Rushanara a proud remainer

Just got the first Labour leaflet through my door and Rushanara Ali states she is a proud remainer.

So much for all those on TV debates who call Labour pro leave and waiting to do the Brexit. Either Rushanara has an individual deal as local and established MP or Labour has a general policy of remain.

I am happy about this because that clears the air with those who will argue for pro-remain and keep on saying Labour is for Leave. Rushanara also argues for a People’s vote on the issue, which is fair.

The last referendum was years ago and so wishy-washy, it was unable to be executed. This time round people should get acceptable optionso n Brexit with the referendum.

I will be voting Labour this time because years of austerity have left Britain starving of investment. Rushanara is always communicating about issues, I contact her with.

Our technology is behind Japan, who as a similar Island nation are fully covered with broadband.

Fibre broadband everywhere will attract investment and also provide important security for all parts of Britain. I also hope that Labour will introduce free University education for students of British students in Britain.

I don’t think that private broadband firms have the money to put on a full network of cabelling throughout Britain because they would need the money for the work, which remote people and villages simply could not afford.

The lack of communications facility through a lack of broadband makes our communities vulnerable to abuse by criminals, who have advanced technological methods to their advantage. Our residents and businesses need to be able to communicate with law enforcement and potential customers for business ventures.

Free university education should save a lot of money in administration fees for the scheme that is currently in place. Students simply do not constantly want those depressing letters, telling them how much they own and how much the debt has increased with added interest. Perhaps one could ask for a contribution to university education once a student has graduated and gotten established with a very well paid post without sending constant letters reminding them. Perhaps one could attach a clause waving any pay back of the degree will be benefitting the UK.

Many other countries have nationalised utilities, which the Tories have all privatised with detrimental effect on services. Tories are crazy about privatisation and put the principle before effect. Any policy is only as good as the service it provides.


Hong Kong students please consider

photo of people on street

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Whilst I watched Newsnight, it just was unavoidable to think about those tragic Hong Kong Students who are unfortunately a perfect example how bad communication can only lead to doom.

People complain about algorythms on Apps but those students, who are in a compact environment, spend a lot of time together and most likely also use app communications hype each other on to more protests and stronger and stronger outbursts.

This can only lead to severe disruptions and destruction of the buildings and one interview with a students confirmed that there is a doom and gloom atmosphere, whereby a student said it is better to be dead than have live in the circumstances.

That is classical self-harming psychology and a message spread amonst students where it catches on like fire in their minds.

The obvious escalation of violence is not going to stop unless the law enforcement break up the protests.

The Chinese Ambassador was at the program and it was discussed that China promised to purchase some British steel works to save British jobs and that brings us on their side. Hopefully we won’t see another Tian’anmen Square disaster but that the Hong Kong police use a strategy that avoids death.

Hopefully the Hong Kong police can bring an end to the protests by using smart tactics.

This is not about the cause any longer its about the results that can be achieved and self-destructive methods are not a good lesson for anybody to follow.


We need nationalisation

Just listening to the Jeremy Corbyn speech announcing free broadband for everybody and a part-nationalisation of BT.

Of course it is – in my view – a national security measure. Unfortunately on a private basis the providers cannot afford nor finance the layout of fibre broadband to remote and hard to access areas.

Those areas are already exploited by criminal gangs who use them to import people for slavery and drugs.

Without the widespread broadband Britain is highly vulnerable as it is accessible through a lot of remote areas, which themselves are not secured.

So we do need a Labour Party because private finance is unable to raise the money to implement this new utility.

It will most likely attract a lot of investment into Britain if businesses can access that free fibre broadband anywhere in the country.

I have noticed the change in broadcasters attitude towards the ususal Tory arguments, which normally rubbish everything Labour but now they are more careful to allow this. Interviewers now ask the Conservatives, please tell us your policies, we know how much you dislike Labour policies.

Whilst through years of Tory government all of our nation’s administrative mechanisms have been based on private financy initiatives and even our pension schemes depend on private savings and company pension schemes now, the business world has finally realised that they are unable to cope on private ownership alone.

It will take a re-think but it is seriously necessary to re-nationalise certain industries for our national security.

More food allergy for children

That is really concerning that more and more children suffer food allergies. I am not even qualified as doctor and often apply common sense and instinct when I look at something and often logic alone helps to resolve issues as well.

We are too specialised these days and often can’t see the forest because of the trees. Because everybody just looks at one very specific issue, we are unable to combine thoughts and are left to wonder what the cause of something is.

Severe food allergy reaction, which resulted in hospitalisation has risen by almost 100% in 4 years.

Allergies can be against, cheese, dairy in general, nuts, sesame.

Not all allergies result in a threat to life.

I blame lifestyle and eating too much pre-processed food.

agriculture barn clouds corn

Photo by Pixabay on I do not have any pictures from that time, so use a free pic.

My family used to run a farm, we made everything from cider to flour, from Sauerkraut to growing strawberries. We had geese, rabbits, cows, pigs.

