Where is my MP?

My local MP is Rushanara Ali. I have seen her giving interviews to the local newspaper but all my correspondence has stopped with her.

Is it that all local MP’s suddenly dropped all their cases?

The Housing Ombudsman expects people who have unresolved matters to discuss to have an 8 week cooling-off period, during which people are expected to mediate their cases with the help of councillors or members of Parliament.

So far I have not even had my old cases resolved and I have heard nothing from my MP.

Especially in a Labour run borough, with a Labour MP, you would expect that local services do actually communicate with their subjects.

I have tried to discuss the situation with my local Labour Councillor, who apparently also is in charge of Housing in the borough, but he has flat out refused to get involved.

I don’t think you can just let everything slide because of Corona Virus. It seems that the Labour position is to keep everything closed just to ensure nothing happens.



Rushanara a proud remainer

Just got the first Labour leaflet through my door and Rushanara Ali states she is a proud remainer.

So much for all those on TV debates who call Labour pro leave and waiting to do the Brexit. Either Rushanara has an individual deal as local and established MP or Labour has a general policy of remain.

I am happy about this because that clears the air with those who will argue for pro-remain and keep on saying Labour is for Leave. Rushanara also argues for a People’s vote on the issue, which is fair.

The last referendum was years ago and so wishy-washy, it was unable to be executed. This time round people should get acceptable optionso n Brexit with the referendum.

I will be voting Labour this time because years of austerity have left Britain starving of investment. Rushanara is always communicating about issues, I contact her with.

Our technology is behind Japan, who as a similar Island nation are fully covered with broadband.

Fibre broadband everywhere will attract investment and also provide important security for all parts of Britain. I also hope that Labour will introduce free University education for students of British students in Britain.

I don’t think that private broadband firms have the money to put on a full network of cabelling throughout Britain because they would need the money for the work, which remote people and villages simply could not afford.

The lack of communications facility through a lack of broadband makes our communities vulnerable to abuse by criminals, who have advanced technological methods to their advantage. Our residents and businesses need to be able to communicate with law enforcement and potential customers for business ventures.

Free university education should save a lot of money in administration fees for the scheme that is currently in place. Students simply do not constantly want those depressing letters, telling them how much they own and how much the debt has increased with added interest. Perhaps one could ask for a contribution to university education once a student has graduated and gotten established with a very well paid post without sending constant letters reminding them. Perhaps one could attach a clause waving any pay back of the degree will be benefitting the UK.

Many other countries have nationalised utilities, which the Tories have all privatised with detrimental effect on services. Tories are crazy about privatisation and put the principle before effect. Any policy is only as good as the service it provides.


Labour’s old new style

I must communicate to your how surprised I was to receive in the post today a mail-shot from Lutfur Rahman.

His letter with the headline of Tower Hamlets Labour, One borough, one future addresses me as “Dear member”. It brings a smile to my face to to know that Labour are not giving up on me, considering that my leaving of the Labour Party caused considerable waves not only in the blogging but also in the legal world, it is a bit cheeky now to ask me to come to Lutfur’s launch event for his candidacy for Mayor of Tower Hamlets on 14 September at the Roxy.  Lutfur emerged triumphant in his bid to be elected as candidate for Labour against John Biggs. John Biggs of course has his bread and butter position at County Hall and is a fellow member of the Tower Hamlets Police and Community Safety Board and keeps on losing out on party nominations for the more colourful posts like MP candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow, which he also lost against Rushanara Ali.  Labour has formed a 100 club to collect donations for funding Lutfur’s candidacy, which I didn’t get; a bit strange, as I am supposed to be on the member’s mailing list, when I am not even a member in the Labour Party since 2007.

I have signed up for Boris’ campaign to stand again for Mayor in 2012, which is going to be a very important campaign alongside the Olympics and is going to be very colourful and busy too.

Rush to please the constituents at Christmas

When Rushanara Ali’s 2 Christmas cards arrived at our address, I saw that we got 2 in our household and each one had 2 address labels stuck on top of each other. The Labour Party admin has gone into overdrive to produce Christmas cards to all potential Rushanara Ali voters in the next show off for who is going to be the next MP for Bethnal Green and Bow.

Why use the electoral register to send 2 cards per resident in each household for Christmas. I am assuming it is from the electoral register. Those two paired together by Rushanara might not get on very well and hate her for that, or they are two separate individuals who feel intimidated in being addressed together. Apart from that it is against the law to open someone else’s mail. How is one going to work out who is going to open it unless both addressees are there together at the same time.

It just shows that even in small matters like sending out Christmas cards to constituents is already a difficult chore for the Labour Party candidate.  I won’t be voting for you Rushanara and I am not sure whether others in this household are totally put off by your simplified methods of putting people into pairs e.g. female and male just because they have differrent sexes with the same surname, very odd.

But there we have it, Rushanara is Labour’s second attempt to replace Peter Shore’s carefully maintained Labour constituency with a female candidate. Already Oona Kind didn’t do to well I’m sure Rushanara won’t do much better than her. So lets safe ourselves all the heartache and vote Conservative to get some much needed stability in Bethnal Green and Bow

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