The equality conundrum

The UK reels under strain from an attempt to get everybody equal. That principle suffers in law and it suffers in human terms as well. In law it is impossible to get equality between parties that are of different wealth and in personal terms it is impossible to treat everybody equally on various terms.

With gay marriage now going to be legal in the UK, we hear those more older and/or conservatives amongst us moaning about it. I am especially surprised about the stance of Lord Carey and Reverend Welby, as those are the representatives of the Church of England, the religion as has preached liberalism and did the least to enforce church and religious discipline.

Prior to the gay marriage debate was the gay adoption debate, with the Catholic church shouting the loudest against.

Lets put it into context. If all those heterosexual people who produce the children would do an exemplary good job of looking after their offspring no adoption would be necessary. It is merely that ‘normal’ people produce children, they are either incapable or unwilling to care for.

The church had abandoned their flock generations ago when it became a matter of choice whether to be religious or not.

We have even heard a comment that because Boris Johnson produced a child with an unpaid volunteer whilst working with the Mayor of London, the fitness of the Mayor to do his job would be reflected upon under the circumstances of that extra-marital affair. Yet when gay people have sex during working relationships, they could not possibly produce a child doing so but that does not mean that they are better suited to do the work just because their affairs cannot become so evident as gay couples do not conceive.

As a society we have to look at values and what we want to achieve. At the moment laws are passed all over the ‘civilised’ world, trying to avoid disaster through casual sexual disease by introducing gay marriage. Of course the next worst disaster would be a spread of aids and other diseases because of frequent partner changes.

The statistics make grim reading in  that same sex people feature worst for wear for instance:

  • 60% of all drug abusers, that sought help were elder members of the lesbian, gay and trans-gender scene.
  • 57% 0f all new gonorrhoea cases and  81% of syphilis cases are among gay men.
  • HIV/Aids is prevalent among gay men.

Yet straight people do their utmost to tolerate if not encourage gay relationships. Yet homosexuals are not so happy if somebody wants to turn away from the habit and become straight, ads that direct such people to a charity that wants to help them were banned from TfL buses.  Yet it is possible in every other walk of life to turn a corner and get help doing so but gay people seem to be trapped in that situation.

Even in the USA there is a call to get more women involved into work just as in Japan. Even the UK follows the international trend for female employment.

It’s like this magic formula being used internationally that more homosexuality and more women into work makes less babies.

To bring this back to the equality issue, we have to ask ourselves why people always want to have sex and that it is this addiction that causes problems. We need to ensure people find other values in life rather than skin-contact.

Obviously it is a G8 strategy to promote those lifestyles. The people on top of governments are stupid and we need to stop voting for the same old idiots.

The Catholic church teaches that sexual contact is only used for wanting to reproduce. That is a good rule. Also people must first of all calculate exactly that they are in a position to care for the child(ren) made.

But what is happening is that caring about the results of physical contact has ceased and that either people use their children to make war or don’t care for them at all.

Make love not war is a stupid slogan.

The best church to be

Anyone who wishes to follow the true gospel of Christ and opposes the latest fashion statements of various churches, which want to appoint gay ministers and bishops is to join the Catholic church, who are very adamantly against homosexuality. The Catholic church here in London even stopped church services for gay people.

So for the Scottish Dominic Smart, joining the Catholic church could be an option. It can be daunting to do so, especially when one has been brought up in an Anglican environment like myself, but it is the only sensible option I think. Strength is in numbers and the Catholic church has a very powerful voice around the world and can give a lot of support.

I joined the Catholic church several years ago and then swayed to and fro between Anglican and Catholic because it is not easy to get it out of the system but in the end the purest and clearest form of Christianity is preached by the Catholic church.

People who want to go it alone can be in danger of turning into sectarianism and being part of a larger Catholic community will give help and support. The nearest Catholic church near Gilcomston South in Scotland is surely not too far away. I am certain they are only too pleased to lend support for the locals in question.

Catholic churches also constantly run courses for people wanting to convert and priests are generally very understanding and sympathetic. Our local Catholic church also has lay people helping and we have got a very big congregation compared to the few people who worship in local Church of England churches, though C.o.E. has gotten more buildings than the Catholic church, who have gotten only 1 large church.

It can’t do any harm to speak to a Catholic priest about the issues and how support can be obtained for a whole community of people who are all in one mind and one heart about the issues.

But strictly speaking Jesus allows anyone to preach his Gospel, though taking into account that some schools are set up by large churches and require attendance there, the question of where to prey is somewhat determined by this for people with children.

We have a number of Evangelical church groups in my local area but they have no back-up for education.

