The diss-integration of the British left

Whilst the ‘New’ Labour Party power struggle is going on between 2 brothers, well you could say the Brothers Grimm, no, its actually the brothers Miliband now,  the Socialist dream of New Labour got buried. Having lost grassroots support and understanding a long time ago, Labour now tries to stay in tune with the Internationale of Communist states. Whilst in government it tried to build an economic alliance with China and other up-and-coming world powers to build the partnership of international working classes, just to realise that they are a downward spiral.  The international dream of equal rights of all workers fell apart when the economy just didn’t want to play ball. Cups of tea became too expensive, and the wages of those wanting out of slavery unaffordable.

Here in Britain Margaret Thatcher allowed the hardline Socialists a way out of their misery when even they were coaxed into becoming leaseholder and purchased their council flats. The roots to the working classes were nurtured by local  heroes that spoke the lefties language and provided sanctuary from the stressful capitalist environment and loss of pride. Harriet Harman as always acts as the big godmother and sticking glue of the disintegrating organisation, keeping it all together with motherly care, but not taking the pride of leadership away from younger and aspiring candidates like the Miliband brothers.

Having a personal interest in social behaviour and disintegration of social groups, I notice that the traditional Labour left has taken a great knock back from their affiliation of traditional awkward resilience to capitalist guidelines. Yet the dangling price of homeownership in front of the Labour voting council tenant  made them saddle for a new horse, the settled left-wing Labour movement, the home owners gallery of protesters, and all they want is the living wage to allow them a near middle class existence to go with that pride of the newly created homeowner. A fine mess Maggie gotten us in there, when it was not enough to stop the strikes, they now want more money to stay in the job to pay off the mortgages.

Yet the Labour dream is kept alive by old timers such as Arthur Scargill, Tony Benn and the younger ones like John McDonnell. His book “Another World is possible”, is one of the smallest socialist handbooks, but probably handy like the little red book of the Maoists. Mr McDonnell says however he won’t have enough support to make the grade, showing that the old-fashioned Labour Pride is crumbling in real life politics. There will be no long march anywhere as it’s all about keeping the job to pay the mortgage. British Capitalists always loved their British working class. It’s now no longer being against something but becoming what they were once against but Ed Miliband noticed that the dream of New Labour is over. Labour failed to take over Britain but managed to reduce the power of hereditary peers, which is a small revolutionary step into their dream of becoming the real owners of Britain.

The equality dream is kept alive in a strong workforce at British Airways who battle with the unions in the High Court to prevent further strikes. It has become a matter of national functionality, a make or break dispute that drove BA to merge with the Spanish air service Iberia whilst UK inflation hits highest rate since 1 1/2 years over rising food prices because the UK has lost the ability to sustain themselves with food production.  

It is against this background that Left-wing Labour bloggers enjoy a renaissance of the Socialist dream, people like John Gray, Dave Osler and others, squelch the thirst of genuine revolutionary thinking of those that try to escape the daily rut. After all, that Marxist seminar must be able to fruit in some common good. Left-wing ideology is big business from seminars to book sales and all sorts of paraphernalia. Was it any wonder that Osler wanted to keep the radical leftists happy when he accused me of former Baader-Meinhof connections and found himself accused of libel.

But then when the fire got too hot, he engaged himself a right-wing lawyer to save his bacon. His solicitor was hailed by all his lefty friends and one can see the band of heroes huddling together outside of London’s High Court after the ruling. Some look even halfway dressed whilst other still sport the anarchistic hippy look.  Osler sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his freedom and the saving of his negative equity home in North London. Dougans a right-wing Conservative Party member, part of the Conservative group that wanted to win the Poplar and Limehouse seat from Jim Fitzpatrick gave Labour member Osler free of charge help to dream his left-wing dream that little bit longer. In exchange for Osler agreeing that his case be argued on the basis of the Jameel legal principle, that allows better free speech for all sorts of people that want to drive forward certain ideologies on  British cyber space.

