The clown is out already

My biggest fear for the future is that we again, could have another lukewarm Labour government with clowns like Galloway dictating the agenda and keeping our minds busy with his well-spoken ludicrous lines.

It has unfortunately become the reality of today’s politics that we become victims of the political theatre that employs political entertainers like Galloway to keep our minds off the really important stuff.

Galloway did it again

He won on a 65% turnout, a man with a mission and with his own unique brand of political agenda. I don’t think it had anything to do with Big Brother at all. Voters are not so shallow as to vote for appearances on Big Brother. I doubt they even watch Big Brother as much as some might lead us to believe. I think Galloway just wins on his ‘we are family’ type of politics.  The BBC reports the statistics here.

How ridiculous the stance of the major parties is can easily be described by the comment of the Conservative candidate who thinks that Galloway crushed Labour, when he lost a higher stake with 22.78 % of the votes whilst Labour only lost 20.36 % of their votes.

That just shows Galloway could not win in a high business environment like the Isle of Dogs but he can win where there is the rural type of area with many immigrants from Asia.Of course those immigrants cannot be expected to support a war that sees their relatives far away ending up in coffins.

Here in Tower Hamlets former Respect members have integrated with Labour to build a United Front led by Independent Lutfur Rahman, a type of quietly content coalition of brothers and sisters who are ideologically homeless but know what they want.

Though big efforts are made to get anybody who is somebody in little clean up operations. One councillor was ousted by prosecuting over illegal sub-letting of a flat and fiddling expenses for example.

But politics always uses the same tricks to get rid of opposition, when the goal is just to stay in power rather than make good arguments politically. Galloway gained an astonishing 52.83%. I do not know what his arguments were, as I did not follow the election but here in Tower Hamlets he called for more immigration,which ultimately led to his downfall, as even the most passionate people have to see the geographical restrictions a small area like Tower Hamlets has in terms of population.

Of course the anti-war propaganda always sits well when it gets proven more and more each day how little the troops can actually achieve. The repeated cries for more democracy in primitive countries fall on deaf ears as nobody can really afford it. We can’t even afford it ourselves here any longer.

Whilst the Conservatives here were in alliance with the Tax Payer’s Alliance to stop the waste they turn out to be a big wasting party, and yesterday the alliance turned sour when the Tax Payers Alliance published on Facebook yesterday how Andrew Lansley ran up a ££109,017 bill on tea and coffee in the space of 3 months. That is the real price of politics that countries like Iraq and Afghanistan or even African nations and other impoverished nations can never afford to make politics with the people.  Strangely enough today I can’t find that article on the Tax Payers’ Alliance website any longer but only the Mail on line article.

Yet I belief Galloway’s popularity is only spot on where he won and unique to his area and will never find a broad appeal in Britain because we cannot support that level of immigration that Galloway needs to stay popular throughout. I think this is going to be Galloway’s last stand and after him the Respect Party will be truly buried and done and dusted.

avoiding left-wing radicalisation

I think I did a splendid job in the way that I handled the left-wing extremism propaganda about me that was spurted about by Lead Councillor Francis in 2007, who wanted to brand me an extremist. In fact I think that I had joined the Respect Party for a short while helped to lead to their demise because my public denunciation of that party afterwards helped people to turn away from it. I openly encouraged that people join the Conservative Party at that time.

What in fact happened is that certain members of the Labour Party tried to create a left-wing icon, the left-over from the German Baader-Meinhof terrorist days that joined the Respect Party were their headlines and that of course fired up the radical elements in the community who probably already rubbed their hands at the prospect of more left-wing extremism in the community.

It was irresponsible from Osler and John Gray how they reported about me, in blogs they promised to re-publish should I lose my appeal. I am writing this now to counter-act any eventual re-publication. What Osler and Gray should have told people that the law in Germany in 1975 was not as the law is today in England under the current Human Rights legislation. Arrests that took place in Germany in 1975 would be against the law today and illegal internment.