About copyright

As many of my regular readers know when freakish things happen, I often enough, just can’t stop going on about it. I wish I could just put it to one side and get one with things, but unfortunately my mind is kept buzzing to the point that I wake up and go to sleep thinking about it.

The Breivik case is one of those incidences and the latest thing that makes me wonder is the fact that Breivik calls himself a Christian.

I think that God invented the concept of copyright by his bible commandments when he decreed that: ” Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.”

Want to know how often did they guy go to church? How does he get the idea to call himself Christian? He took his inspiration from al-Qaeda so at most he is a closet Muslim who has just come out.

The definition of sharing

Sharing is not an infinite activity, so that what has been misunderstood lately in large parts of the globe, that everybody has to share everything with anybody, at least that is the gist of the new laws that creep up everywhere, that we are all the same and all can have the same.

The world started off in parcels of land and countries or continents and countries or regions were controlled or owned by groups of people who held certain beliefs or cultures. Those cultures owned areas and kept others out who didn’t feel the same or share the same beliefs.

In today’s New World Order or Globalisation as others call it, we are told we have to share anything with everyone. There is however a struggle going on who controls the big global cake and gets the sweetest pieces.

I found a great definition of what sharing should mean for Christians in the Apostles Acts 4:32-35 where it says that “The whole group of those who believed were of one heart and soul, an no one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common. With great power the apostles gave their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great peace was upon them all. There was not a needy person among them, for as many as owned land or houses sold them, an brought the proceeds of what was sold. They laid it at the Apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to each as any had need.

Sounds totally Socialist but I think the important part of the piece is that explains that this total sharing took place amongst those believers in Christ and not all people on earth. What we see today is that what Christians built over the centuries as culture and gained both in knowledge and material possessions has been distributed over the whole world but not all who benefit are believers in Christ. Even our own Christian homelands have been ‘invaded’ by non Christians who want to forbid us to celebrate our heritage and religion saying that we are not treating all as equal.There is a difference in charitable sharing with non believers and sharing among those who own it all and who are Christians as the first tier of owners.

The bible defines in many places the preferential treatment that was given by Jesus and the Lord to Christians and it is this privilege that some want to take away from us when we have a right to own it.

Most other religions give a fist preference to their own kind, Jews have the state of Israel and Muslims have Islamic countries, where they discriminate against non Muslims, just that Christians seem to want to become obliterated by others all the time lately that is. Have they lost all self-confidence?

We need a Christian revival

We do need a Christian revival to put a clear emphasis on our Christian beliefs and what that means for our understanding of society not the least to put a valuable alternative to the confused politics we are confronted with so frequently these days. The church does not make enough effort I think to distance themselves from politics and to provide a path for Christians to follow on.

Within the Christian church we find many differing opinions, one of which can be clearly shown on the attitude towards homosexuality. Parts of the church refute it and others cherish it as being Christian.

In some instances Christians find a common ground with some Muslims who also detest homosexuality but some Muslims came along and put up illegal hate posters, asking for hanging of those engaging in homosexuality because the Koran says so.

What is clear is that we cannot and must not break worldly laws to promote any type of Christianity we belief in to be the correct one. All who are biblical scholars will know the word of God that has been preserved within the Christian bible. We worldly people are also not privileged in that we are granted a guaranteed place in heaven if we break worldly laws. The recent Easter celebrations showed us that Jesus went knowingly through quite a lot of torture in his last days of live, knowing that he would be revived and risen up to sit at the right hand of the father in heaven. Yet we know Jesus will not come again in the same shape or form to help us out again; we have to help ourselves as we know God will  judge the living and the dead.

I think there are ways to help us Christians to prosper by keeping to worldly laws and always stay within the law, indeed I am an ambassador for law keeping as I am strongly engaged in Neighbourhood Watch also.  Just as I wrote in a recent blog that we can help our beliefs in Christianity by using selective purchasing and only spending our money where we think it is the most Christian benefit I read on the BBC website today that “Queen retain UK albums sales crown”. We all know Freddy Mercury was one of the most prolific homosexuals on earth and died of Aids, which was brought on by his homosexual habits.

Now this is an excellent example to take to show you what I mean. Examine your conscience. Are you for or against homosexuality. If you are for, then no problem if you bought a Queen record but if you are against, then you should not even listen to their songs or purchase them. It is no good to engage with something voluntarily, without needing to for any legally imposed purpose, and then be against it.