What an ideal marriage, the right-wing Conservative Party member from the Isle of Dogs, in marriage with the left-wing Labour Party party member getting together in order to win some votes for his Conservative aims as well as making a name for himself for a ready group of new customers, what better way than create himself some new ideological allegiance. Yet Osler has not made any comment about this on his left-wing blog on which he advertises anarchist organisations and generally praises anything violent and wanting to undermine the state.

It reminds me a bit of the German History, the struggle of the German left under Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht who fell victim to the Social Democrats, Dave Osler is certainly no Karl Liebknecht and is happy with his adulterated Democratic lifestyle. It is a question in how far the far left of British politics now disintegrates into the Social Democratic trot similar to that, which  established itself after the German revolution in 1918, when the far left wanted more than the middle of the road and socialists could practically promise. Miliband has already conceded that New Labour is dead and the last unionist uprisings should soon be quelled by a little more high court action. Yet in Germany the rule of law got lost when the Nazis took over, the only tendency I can see towards a loss of law here in Britain is a tendency to replace jury trials with one-judge rule.

There is no British left, left to mourn, we certainly won’t see a fascist uprising like the Germans did in the 1920s  because we all are in the habits of cashing our weekly benefits, wages and live a live of the daily routine that gives little rise to an uprising, apart from some people’s fantasies that are still inspired from the occasional radical talk and the dream of an amalgamation of international revolution and the taking over of the world’s riches.  Each socialist today is just happy to own a small part of it, even if it’s with a negative mortgage.

There is now very little distinction in British politics with the Liberals and Conservatives building a government to rule for another 5 years. I wonder whether it is worth it at all to even get interested because our daily lives can be administered by any party really, anybody at all who is middle of the road and wanting to keep the economy going. Having put our monarch on a slow burner, all we really are concerned about are threats of natural catastrophe and disgruntled Muslims that want to destroy our blissful unity of all sorts of political streams into one big happy family.

Comparing Western Civilisation with the Roman Empire shall become my next little project to work on, to see if our aim to rule the world will have a similar fate to the Romans that fell in the end to the Barbarians that beleaguered Rome to finally take it over or better how we can avoid that happening to us.  I wonder whether the loss of internal opposition, like the fall of the British left is a good or a bad sign, lets read some more.

Elections in Tower Hamlets

I am looking forward to the results. I am hopeful that we can smash the Labour lead of Jim Fitzpatrick in Poplar and Limehouse who had a relatively tiny 3000 majority. source

Galloway is no serious contender for the post and certainly won’t de-throne Fitzpatrick in any case. Galloway admitted that he is standing because he loves elections and will fight elections till the day he dies. Sounds like a bit of an addictive personality to me. But then most jobs become an addition over time. Galloway sees himself as a big voice for the East End and I can vouch for that his constant noisy antics cause disruption to the daily lives of those who live near his party offices near the St. Hilda Community Centre. His campaign bus and the noise with it drives the residents not crazy for him but crazy to “cannot wait until is over” type of feeling.

The vote in Poplar Limehouse is split up by a lot of Independents, want to have a go heroes who won’t achieve anywhere near a respectable number of ballot papers in their favour but who nevertheless can take away crucial votes from the serious candidates. Yet seriously the essence is on turnout. The less of the sane and/or serious people come out to vote, the more chances the left-wingers and other fringe candidates will get in. No doubt the rock solid Labour support has crumbled with the renewal of the area. Is is coincidental that Labour support crumbles as soon as the crumbling housing disappears? Makes me think!!! We can see it in Cuba that the less people possess. the only hold on is, we are poor in socialist unity. So since the Isle of Dogs spruces up, the Conservative support rose. I do not see much chance for the Liberals though as they show a lot of support for the criminal minority in wanting to allow the vote for convicted murderers and paedophiles and they want an amnesty for illegal immigrants. The Isle of Dogs is not populated mainly by criminals and their families and so the chances of the Liberals are tiny.

