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Keep fit diary – week two

This is going great. I lost the gorging desires for food, I also do no longer enjoy stuffing myself for comfort. Since I listened to myself and let my appetite dictate what and when I want to eat, things are improving. I no longer eat food because I took it off a shelf in a… Continue reading Keep fit diary – week two

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a virtual world on Klondike

Over those long stay-at-home days, I have taken to trying out yet another farming game and this is called Klondike. It is surprisingly complicated as you have to produce things, both farming and material, using raw material that you either find or produce in factories, you have to build from materials you have made. You… Continue reading a virtual world on Klondike

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Energy consumption

Use of any type of energy, that is produced with the effect of carbon emmission will contribute towards global warming. If we reduce energy consumption in whichever shape or form, we'll do good for our planet. Lets look at cooking for example. It makes a huge difference whether we use gas, electric hobs or induction.… Continue reading Energy consumption

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Lets think about energy

I have just woken up to a dire situation whereby I realised that I pay double the meter charge that I would have to pay with the cheapest offer on the market today. Even the KW unit price is available much cheaper than what I get at the moment with my current supplier. Just wondering… Continue reading Lets think about energy

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LBTH council budget 2020

Looking at the latest budget discussions published by Tower Hamlets Council, it seems to cause offense that the council wants to raise council tax by 3.99%, citing among other an ever tightening belt and less funds. So, I look at the docs, which are published in that respect and I find it impossible to get… Continue reading LBTH council budget 2020

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Freedom of Expression

The latest scandals about the Brexit propaganda has upset very many residents in Britain and abroad alike. The Freedom of Expression has assisted those who produced white and even whiter lies to mislead the public. Voters are told to expect bent truths and put up with it. Of course it's the comprehensive Freedom of Expression,… Continue reading Freedom of Expression

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How safe is nuclear power

I am quite amazed what one can read in those free papers and magazines that are given out at Underground stations and in this copy of Shortlist, page 37, there is an article about nuclear power. This seems to want to convince us that nuclear power is really not all that bad and that we need… Continue reading How safe is nuclear power

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The German Atomic Conscience

Just as David Cameron announced a nuclear energy programme for the UK, the Germans are out on the streets, protesting against nuclear energy in the light of the Japanese disaster. I am very impressed by that because it shows that the German self-preservation instinct is still intact. It is this attitude of Cameron to roll… Continue reading The German Atomic Conscience

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the case against nuclear power plants

is made by this latest earth quake, that struck at 8.9 richter scale off the cost of Japan. Even though nuclear power plants have shut down automatically, damage done by sudden natural disasters can have other effects that are not preventable by shut down.

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US builds giant solar plant

The International panel at the Climate Change Conference. I promoted the concept several years ago, when I attended the International Climate Change Conference at the London School of Economics. It shows how long it takes for an idea to manifest itself and a country to actually adopt plans put forward. At the LSE CCC conference we… Continue reading US builds giant solar plant