Is England cornered?

Whilst we now have a Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Germany, who originates from Scotland and has the name David MacAllister, we see the rise of the Scottish power going steeper and steeper into the political horizon. Scotland has made first steps into independence from the UK and or England and Wales.

So far so bad for England, that badly needs the partnership with Scotland to get some real and down to earth relationship with politics and geography because apparently the financial industry is the only big business that England knows these days. But now the EU ministers from France and Germany in particular want to push for the tax on financial transactions, which would raise an enormous amount of taxes for the EU coffers but apparently the UK would be the biggest contributors to the funds, from which France, that relies heavily on subsidies for farming industry, would mostly benefit.

This would take away most of Britain’s edge to the finance industry, Britain that currently calls itself the finance capital of the world. English ministers and British politicians worry that many financial houses might want to re-locate elsewhere, where they do not have to pay the financial transaction tax.

Of course that would put the final nail in the coffin of the British commerce and especially the English one. Because if the Scots become independent and get involved in selling natural energy and other products, England would shiver because it could not even afford to heat its many homes as their income would be shrinking and it could become the prune of Europe.

Many Euro sceptics have encouraged a drop out of Europe quickly but Cameron apparently thinks we should remain but become more powerful in Europe, but powerful with what? Is the UK about to become the next Greece? Apparently the pattern is the same Greece hosted the Olympics and then crashed their economy and we are going to host the Olympics and our economy is very likely to crash completely when the EU finance tax becomes reality.

That makes Germany and France very powerful because they do not rely on financial transactions to stay strong but they rely on real industries to keep in power. I criticised it years ago when under Tony Blair Britain embarked on making education, entertainment and finance the main industries of Britain. of course education is a no-brainer as Britain has fallen far down in the league tables. Is it any wonder with the highest drug consumption in Europe that the English in particular have no thought left to think on how to save the failing economy.

Most interesting of all Ed Miliband fully supports the Euro levied finance tax when he announced during a visit of crane manufacturer :Liebherr that he would tax bankers and bonuses to fund jobs. What jobs would be left to fund, when Britain does not have a native engineering industry as such? Only bankers that trade from Britain can be taxed and what Mr Miliband forgotten to think about is that they are not bound to trade from Britain at all.

I think Italy is a good example in how a country can actually try to resolve a problem without elected politicians. They now established a government of Technocrats, which is something that could to Britain a lot of good.

Whilst the Scottish feel strong and take power in Germany and become independent from England, the English themselves seem to have lost grip on the situation and try to solve problems by creating dodgy judgements that are politically tainted to influence Russian politics and forget all about how to tackle the European malaise with real assets. The English don’t seem to understand that they cannot bathe in the glory of winning 2 world wars forever. Cameron, a polemicist of the European relationship since he has become known in politics, drags behind him a steady tail of Euro sceptics who seem to spend all day lamenting about how bad Europe is whilst the French, Germans and Scots try to drive England into the ground with new tax regulations and the Italians have had enough of trusting in politicians altogether.

Of course the best move Osborne could come up with so far was to sell Northern Rock to Virgin Money with a loss.

unions had a cold shower this morning

What Labour tried to avoid since years could finally be just around the corner, namely split in the party between the real labour and the new labour supporters. Ed Miliband actually found the courage to tell the packed TUC Conference in London this morning that they should not strike and use a moderate approach to the problems facing the country but criticised the 50p attitude of Mr Osborne, for which he got applauded.

Yet Miliband got heckled amongst shouts of shame. When urged to support worker’s action he asked for negotiations with the government. Does the government really want to negotiate that is the question. Miliband said that strike should always only be the last option. It remains to be seen what is going to happen.

Wonder whether Miliband’s Doncaster North constituency is also due for remodelling and he is about to be merged with a Conservative area when he will stand very good chances of getting re-elected. Not even Mr Osborne’s patch is save.

Is this the taste of Miliband to come?

Of course we all await the expected onslaught from Labour to counter the latest Conservative policies. Today I received in the post a card from Ed Miliband with the title “What are  your priorities?”

Of course I thought, good idea to ask people what they think. But then when I read on, into the mailing that has been sent at considerable expense, I thought it sounded a bit like a space man talked to people on a different planet. And indeed a little down the text, and to my complete amazement I see, what seems to be a grammatical error.