Yet incidentally the MP candidate of the Conservatives Zakir Khan worked in the Public Affairs Department of the Canary Wharf Group since the last 10 years and is a true local. Our MP candidate Tim Archer is a highly regarded councillor for the Blackwall & Cubitt Town area. This is where the smart money goes, the solid support for the more than a dozen Conservative Councillors that have a stronghold on the Isle of Dogs area and won’t be beaten not even by the stale mate figure of Michael Keith, who has been cleaned of his mothballs, in which he was wrapped for storage, and stood up for election again. Labour don’t seem to have much in young and hopeful candidates for the future of the area.

Local Muslims have become aware that Galloway has been a fanciful figure in his approach and are in the process of turning away, how much so we shall see on Thursday.

Councillor Archer has an excellent record of dedicated work as a Councillor and received constant high praise for his committment and leavel headed approaches and wittiness I may add. I think that our Tim can smash the lead of Fitzpatrick and drill a hole in the solid Labour landscape of inner London Boroughs.

Can Fitzpatrick survive the Wedding scandal?

Jim Fitzpatrick now is in serious danger to lose a lot of Muslim votes in his constituency that will be hotly contested by the Conservatives’ Tim Archer and left-wing Guru George Galloway and it remains to be seen whether this wedding walk-out decision will cost Jim his seat.

Much depends on the participation because a low turn out almost always means a left-wing victory. But most interestingly both the Conservatives and Respect aim for those crucial Muslim votes, as reader’s letter in the East London Advertiser show.

Both parties, Conservative and Respect now use the “the customer is always right” tactic, when previously only Galloway rode on that horse and swept to victory on his populist tactics.

Of course elections have to be won or we would not be living in a democracy.

It is very rarely happening that a sitting minister is voted out at a general election, whichever party he/she belongs too and it may be a case of Jim Fitzpatrick trying what he can get a way with or too much confidence. Lets watch this story unfold with the greatest interest indeed. I found the argument that some Jewish ceremonies also require the separation of Men and Women, which is what Jim Fitzpatrick objected to at the Muslim wedding he walked out on. I am glad however to see that at least some have happy marriages, which is something the Conservative strongly advocate.

What amazes me about the letters published in the East London Advertiser though is that popular opinion automatically includes sexual thinking into social mixing. What has equality got to do with having sex? It does not mean that sexual activity has to take place or would take place just because men and women share a room, work or otherwise mingle. I think some people should clear out their heads and curb their overactive fantasies because to think that mixing is equal to sex shows that some still see women only as sex objects and that is really upsetting.

Kaschke > Boris > Fitzpatrick > Hain

Secretary of State for Wales

Peter Hain, incumbent Secretary of State for Wales

I simply cannot resist this blog entry because it just dawned on my yesterday, how I can combat that little jibe of some bloggers how I had been seen in the company of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

I remind myself of the libel printed by Private Eye and how they retracted their story after an “out of court”settlement, when they wrote about the parliamentary candidacy selections for Bethnal Green, and at that time I was a member of the Labour Party and put myself forward as selectable among a total of 64 candidates, the other 63 Labour members were not equally scrutinised like I was after I had left the Labour Party.

It was mentioned, no doubt to discredit Boris Johnson how  I had been active for his campaign and I admit I handed out Boris Oyster card wallets both at Bank Underground station and Canary Wharf, (I have been thrown out of Canary Wharf for this also). I can still show the autographed t-shirt Boris Johnson gave me as thanks for my support.

Boris Johnson was selected as Mayor of London with overwhelming majority despite my support for him.

What however those Labour bloggers now forget is the simple fact that I actually went out campaigning with sitting Labour Minister Jim Fitzpatrick in and around Limehouse area, together with Rupa Huq, who was also mentioned in the same Private Eye article.

I find this interesting because Jim Fitzpatrick now stands against Tim Archer in the Poplar and Limehouse constituency, also hotly contested by Respect MP George Galloway, whom I also met at his Respect party rooms.

