US builds giant solar plant

The International panel at the Climate Change Conference. I promoted the concept several years ago, when I attended the International Climate Change Conference at the London School of Economics. It shows how long it takes for an idea to manifest itself and a country to actually adopt plans put forward.

At the LSE CCC conference we were given plans that predicted that giant solar plants the size of the UK could produce energy for the whole world. Yet the question of how to pump that energy around the world with cables was a major stumbling block for the centralised solar energy plant in the Sahara.

This map shows that a solar plant the size of the UK could supply the whole world with solar energy, its just a matter of transporting that energy to the countries.

President Obama’s support for solar energy is more than welcome to produce renewable energy and do so local. Relatively speaking his initiative was realy quick. Of course the US has plenty of sunny spots but we in Europe are not so lucky. In the UK we’ll rely on wind farms or locally produced energy made from waste products or even energy produced on house roof tops in form of wind turbines.

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