Erosion of independent women’s rights

When I watched last night’s council meeting, I was in awe over the contradictions and discussions held. The issue of the St. George’s Pool was put aside in favour of the Bryant’s Match girls issue. I learned from Councillor Gold’s contribution that the Bryant brothers were Quakers. I remember George Galloway relying heavily on the support of the Quaker’s by using their hall near Holborn for meetings.

So the Quaker’s brothers owned the match factory, which ruined workers health so much, that they would not survive beyond the age of 30. But the fact that women strikes were held was heralded by yesterday’s council chamber’s praise led by Mark Francis’s wife Rachel Blake. Mark Francis himself used to send me a lot of insulting emails a long time back and my complaint was rebuffed with political banter.

Yet, me, being a fiercely independent woman, having trouble with the husband of the defender of the match stick girls, has significance in itself.

The meeting also spoke about quality of housing and that newly built council estates in Tower Hamlets are not all they are supposed to be, quality-wise.

Rachel Blake is a definite asset to Labour and to Mark Francis. The way she soothes opponents arguments and tries to integrate the suggestions with Labour strategy, is perhaps naive but nice to watch.

So anyhow, it was made clear that Mayor John Biggs, wants to completely replace St. George’s, meaning that this pool is going to be out for years.

So then a go was made against neighbouring Greenwich council over the maintenance of the foot tunnel and that Greenwich closed it when Tower Hamlets stopped payments towards the maintenance. Is it wise for Tower Hamlets Council to fall out with neighbouring Greenwich?

The forthcoming Council elections of course will see that a lot will be done to overthrow Labour. I will keep out of this completely.

But, I remember the state of our housing estate, after the last time we had a long Labour government. By the time Gordon Brown lost the election, our housing estate was a playing field for weeds with no proper maintenance, the internal state of the flats was equally neglected.

Then, when we got the Conservative government in, they put money for internal and external housing improvements.

By then, the Council was led by Lutfur Rahman and the internal repairs were of a very bad quality in some respects. Our newly put in toilet broke after 3 months and had to be replaced. Windows and locks were so badly maintained that my balcony door didn’t lock at all after the council workmen had a go at it. Some work was very good, like the carpenters who covered my rusty pipes and the floors were screeched. But the new kitchen furniture, especially the work tops were the cheapest possible quality and are already looking bad. Externally, they are still making good on bad workmanship.

I can’t forget that one workman who begged me for five pounds because he said he didn’t get paid but his gangmaster gets all the money.

I vividly remember the workmen who blamed me for next door’s balcony not being cleared and I had to go onto my balcony to proof to them that the other balcony wasn’t mine. So much for council’s knowing who lives where.

So anyhow, back to women’s rights or a loss of rights.

Whilst yesterday’s council meeting was going on, I received an answer from Councillor Mufeedah Bustin, to my enquiry about the marginalisation of women because of the increase in women only services. At the same time I see on social media a lot of men only meetings, being called community meetings. Mufeedah doesn’t see it that way, she thinks that women only events help women, who otherwise wouldn’t do activities at all.

There is the crass contradiction to me, a woman who can make my own decisions, and the women who are only allowed to do things if their male partners allow them to do them because it’s women only.

The more women only, male sanctioned events take place, the less is there on offer for the rest of us. Women who work, have careers, do not just want to go swimming when the women only session is on, they want to go swimming when they have the time to do so.

What we need to do is stop the harassment of women, not separate women away from men. Mufeedah explained to me that it is legal to provide gender based services as long as it is easier, yet the services at Mile End are being exploited by people who use the women only facilities to gain free entry to the gym, which causes a loss to the service provider for tens of thousands of pounds per year. It was explained that women only have to walk for 1 minute to get to their provision but that one minute was complained about as intolerable strain on women. ???????

Women services are still under the control of men if women are only allowed to do activities because their male partners allow them to do it because it’s women only.

I think women with partners who are perpetually jealous would be afraid to do mixed gender events because their jealous partners would accuse them endlessly of having it on with other men.