Especially as I have been working with the local police since years and actually once appeared as a prosecution witness for them, then founded a Neighbourhood Watch and got support from the police for it, must make it clear to anyone that the police are hardly likely to work with individuals that pose a threat to law and order and/or have a dodgy past. I think that is what John Gray and David Osler tried to imply and I am still on the case so to speak.

I think it was correct to take the local problem as it was and avert more damage as had already been done by the publications of Osler, Gray, Hilton and in effect also Councillor Francis with his letters to the East London Advertiser.

I find it always really concerning that the Labour party manage to warn of others who are left-wing yet they themselves encouraged Respect members to join their ranks. In fact Mr Biggs himself stood up in defence of Mr Galloway during the Mayoral elections for London when I was busy drumming up support for Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson won, despite all the Labour lies.

I think any responsible resident cannot ignore the threat that left-wing extremism poses to the community and just ignoring it is just not enough. During the last general elections I had scores of Respect members knocking on my door, begging for a vote, when again I turned away and supported the Conservative Party.

I have never been left-wing or extremist in my life, yet there are some who wish to purport that impression, yet I always tell others not to fall for the lies. I think we have come to a good consensus in Tower Hamlets that we need a peaceful coexistence of all residents and have seen off the threat from the EDL and Islamist extremists. The Respect party got wiped from the map and we saw an increase of Muslims in the mainstream parties, especially the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour.

I think we can all say well done to ourselves and our neighbours and hope that we can keep up the good work for the betterment of our communities.

I continue to work as Neighbourhood Watch coordinator, and the local Safer Neighbourhood Police  and sit on the Police and Community Safety Board in Tower Hamlets and we had a splendid meeting only last week with the wonderful input of the Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

I have always supported good relations with the local police and in fact once supported a case they brought against a local prowler as prosecution witness. When do these warmongers like Osler, Gray and others finally realise that there is no point telling people of 35-year-old closed matters, when the very people who are in the forefront in the fight of terrorism and crime have a closed working relationship with me on a voluntary basis and they should know of any important issues. It would have been much more useful had Mr Gray and Osler and Hilton encouraged support for my local Safer Neighbourhood Work instead of trying to focus in on some old and forgotten stuff that has long been shredded by the German authorities and buried.

The flirtation with left-wing radicalism that some left-wingers propagate under the mantle of public interest does more harm than good and we have to try and avert the damage done by irresponsible publications such as they come from Mr Osler and Mr Gray.

French MPs vote 335:1 against full face veil

I am just thinking how stupid George Galloway would look if he spoke his silly threats in France, where most Muslims just follow the law and do neither threaten to commit suicide or kill others over the decision of the French parliament.

Recently in France a Muslim woman was fined € 22 for driving whilst wearing the full-face veil.

I am not certain why Britain doesn’t just follow the pattern as France is not the only European nation that outlaws the full-face veil.

At least the Conservative President Sarkozy has the full support of his Communist counterpart Andre Gerin who compares the veil to a walking coffin or muzzle. The only opposition vote came from the Socialist MP (I presume).

Whilst out of  the 5 million Muslims in France only 2,000 wear the veil, the ban is seen as an important instrument of integration.

Business man Rachid Nekkaz, wants to provide a € 1 million fund for those women who want to defy the ban and so encourage them to wear it. I wonder whether there is going to be a new crime, aiding and abetting the wearing of forbidden clothing.  Surprisingly the Muslim council of France supports the abandonment of full face veils for women.

The bill, that was introduced by Ms Alliot-Marie is not meant to stigmatize a group of people or religion but to help further democratic openness, starting with an open face for all.

Up-date on 18 May 2010, it seems that George Galloway found support from Damian Green who said outlawing the full-face veil would be un-British and Catherine Hesseltime said we should stop wasting our time discussing it. I suppose we are covered under Freedom of Expression and speech if we do.

