Licensing sub-committee

Tower Hamlets 27. September 2022, see webcast Rebaka Sultana chair. 3.2. New premises license for Taste of Jaipur 74 Brick Lane. E1 6RL Brick Lane Community Impact Zone. Described as restaurant, Hours. sale of alcohol on and off Latest opening 2AM. Lots of presentations on this application ranging from Health & Safety to police and… Continue reading Licensing sub-committee

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The benefit of food banks

Just read this interesting article describing the words of a Tory Chair of a Conservative Association in a Red-Wall area. I can concur with many of the words said, but not with all. Personally I raised my kids in poverty, on benefits largely and could not have managed without the two credit cards I managed… Continue reading The benefit of food banks

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Plea of Pakistani flood victims

Very sad indeed. There is no infrastructure to deal with these predictable weather conditions in the Manoor valley of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province (source). Earth warming will raise water levels for many coastal communities and those in the third world particularly will need re-housing further inland. I was just going to write about my keep-fit… Continue reading Plea of Pakistani flood victims

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Very impressive debate

Yes, it was well worth watching the hustings for votes towards the next Prime Minister. I've even been convinced that nuclear energy is a good way of producing cheap and reliable energy. I was all for wind turbines but that is on its one a very laborious and not very versatile and fragile type of… Continue reading Very impressive debate

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Overview and scrutiny

As always, I watch all council committees whenever I can. Tonight's Overview and scrutiny dealt with significant underspends and monies moved to the reserves. Even more now than former Councillors Woods constantly complained about. Predicted inflation was covered, however it was only raised in any other business, which effect the war in Ukraine may have… Continue reading Overview and scrutiny


An old white woman

People just do not want to listen to interesting content as long as it comes from someone that doesn't fit into their beautiful system. Suit yourself, literally. Just do not want to spend my time convincing people that I am not mad and I do know what I am talking about. Keep on getting told… Continue reading An old white woman


The jewel in King Edward Park

Tonight's Development Committee meeting of Tower Hamlets council was priceless. The patients and keeping cool at the worst of times, is what makes Councillor David Edgar, the master of chairs. As the issue of the King Edward Memorial Park was considered, one Councillor wanted to have the matter deferred to keep people happy, but refusing… Continue reading The jewel in King Edward Park


My fate brought me to meet Rabbi Glück

As I previously wrote about this mysterious Jewish book, which was given to me out of my late father's estate; fate brought me to meet Rabbi Glück at Hendon Police Academy last Sunday. Both of us are involved with Neighbourhood Watch. As it happens, I mentioned to the Rabbi, that I had this Jewish book… Continue reading My fate brought me to meet Rabbi Glück


Ban them

Quite astounded to learn that YouTube has allowed Nazi-occultists on their platform but has taken down my own little video about the Freemasons. Does this show how powerful certain groups are or still are or continue to be? I had noticed that the list of banned and danger listed groups from Anti-terrorist police has not… Continue reading Ban them

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The LBTH cabinet meeting

Spent the whole evening listening to the Tower Hamlets council cabinet meeting online and was amazed to hear that now Oaklands school has been called financially vulnerable because it has only a 4-form entry and is small. The original plan was to close Raine's Foundation because it was in debt and failed to attract pupils… Continue reading The LBTH cabinet meeting