I am worried about how the electorate is being misled and pressure being put on parliamentarians about alleged associations with whoever, that can happen to anyone in life because we are a free society. I do not think there is not one person in this world who has not at least been sitting next to a criminal in a pub or spoken to one without knowledge or has a friend who has a friend and so on.

It should bring the electorate against Labour because it is obvious they never scrutinised any of the other 63 potential parliamentary candidates to the same point as they did with me simply because they were and still are Labour Party members, in fact, Rupa Huq could enjoy a boost for her career and Jim Fitzpatrick seems to be beyond reproach of any kind.

I hope the electorate will consider this when it comes to the next ballot.

It becomes increasingly impossible for anyone older than 25 and straight out of university to stand for any democratically elected post because one can always construe a shadow of a doubt from mysterious facts and that can’t be in the interest of democracy at all. The Labour cheap tricks campaign is sickening beyond belief. That the press is abused within freedom of expression to culminate doubts about political opponents who in fact have not got as much as a traffic ticket like myself should raise doubts about the “Freedom” of the press, a press that is as politically tainted as could be, if this freedom is abused to run smear campaigns against political opponents in order to disrupt and disturb the democratic process.

None of those Labour bloggers ever propagated that I have been seen leaf-letting in the company of Jim Fitzpatrick an incumbent Minister for Farming and the Environment, no Labour Party blogger writes about how I have been seen standing outside the Labour Party offices in Cambridge Heath Road with Peter Hain, Secretary of State for Wales, yet they boasted about me being seen with Boris Johnson, incidentally a political opponent of the Labour Party.

Enough said, those Labour bloggers are making a case against themselves.

Harriet Harman QC, Leader of the House of Commons and Labour Minister for Women and Equality

Harreit Harman QC, leader of the House of Commons and Minister for Women and Equality

 There are now scores of Labour Party blogs, reporting their one-sided view of things and it still doesn’t get me down but prompts me to show Labour Bloggers for what they are, they are distorting events as it suits them. The “Never Trust a Hippie Blogwants to compare me to Maria Gatland who admitted membership in the IRA, whilst I never admitted any membership in any radical organisation, in fact I constantly made declarations in the High Court that I never ever even met anyone belonging to any radical organisation and never communicated with any such person and never ever witnessed a crime or preparation of such that I have not reported to the police.  I certainly never was any member of any illegal organisation nor did I ever know anybody who has been a member in such organisation or similar organisations.

It is exactly that association that people then make with others who have that I am complaining about. I never had such associations and I need to make that clear through those court actions.  So David Osler, John Gray and Alex Hilton should not make any criminal allegations against others and think that this is merely blogging as it is not.

Only very recently Harriet Harman QC, sent me an e-mail inviting me to re-join the Labour Party, yet Labour Party members want to make my public profile so bad that public figures in the Conservative Party want to avoid me.  I rather think that the general public will be disturbed by such blatant attempts to destroy the public profile of me, as a single woman in particular (single because my late husband Mr Robert Taylor, who is the father of all my 5 children passed away in 2004 after suffering from stomach cancer).  I want to show that women can make it in politics if they are not affiliated to powerful male public figures. If I can’t then that will proof that women’s emancipation has not achieved what it set out to achieve.

I have gotten considerable political experience also when I worked for Policy Network up till 2005 when this organisations was under the direct leadership of Tony Blair then Prime Minister and Peter Mandelson now Lord Mandelson.  I now work in association with other elected members of Tower Hamlets Council like Cllrs Claire Hawkins and Bill Turner (Labour) and also Stephanie Eaton (Lib-dems) a lecturer in Criminology would you believe.

I am a chair of a Neighbourhood Watch, act in the TRA of my housing estate, work in the Tower Hamlets Partnership on a voluntary basis and in various other groups to do with cycling, service delivery, overcrowding etc. where I am in constant contact with the police also especially as member of a Safer Neighbourhoods Team, so why those nasty Labour bloggers don’t stop making fools of themselves, only they know.  I shall remain a member of the Conservatives.

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