Galloway more shocking still

We have had shocking comments about Tony Blair and morally justified murders but now Galloway threatens 10.000 dead bodies in Whitechapel if the EDL touches one Muslim women’s hijab or a Muslim man’s beard in Whitechapel East London.

I read this story in the East London Advertiser that you can read for free online here.  Such statements of mass deaths radicalize a community and are against the No Hate policy the comparatively moderate Labour council currently has.  But its this drama Queen attitude that got Galloway the Asian vote in the area.

Crunch time

The Lib Dems announced that a deal is due within 24 hours, at least their decision on the negotiations, both with the Conservatives and New Labour.

Unfortunately the media happily agreed to the New Labour trick, which is to make the electorate belief that Labour would be wonderful without Gordon Brown and that, as soon as he is gone, everything is going to be alright. Do they think we are that simplistic?

I do not think one moment that New Labour is going to be any better with or without Gordon Brown, it is thoroughly incapable of governing this nation, make responsible economic decisions and reform the country. So far we have seen too many reforms already, and to reform already bad reforms leads to even more confusion and splintering of the fibre of our society.

Labour has played many psychological tricks on us, first when good-looking  and youthful, energetic Tony Blair became Prime Minister on the basis of his hopeful folly.  Then the “ugly”  Gordon Brown took over and united the country in hate against him, just to culminate now in a solution that says, everything is going to be alright as soon as a new leader is announced.

Politics are not just about the persona of the leader, not in our western democracy. It is about the persona of the leader in countries like Iraq, that admired Saddam Hussein, in some African countries with the likes of Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe. New Labour wants to reduce our democracy to a cult following for one particular leader and forgets all about the politics. I have not heard one good quality argument from New Labour during the last 13 years.  We had chopping and changing and the only thing that stood the same was the tactic to stick to the leader.  Unfortunately New Labour has reduced political decision making to a circus and when I saw Gordon Brown put on a show in our local venue the rich Mix accompanied  by talkSport, I knew that this is what Labour’s politics are all about, a show to capture the masses but with little political impact other than minimalising Britain on the international map, using talkSport radio for a political performance is using the methods of George Galloway.

A Labour/Liberal alliance, though favoured by all those left of the political spectrum will dive Britain into economic uncertainty as all the serious investors will stay away and even the RBS has announced further staff cuts, most other business have moved away already, companies like Burberry for example and we’ve had not one serious negotiation that would attract new and major investors to our shores. Further strikes were announced by BA staff.

Since Labour has governed our high streets have changed. The variety of outlets  has been replaced by food shops everywhere, our highstreets have become boring and blant  with the exception of major shopping centres, the average town’s shopping outlets have been reduced to staple merchandise. The reason for this is because Labour has driven the more suave businesses away and not because of the economic crises. If it is the economic crises then it is because many businesses simply do not want to trade in Britain under a Labour government because the conditions of trading are not investor friendly. We have to suffer the consequences if we allow Labour back in the seat of power, avoid that please, David Cameron.

A Labour / Liberal alliance would splinter this country into more confusion and less certainty. I think that if the Liberals want to play the trumpet of New Labour David Cameron should either form a minority government or call for a fresh election, at which more people will focus their vote towards the main parties and the Liberals are the ones who would lose out even more than they already did.

 Britain’s  destiny always rested on a whole country decision making and if the focus is now left to the needs of Scotland or Wales as main priority, we’ll fall apart. Those parts of Britain have been offered more autonomy but lost their businesses due to England’s bad politics under Labour and not because they are part of the United Kingdom. In any case David Cameron has promised more devolution.

As it stands now England is the financial capital of the United Kingdom and with it comes pollution overcrowding and a high cost of living. Do the countryside really want to copy that. As it is due to earth warming business from London will have to be decentralised to other towns and that strategy will have to be developed over the next 50 years anyhow.  London is currently fighting very hard to become more important for financial services  within Europe and that focus will be lost if Labour’s failure to capture businessand nvestments furhter damages our infrastructure.

