shoot yourself in the foot

is an expression that people use to describe if a measure you take, turns out detrimental against yourself.

British establishment and conservationists always want to help promote the establishment, of which the Church of England is an important cornerstone.


St James the Less church

Church of England schools were long seen as the ultimate part of the pro-English upbringing of those wanting to serve Queen and country.

The church being the glue that holds the social fibre of English society together, educated mind and spirits. Yet an essential part of English society was the emergence of unions, which branched out of working-class environments and became an integral part of life.

Along comes our latest bout of Conservative government seeking to destroy the stronghold unions have on the confidence of the working classes. This of course includes the pocket so Muslim immigrants who follow special social rules culminating in Sharia law.

Easy peasy things thinks the government, we just shake it all up, we get rid of the unions and the radical Islamist scourge at the same time.

There then followed a strong rule change, making working compulsory, forcing people to accept any job on offer and reducing work security through a change in working contracts law.

Also, to throw into the mix came the idea to “increase the quality of schooling” by allowing free schools and by tearing schools away from councils and getting them directly funded by government e.g. through the academy system.

Whilst previously we saw a shortage of school places, we now see an oversaturation of educational provision. Schools open everywhere but people generally have less children because of working law and benefit changes.

All the uprooting of social connections, suitably assisted by changes in housing law and provision thoroughly shook society to the core.

In Tower Hamlets just about the only traditional education available was through Church of England schools. Yet academies and free schools have mushroomed out of nowhere, leaving Muslim children to attend non-church schools with often 85-95% Muslims, whilst the Catholic kids, cram into the few Catholic schools.

The Church of England, through its Liberal approach suffers from a loss of church attendance and general lack of draconian church discipline, is not very attractive to Muslims who experience much more pressure to follow strict religious rules and enjoy the feeling of being forced to adhere to a religious life-style.

That makes Church of England schools less attractive to those who want to experience dogma.

Tower Hamlets has long been the source of constant political controversy and is run by more or less left-wing factions of the Labour Party and similar constellations of political movements like AspireRespect or Tower Hamlets First.

The current Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, who was seen as a moderate leader by many, is however very keen to rid Tower Hamlets of one of the oldest Church of England schools at the earliest opportunity. It is just another weapon to stab local society into the heart of traditional values and help undermine the Monarchy.

Had this Conservative government not sought to change society to the core with a flurry of legal changes, we would not be in this situation that English traditional education is being disbanded in this part of London.

Any benefit that may have shown through ‘better’ academy schools is wiped out by disturbance constant change brings. Children need to feel safe not only physically but also mentally by being able to rely on those services, adults around them, knowing they can grow up into society and contribute to that society at a later stage.

raines school

Raine’s Foundation, C.o.E. Secondary in Bethnal Green

The children of Raine’s Foundation school in Tower Hamlets are being torn apart from their brand-new school, strewn into the wind of education and lost the ability to concentrate on their GCSE and A-levels because their school is threatened by closure.

The last thing, kids want to worry about is finding a school or changing school when they need to concentrate on years of course work to get the best results. The travesty is that the education and teachers at Raine’s are very good and pupils can achieve best results, they do run a Year 11 High Attainment Program in conjunction with Stem. Why do they want to close a school that produces top class achievers, just because it is a Church of England school?

Most parents choose schools wanting peace of mind, being able to leave their children there till 6. Form and then go onto university or into a working life.

Yet the chopping and changing politics by this current government has thrown everything around into a big mixing bowl of social change and nobody is any the wiser of what is happening.

Of course, being able to plan ahead has become a luxury and that is what this government wants, they do not want people to get too comfortable because happy people are dangerous people who can start to demand even better than they have.

So, this Conservative government in fact chips away on conservative values and education by creating a whirlwind social environment that destroys all conservative values and creates anxiety and fear among our young people.

That is one of the reasons why kids now feel they need to demonstrate about the climate emergency instead of going to school, why school kids feel they need knives to protect themselves as they no longer feel safe as nothing can be relied upon any longer. Parents aren’t even at home after school any longer to calm down any fears, parents are forced into working instead of being there to parent.

Everthing is being eroded for working people, starting by housing, to working contracts and schooling. The reduction of policing services has another detrimental impact onto society.

Getting rid of everything known and comforting is perhaps the biggest mistake this government makes.

