Unison Demo today in Tower Hamlets

Unison was holding a demonstration against Tower Hamlets Rewards. I am not sure what it is about, just pictured the moment as I came across the demo on the way home from shopping in Whitechapel. The demo was walking down Cambridge Heath Road from Bethnal Green towards Whitechapel.

I can understand people have a grudge against changes to working conditions. I noticed the traffic held up was not pleased. Did not see any police around to keep the peace.


Demo against Tower Hamlets Rewards

Find it amazing that Unison is accusing Mayor John Biggs, to behave like Margaret Thatcher, when former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair himself hailed Margaret Thatcher.

It is true that John Biggs only enforces government legislation without making much fuss about it. All policies about school closures for example are carried out because of government rules on school funding.

What room to exercise discretion does any council actually have?

The reasons for the dispute are listed here.

  • Slashing Severance Pay by at least 80% and capping pay outs at £25,000.
  • Reducing starting salaries for Scale 6 to SO2 by one increment instead of expanding grades upwards.
  • Substantially reduced Flexi scheme that allows a maximum of one day owed per month with a maximum of seven hours credit/debit and loss of credit if not used within a month.
  • Travel allowances cut by £596 with more restrictive ECUA criteria.
  • Night work supplements starting later (at 9pm, rather than 8pm).
  • Market supplements replaced and restricted by subsuming into future pay rises and only giving to new starters.
  • Review of Special Leave entitlements
  • Removing protections around disciplinary and grievance procedures by making them non-contractual. This will offer less protection to TUPE transfers and reduce consultation if changed in future.
  • No payment for travel time in new Mobility Clause and limited compensation for excess travel costs.

It is concerning that the payment for travel time is to be axed. That always had been a big problem for people on zero hours contracts or the self-employed for example when they had to travel from job to job.

The proportionality of travel costs in jobs must be a matter of consideration. Almost everybody complains about travel costs. Season tickets can make a big dent into ones income. It makes a difference though if you pay for twice daily travel to and from work and a regular income with that or if you are self-employed, like a carer and have to travel to several jobs per day and dont’ earn proportionally enough to make that worth it.


Labour can’t loose this general election

Corbyn has the winning formula.

He appeals to

  • the young by promising to abolish university tuitition fees
  • the middle ages by supporting young students and older relatives and by improving workers rights, health care and public transport.
  • the old by promising free health care.

Nobody cannot vote for this unless they are rich and do not rely on public services. Since the rich are in the minority, they cannot possibly win any election.

Even though I fell out with Labour big time some years ago, this new election manifesto is likely to be a big winner.

people in line

Photo by Cátia Matos on Pexels.com

We have listened to the repetitive speeches how the Conservatives increased the employment rate but forgotten to mention that those people also increasingly rely on food banks.

shoot yourself in the foot

is an expression that people use to describe if a measure you take, turns out detrimental against yourself.

British establishment and conservationists always want to help promote the establishment, of which the Church of England is an important cornerstone.


St James the Less church

Church of England schools were long seen as the ultimate part of the pro-English upbringing of those wanting to serve Queen and country.

The church being the glue that holds the social fibre of English society together, educated mind and spirits. Yet an essential part of English society was the emergence of unions, which branched out of working-class environments and became an integral part of life.

Along comes our latest bout of Conservative government seeking to destroy the stronghold unions have on the confidence of the working classes. This of course includes the pocket so Muslim immigrants who follow special social rules culminating in Sharia law.

Easy peasy things thinks the government, we just shake it all up, we get rid of the unions and the radical Islamist scourge at the same time.

There then followed a strong rule change, making working compulsory, forcing people to accept any job on offer and reducing work security through a change in working contracts law.

Also, to throw into the mix came the idea to “increase the quality of schooling” by allowing free schools and by tearing schools away from councils and getting them directly funded by government e.g. through the academy system.

