a breach of trust

If it wasn’t so serious, I would use the well-known Abba song, “its so funny how we don’t talk anymore” to describe the recent leaks of military classified information on the open web, namely Wikileaks. The BBC reports about this on a regular basis.

It is plainly completely irresponsible to disclose classified military documents on the open web for all to see. It works against the western military forces and those trying to establish democracy in those nations concerned like Iraq and also Afghanistan and it endangers military personnel and installations.

It’s so funny how the army and other organisations do anything to swear their personnel to secrecy and how outsiders can disclose such information by using modern technology, whereby the technology breaches all known borders that usually contain such information. A so-called wild-cat action by those wanting to disturb peace efforts of the military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That shows that war can take many shapes and forms of deceit, in this instance electronic multiplication without authorisation on an open platform. Whilst recently a computer hacker was jailed for hacking into US army computers, searching for evidence of aliens; there is definitely a lack of law to deal with electronic multiplication of secret material on an open platform across jurisdictions.

This would be a good opportunity to develop international copyright and privacy laws to do with publication.

Seeing is believing

Just found a lot of recordings on UFO research and so far I never believed that UFO’s existed, simply because I never saw one. My husband believed in it but that subject was one of our best marriage arguments.

In one of those clips it says that several supernatural civilisations are studying earth continuously.

Now to the filming. When I drove in a car at night, I could in the window often see sensations that could have made to look like UFO’s if one took a picture of the reflections of light in the night-time car window.

I have also heard that UFO like flying objects can be powered by copper coils around the inside of t he object and that accelerates to incredible speed and that the American military builds such craft experimental, that might explain sightings of such objects.

Watch the films for yourself and make up your own phantasms about it.

Add on 3.3.11 Today’s picture on MSN shows a weather formation that looks just like a UFO and explains those round lights in the sky as natural phenomenon.

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