The question is, should we accommodate this increasing number of controlled women by providing women only events instead of telling those jealous men to change their tune? I don’t believe for one moment that women would be doing this by free choice, that they either do nothing or do it if its women only. That attitude comes from women who grew up under male control and never knew that a free choice for women is possible.

I noticed during my Libel trial against some Labour Party members how much they dislike women who have their own mind. Labour never forgave me for leaving the party and exploring the political field. Hence I now do things, which are distinctly non-political. Political ownership is as bad as personal jealousy. Yet, when it all comes to the crunch, my personal freedoms are important to me and if that means going to loggerheads with political parties so be it.

The tendency in society today to improve equality by enabling unisex facilities helps women to become more independent because overall control of who does what gets reduced.

Just as One-Housing provides cycling training for women only and I contacted them about this, they replied on Twitter that this helps keeping women in a safe controlled environment, but isn’t that what the Taleban in Afghanistan do, keeping women in a safe controlled environment, away from jobs and in the safe controlled home?

The general direction is the same, keeping women at home, keeping them in women only events, it is keeping them under control.


Airlines on the forefront of freedom fighting

I am really glad that Ryanair take up the fight for a freedom to travel. As much as I do not fly nor have a car, I defend the right of everybody to move freely.

As the BBC reports, a conglomerate of travel industry owners are taking the government to court over restrictions and the government’s method to determine who is save and who isn’t.

They rightly question whether there is a secret political agenda, which that implies in my mind, in the government’s ideas.

Just as Boris Johnson tried to close down parliament, now he tries to stop travel.

Just as I am equally concerned about focussing on cycling, which the Labour Party now pushes. Closing down roads stops vulnerable residents from getting deliveries of food for example .In some areas, delivery firms refuse to attend because they cannot get to the addressee.

It’s all good to say that people should walk and cycle more but what if you can’t? If health conditions stop you from cycling or walking, what are you supposed to do.

There are quite a lot of articles online, which actually find that the Green movement has been founded by the Nazis. The idea to isolate yourself away from the world, stopping free travel and communications stems from that ideology.

Even as I do not own a car, I definitely rely on car transport, for deliveries and travel if I want it.

Being stopped from commuting, if you do not use a cycle is taking people’s rights away.

Remember what brought Ken Livingstone down where the bendy buses and I reckon once the LTN schemes are installed, that is what will bring Sadiq’s reign to an end.

I can only see what Khan does to Neighbourhood Safety in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. He has created a totally secretive system, which does not give any notification to residents on how it works.

Committees are established, which do not even circulate minutes of meetings.

The Police and Crime Commissioner in London should not be the same person as the Mayor of London, this should be politically independent, instead Khan aims to politically control policing and safer Neighbourhoods.

We are told not to take part in anti LTN demos as that would be political, but isn’t it political to stop deliveries, free travel to keep locals dependent and remove their ability to get food?

What this shows is that both Labour and the Conservatives now try to restricts freedoms, which is a bad sign and may point to conflict, which always removes people’s freedom to move.

More and less, it’s a con

Since the dismantling of Council run schools has progressed, we see the growth of free and private schools. But, those are no longer the luxury, lush kind, they are often in inadequate premises and with a lack of facilities.

There is no mod con, it’s just con.

Weren’t we all jealous of these luxury, pads in rural environments, castle-like structures, promised luxury upbringing for the wealthy.

Unfortunately today’s Conservative policies have ensured that private schools now means, paying more for getting less.

Those old council schools were purpose built and could house pupils in adequate rooms and facilities but today’s free schools just mean free to charge a lot for less.

My local private school promises astro turf facilities for sport but in fact they take their pupils to the local park and make them race on asphalt pavements on lanes, not wider than 60cm.

There are free schools in former office buildings, that do not have any sports facility but a roof top or another simply sticks their kids in an underground car park for break.

When I saw on TV yesterday that Tony Blair was the only successful Labour Prime for a while then I must say, he probably did more harm to Labour than good because he helped the Conservative establish their current modus operandi.

