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Sefer Kehillat Shlomo

One of the biggest mysteries in my life is a Hebrew prayer book left to me from my late father's estate. My father left around 1/4 Million in money but this book is of enormous value, not monetary but meaningful. People like the Royal family always talk about their past, present, history and family connections,… Continue reading Sefer Kehillat Shlomo

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Job-share in biblical times

Very interesting that Al finally solved the Dead Sea Scroll mystery. Al concluded that two different people worked on the same piece. So they worked in shifts and shared the job. Very time-efficient. But, dated third century BC, unfortunately the content of the scrolls, did not magically transform into modern technological advances. Hence the bible… Continue reading Job-share in biblical times


walking past the cake shelf

Of course those high-energy users like for example Amazon Prime delivery guys or builders etc., they need plenty of calories but myself, sitting in front of the screen a lot of hours, I really need to keep those cakes out of my shopping basket. My concerns for Christmas are centred around getting enough fresh vegetables,… Continue reading walking past the cake shelf

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Joan ‘arc a mitigation disaster

After watching the Joan d'Arc film, my mind went into overdrive, analysing the situation from my point of view. Joan d'Arc was clearly a forerunner for women's lib and the freedom of women to behave in a non-sexist manner. Interestingly the British defend that right to the hilt. At the time when France was under… Continue reading Joan ‘arc a mitigation disaster

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compulsive control disorder

They should introduce a new classification of mental conditions, the Compulsive Control Disorder. That is the best way to describe how people use media to control others or enjoy being controlled by others by the same means. Seeing how much time people spend on processing information and on the phone or social media, it has… Continue reading compulsive control disorder

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sacked for a re-tweet

Public responsibility has a high price. I realise this all the time. You need to know what you are doing and take responsibility for putting things around the public domain that forms public opinion. Those Jewish conspiracy theories were around for decades and sounded plausible and fascinating at first. But then, it became very clear… Continue reading sacked for a re-tweet

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Lutheran tactics

When Martin Luther nailed his thesis' on the door of the Gutenberg Church in 1517, it meant a revolution was about to start in the church. The posters reading 'Closed for Good' plastered by Extinction Rebellion on businesses doors are not so different. This relationship in methods is probably one reason to the fact that… Continue reading Lutheran tactics

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turning up noses at poor white children

I have to put the distinction of colour into this post as traditionally Christian children were white and that explains the term of working class and under-achieving white boys. Perhaps the latest round of austerity helped to increase that problem with under-funding of schools and policies that drive poor people out of cities; that led… Continue reading turning up noses at poor white children

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Council gifts Church of England £18 Million

As the Raine's Foundation saga now nears it's bitter-sweet end, it emerged last night that in fact the winner is the Church of England and one of it's charities, the Raine's Foundation Trust. Apparently Tower Hamlets Council has invested £17 Million Pounds into the new building in Approach Road and into the Lower Building in… Continue reading Council gifts Church of England £18 Million

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Keep out of religion

Having been raised next to a Catholic Cathedral but as a Lutheran Protestant, I never found my peace with God. I don't believe that there is a God. Even at my Confirmation, aged 14, I thought the vicar didn't like me and I didn't fit in. Unfortunately the media is full with quite a lot… Continue reading Keep out of religion