Thatched Mary

My only fascination with Margaret Thatcher arises from the fact that she reminds me very much of my own mother, who sadly died when I was aged 17. That attracted me to the Conservative Party at one point. Not only the looks of Maggie but also the dress and whole behaviour are very similar. Yet my mother only spoke German and was lovely. But Carol Thatcher is trying very hard to be a nice person too, she won by a long margin during her jungle spot.

What is also interesting now is the fascination about Maggie Thatcher that the Tories now have, it’s a bit like holy Maggie compared to “Holy Mary Mother of God” it’s ‘Holy Mary, mother of the Conservatives’.

The 10 Commandments

Look at the 10 Commandments and here it says in Commandment no 2 “You shall have no other Gods before me”. And  Lady Thatcher has been elevated to Godess like status, which is a Godly sin.

The whole way, in which this lady is elevated to special status reminds me of the personality cult we find in Communist countries. Incidentally the Conservative Party recently had a big Humanist renaissance.  I think her current rise and elevation will lead to a big fall in a couple of decades.

Others have also mentioned that Mrs Thatcher is often seen a lone woman surrounded by men, that no other women were given large scale support in the party.

A Thatcher museum is planned for her inventive politics. I can’t see anything especially good or inventive about them. Plainly she saw the whole world as one big shop and treated Britain as if it was for sale. She acted merely as the shop keeper of Britain, as she was a shopkeeper’s daughter. Now look who owns business in Britain. Even the once hated Russians now own football clubs and hand out free newspapers, which often enough denounce the Tories.

Perhaps the Tories of today do not want to show the world that they know they have been sold out and try to tactically keep cool by playing nice guy to a bad problem. The facts are that less things are British today than they were before Thatcher.

The most typically cynical twist on the Thatcher story is that £10 million are spent on her funeral alone and that more money is going to be spent on the memorial library, when ordinary libraries close and the country supposedly has no money for the needy. These Thatcher tributes are built on the suffering of the poor. It is a devillish plan to do this. The bible tells us to support the poor and not to exploit them.

The benefit caps about to start in London are supposed to be about fairness and to cut back the Deficit and they were brought on very sudden, too sudden for large families with lots of children. It could be argued that these benefit caps finance the Thatcher legacy. The death of Thatcher could be well anticipated and it is arguable that the benefit cap was introduced to finance Thatcher’s memory after the Olympics already depleted the public purse.

I think that the Thatcher cult is going to be the beginning of the downfall of not only the Tories but also of the Monarchy because the Queen is taking part in this funeral that is going to cause a lot of demonstrations and dissent. Ministers said they can easily afford the cost of £10million for the funeral but families are told they have suffer more child poverty with the new benefit caps coming in from today.

The problem is that centuries ago, when large-scale social problems arose like the potato famine for example,people could emigrate to foreign lands and start a new life. Today there are no unknown foreign lands people can emigrate to. That will leave no choice but internal revolt, which is simmering. I would recommend that people do not break the law and criminalise themselves as this is playing into the hands of the repression. Instead of making poor children suffer, they should use those £10 million and subsidise low wage worker’s families.

Fact is you cannot tell people to get jobs, jobs have to be created first. I do not think that either Liberals or Labour are going to be a good alternative because as previously said, Labour has not effectively reversed any of Thatcher’s policies but instead they sell them to us after people got fed up with the Tories each time. It’s the revolving door syndrome.

poverty + poverty = poverty

What Mr Osborne, Mr Cameron and Mr Duncan-Smith are telling us is, that if we get poorer we will get richer. Christianity is supposed to lead us to the promised land. Instead this government is trying to tell us that the promised land doesn’t exist for the poor but only for the rich. The meaning of poverty in the bible is not one of inequality.

They are telling us that by getting homeless we will get richer. Well, that certainly is a new inventive philosophy. One that isn’t working. Overall poverty  works in countries like Cuba and North Korea, where everybody is equally poor. Cubans and North Koreans are not Christians, they are Communists. We are supposed to honour the poor but not to keep them in poverty as a virtue.