I now find myself, having to contact social services because I am concerned about a lack of care for children in private school facilities.

My local council is busy housing the poor in far away areas whilst the new residents of Tower Hamlets, who work and earn have to pay through the nose for small private schools, that have to rely on local parks to even have somewhere to take their kids in their breaks.

My local private school has put razor wire all around the premises but uses our local parks as outlet for their lack of space.

But, it is the local residents who pay through their service bills for the up-keep of parks and streets. ASB charges for leaseholders have trebled when in the past the Home Office just paid for police officers to be placed in localities around the city. Now police officers have been reduced and local residents have to pay to fund council employed police officers and ASB patrols through local landlords, when in fact a lot of ASB is being brought on by commercial activities in local parks, which attract drug dealers and hooligans to come into our neighbourhoods.

Unison Demo today in Tower Hamlets

Unison was holding a demonstration against Tower Hamlets Rewards. I am not sure what it is about, just pictured the moment as I came across the demo on the way home from shopping in Whitechapel. The demo was walking down Cambridge Heath Road from Bethnal Green towards Whitechapel.

I can understand people have a grudge against changes to working conditions. I noticed the traffic held up was not pleased. Did not see any police around to keep the peace.


Demo against Tower Hamlets Rewards

Find it amazing that Unison is accusing Mayor John Biggs, to behave like Margaret Thatcher, when former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair himself hailed Margaret Thatcher.

It is true that John Biggs only enforces government legislation without making much fuss about it. All policies about school closures for example are carried out because of government rules on school funding.

What room to exercise discretion does any council actually have?

The reasons for the dispute are listed here.

  • Slashing Severance Pay by at least 80% and capping pay outs at £25,000.
  • Reducing starting salaries for Scale 6 to SO2 by one increment instead of expanding grades upwards.
  • Substantially reduced Flexi scheme that allows a maximum of one day owed per month with a maximum of seven hours credit/debit and loss of credit if not used within a month.
  • Travel allowances cut by £596 with more restrictive ECUA criteria.
  • Night work supplements starting later (at 9pm, rather than 8pm).
  • Market supplements replaced and restricted by subsuming into future pay rises and only giving to new starters.
  • Review of Special Leave entitlements
  • Removing protections around disciplinary and grievance procedures by making them non-contractual. This will offer less protection to TUPE transfers and reduce consultation if changed in future.
  • No payment for travel time in new Mobility Clause and limited compensation for excess travel costs.

It is concerning that the payment for travel time is to be axed. That always had been a big problem for people on zero hours contracts or the self-employed for example when they had to travel from job to job.

The proportionality of travel costs in jobs must be a matter of consideration. Almost everybody complains about travel costs. Season tickets can make a big dent into ones income. It makes a difference though if you pay for twice daily travel to and from work and a regular income with that or if you are self-employed, like a carer and have to travel to several jobs per day and dont’ earn proportionally enough to make that worth it.


lasting damage

Just watched the official secrets film about Katherine Gun on Amazon Video and that is probably another reason why we didn’t have a Labour government since a long time.

Since the Iraq war those classical MPs stood down or left politics. The new crop has not managed to get over issues like race.

We are all humans.

Labour exploits policing either way

This latest Dawn Butler story, in which she blames police for racially profiling her, is simply another way to exploit policing negatively to score political Brownie points.

Remember the years of hassle I had from labour councillors and supporters over a story they ran, digging out that age-old arrest I once suffered in Germany.

Now they still blame the police for doing their job.

They practically tell them: “Dont’ stop black people or we’ll accuse you of racism”.

Who would want to vote for a political party that pressurises our law enforcement to treat people differently according to their colour?

I was never black, yet I had been arrested once. I never complained abour Racial Profiling of White people.

But, some Labout politicians now complain about profiling of black people for only stopping them.

I never complaint about police doing their job. I had a lawyer who went through a simple compensation process for wrongful arrest and imprisonment, as it is standard procedure in such cases. Colour doesn’t even come into it.

Personally I never liked colour-coded values. Black Lives matter as much as any other live matters. All lives matter!