Often enough we are forced by law to take part in activities we cannot fully appreciate. We might need  to work for an employer who is involved in religious or personal practises we do not like but that doesn’t give us the right to sabotage the work or slack at the job because the products or services the company makes are important for the supply chains.  We could only try to apply for a job elsewhere but cannot quit our job we are in simply because we hate the boss.

We need to develop a holistic approach that is legal and to the point. It would be absolutely schizophrenic to preach being against homosexuality and then purchase goods made by homosexuals because we like them and then go around persecuting homosexuals and asking for them to be discriminated against or even imprisoned or worst.

Equally you could not stop your own child from engaging in practises that you as parent would be against but you can only do and support what you can legally support or oppose.  You could ask your kid to move out and stop supporting them financially once they turned 18 years of age if you do not approve with their lifestyle.

I do not think we have the right to unlawfully discriminate against any person and can only use personal self-discipline to alter society by putting our money where our beliefs are. Everything these days is regulated by financial mechanism and we need to make good use of these financial mechanisms to put our point across.

I do not think that for a Christian who beliefs in Conservative Christian values any political party will help them but what we need is for the church to become our spiritual leader. It is simply too easy to go to church these days and be told that all our sins are forgiven because Christ died for us on the Cross.

We need the church to develop alternative values to current politics and policies in  all sorts of context, education and schooling is one and pensions are another. Interestingly the bible quite openly prefers Christians for getting the best treatment and supports discriminating those that do not follow Christ. There are now so many anti-discrimination laws in place that make it quite difficult to give preferential treatment to anyone but we must be able to challenge such non discrimination laws legally.

I shall  spend more time in prayer and learning the bible and can do so by attending prayers in church every day and go to masses whenever possible whilst I am unemployed. That will put me to some good use.

How to help your religion

Whilst I sat during an excellent Easter service in my Christian church this morning, I heard that we worldly followers of Christ are like the Apostles, those who denied Christ to save their own skin, like Judas who betrayed Christ for his own gain.

Yes, whilst we are worldly, we have no guarantee to rise up into heaven if we follow the purely Christian rules, Jesus had a guarantee from his father that he would be sitting at his side after the resurrection but the most we worldly people can hope for is a place in heaven and that is a big risk.

Being a Christian has become more difficult and in some instances all religions suffer from certain worldly laws that clash with the holy books. It is against worldly laws to speak your mind openly, it is almost a criminal offence to say what you think nowadays. Though in godly terms it is a sin not to do so.

Yet we all must live on this planet and what would the state of Christianity be if all followers of Christ blindly walked into their death? Who would preach the Christian gospel on earth? A living prophet surely is better than a dead one. How can we stay as true to our religion as we want?

I heard of one lady who gave up her job because she could not go to church on Sundays any longer. Truthfully the economy has not improved since shops are open on Sundays, the opposite is the case, the economy has shrunk since we have Sunday opening. Yet you cannot just give up your job because you do not want to work with a gay colleague because the bible forbids homosexuality.

So what can you do? Maybe it is best to invest as much money as possible in the church, so that the church becomes a strong economic power and out-does the other institutions that currently make the laws. If you truly hate something but are not allowed to say it, just act on it as much as you can. Research products and companies and don’t spend your money where there is something you do not like. Stop using banks that support businesses you oppose.

There are strong reasons to give up egoistic beautification and give the money to your church instead, so that the church can out-finance other financial institutions that make the laws.

Why have worldly laws changed so much? It is because those who make today’s rules give plenty of money to the political parties that make our rules these days. The best way to oppose them is not to vote for them and look at their biggest sponsors and if you do not like them, just stop purchasing their goods and stop using their services.

I think churches could start their own banking services or become financial institutions in their own right and get out of the pathetic begging position they are in.

Obviously there is little point in forfeiting your livelihood for one last stand when it costs lots of money to fight a case through the courts. Hit them were it hurts and that is money-wise.

There is little difference in any political party today, stop voting and just give your money to the church instead if you think they serve your ideals better.

Corner shops become angels of death

The new rule that forces any shop with a size larger than 280 sq m to hide tobacco products but allows smaller shops to advertise them till 2015 makes small shops, the ideal distributors of deadly materials. What a thing to do, be able to sell items that knowingly ruin people’s health. I would rather give up my shop then just sell stuff that I know ruins people’s health. Such small shops are also often known for selling alcohol to under age youth or allowing adults to purchase it for them, when they are asked to do so.

Incidentally in my area, I tried to get hot cross buns yesterday, which is a particularly Christian food item, and both do not sell them. So there is little reason for me to use my local corner shop because all super markets sell hot cross buns. My local shops are situated next to a Christian church and that should give them a reason to sell the buns but no, those shops are run by non Christians and so they do not sell Christian food. Is it the new type of underhand racism to fade out Christian consumable items?