We are told we are poor because we get benefits. I say, we get benefits because we are poor.

The reason we need benefits exists because we have shifted manufacture of goods to other countries, who can produce goods cheaper than us and because we are filling our country with immigrants who need homes.

We certainly won’t attract more business our way if we make our residents poorer and their lives more unstable. Working people need stable homes, sincere and reliable families to fall back on for those in between chores that need doing in every home. What this government does is, it ruins family life and stable homes by making every minute of our lives more insecure. How do they do that? They tell mothers to sign on instead of looking after their children and they tell mothers to let someone else look after their children whilst they work.

This is neither going to create jobs nor is it going to stop single parenthood. It just makes running the country more expensive. Because those women who have to look after the children of those mothers that are out working need to get paid.

Yet neither mothers nor nannies have secure homes to go to; they have to look for cheaper homes, jobs are not secure, that means more moving.

Looking at China and other former third world countries, who are now doing our jobs, we need to look at their family structures, their home live and we can see they live in stable relationships, have cheap but permanent homes and have a cheaper index of living than us.

We cannot possibly try to copy that the way this government goes about it.

What kept our society going for centuries were old-fashioned stable families where grandparents looked after grandchildren. Then it was naturally cheap and manageable then families lived together in big houses or closely together.

Unfortunately Mr Cameron cannot look beyond his own family. He takes his family with him when he goes to Germany to meet with Merkel,they all stay together, yet he doesn’t want to allow British mums to stay with their own children but tells them to go out and work instead.  He tells us that we only take benefits because we are too lazy to work and he tells us that withdrawing benefits will get us jobs out of the blue. Perhaps next he will make us belief that manna will fall out of the sky.  Cameron tells us that he is only fairly religious, perhaps he should spend more time reading the bible.

Yet even the new Pope tells us he wants a poor church for the poor. But poverty in itself is only desirable on the basis that use of resources is kept to a minimum for the purpose of saving the environment and that is another discussion. Because the kind of poverty this government now tries to sell us is not environmentally friendly but it is a wasteful philosophy.

The kind of desperate, isolating poverty this government is trying to sell us is not the type of poverty that makes us richer both in personal terms and for the good of our society. There is such a thing as society.

About copyright

As many of my regular readers know when freakish things happen, I often enough, just can’t stop going on about it. I wish I could just put it to one side and get one with things, but unfortunately my mind is kept buzzing to the point that I wake up and go to sleep thinking about it.

The Breivik case is one of those incidences and the latest thing that makes me wonder is the fact that Breivik calls himself a Christian.

I think that God invented the concept of copyright by his bible commandments when he decreed that: ” Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.”

Want to know how often did they guy go to church? How does he get the idea to call himself Christian? He took his inspiration from al-Qaeda so at most he is a closet Muslim who has just come out.

The definition of sharing

Sharing is not an infinite activity, so that what has been misunderstood lately in large parts of the globe, that everybody has to share everything with anybody, at least that is the gist of the new laws that creep up everywhere, that we are all the same and all can have the same.

The world started off in parcels of land and countries or continents and countries or regions were controlled or owned by groups of people who held certain beliefs or cultures. Those cultures owned areas and kept others out who didn’t feel the same or share the same beliefs.

In today’s New World Order or Globalisation as others call it, we are told we have to share anything with everyone. There is however a struggle going on who controls the big global cake and gets the sweetest pieces.

I found a great definition of what sharing should mean for Christians in the Apostles Acts 4:32-35 where it says that “The whole group of those who believed were of one heart and soul, an no one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common. With great power the apostles gave their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great peace was upon them all. There was not a needy person among them, for as many as owned land or houses sold them, an brought the proceeds of what was sold. They laid it at the Apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to each as any had need.