Respect don’t support the Conservatives

Well, I had to rub my eyes when I read this on a BBC news story here. I  found that our local Respect canvassers were very friendly when they came to my door and saw the Conservative poster in my window. It must have to do with being against the war in Afghanistan, which is an official Conservative policy. Yet Conservative support has not been openly admitted previously. I was told anything is better than Labour.

Here in Tower Hamlets Respect Councillors went to Labour and reverse and only 3 years ago Councillor Francis called Respect “a motley crew of political extremists holed up in his (referring to Galloway) Brick Lane bunker”. Whilst John Biggs announced his support of Respect during the Mayoral elections.

The local candidates have pride in pronouncing that one Councillor candidate works for the Anti-social behaviour team in Hackney Council and the other is a barrister. They asked me to come out canvassing with them, when I told them that I am one of the most famous ex-members. I declined the invitation but thought they were polite and are fighting for the seats in the area.

I did support the council house strategy and once supported Defend Council Housing because to keep society stable one does need permanent housing for the workers instead of making housing as well as jobs more contemporary.  Respect say they would support Labour would they only withdraw from Afghanistan. Its a bit of romanticism going on in Respect, wanting all the benefits but no realistic economic proposals.

I then went onto the Respect website and Respect says, “Cut Trident not public services” and they blame the cut in public services on Trident and that is where they are wrong. The cut in public services is due to the economic disaster that the Labour Party brought upon us and it would be wrong in my view to rid ourselves of essential defensive weapons such as Trident. I am not quite sure then how Respect can at the same time lament the disastrous rise in inequality that grew under Labour and not simultaneously ask for better economic policies and stimulus for international trades instead of sticking to some text book agenda, that is a bit far removed from the reality. Yet all support is welcome and if Respect wants improvements, they should support the Conservatives and the best way to start is at the local town halls where they may have councillors who can vote with Conservative applications. Respect should start to understand that under Conservative governments in the past Council Housing was better maintained and is now starved of money by the Labour government.

I am not quite sure why Respect keeps on ogling Labour when Labour are so busy to portray them as radicals and potentially dangerous. I am therefore amazed that George Galloway was attacked by 3 Muslim extremists when Galloway is supposed to be always in favour of Muslim extremists. But there you go, times change and Galloway is one of the contenders for the Poplar and Limehouse seat with Jim Fitzpatrick and Tim Archer. I would say its a race between our good young Tim Archer and the longstanding minister Jim Fitzpatrick. Limehouse was only created as a constituency in 1995 and has already gotten the most Conservative Councillors in Tower Hamlets.

There are 3 Independents standing, which splits up the votes and fringe groups like UKIP, the English Democrats and the Greens, further riddle the electoral roll with friction.

Respect with their fairytale attitude of just better services but little to say on the economy won’t stand a chance in Poplar and Limehouse. I do not think that Respect will get 3 MPs into the Houses of Parliament, they will be lucky to get a few councillors. I reckon that after this election Galloway will finally resign himself to his entertainment business and continue to tell marvellous jokes in the Hackney Empire.

It’s better to be save and sorry and to get our economy moving again we’ll need a good victory for the Conservatives or we will have to limp along for another 5 years. What we need at these forthcoming elections is a good turnout instead of people sitting at home being complacent because all the parties are all the same and let fringe candidates in that way.

In the latest muddle former Liberal convert John Cowan, who stands in South East Cambridgeshire for Labour, has been suspended from the party because he wrote on an online forum that he doesn’t want his children to marry Muslims, I just wonder whether it would be the same the other way around, if a Labour Muslim candidate would say he doesn’t want his children to marry a Christian. Apparently the party monitors what their candidates say and what their views are, in my case though, despite all the constant insults I am getting from Labour party members, they get elevated to bigger and better positions within that party despite all the insults and bullying I have to suffer from them. That just puts Labour into the right picture as bully boy party that doesn’t quite know whom to support at times.  We all know by now there is no Freedom of Speech in the Labour party, just whom are they trying to kidd?

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