walking past the cake shelf

Of course those high-energy users like for example Amazon Prime delivery guys or builders etc., they need plenty of calories but myself, sitting in front of the screen a lot of hours, I really need to keep those cakes out of my shopping basket.

My concerns for Christmas are centred around getting enough fresh vegetables, salads and fruit. Having a nice and cosy home over the long winter break.

I won’t even bake a Christmas cake this year. Those cakes just give me an excuse to gorge myself on unnecessary carbs.

Whilst shopping I noticed some vitamins seems to be out of stock, especially cheap Vitamin D.

It is not easy to escape the constant dribble of having to buy gifts for Christmas. I remember the times when government was busy telling us to save our money, now we are being urged to spend it, to keep business going.

Fine, me buying stuff keeps someone else in employment but then, I also don’t need anything right now. Business will always try to find ways to make me want to buy something.

But if society was built on need to do rather than need to make a profit, we would change our ways of making things.

We spent a lot of money getting ready for school, buying tech to assist learning, paying for communications services is a very important part of spending the limited budget we have.

I think people shouldn’t fall into that trap, which tells them to buy a gift or be a dork. If you don’t have money, don’t buy a gift.

All cultures and religions have times when giving gifts is part of the celebratory regime. But in fact the life-cycle demands us to spend our money sensibly on choices, which further education, career and job prospects instead.

Advertisements are made for the few people who have lots of money because the many who have little money can’t possibly spend as much as they are expected to.

It is in forgiveness…

Just having watched the Queen’s Christmas message, I feel very up-lifted and confident into this country now. It gave me a sense of belonging and her words to say it is in forgiveness that we find God’s love, were very moving indeed. A very Merry Christmas to all my readers.

Seeing how many countries belong to the Commonwealth puts the European squabbles into a more relevant context. Europe knows it does not just deal with one little Island above the mainland.

Sermons in the Sun

It’s quite good that we can get a Sermons in the Sun newspaper for Christmas today. And it of course centres around the true meaning of Christmas what else. The Archbishops of York, Dr. John Sentamu gives it quite a contemporary twist in that he gradually develops a criminal mentality of the kid that wants a bike. Not dissimilar to the Somalian pirates who hijack ships if they want something or even worst capture people to get what they want.

So the little kid that wanted a bike, stole a statue of Mary and threatened Christ that if he doesn’t get that bike, Jesus is not going to see his mother ever again. Quite funny really if it wasn’t so tragic.

Yet for the average parent there are other ways of explaining to a kid that they can’t have what they want. For example one could say: “Imagine what would happen if all people had a bike and cycled on the footpaths, they would be totally blocked, God has other plans for you”.

It’s the same with all the worldly goods, really that if they are big and move there is the space argument and with smaller electronic gadgets one can always say that God wanted that kid, whose parents could not afford the Wii console to do something else with their lives but actively play games in their living room all day.

With the giving of gifts of course the Holy has rather ideally combined with the practical because Christmas creates jobs as all the goods have to be made by the elves who work in the shops giving out the gifts to parents who have got special vouchers, called money or credit cards to buy them. The ones who cannot buy all the things are not meant to have them I think.

What would Winter be without all the Christmas atmosphere, how boring would our living rooms look without the lights and decorations. Jesus was born just at the right time to save us from total boredom in winter, we ought to thank him for that.


The pope’s religious summit in Assisi

I think it is an excellent idea of Pope Benedict XVI to hold a religious summit because most religious clashes, especially from the Muslim side can only be controlled by their religious leaders. Muslims are very obedient people who listen to their religious leaders and I have the feeling that any violence that takes place against Christians is sanctioned by the Muslim’s religious leaders.

Christians are on hold in all respects, on hold to keep all aggression within themselves and not attack any Muslims and I am therefore shocked that an attack on a Christian church took place over the Christmas period.

“Facing the threatening tensions of the moment, especially discrimination, injustices and religious intolerance, which today strike Christians in a particular way, once again, I make a pressing appeal not to give in to discouragement and resignation,” Pope Benedict XVI said.

If we look at the pre-Christmas events here in Tower Hamlets, we saw Christmas hate posters plastered all over the borough; the posters were then removed by police because they sparked hate. Sister Christine Frost spotted the “evil Christmas” posters. According to the East London Advertiser I quote: ”

The posters are thought to be part of a national campaign organised by 27-year-old Abu Rumaysah, who once called for Sharia Law in Britain at a press conference held by the leader of the now-banned militant group Islam4UK.”

I would like to see more committment from Muslim religious leaders to preach tolerance and peace to their congregations and a condemnation of the recent attack in Egypt.

Personally I am a committed Christian.

Enough is enough or we are proud to be Christian after all

This BBC report about Lord Carey’s remarks on curbing immigration states the very interesting figure that if current trends continued, the UK population would rise by 10 million to more than 71.6 million by 2033, whilst Lord Carey argues we should not allow our population to rise above 70 million. There is the matter of quality of life to consider and too many people spoil whatever comfort we may have.

Lord Carey quite clearly states that he values people from abroad but he says Immigrants must understand the UK’s culture and democracy. I totally agree with this and would take it further to demand that they positively support the UK’s culture and democracy because in today’s The Sun newspaper we read that Islamist Anjem Choudary, the man who wants to stage the protest march in Wootton Bassett earns 25k per year in benefits and preaches hate against us.

Many may ask, but why do we pay  people like that £25k in benefits, so that they can rally up hate against us?

Immigrants get a fair chance to come and enjoy our country and it is very popular indeed. This enjoyment does not include trying to overthrow us or trying to destroy us. I think our society can only tolerate a certain percentage of immigrants of non-Christian origin because we need to integrate immigrants  into our society and the less those already here wish to integrate, the less room is there for any more that wish to counteract against our Christian heritage and beliefs.

 The points system must give preference to those who are in support of our democracy, understand that we are a country of Christian heritage and who do not wish to turn us into a Muslim state.  I think we are exceptionally tolerant allowing all those Mosques to be built everywhere, we would find it hard to get such a welcoming attitude in an Islamic nation.  Brits are probably the most tolerant peoples in the world but one can push us only so far and not any more.

I did however state in another blog and can’t emphasize enough that we can learn from Muslims because of their ability to dedicate themselves to their families and keep true of their religious beliefs, that is something we Christians lost somewhere along the line.

Rush to please the constituents at Christmas

When Rushanara Ali’s 2 Christmas cards arrived at our address, I saw that we got 2 in our household and each one had 2 address labels stuck on top of each other. The Labour Party admin has gone into overdrive to produce Christmas cards to all potential Rushanara Ali voters in the next show off for who is going to be the next MP for Bethnal Green and Bow.

Why use the electoral register to send 2 cards per resident in each household for Christmas. I am assuming it is from the electoral register. Those two paired together by Rushanara might not get on very well and hate her for that, or they are two separate individuals who feel intimidated in being addressed together. Apart from that it is against the law to open someone else’s mail. How is one going to work out who is going to open it unless both addressees are there together at the same time.

It just shows that even in small matters like sending out Christmas cards to constituents is already a difficult chore for the Labour Party candidate.  I won’t be voting for you Rushanara and I am not sure whether others in this household are totally put off by your simplified methods of putting people into pairs e.g. female and male just because they have differrent sexes with the same surname, very odd.

But there we have it, Rushanara is Labour’s second attempt to replace Peter Shore’s carefully maintained Labour constituency with a female candidate. Already Oona Kind didn’t do to well I’m sure Rushanara won’t do much better than her. So lets safe ourselves all the heartache and vote Conservative to get some much needed stability in Bethnal Green and Bow

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