I had a lot of contact with earth and the natural environment. All our food was basic and freshly prepared. My mother, nor her mother or the mother before that would go and buy any prepared food in a shop. In fact, in the village my family had a farm, the shop was the smallest institution in the whole area. It was tiny.

Whilst in a big city, all we see is shops. Our children live out of packets of ready-made food.

No doubt food selling has become a large part of our economy.

I’ve seen the changes here in London. So many shops have closed to be replaced by a shop selling food.

strawberryI still try to cook as much as possible myself. I walk past the cakes, I go home and bake one with ingredients I buy myself. You will be surprised how easy it is to make things from scratch.

Yes, it is more expensive. That is very unfortunate, because the more processed we buy and eat our food the less our stomach has to digest and that affects the microbes in our bodies and that is bad for us.

Probably food allergies are a reason why I could not buy any Tahini paste in my local Lidl nor in Sainsbury. Lidl didn’t even have any Humous in stock perhaps because it is made with Tahini, which is a paste made from Sesame seeds.

Can’t people keep busy doing crafts instead of buying everything ready-made, which  is a major cause of earth warming because producing things using machines, causes earth warming, instead of making food and selling it?


My home-made Christmas cake, it’s decoration is basic but it tasted very nice.

Yes, you can argue that the more people cook themselves the more ovens we need. Good point but health is the most important cause humanity can have.

We stick our children to sit in class-rooms all day and do not allow them to have contact with nature and then wonder why they do not know what a carrot is or where a chicken comes from.

Or, of course there is still apossibility that people always have been allergic to some foods but we just didn’t know it and they just died of something and it wasn’t clear to us what it was because science wasn’t able to detect the cause.

Enough of death, I just want to do something positive for the rest of the day, week, year.



Assisted dying is murder

Apologies for yet another dark subject in posting. I get a lot of emails from all kinds of organistions, who lobby me to support one cause or another.

Last night, the last one I received was one from Humanists asking me to write to my GP to support assisted dying. I definitely will not. I find nothing more repulsive as when humans ask each other for help with dying.

There is no dignity if one human being helps another human being to die. Especially a GP, who has been swearing an oath to help other human beings regardless of wealth.

There are many religious groups who commit some type of murder. I blogged yesterday about religious child-killers. Often it is some horrible ritual killing to punish for something.

But asking for a group to humanely kill another person is equally repelling.

There is assisted death already allowed in other countries and the recent case of a 17 year old, helped to die because she was tired of life, as she was raped and could not cope with that, is more than alarming. I really do not want to support assisted dying.

That is the problem with Euthanasia, once you got the principle, then it applies to all ages because that is how our laws work.

Anybody who wants to end their life can do so without any help from somebody else. I do not want to give any tips on that but it is really easy, even if you do not have your arms and legs functioning. I am very happy that there is a big opposition for social media tips on how to die. Apparently young people were coaxed into self-harm by being led – via algo-rythm – to more and more self-harm groups once they showed some interest in it.

The fact that people who want to die ask others to help them is in itself a cry for help.

Yes Humanity is facing a lot of problems to come through earth warming, lack of space but we should never revert to savage methods of reducing population numbers by killing those who are the weakest and ask to be put to death.

More and more children have food allergies for example. Yet we need to stay positive and foreward-looking and try to help solving problems with empathy and sympathy for humanity.


UK failed to nominate candidate for EU Commissioner

Not only did this government fail to spend money provided by the EU for poor children, the government now also failed to nominate a candidate for EU Commissioner.

Without a doubt, that will cost the UK even more money.

So why does this government not follow the rules that are in place?

The Conservatives always talk about saving taxes but spend the money on EU fines instead and indirectly the tax payer will have to pay for this.

Now the European Commission has launched infringement proceedings against the UK and the government has till 22. November to respond.

Don’t make us rely on charity

abundance bank banking banknotes

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I was amazed that Simon Cowell could just donate £25.000 for the BBC Children in Need appeal. Wonderful, some needy children will benefit from that.

What bothers me is that the amount of requests for charity donation has spiralled to immense proportions.

Now, since Facebook has jumped onto the bandwagon and lets people collect donations on their birthday, I am really in a jiffy because I have in excess of 800 friends.

Multiply the donations x 850 and I would find myself broke by Easter.

With the creation of the Big Society and the reducation in Taxes, essential services having to rely on donation rather than guaranteed support through the Funding Formula from Central government.

Yet people constantly fall into that trap, the lower taxes will get votes but in fact, our lives are much better when all those who need it get support all year round, which will reduce the crime rate, problems with care for people and maintenance of local areas and food banks and crowd funding.

tin can on gravel surface

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When we have a higher employment rate in the UK but most working get less money, then the tax income will fall lower because they won’t even meet the lowest tax thresholds for income tax. But they also do not earn enough to afford food.

Now we get so used to demands for money that it has become normal.

  • The beggar outside of supermarkets
  • The demand for Foodband donations inside the supermarkets
  • Constant demands for donations from online charities
  • Constant demands for donations in voluntary clubs and organisations.

