and are in the process of turning away, how much so we shall see on Thursday.

Councillor Archer has an excellent record of dedicated work as a Councillor and received constant high praise for his committment and leavel headed approaches and wittiness I may add. I think that our Tim can smash the lead of Fitzpatrick and drill a hole in the solid Labour landscape of inner London Boroughs.

Canvassing with Zakir Khan

I went our canvassing with Zakir Khan yesterday and I am now even more impressed with him than I was at the open primary that got his chosen to be the parliamentary candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow.

Zakir has a big and winning personality and is in touch with the people he is trying to reach and in fact he is reaching them. When we went canvassing yesterday Zakir managed to engage with voters and got promises of sympathy and most importantly votes at the next general election.

Also present were Conservative Councillor candidates. Almost each and every resident complained about the service provision they receive from this Labour led council and wanted to engage in discussion about matters close to their heart and to their purses.

Leaseholders’ charges are at the tope of the agenda for everyone. Whilst Margaret Thatcher enabled us to purchase our council flats, this Labour council now makes as much misery as possible for any leaseholder.

Many tenants that moved to the area recently do not know how well our estates were maintained when the country was under Conservative governments that supplied councils with plenty of money to maintain housing, contrary to today when councils are forced to fend for themselves, which usually results in lots of parking fines to earn revenue for the council.

Even when the council was liberal they could only make those delightful improvements to our area because they gotten plentiful supplies of money to do so. Imagine a Liberal council under a Labour government today could not make any more improvements to the area in respect of maintenance for lack of money.

Zakir did not stay long with us because he then attended a football match organised by the Safer Neighbourhoods Team in Victoria Park.

I ended up with a nice tan on my face after a day’s campaigning in Weavers with the local councillors and feel fitter for it too.

If you wish to help with the forthcoming elections in Bethnal Green and Bow for the Conservatives please feel free to contact them here:

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