Freedom of Expression

The latest scandals about the Brexit propaganda has upset very many residents in Britain and abroad alike. The Freedom of Expression has assisted those who produced white and even whiter lies to mislead the public.

Voters are told to expect bent truths and put up with it. Of course it’s the comprehensive Freedom of Expression, which does NOT require concrete proof of statements made, that enables the political lying to go on and on and on.

I think that each and every statement about political promises, economic outlooks, should contain a minimum of analysis that explain why that argument has been made.

Say you promise that nuclear energy helps us to produce cheaper electricity, explain how this is beneficial and how Hinckley Point, unsuitably placed right near the coast is a decade long investment, that may be swallowed up by floods due to our ever increasing earth warming.

Political planning should always be required to include several outlooks:

  • economic
  • social
  • political
  • environmental

But thanks to the fact that our politicians remain in office just for a short while, we have to put up with short promises.

Look at David Cameron resigning, his premiership and his MP position once his work was done. We have to live with his decisions but he can just move on and earn more money. It’s like politicians are just in the job nowadays to press a point, then resign and “Nach mir die Sintflut”.

The government however is very concerned when the Freedom tends to preach hate against our system and Prevention of Terrorism Acts produce articles to help the state lock up those who wish to eradicate our political system altogether.  That is pointed mainly against those who wish to maim and kill.

Looking back at my own litigation, I thought their publications where aimed to whip up frantic extremism. Yet the government now only prevents open calls for murder and mass fraternities.

Yet the law is slowly changing, looking at Women’s rights, cat-calling gets criminalised and the political and hateful BANTER I had to put up with can now be prosecuted when it comes to sexual harassment.

How safe is nuclear power

I am quite amazed what one can read in those free papers and magazines that are given out at Underground stations and in this copy of Shortlist, page 37, there is an article about nuclear power. This seems to want to convince us that nuclear power is really not all that bad and that we need more of it instead of less.

The reasoning is completely beside the point it compares having a car accident with having a nuclear accident and puts this in the perspective of there is a 10.000:1 chance of dying in a car but there is a 1.000.000:1 chance of a nuclear reactor problem.

What this extra stupid comparison forgets to mention that if we have a car accident the problems created are very much isolated to the very geographical spot we happen to be on. This means only the people in the immediate vicinity of the accident will be affected. But if a nuclear reactor goes wrong the whole planet can be badly affected.

It is insane to think that just because there is a lower chance of a nuclear reactor going wrong that we now must plaster the whole country with them.

The German Atomic Conscience

Just as David Cameron announced a nuclear energy programme for the UK, the Germans are out on the streets, protesting against nuclear energy in the light of the Japanese disaster.

I am very impressed by that because it shows that the German self-preservation instinct is still intact. It is this attitude of Cameron to roll out a nuclear energy program throughout the UK that makes me very disappointed with the Conservatives. This practically nullifies everything else I might fight beneficial about Tory policies.

We cannot simply come along and say, but wait a minute, didn’t we fight the Germans in Word War I and II and so have to keep on fighting everything they do? When I heard the German anthem being played at the Monaco Grand Prix I felt proud to be from Germany and when I look at the nuclear policy of late, I regret having gotten myself a British passport.

These latest German protests in Germany show to me that there is a healthy survival instinct in Germany and I wonder why Cameron first of all wanted to sell off all forests and make more nuclear energy available.

Angela Merkel pledges to cease all nuclear energy production by 2022.  Currently 23 % of German energy is produced with the help of atomic power and rightly the German industrialists have argued that there is danger to the German productive economy from its German base. There is little chance that a disaster like the Japanese one will strike in this region just yet but long-term earth warming predictions are as grim for us as for the rest of the world.

Yet current government advisors have said that nuclear energy is the cheapest solution for Britain. I just think that is a little bit short-sighted and I am very disappointed at this suggestion being embraced by the current government.


the case against nuclear power plants

is made by this latest earth quake, that struck at 8.9 richter scale off the cost of Japan. Even though nuclear power plants have shut down automatically, damage done by sudden natural disasters can have other effects that are not preventable by shut down.

US builds giant solar plant

The International panel at the Climate Change Conference. I promoted the concept several years ago, when I attended the International Climate Change Conference at the London School of Economics. It shows how long it takes for an idea to manifest itself and a country to actually adopt plans put forward.

At the LSE CCC conference we were given plans that predicted that giant solar plants the size of the UK could produce energy for the whole world. Yet the question of how to pump that energy around the world with cables was a major stumbling block for the centralised solar energy plant in the Sahara.

This map shows that a solar plant the size of the UK could supply the whole world with solar energy, its just a matter of transporting that energy to the countries.

President Obama’s support for solar energy is more than welcome to produce renewable energy and do so local. Relatively speaking his initiative was realy quick. Of course the US has plenty of sunny spots but we in Europe are not so lucky. In the UK we’ll rely on wind farms or locally produced energy made from waste products or even energy produced on house roof tops in form of wind turbines.

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