Nobody should kneel on anybody’s neck. That is the simple message we need to get across. It doesn’t matter whether they are police or black or white.

Nobody should kneel on people’s neck.

Stop and search is a great method to reduce carrying of weapons and drugs. Simple.

Anybody can get stopped, anybody can get accused.

In the end it is an argument of time and money and how many good results police get with using the most effective methods.

As kids we were told: “The police is your friend and helper”. A much better outlook in life for a child to get rather than accusing law enforcement as the enemy of the people.

UK v. China

The latest diplomatic row is merely based on the territorial dispute around Hong Kong. It makes sense to discharge the Extradition deal on that basis. The UK can hardly be expected to extradite protesters from Hong Kong, which fled to the UK or associated territories.

I just don’t like that the discussion gets based around policies to do with repression of populations in China.

Both China and the UK have policies to reduce population growth.

China houses people but doesn’t allow them to have children, whilst the UK doesn’t house people and allows them to have children.

On my council estate a lot of the 1-bed or 2-bed flats are occupied by single house buyers. Those flats would have been allocated to young mothers or young families who were given a start in life with their children.

As these flats were taken off the social housing register by selling them, we have in effect made it impossible for poor young couples with children to get social housing as easily as it used to be.

Also people who bought a small flat, let’s say 1-bed, they then decide to have kids. The flat soon becomes too small but they work in a town. They cannot sell the flat and buy a bigger one in the same location. They cannot move away without losing the job, so they are trapped in that small flat with children.

Yet the bedroom tax does not solve those problems, yet some Labour politicians do not argue to get rid of it. Overall the decision to sell council flats was the worst decision ever made. Removing the pool of council flats restricted choices for most.

In effect Chinese and British policy has a similar outcome. Only difference is in Britain if you manage to get rich, you can have as many children as you can afford whilst in China, they restrict children to almost all but now rural populations.

There we have the class inequality again that two-class sytem is alive and well in Britain.

As Tony Blair is just as enthusiastic about Margaret Thatcher as Boris Johnson is, the consensus of stopping the poor in Britain from having kids is not just in the domain of the Conservatives.

Hence Labour does not have a policy that is defending the poor to have equal rights for all, so for many, there is little point in voting for Labour.

Where is my MP?

My local MP is Rushanara Ali. I have seen her giving interviews to the local newspaper but all my correspondence has stopped with her.

Is it that all local MP’s suddenly dropped all their cases?

The Housing Ombudsman expects people who have unresolved matters to discuss to have an 8 week cooling-off period, during which people are expected to mediate their cases with the help of councillors or members of Parliament.

So far I have not even had my old cases resolved and I have heard nothing from my MP.

Especially in a Labour run borough, with a Labour MP, you would expect that local services do actually communicate with their subjects.

I have tried to discuss the situation with my local Labour Councillor, who apparently also is in charge of Housing in the borough, but he has flat out refused to get involved.

I don’t think you can just let everything slide because of Corona Virus. It seems that the Labour position is to keep everything closed just to ensure nothing happens.



Something’s missing

The Labour Manifesto in itself is quite cool in my view but then I can imagine and know about political theory. But, I have plenty of experience in such matters. The young generation would not know what nationalisation means any longer.

Labour did completely fail to give any pointers of what life under this manifesto would look like. Labour fails to understand that these ideas must be sold to the electorate in practical terms. Labour needs to set examples so people can imagine what this brave new world would look like.

Whilst Labour continually makes the mistake of helping the Conservatives by prompts, Labour also fails to develop a confident strategy to smile people into the new lifestyles proposed.

The current government sets a lot of positive challenges. They use things that people like

  • low taxes, of course everybody loves low taxes, the sheer experience of having money deducted from ones earnings is a major nono for everybody
  • Charity fund raisers. What they do not make in taxes they raise in fund raisers and people just love to take part in those events, when they can sing, dance and be creative to raise money.
  • Entrepreneur economy. That is sooooooo satisfying if someone can have an idea and put it into practise, it’s like setting out on an adventure, being your own boss.

