Thought control from Mayor Facebook

Having heard that YouTube – owned by Facebook – has shut down the postings of David Icke, a proclaimer of weird theories about the origin of Covid-19, it seems interesting, to say the least, that we now have thought control of the Internet imposed upon us.

Just wonder whether an alpha-male like David Icke will take that laying down. I don’t agree with his opinion, that G5 could be responsible for Corona Virus but it is an opinion, wrong or right. People no longer have the choice to listen to nonsense now.

I noticed that YouTube also deleted one of my videos. It was actually factually correct but not very pretty and filmed in a darkened room. It dealt with the origin of the Freemasons, a subject that was discussed on social media 30 years ago. Not that I am particularly interested in it, but it is noticable that YouTube thought it needs to be removed.

On the matter of enrichment, I thought the more the better. And as long as it doesn’t promote open violence or hate why can’t people say what they think any longer?

Just went shopping the other day and really appreciated that we have so many shops from people of different cultures who all sell basically the same stuff but sell it for their own communities from different outlets.

Trading standards could come along and say, they will not allow shops from people from differing cultural backgrounds but they don’t. It is not allowed to discriminate against other cultures, so why is it allowed to discriminate against whacky ideas by some individuals?

David Icke does not promote denial of the Holocaust. He merely thinks that G5 has to do with Corona Virus. The flat earthers are allowed to publish.

Perhaps what people need to do is to hire their own internet servers, which do not rely on major publishers and publish their own stuff by their own servers.

I curently use WordPress but do not need the platform.

I have noticed a big drop in postings on Facebook. It seems to get out of fashion.

Kids asked to pose in underwear on Facebook scam, police warns

If I was asked to state my most hated crime, then I would say it is the exploitation and abuse of children. I do know that many parents and children circumvent the registration process on Facebook to allow children under the age of 13 onto the site. Kids enjoy Facebook for its games and also because often their parents and other friends are registered and the communications methods are easy to learn and use for children too.

There are users of Facebook who use the trademarks of popular children’s modelling agencies to get children to post photos of themselves in their underwear. Children are being approached and told that if they wish to get into modelling they have to pose in their underwear. Those photos then can stay online forever. This can have profound effects on a person’s career path.

It is also indecent and demeaning to do this. One well-known modelling agency, Pat Keeling, state on their own website, that they do not have a Facebook account, but someone set up a Pat Keeling ID on Facebook.

There are 2 issues for me here, one is how easy it is to impersonate somebody else on Facebook and the other is that people must be warned not to fall for such trickery as this is most likely a set-up of paedophiles that want to get children to expose themselves in their underwear.

I should say social networking sites of any type should include software, into their registration process, that double checks the ID of registrants against their addresses. So that if somebody uses a well-known trademark, that their e-mail address and address is checked against the registered details of that trademark, or that a verification process has to involve the proper registered trademark holder for example. This would eradicate the identity theft of well-known personalities and trademarks.

Of course the police are doing a splendid job in issuing a public warning against this menace.

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