I let you judge for yourself it says: “I know that many people feel that Labour lost touch with British people and so one of my top priorities has to been to get out of Westminster and listen to people”.

Does it appear to you as well as if there has been a copy and paste error or some silly oversight that allowed an extra to that has remained in the sentence. Is that the taste of things to come that the Labour Party will rush into doing things without properly checking that what they do is correct?

I mean it is obviously an error that a little proof reading could have detected. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Labour could have proven to us that they spent money on expensive mailings and give well thought through messages but instead we get an expensive mailing to show us that Labour does not really care whether their mailings are free of errors or not. Is that the party that can lead Britain into the future I ask?

I think I can answer Mr Miliband’s other question about my priorities, which is, I would like a prime minister that doesn’t sent out grammatical errors in expensive mailings, thanks a lot.

At least this mailing is a good explanation as to why Labour doesn’t like Grammar schools, it is because they have problems with grammar.

Labour = Communism?

That is the question because what does it signal to us that Ed Miliband openly distances himself from God?  Is this a significant development for the Labour Party that now their leader openly attests his Atheism?

I think it is significant that the new Labour leader is not a Christian or does not believe in any God. Normally that is the trait of Communists, who also do not believe in any Gods but themselves.

At least Gordon Brown, whose father is/was a Church of England Reverend and Tony Blair, who recently converted to Catholicism because his wife also is a devoted Catholic, both of those former New Labour leaders were traditional in the  religious sense but now we see the new breed of Labour leader who do no longer want to be New Labour but want to renew Labour itself.

That is of course very significant in the sense that of course that automatically reduces the support the Labour Party will have among the establishment. The churches, have no reason to support a non religious political party, neither will the monarch, who is head of the Church of England. That of course implies that Labour will want to rely on the more established left sources, the ones of the Communist and non-religious kind.  British politics have now entered a new era and those policies have become a whole new ball game. But of course, it has recently been in the public discussion also many right-wing fascists do not believe in God and the sanctity of life religion brings with it.

Quite obviously Ed Miliband will not only upset traditional Christians but also many other members of various religions and that includes the large number of Muslims. Of course other religious may welcome the weakening of Christianity as to enable their own religion to become more powerful but in the end all religions depend on a believe in God and no devout follower of a religion will want a political leader that is an Atheist, at least that is my impression.

An important political shift on the left

Ed Miliband did not wait for long to abandon the Blairite New Labour strategy and announced almost immediately that he wants to rejoin the “back-to-the-roots” campaign and rid Labour of the New Labour image. This is what I read into this BBC article on their website today.

Considering that Ed Miliband thinks that New Labour thinking was old, I can now understand the diversity and arguments that must exist in the Miliband family and there especially the Miliband brothers.  The new generation with different attitudes, Ed Miliband seeks to address are none other than the Back-to-the-Roots group that have worked long and hard to divert New Labour  away from New Labour, Tony Blair and all those in favour of moderate left politics.

Just when we thought Labour could not regress any further, there we have it they’ll do it again.

Whilst we see here in Tower Hamlets that Labour could not contain those recently converted Respect Councillors, they have now broken away again over the Lutfur Rahman controversy, we will soon see more radical turnaround on a national basis too.

Ed Miliband is already nicknamed “Red Ed” and seeks a radical new economic strategy. My fear is he wants to build on the method Ken Livingstone employed when he bought produce from Left countries and circumvented normal economic channels to subsidise London transport with cheap fuel. The economic strategy is going to be very, very important and it is vital for the business economy how marketing strategies are handled and international conglomerates operate on a strategy that can see Capitalism as we know it today rise or fall.

The “Rise and Fall of New Labour” click here

Ed Miliband new Labour leader

voted in to continue the job he started as advisor of Gordon Brown in the Treasury during the 90s and serving his Cabinet in the 2000s. A man who had some responsibility to carry and hopefully now owns up fully to his role that helped lead Britain into the mess it is in now.

Congratulations to Ed Miliband for becoming Labour leader but has he got anything new to tell us or is he going to persist along the line of policies that proven catastrophic for the UK?

No doubt the political arguments will now begin and we all wait for the promised Labour Spending Plan. Miliband owes his success to the Unions and that is not promising much for British industry and economy but more along the line of industrial action.

the Union Labour leadership ballot was as follows: 2,747,030 ballot papers issued. 247,339 ballots cast. Turnout 9.00%.

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