Sounds totally Socialist but I think the important part of the piece is that explains that this total sharing took place amongst those believers in Christ and not all people on earth. What we see today is that what Christians built over the centuries as culture and gained both in knowledge and material possessions has been distributed over the whole world but not all who benefit are believers in Christ. Even our own Christian homelands have been ‘invaded’ by non Christians who want to forbid us to celebrate our heritage and religion saying that we are not treating all as equal.There is a difference in charitable sharing with non believers and sharing among those who own it all and who are Christians as the first tier of owners.

The bible defines in many places the preferential treatment that was given by Jesus and the Lord to Christians and it is this privilege that some want to take away from us when we have a right to own it.

Most other religions give a fist preference to their own kind, Jews have the state of Israel and Muslims have Islamic countries, where they discriminate against non Muslims, just that Christians seem to want to become obliterated by others all the time lately that is. Have they lost all self-confidence?

A cry for help from the church?

Do the anti-capitalist campaigners outside of St. Paul’s camp there because they think that the church will support their protest, do they hope that some modern version of Jesus comes down those steps to rescue the campaigners. A big discussion has evolved, including the bit that says that the church is supposed to support the poor and that Jesus once drove the money lenders and traders out of the Jewish temple.

The church is no longer governing our state but traditionally always supported the monarch and rich rulers of the land. The church does do a lot of charity work and outreach activities. There are now more charitable schemes, run from churches. But the church itself is subject to the economic conditions as well. There is no big cheque being handed down from God directly through the clouds, like the tablets with the 10 commandments. The church relies on donations from visitors. If the church does not get that money it will not be able to pay its own costs to maintain the cathedral.

The church was traditionally never there to help all those that grumble against government. Even in the bible we come across various situations where people were left to rot as sinners in Sodom and Gomorrah for example. So what are those protesters? Worthy of Gods protection or wicket and doomed to perishing?

The church always supported those who give it money, worldly money, though anybody can sit through a service without giving. Do these protesters actually just harm the church, that cannot do good if they have all those problems to care about.

Somebody suggested that protesters try to blackmail the church, even though the protest is not religious. Churches do give refuge to those persecuted for their religion but those protesters are not even religious, they are more Communist by the sound of it.  The church is not under any obligation to help those that are not persecuted because of their religion though can choose to help those who suffer genuine poverty which is not their fault. I am sure those protesters could come up with a constructive protest and do some charitable deeds. They now even get free liability insurance from the government via the new Your Square Mile website. The whole protest is nonsense.  They could for example hold a demo and rent out a tent to a homeless person instead of loitering around St. Paul’s. They are not that clever but lazy sods.

Happy are those

Today’s Gospel reading in church showed us the power of trusting in God and especially Matthew 5:11 tells us “Happy are you when people insult you and persecute you and tell all kinds of evil lies against you because you are my follower.”

I do go to church regularly and describe myself as Christian, and people tell all types of evil lies about me and that I suppose makes me fit to claim Christian persecution from those who persistently write evil lies about me. Even the judges are on their side and there is no point in trying to seek earthly justice for the evil lies because there is no law that is adequate today to deal with evil lies.

Before that we can read in Matthew 5:9 “Happy are those who work for peace because God will call them his children”. I suppose I am mainly interested in peace, the peace of mind the peace of truth and the peace of honesty.

the Parable of the Persistent Widow, Luke:18

As a Christian I do draw comfort from the teachings of the bible and indeed often enough that is the only comfort left to me to turn to. I was brought up as a Lutheran but resided next to a large Catholic Cathedral, so my life was firmly wedged into Christianity of one sort or another. I am quite non-sectarian too and enjoy attending inter-faith services whenever I can. I shall write about the development of religion around the world at another time though.