Just as we hear that also now a case has gone to the ECHR to allow people to wear openly Christian crosses on their clothing at work. Thinking that for a Muslim they do not even have to wear any attachments other than their clothing to show they are Muslims. For a Christian it is not so easy because their is no distinctly Christian clothing. So Muslims are already distinct in the expression of their faith by wearing distinctly Muslin clothing, which they are allowed to do but Christians should be barred from displaying their faith, especially at work.

Cardinal Keith O’Brian asks Christians to proudly wear crosses and that a lapel pin only costs £1. That is much cheaper than a whole Muslim clothing outfit in comparison. But please tell me where can I buy a lapel pin, I do not think they get sold in my church.

It is in forgiveness…

Just having watched the Queen’s Christmas message, I feel very up-lifted and confident into this country now. It gave me a sense of belonging and her words to say it is in forgiveness that we find God’s love, were very moving indeed. A very Merry Christmas to all my readers.

Seeing how many countries belong to the Commonwealth puts the European squabbles into a more relevant context. Europe knows it does not just deal with one little Island above the mainland.

Can we learn from Muslims?

Islam is gaining memento and more influence all over the world. But what can we learn from them. It is veracity. It secretly impresses people that Muslims stick to their ‘guns’ and attack others who mock them, at least that is how Muslims perceive the latest edition of a French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, that meant to celebrate the win of a Muslim political party in the recent Tunisian elections with a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, calling him the editor in chief. I thought that Germans do hot have a sense of humour but that is definitely surpassed by Muslims, who are even more sensitive to mockery.

People admire it if they know they belong and some strong defence is put onto a group.  I think Christianity is suffering from a softening of the attitude and the softer Christianity gets the less want to be part of it. Tolerance is nice and good but it drives people away rather than attract them.

Charlie Hebdo has been completely destroyed. But then, when I read that they are planning to run such a cartoon a few days ago, I was anticipating that this would happen, as it always has happened as soon as a non-Muslim organisation of any stripe tends to get humorous with Islam. All the reaction Muslims are going to get is an apologist ‘we won’t do that again’ attitude an that shows the weakest always perish. Unfortunately that is still the stark reality in life. What the west tends to do is attack whole countries and destroy their leaders like they did with Gaddafi and Hussein but that is as far as it goes. The system there then just recovers, slightly adapted but no less still the same in structure and belief.

Overall Muslims enjoy a renaissance of Islam and they are getting stronger by the minute, simply because they stick to their beliefs and do not give in. It has now become satirical also in the sense that the USA has been driven from their leadership in Unesco.

What is really important in the strength of Muslims is their domestic daily routine, that is thoroughly drenched by religious rites, whilst former Christians have faded into oblivion and flirt with all types of religions or none at all. Whilst the Communist blocks who are fiercely anti-religious enjoy equally strong leadership and advance in economic terms in the world as we can see in China and Russia, the Christian block simply fades away in ideological, economic terms. Christians have one thing in common and that is indecisiveness and lack of conviction.  Strangely enough Christians still live in the belief that it is them who rules the world but that is only repeated in the official brain-washing propaganda machine. A bit self-deluding really.  They rely on banking mechanism, which is not so important in real terms because people can always live as long as they get some supply of food and water.  Civilisations have come and gone with the ages and I think this one has soon surpassed itself.

In essence it is really important that whatever you do, you do it thoroughly and not half-hearted and that always impresses.

I do not mean to express sympathy with the action that destroyed this French publisher I merely mean to say that there is a considerable world-wide support for one religion that does not accept our laws but only sticks to their own and is showing strength of character in doing so.  The moral of this story is that if you are really fed up with live, just mock Muhammad and wait what happens.  But on the other hand if you mock Jesus, you get an apology for having been offended by his name.

Happy are those

Today’s Gospel reading in church showed us the power of trusting in God and especially Matthew 5:11 tells us “Happy are you when people insult you and persecute you and tell all kinds of evil lies against you because you are my follower.”

I do go to church regularly and describe myself as Christian, and people tell all types of evil lies about me and that I suppose makes me fit to claim Christian persecution from those who persistently write evil lies about me. Even the judges are on their side and there is no point in trying to seek earthly justice for the evil lies because there is no law that is adequate today to deal with evil lies.

Before that we can read in Matthew 5:9 “Happy are those who work for peace because God will call them his children”. I suppose I am mainly interested in peace, the peace of mind the peace of truth and the peace of honesty.

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