Our incomes are vastly diminished through voluntary contributions, which are far higher than a regulated amount of higher tax.

Egg, emotional imbalance

A boiled egg, eaten on a commuter trains caused outrage recently. Somebody didn’t like the smell.

As I was in the process of finding work we were advised not to wear distinctive deodorants on our body because it could upset the interviewing panels, who do not like the smell.

Some interviewers do not like certain colours, hairstyles or other distinctive features of our appearance at the time.

Can firms even imagine how much talent they reject because their interviewers are choosing according to their own preferences?

Statistics show that around 66% of companies get unhappy with their new recruits once in the job. Only a third of US companies measure if their hiring technieques are good.

No matter what algorythms are used for job matching the interviewer will always be influenced by their own emotions and likes.

Obvioulsy head-hunting takes place but that is pre-determined and in specific social circles or using media in certain locations.

Back to the egg. Emotional balance is the word I am looking for. Only being happy if certain conditions are fulfilled like nobody’s eaten boiled eggs or other smelly foods, no loud noises, not allowed to wear green; there is always something somebody isn’t happy with.

That is the new way conditions are dictated by a few on the many and it is a new intolerance that I think we should reject.

We support faith schools in general

Faiths and Faiths can be quite different. Whilst it is known that in England alone, 2.000 suspected child victims were identified, yet that is only the tip of the iceberg and the real figure may be much higher. Victims can suffer abuse because of exorcism, violence against witches and of course FGM plays a major part.

Whilst our home-grown faiths like Church of England, Methodists, Catholics all work hard to expel child abuse and whilst our domestic laws outlaw even parental violence against children like smacking, some foreign religions bring their bad habits to Britain when they immigrate.

Our laws make no distinction between faith schools. That is the problem with our non discrimination laws. We do not discriminate against bad practises but accept anything.

We then only deal with problems as they arise. Once the problems have arisen, the child has already suffered or is dead.

I have seen a film about Africa where a child is expelled from the family, declared a witch and left to starve to death in the street unless the begging child finds doners. Victoria Climbie died aged 8 after sustained torture and abuse from her aunt  here in Britain. She was accused of being obsessed by evil spirits and starved to death.

Children are often targeted for abuse because of financial problems in the family. We used to publicly flog people in the streets hundreds of years ago but other countries are still in that phase of social development and bring those beliefs with them.

As a society we either stop having faith schools or we allow only schools with faith associated and fully acceptable to our social norms.



election promises

A good point has been made in a TV discussion today in that any party can promise as much as they like but if there is no majority government, whoever wins will probably not be able to put any of the promises into reality.

Labour promised free university education once before and took that back. It is extremely unlikely that Labour will get a majority government to put those promises into action.

For us here in East London, we are seeing the stark reality of a borough being run by Labour, which is leading to the closure of a Church of England Secondary school and 6. Form because the Labour led council is seeking this as a problem solution.

Pupils in the school are severely affected by the stress the closure of the school causes and all we get in answer to questions is that the school is not profitable enough. Hence a large school with a capacity of 750 has to be closed in favour of a nearby smaller school, who is supposed to absorb the extra pupils, being spewed out by the closing school.

How much sense does this make to anybody?

The Church of England school, that owns the property to provide education by having not only one but two modern school buildings is being closed so that another smaller school can take over education in the area.

Council will no doubt threaten purchasing at least one building by way of compulsory purchase.

It would have been possible to do it the other way around, by integrating the smaller school with the larger school. But it seems that just because the larger school is affiliated to the Church of England, the Labour run council rather dismisses that school in favour of a non denomination school.

Demographics show that the Christian population in Tower Hamlets is shrinking. the 2011 Census shows there are only 30% of Christians left, compared to 38% Muslims, the rest are from smaller churches or have no religion.

2018 estimates now put the Bangladeshi population numbers above the white ones.

It is quite obviously discriminating against the Church of England, whose admission policies are not restricting access to the school to Church of England members. All church schools usually accept members of all churches as long as their church leaders attest to their church attendance, whether that is Mosque, church or chapel. There is also a percentage of places guaranteed for non denomination pupils who live locally.

The council applies a rule which is based on the per pupil income, yet there are a lot of schools in Tower Hamlets which do not supply their accounts yearly and they are not strictly scrutinized to that extent.

It seems an easy option for Tower Hamlets Council to close a Christian school, when Christians appear in the minority and are the least able to fight back and loose the least vote when it comes to elections.

The schooling can be done by a Christian organisation as long as it serves the national curriculum and results are good.

Yesterdays’ parents were scared for their children but the council will only offer help once problems have ocurred. There is little appetite to do preventative measures. My daughter says she has been threatened with being knived if she wants to join certain local schools and that threat is enough for us not to go there. We really do not want to find out whether such threats are really going to happen.

Obviously if one group of residents is being marginalised the preferred groups may want to bully those who are driven out.



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