Today I am mainly talking about the New Testament and the Parable of the Persistent Widow, to be found in Luke 18 and there are several versions of it. I use now the English version but there is a new worldwide version that is less upsetting to judges. The current English standard version is like this:

The Parable of the Persistent Widow

1And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart. 2He said, “In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor respected man. 3And there was a widow in that city who kept coming to him and saying, ‘Give me justice against my adversary.’ 4For a while he refused, but afterward he said to himself, ‘Though I neither fear God nor respect man, 5yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will give her justice, so that she will not beat me down by her continual coming.’” 6And the Lord said, “Hear what the unrighteous judge says. 7And will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? 8I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

In some older translations the judges were called unjust or even corrupt. But it really doesn’t matter whether the judge was corrupt or unjust, it does matter that the judge is described as neither feared god nor respected man, that implies he was only interested in himself, which includes corruption or even worked for the Devil.

That is not the main point either but the main point is the persistent widow who wanted justice and that her persistency led the judges to believe that it is more appropriate to give her justice at the earliest opportunity rather than let her struggle for justice as long as possible.

I draw a lot of strength from that bible passage because I feel it is very appropriate for me. I am a widow and I am seeking justice and I feel that the court is not sensible to allow the proceedings to develop in the best interest of the tax payer and of justice but in a way that needlessly draws proceedings out and costs more money and time to conclude.

We do have CPR 1, the OverridinObjective, which must not be interpreted to just throw cases out as quickly as possible but which asks us to find justice as quickly as possible. Concealing the truth under CPR 1 would be a sin against God and against Man.

I think a great injustice has been done to me and the court must not behave like the judge that neither fears God nor respects man.

The bible is as true today as they were when it was written. If we, as a Christian Nation cannot act according to our own religion, then I do not know if God can help us at all.

The forbidden fruit

I went to the Paradise Gardens festival in Victoria Park yesterday with the family and it was a living fairy tale the way the whole event was themed. Central to the entertainment was a giant who presented himself as a sort of Pagan god of the trees. Unfortunately my camera didn’t work during the day, as the shutter refused to open but the giant went around the festival grounds and made a very impressive and charming figure. He was the heart and soul of the festivities. He was the one who called upon the moon at nighttime, and was booed for it.

The giant at the Paradise Gardens festival at Victoria Park 2010

The giant who called himself the maker of the trees at night on the lake calling upon the moon during the Paradise Gardens Festival 2010 fireworks spectacular

There were a few pagan elements to the festival when at the end the moon was called upon to judge the people on earth and how they mismanaged resources with wishes from children to do less damage to the environment and recycle more.

Though the overall attempt to remind people about how precious our planet is was an excellent one. We saw stalls from Tower Hamlets Council healthy living initiatives.  Please follow this link Paradise Gardens festival  to see the organisers own website and all attractions that were available at the event.

The police were well represented, I saw a total of 6 police officers in uniform around the grounds. According to the event management there were only 5.000 people watching the very expensive spectacular at the end, which is a very small number compared to the 60.000 people said to have visited last year’s event.

I enjoyed the stall offering fresh herbs in a variety of origins, showing the proprietors great knowledge of natural healing and herbal remedies, as well as culinary skills. the festival was a commendable effort to let many arts and crafts stalls offer their wears that combined with commercial stalls and many food outlets from around the world.

The fun fair, though very nice and without doubt very expensive to maintain, costed quite a lot per ride, in terms of local families not being able to afford a lot of rides on the prices.

I doubt that many vendors made a lot of money on the first day of the event because of a relatively low attendance. I thought the grounds were not crowded at all, but of course the areas offering alcoholic beverages, especially beers were well attended and so were the seating areas around those bars.

The New Orleans style Jazz tent attracted the most crowds, but still you see plenty lf grass, showing that the crowds were relatively small at the Paradise Gardens Festival in 2010 on the Saturday.

The tent were people made wishes to be floated on the lake at night during the Paradise Gardens Festival in 2010

Children could make wishes in the Giant’s tent during the day, those wishes were then floated in the lake at night, and were supposed to float around to light up the lake but unfortunately the wind didn’t like the idea, it would have had to blow from south to disperse those lighted wishes but it didn’t and so they all crammed up on the south shore.  The weather wasn’t great but tolerable, I think though that the dogs did get s soaking, that were placed on a large area of the green to be given away to people at around 5pm. I would have preferred children instead to remind people to be kind to, instead of dogs though.