Whilst previously we saw a shortage of school places, we now see an oversaturation of educational provision. Schools open everywhere but people generally have less children because of working law and benefit changes.

All the uprooting of social connections, suitably assisted by changes in housing law and provision thoroughly shook society to the core.

In Tower Hamlets just about the only traditional education available was through Church of England schools. Yet academies and free schools have mushroomed out of nowhere, leaving Muslim children to attend non-church schools with often 85-95% Muslims, whilst the Catholic kids, cram into the few Catholic schools.

The Church of England, through its Liberal approach suffers from a loss of church attendance and general lack of draconian church discipline, is not very attractive to Muslims who experience much more pressure to follow strict religious rules and enjoy the feeling of being forced to adhere to a religious life-style.

That makes Church of England schools less attractive to those who want to experience dogma.

Tower Hamlets has long been the source of constant political controversy and is run by more or less left-wing factions of the Labour Party and similar constellations of political movements like AspireRespect or Tower Hamlets First.

The current Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, who was seen as a moderate leader by many, is however very keen to rid Tower Hamlets of one of the oldest Church of England schools at the earliest opportunity. It is just another weapon to stab local society into the heart of traditional values and help undermine the Monarchy.

Had this Conservative government not sought to change society to the core with a flurry of legal changes, we would not be in this situation that English traditional education is being disbanded in this part of London.

Any benefit that may have shown through ‘better’ academy schools is wiped out by disturbance constant change brings. Children need to feel safe not only physically but also mentally by being able to rely on those services, adults around them, knowing they can grow up into society and contribute to that society at a later stage.

raines school

Raine’s Foundation, C.o.E. Secondary in Bethnal Green

The children of Raine’s Foundation school in Tower Hamlets are being torn apart from their brand-new school, strewn into the wind of education and lost the ability to concentrate on their GCSE and A-levels because their school is threatened by closure.

The last thing, kids want to worry about is finding a school or changing school when they need to concentrate on years of course work to get the best results. The travesty is that the education and teachers at Raine’s are very good and pupils can achieve best results, they do run a Year 11 High Attainment Program in conjunction with Stem. Why do they want to close a school that produces top class achievers, just because it is a Church of England school?

Most parents choose schools wanting peace of mind, being able to leave their children there till 6. Form and then go onto university or into a working life.

Yet the chopping and changing politics by this current government has thrown everything around into a big mixing bowl of social change and nobody is any the wiser of what is happening.

Of course, being able to plan ahead has become a luxury and that is what this government wants, they do not want people to get too comfortable because happy people are dangerous people who can start to demand even better than they have.

So, this Conservative government in fact chips away on conservative values and education by creating a whirlwind social environment that destroys all conservative values and creates anxiety and fear among our young people.

That is one of the reasons why kids now feel they need to demonstrate about the climate emergency instead of going to school, why school kids feel they need knives to protect themselves as they no longer feel safe as nothing can be relied upon any longer. Parents aren’t even at home after school any longer to calm down any fears, parents are forced into working instead of being there to parent.

Everthing is being eroded for working people, starting by housing, to working contracts and schooling. The reduction of policing services has another detrimental impact onto society.

Getting rid of everything known and comforting is perhaps the biggest mistake this government makes.

There are no particular problems at Raine’s Foundation, yet over-crowded popular schools often attract the most problems. But the per-pupil funding will prefer big problem schools before smaller, high quality schools because of the funding formulae.

Just today, the World Economic Forum published figures to show how stress severely affects our University Students, which means the format of education needs to change, to become more user friendly rather than production belt style.

Raine’s provides that friendly but high quality education, that is of excellent quality.  Universities must follow a model that produces happy students.


unions had a cold shower this morning

What Labour tried to avoid since years could finally be just around the corner, namely split in the party between the real labour and the new labour supporters. Ed Miliband actually found the courage to tell the packed TUC Conference in London this morning that they should not strike and use a moderate approach to the problems facing the country but criticised the 50p attitude of Mr Osborne, for which he got applauded.