There are no particular problems at Raine’s Foundation, yet over-crowded popular schools often attract the most problems. But the per-pupil funding will prefer big problem schools before smaller, high quality schools because of the funding formulae.

Just today, the World Economic Forum published figures to show how stress severely affects our University Students, which means the format of education needs to change, to become more user friendly rather than production belt style.

Raine’s provides that friendly but high quality education, that is of excellent quality.  Universities must follow a model that produces happy students.


Red Tape

Today’s Christingle service at St. James the Less  Church was the second successive year I attended it, and again, we got those excellent quality oranges from the Children’s society, the oranges are the best ones I have tasted in years, especially since I reside in the East End of London.

On most occasions in the church we get tasks and games to do, always of a Christian nature, fun but educational.

The Children’s Society Christingle service provided us with a bag, equipped with an orange, with red tape around the middle of the orange, 4 cocktail sticks (not toothpicks) and 4 sweets.

The orange represents the globe and the red tape around it immediately reminded me of plenty of red tape taking place on earth but whether the vicar read my mind or heard my whispered remark, she immediately said, no, do not say red tape, as in red tape (holding back our police officers up from doing their jobs properly), but red tape representing the blood of Christ. There is a thought, can red tape be in any way be associated with the blood of Christ, that we are paying the price for our bad behaviour not in our blood but in the shape of red tape?

Probably a little far-fetched but nevertheless the thought lingers in my mind whilst I enjoy the remainder of my orange the 4 sweets draped around the candle stuck in the middle of it all to represent the light of Christ.

Let’s get together, come on, come on

St James the Less church

St James the Less church

I would like to offer to all my opponents in the libel suits, currently going on in the High Court to come together for a calming session. What would be a better place than a church on a Sunday. We could all wish each other peace and shake hands and try to get a grip on the situation and find a solution, so help us God.

We need to find a solution to save us all costs and bring this dispute to an end. What better way than to pray together and hope for enlightenment.

Mr Osler already agreed to mediation and I would very much like to invite him to join me for church this Sunday or the following Sunday at 10:30 AM at St James the Less church in St James the Less Avenue London E2, behind the Chest Hospital.

Hopefully Mr Gray and Mr Hilton will join me too. If not I shall pray for you and for us all to come to a solution of this dispute soon. We can all hope that we find a solution, unfortunately I cannot drop the cases because I am very keen on my good name and have it restored and I hope that we can find a way for you to apologise and for me to forgive you.

Bitter, twisted and ugly

The earliest recorded depiction of the Germanic word Gudan, God

The earliest recorded depiction of the Germanic word Gudan, God

that is how I feel right now and deeply ashamed for preaching hate. I shall forthwith stop hating Mr Gray and the Labour Party because hate does not improve things, it deepens conflict and costs me too much money, so is unproductive.

I shall go to church on Sunday and ask God for forgiveness for letting bitterness creep into my heart instead of showing loving understanding for those that are weak.

I shall seek to understand why I cannot help those who are narrow minded to open their minds and hearts to the world to learn respect and tolerance, love and understanding for the rights of others.

Hate narrows my mind and I cannot function properly and so I shall stop hating. My diet also helps a lot, I think with losing weight and getting excess fat out of my body my mind functions better.

I ballooned to 13 stone and am now down to 10 1/4 stone. Being only 164 cm tall, I can go down to 8 1/2 stone comfortably. I’ve only ever been overweight for the last 7 years or so after I got the inflammation of my tendons from the constant cycling and now I get myself back to the usual discipline.

It’s better late than never. Lets see whether I can save this and help Mr Gray to see the light with patience and understanding.

Humpty Dumpty

Finally the wall outside of the Hair Lounge has been demolished. It attracted a fair amount of revellers each day who sat on it and populated the space outside our local hair stylist.

However what has been created with the removal of that wall is a ramp, that now stands unprotected. The wall covered up a raised parking area. The local police supported the removal of the wall, there were suspicions of drug use and we from the Neighbourhood Watch and the Local Area Safer Neighbourhood Team supported removing it. Hopefully those new boulders are going to be erected soon.

There are benches in the square, opposite the Newsagent and we do hope that the users of the wall do not move themselves to the steps outside of the church. Though I do not know what the policy of the vicar would be doing.

Please whoever don’t leave litter on the church steps if you can avoid it.  Unfortunately I lost my connecting cable from my camera to the computer and cannot at the moment provide a picture. If anyone has one, let me know please.

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