So that is a treble fun strategy. There is that flair of luxury, going on exotic holidays.

What does Labour propose, nationalisation and national broadband.

People cannot imagine what this would look like. The people up north only know that their jobs depend on the companies running businesses up there and providing employment and that employment pays for their mortgage.

Labour has not put to these people what other practical steps they’ll take to make their lives durable with the new proposed Manifesto.

The alternative would be being homeless. Labour has completely failed to address this in their election strategy. In fact most Labour Councillors and public figures ride along on the private ownership strategy pretty well.

Here in Tower Hamlets I am having problems finding a Labour councillor who hasn’t purchased their home or who doesn’t own a council flat.

So how about practising what you preach? In fact I do think that even Labour discriminates against people who do not have a mortgage. The thinking that you are only a good person if you own your home has been widely established.

Labour cannot ever win an election unless they completely change the thinking set that has been established. Unless Labour themselves promote the values they preach, they can only stay assistants to the Conservatives. In fact almost every argument in parliamentary debates has been won by the Conservatives with autmated answers like a rise in employment.

All Labour comes up with is increased homelessness but very little day-to-day solutions of how to actually end this. Labour are great lamenters, always playing victims and not being positive and enthusiastic.

Of course the press has a big role to play, they lament the bad public transport and there is a chance for Labour to argue that public ownership of the railway system would bring better and cheaper service and improve the lives of those who work there and depend on it.

Labour’s whole Manifesto and election strategy is mere lip service that’s why it doesn’t work.

That’s why Conservatism is so successful, they depend on their politics because their livestile is built in, they live what they preach but with Labour, they all adapt to the Capitalist lifestyle but preach that Socialism is much better. That is just a bodged politics.

Labour don’t have any type of coherent strategy.

sweeping out

An exciting event after all that time of Conservative leadership races and stale elections. The Labour leadership contest breathes some fresh policital and human air into our environment.

Just read on the Guardian this morning, that they are planning to phase out televising royal weddings. No wonder, they are getting so many that we soon can watch Royal weddings 24-hours non-stop. Perhaps a Royal Wedding channel would be an idea for those trying to make interntional friends from it.

Rebecca Long-Bailey wants to get rid of the House of Lords and as things go on, I am in favour of that. Since the establishment’s only purpose is now to protect Billionnaire’s Row, I think we do need a new beginning.

Rebecca should strike a chord with the modern beauty movement and I am astonished that she is 40. She is in the young league of leaders. Other nations are well advanced in that; the Finnish prime minister is 34 and has already introduced the 4-day working week.

Perhaps British politics has to come out of the Westminster Palace as it preserves the old-fashioned sentiments. I like the pomp in a way but would like to see it with a modern twist but it seems people’s minds are firmly wedged in the spiderwebs of the old world. Anyhow Westminster has come to the end of its natural life-span, being built flush with the water level of the river Thames.

I just don’t think it is appropriate to drape the abandonment of a riverside building down to socialist ideals, it would have to happen anyhow.


Flooding predictions for London for around 2080

The in between Capitalism we have at the moment, is just a big headache, it isn’t working. Living on a council estate I get to listen to the complaints of lease-holders on a regular basis.

Whilst Robo-cop Dominic Cummings, wants to built a civil servants super race, he seems to bank on electronic surveillance and processes. The Chinese are a shining example how permanent surveillance helps to control the masses. That is probably something the Conservatives and the new Socialists have in common.

Though looking at the above picture, that predicts London in 2080, I wonder how much joy London will be getting out of the Crossrail project.

Though it would be better to keep London as the central hub of Britain because it simply would not work to shift the emphasis out of London into the North. Boris Johnson always had a nack for trying to shift focus to the opposite side. Just think when he tried to build the Thames Estuary airport, which failed for lack of understanding of London weather conditions. He now wants to shift political life out of London up north.

Unfortunately the new Labour elite is in agreement with Johnson that administration should be moved out of London. Don’t forget people, Great Britain is a small country.



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