Yet Miliband got heckled amongst shouts of shame. When urged to support worker’s action he asked for negotiations with the government. Does the government really want to negotiate that is the question. Miliband said that strike should always only be the last option. It remains to be seen what is going to happen.

Wonder whether Miliband’s Doncaster North constituency is also due for remodelling and he is about to be merged with a Conservative area when he will stand very good chances of getting re-elected. Not even Mr Osborne’s patch is save.

Budget and cuts

So far I am not quite sure how the cuts affect what and therefore refrain from making detailed comments about it but will link to this BBC page to get a good marker for further information about the subject.
As far as I understand the budget policies, they are aimed to reduce the heavily oversubscribed public sector in favour of a free developing private and commercial sector.
As far as my home Tower Hamlets is concerned I can definitely see how a large public sector stifles the economy. Tower Hamlets only large employer is the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and the NHS and business is slowly squeezed out of the borough with the exception of Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs.
As resident I can feel how devastating a large public sector service can be on the individual if that public sector service is bound to a political ideology, which is destined to give preference to those that follow that ideology.
Quite clearly had we continued with Labour’s economy we would end up with a police state and a type of country that is merely regulated by governmental agencies, stifling free commercial development and freedom of the individual that goes with it.

As I wrote in an earlier blog, humans always developed around economic developments, e.g. the docks in Liverpool and other towns, manufacture etc, always attracted people to settle around the economic activity, whilst in recent decades we’ve seen a tendency to settle people wherever they are disrespectful of their ability to earn a living at the place they reside.
I fully support the recent measures to make changes, allowing people to move where the jobs are and dismantling large public administrative bodies to make way for innovative private initiatives.

As mentioned at the top, I am not quite sure how the new rules work out for me, but shall wait until I get further details to see how especially social mobility is affected.

I firmly belief that this Conservative government is committed to social mobility whilst Bob Crow and his other union mates wants to keep the working classes as they are to keep his voters’ motives alive. In a recent picture Crow, to me, looked very much like those Russian Bolsheviks we remember from pictures of the Russian revolution with his Baker’s Boy hat, he wore at a rally of the RMT.

Judgment Day for Unite

Thursday, 20th May, 2010 At 9:30
C1/2010/1197 British Airways Plc -v- Unite The Union. Application of Defendant for permission to appeal.
This is one of the more interesting judgments to be announced tomorrow.  Knowing that the court is mainly interested in business as much as they can and the court would always find reasons if possible against applicant’s that wish to challenge business, then I would bet that Unite is going to lose that application. I am sure we’ll see the result on the BBC website or it will be uploaded onto the Bailii website as well.

The rules are there to be broken and the courts break them as much as it suits the intention to deliver justice, with the favouring of the side that is most beneficial for the country, is one way to say it I suppose, in a matter like this.  Yet this application is a sign that the unions are getting more sophisticated in their approach instead of holding wildcat and solidarity strikes.  I think the timing is rather unlucky just as the new government has been sworn in.

Here are the reasons for Unite to make the Application for permission to appeal. The BBC gives another look  over the pre-judgment decisions here.

Apart from the political, business and legal considerations, living below the flight path, we noticed how nice and quiet it was when flights stopped due to the ash clouds from the Iceland volcano. So on a personal basis, I do not mind if they strike because I do not fly a lot in any case and I am not getting paid to promote BA anymore.  (I used to advertise them on my commercial website).

Wonder whether we are going to see this taken to the ECHR? But have now heard that the court has overturned the previous decision 2:1 and allowed the appeal. That is a remarkable stance to take, just as Britain has become Conservative. That is of course one way to reduce pollution by allowing unions to strike on airways.