The giant described the earth as a paradise we live on and the Paradise Gardens as his paradise and that reminded me of the forbidden fruit and I thought what is the forbidden fruit in this festival and I thought of the cash machine that was available for people to draw money out to spend at the festival. It was very well attended and attracted long queues (10 people). In biblical terms of course paradise didn’t know any monetary value for goods, it was just god and nature and the apple tree. So is the name Paradise really fit for today’s world?

The bejewelled dragenfly and the water lilie, 2 of the special floating features around the lake at the Paradise Gardens Festival n 2010

It must have been very expensive to design the art work for that event, that was commissioned by Tower Hamlets council.

Gadgets rendered useless by the sun

Well as this report says in a few years time we shall experience a violent sun storm that will cause such havoc on earth that it will black out all electronic systems. I can imagine that quite a few people will prepare for that already. So many of us now rely on computers and internet shopping, emergency services communicate also via electronic gadgets that it is time to revert the changes and bring in a manual back up system.

I experienced a problem a couple of years back that on a very hot day my fax transmissions didn’t work properly already.

Maybe the Red Indians can help with smoke signals, however our western civilisation has made sure those skills are eradicated.

I just think that we have created ourselves a civilisation that depends on electricity and very scarce actual local resources, that this will not work out when weather changes set in with climate change and/or sun storms. Yet it is business as usual. I would not spend my last penny on the latest gadgets but think and prepare for what’s to come.

Sorry to be such a spoil sport for all those with the latest handheld computers. It is however the irresponsible and short-sighted governments and even more silly politicians that do not look further as into their own bank account. Of course 5-year terms in office do not help to solve problems that can be predicted 10 years or even 100 years down the line.

In Germany we have a saying that goes “Nach mir die Sintflut“, which originates in the bible and Noah. Whereby it rained on earth for 40 days (total of 150 days) and even the highest mountain was covered by water.

Well we have already predictions of earth warming and water levels rising by 1 meter at least. That won’t cover the highest mountain but considerable amounts of low lands on which 65% of the earth’s population live at the moment. The story is equal to the Gilgamesh Epos.

Is it any wonder that I consider politics these days as a trivial game, that doesn’t bring the changes needed to help us work through the natural events that are to come. We do not need corrupt politicians/judges that take backhanders from business, we need persons who can be in charge and tell providers and businesses to put their recources where it is most needed and not make/build useless things, that only work in certain cirumstances.

A historic election

In more than one sense, it is historic also because both main parties ask voters to vote for the other side. That just shows us they are actually real chums but have a few arguments in public, call it politics and spice up our lives.

It’s going to be on 6 May, sensible decision to coincide with the local council elections. In my area we have a majority of Liberal councillors and they splashed out on a 8 page newspaper, East End Life style. I had a visit from the local Respect candidate and also the Liberals knocked weeks ago, that was before I put out the Conservative poster. I told the Labour canvassers to take us off their visiting list. There is now a real choice in Tower Hamlets to vote for Conservative and actually win a councillor seat, the times of tactical voting have passed. everyone for their own party this time.

We put out a few leaflets, including a nice glossy one and everyone is excited to win.

But looking at history and morals I just thought what would our time look like in bible terms in a thousand year’s time and it would probably say, and god send a big flood to punish the people for loose morals and Diss-respect to him. That’s just because of my previous post on the church and morals. I actually think those ancient moral standards are based on health concerns and that people knew that loose morals ruin your health. Nowadays we have a Fitness certificate to look forward to instead of a sicknote.

Mind you if we get another term of Labour our British Isles will resemble the Island of Cuba soon in more than one sense. The hospitals will be starved of funds and all business will have left to go elsewhere and we will have to live on our meagre incomes as Socialists Labour style.  Not a nice prospect.

Lets hope then that the Conservatives can fix our broken society in more than one sense.

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