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land of opportunities

and of Hope and Glory. The message we give to all Commonwealth member states and the world. That we are champions of equal opportunity and that race, creed, colour or sexual orientation is no hindrance to career. Rishi Sunak embodies the Commonwealth. Born in Southampton to parents of Indian descent who migrated to Britain from East Africa in the… Continue reading land of opportunities

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The leaking fest

I am really quite glad to read about the forward looking reports about how our government will develop into a new style of supportive leadership. The hustle and buzz of the leadership contest grips the nation. Luckily we have gotten superb candidates as prospective Conservative Party leaders and prime minister candidates. Once the press found… Continue reading The leaking fest

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Old v. new

That's progress I suppose; all the people who live in Tower Hamlets around those high-rise new blocks and in the high-tech environment constantly post on social media, stating how much they love their new environments. Yet, I see those historical small old houses living people, who are in corners of low development, who constantly protest… Continue reading Old v. new

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Clumsy mistakes

Noone can accuse the British for ousting people for clumsy mistakes. We have accepted all horroundes mistakes that Boris Johnson made, from the letterbox ladies to the Care homes. Yet Harpers is an American publication and published a letter about censorship and Freedom of Speech. During my time at the High Court, I suffered the… Continue reading Clumsy mistakes

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Keeping it safe – the in-betweeners

It doesn't matter whether its Neo-nazis Daesh Extinction Rebellion Left-wing rebels Religious fanatics They all have one thing in common. They want to destroy the current orderly organisation of society and after the breaking down of law and order implement their ideas of right and wrong. If it wasn't for the current furlough scheme, they… Continue reading Keeping it safe – the in-betweeners

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Easing the burden

67.000 claims under the Job Retention scheme were made by employers within the first 30 minutes of the website going live reports the BBC. Whilst this government furiously refused to pay workers benefits within an acceptable time-frame, they now get what they are due under the job retention scheme. Only difference is, they are no… Continue reading Easing the burden

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There is an event when the press reports that the Queen goes to Balmoral or reports are in the press about the few people rich enough to own near palace homes and those are the people we assume to be happy with their homes. Yet, there are also former luxurious abandoned homes of those once… Continue reading Home

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Virus kills democracy

The Washington Post reports that Hungarian populist Orban has stopped democracy and replaced it with unlimited powers. Whilst Boris Johnson had no problems proroging parliament early, due to the virus, this time around. I think Johnson's emergency powers stretch to two years. Yet, under political arguments alone Boris Johnson could not prorogue parliament in favour… Continue reading Virus kills democracy

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self-preservation planet

Is this how the planet itself reacts to earth warming? The Corona virus certainly has nutralised carbon emissions in China because the closing down of production and travel has cleared the air there. Nature has always created deadly viruses, which humans try to fight. As soon as we have one vaccine, we get another new… Continue reading self-preservation planet

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Baftas celebrate the world

Only watched the replay of the Baftas this morning because last night I watched Vera, another non white male production with a very sensible and down to earth and not even slim woman in the lead role. Baftas was great and the Parasite winner didn't even speak English for the acceptance speech. Hopefully all those… Continue reading Baftas celebrate the world