Wigan Borough Council v Unison

I do not know what this case is about but see from the title that it is a council that is suing the Unison Union. It is before Justice Eady today, see court website

Wednesday, 19th May 2010
Not before 12 o’clock
IHQ/10/0335 Wigan Borough Council v Unison

Mr Justice Eady has been widely praised by Unison member John Gray about his decision in the Kaschke Osler case and I just wonder what the outcome of that case is going to be and what the reaction will be as well.

I am surprised that John Gray has not commented about this on his blog, but I shall follow this with interest.

The Labour curse

Having just visited the sickening John’s Labour blog, I must make a few comments.

Unfortunately I have to visit that blog regularly as Mr Gray spends a lot of time publishing more lies about me. Of course everyone knows by now I am suing the man for libel in the High Court but otherwise do not care much about his views because he has a right to his opinion but the more I look on his blog and see the constant stirring up of hatred about this, that or the other, I wonder what choice I have when I am confronted with such persons who provide services to all of us.

In this blog John Gray criticised the Conservative Housing policies; and Mr Gray himself wrote that he criticised a Chief Executive whom Mr Gray accuses of wanting to get rid of family friendly policies. Yet Mr Gray wanted to interfere into my private and family life by accusing me of under-occupying my flat, when it is none of Mr Gray’s business, job or whatever to involve himself in my private life. In fact Mr Gray constantly sends me e-mails asking about my private life, past or present.

 Incidentally Mr Gray used to be a senior housing officer with my landlord Tower Hamlets Council when he wrote defamatory stories about me.

All Mr Gray ever seems to be doing is going on pickets, meetings and protests. His friends always seem to strike and protest about something too, Yet they are public servants of one type or another and I am asking myself, would I be safe in the hands of such persons, when I as Tory need any health treatment or other public assistance.

I have already experienced how Mr Gray acted in his position as housing officer towards me.

Luckily when I needed an operation a couple of years back the NHS referred me to a private hospital, and there I was not reliant on the services of a left-wing unionist. I was actually operated on by a Harley Street Surgeon.

I would like to have a choice not to be treated or having to deal with left-wing trouble makers in whatever service I need. Obviously the way they speak about Tories makes one frightened about them, as they are not objective in their views.

Considering such radicals have access to confidential data, for example Mr Gray, who works as housing officer but hates anyone right of the Labour Party, what guarantee is there that he doesn’t abuse such data? Mr Gray keeps on asking me about private matters and makes the most ridiculous suggestions from the data he does obtain during that libel trial; suggestions that he is not remoteley qualified to make.

I do not think that people are safe with left-wing personnel if they are not left-wing themselves and that might be a key as to why boroughs like Tower Hamlets find it hard to escape the Labour curse because people could be afraid of the left-wing staff that serves them in all kinds of services.

Residing here in Tower Hamlets I cannot escape the left-wing dribble in the shape of East End Life, and despite having informed the council that I do not want that paper, they do deliver it anyhow. In it, I don’t think there is one person that is not left-wing friendly unless they have been voted in, like a few Conservative councillors.  Recently the Chief Executive has been forced to leave his post too.

There must be stricter monitoring of employment laws to ensure that there is a good mix of political opinions in the work place. I do not even think that elected councillors, council leaders should have a choice in the employment of personnel so that people cannot get employed by the colour of their political skin.

We must rid ourselves of this uniformity of left-wing habits. It’s already too much that people automatically feel affiliated to the left-wing scene just because they are poor. We must break the mould, so that you do not feel you only can be a Tory if you can afford your own home or a Mercedes. You can become a Tory if you buy economy food and wear cheap clothe and live in a council flat. There must be better values and perceptions of Conservative thinking.

The constant discrimination of Conservative Executives is more than rude, we should make it clear that such discrimination is not appreciated. Because that is what it is, it is sheer discrimination if people lay down their work just because someone who is affiliated to the Conservative Party made an order or is in charge of workers. The dimwit philosophy practised by left-wingers is so stupid, people should be ashamed to be seen with left-wingers who can do nothing but picket, strike and be against something instead of contributing something to be proud about. We must break the mould so that left-wing activities become something only slobs and lazy people do. It’s not good for our morals in the work and family sense, we must reinstate good morals into Britain.

Customers of any service who are confronted with a left-wing activist at work should complain to the management and say that they do not want to be served by that person to discourage their striking habits.  Complain say the strikers cost money and it pushes up prices if time is wasted by them.

Despicable Union tactics

The Unite Union calls the latest high court judgement in the BA dispute regrettable and that it doesn’t make a bit of difference in their dispute against BA [link]. Is this just another incidence of floating about in Cloud cuckoo land and is this more evidence of the Left’s inability to face the facts?

The High Court has now twice ruled against the Union in the dispute with BA and the union carries on as usual, as if nothing has happened, continuous to ballot for strike as if there is nothing else they can do. Well there is obviously nothing else they can do. Unions are not very innovative and somewhat boring and have not learned a lot over the years it seems.

I always thought BA to be one of the proudest British firms and as such I believe they do the best they can to have a good relationship with their workforce and to nurture that good relationship. I’m certain that if BA were doing excellent business, they would improve the perks of the work force but understandably cannot reward behaviour that goes against the company.

What the unions do not understand is, that BA is a business that has to work according to the market conditions as they are and I always thought that if one works for a company that one has to do the best for the company and not act in a manner that damages the company. So why does Unite want to damage the company their workers work for?

I have not heard one good argument from Unite, e.g. calculations, business proposals and profit projections against which they base their arguments.

Of course no company in the world can continue on a contract if the trading conditions change considerably and the unions have so far never shown sufficient flexibility to even remotely understand that simple little principle.

I think the unions should take their contributions and send themselves on some courses in economy, business and accounting, that would be useful. I think the concept of life-long learning was even invented by Labour, why not lead by example?

And then maybe if the union members have gained sufficient qualifications to understand what the issues are maybe they could just reinvent themselves!

Blogging case 14-12-09

the hearing went on till after 6pm and I had to go through the staff Christmas party in the Bear Garden to be able to leave the court but found the front entrance closed and was lucky to find a judge on his way home to let me out at a side entrance, as I got lost in the corridors late at night.

I have not yet had the formal order but understand that all 3 applications from the Defendants Gray and Hilton were refused, they applied to strike the case out.

Don’t know what the 3 bloggers are so happy about, remarkably Hilton’s stance is amazing, he has simultaneously appealed against the decision of the master to have his application for summary judgment refused and had his 2 applications to throw the case out heard. So how can anyone have summary judgment and a dismissal of the case at the same time? Even John Gray’s application to have the case thrown out has been refused. Yet the 3 bloggers celebrate the decision of Master R at the Queen’s Bench High Court.

I am only a litigant in person and was totally outnumbered by the defendants, their lawyers and friends.  Sorry to miss Rainbows that evening. Going to work in the library today, voluntarily so that the users can get to see the picture archive of Tower Hamlets online soon.

I shall up-date this post, once the sealed order of the Master is available.  But I won the day throughout and even my suggestion to make alterations to the case with costs in case was allowed. I reckon the 3 bloggers celebrate that they did not have to pay costs. We are back at sqaure one and its a level playing field.

Yesterday 17 -12-09 the mood of Mr Gray has changed in that he now says: today’s High Court “ban” is bringing the British legal process and democracy itself into disrepute“. Quite a statement to make from Mr Gray, don’t you agee? Should we all wish for a Union Christmas present of strike at BA instead of enjoying ourselves and taken those long-awaited flights to visit our loved ones on Christmas?

It is not the High Court bringing democracy into disrepute with this common sense decision it is Mr Gray who takes it upon himself to criticise this most important of all British institutions with trivial remarks. It always was and has been and hopefully still is the strength of the British democracy that Justice is independent of the party that governs.

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