Right-wing extremism

the development of which is a real danger for Britain today. The Big Society is the breeding ground for extremists of all sorts.

We cannot categorise a person as left- or right-wing whether they are white or not, we have to categorise them by religion and/or traditional behaviour towards their religious doctrine.

We need to re-evaluate the systemic fascist bevaviour that may or may not be religious because the orientation towards a god-like persona, whether living or dead is the main attraction in those movements. Domestic abuse is an indicator of wide-spread day-to-day facism.

Boaz’s book of ‘The politics of Freedom’ are a symphony’ to praise venture Capitalism and with it comes the religion of exploitation of the moment to help the venture individual become rich and successful.

With the Big Society, the Conservatives developed the red herring of Brexit, a concept that runs right through their tenure of government. Whenever they needed something to talk about, it was/is Brexit.

Newsnight’s data – obtained under the Freedom of Information Act – revealed there were 322,250 RUI cases between April 2017 to October this year. Of these, 93,098 related to violence against a person and sexual offences cases.

All pressing current issues were ignored. Right-wing extremists are not necessarily white these days, they can come from all backgrounds and Usman Khan, the recent London Bridge terrorist is the dead proof of it. He got a ‘get out of jail’ card without proper scrutiny but it would have been apparent to specialists that he is definately a terrorist risk. Yet there was no money available to properly assess or monitor him as the government spent millions on Brexit preparations instead, putting all our security at risk.

_rui_offences-ncIn fact 93.000 suspectd violent criminals and sex offenders – were released since 2017 into society without restrictions. The government changed the rules on pre-charge bail in 2017. People suspected of offences including rape and murder have been among those “Released Under Investigation” (RUI). Such persons could have an immense effect on society because they may have a different attitude towards democracy and freedom of the individual among other things.

This means suspected offenders who could be part of a certain ideology could be released without jail back into society and severely affect the fabric of society.

Politics is evolving very fast and we cannot keep getting stuck to old and no longer reliable concepts. Multi-nationalism and international movement puts a stop to that.

Whenever I write to a government department, the answer that the minister is just changing prevents a meaningful dialogue. Many voluntary organisations are primarily staffed with those who can afford to spend the time and energy to do those roles. That in itself indicates, the persons are well off and from a middle to upper class background. There are a few organisations who meet through need like those around Grenfell Tower and victims of crime of some sort, who meet whenever they can.

The ability to organise these days is severely restricted through changing working patterns. The change in working patterns was orchestrated on purpose so the so-called working classes could no longer meet and organise themselves on a regular basis.

Only those who are established and well off can find the resources to dedicate themselves to the Big Society, they are also the least likely wanting to rebell.

Wealth concentration is spiralling towards a smaller elite whilst the masses are kept in some poverty and ever bigger dependance on the charity donations that fewer people are able to give.

The Labour policies currently pushed by the Labour Party are there to counter this development and it is necessary to re-establish some level of playing field for society to flourish.


Rott in Jailhouse rock

As much as I agree with Dobson and Norris that they are not the killers of Stephen Lawrence, just from what I’ve read and watched about the case, I also have to agree  with the judge that turned down their appeal against their sentence.

The situation is in the real world that we would get an immense amount of public contention because if Dobson and Norris gotten off without the real killer being found, we are back to square one and the nation gets the impression that nothing is really done or doable to find the killer.

I think that Stephen’s mother’s nightmare would start all over again if those 2 got off and out of jail.

What must happen, is that the real killer must deliver a confession so that the guilt can be transferred, rather than just cancelled without a prosecutable person being caught.

Letting Dobson and Norris win an appeal without a real killer, would screw public tensions sky-high, lay the foundation for further rioting and huge public dissatisfaction. So put your thinking caps on and try to get the real killer to confess to his crime and then all your problems will be solved. Till then its rot in jail for you.  In the circumstances jail is probably a safer place because any release from jail without a proper suspect, would increase personal attacks on Dobson and Norris also.

Breivik, the interim analysis

I don’t think I will bother reading Breivik’s thesis because of his action. But from a comment left on this earlier blog, where I link to his Manifesto, I can detect that Breivik talks a lot about how brutal some passages in the Quran are. If we look at the bible we can find similarly aggressive passages. But the comment reminds me of the Dutch MP Geert Wilders who was taken to court over racism in incitement of violence I belief. From this article we can take that he is anti-Islam and that brought him trouble. Yet Wilders only talks about his hatred and expresses his beliefs  and that got him into court.

The fact is that we are living in this perfect politically correct world and that nobody can just let out a remark. People of high public standing find themselves in the press because they uttered a private remark in their dressing rooms and often enough politicians say something in a long speech and one sentence is taken out of it and blown out of all proportions to convict that person publicly of saying the wrong thing, that is not politically correct.

In this context it is not surprising that individuals think they feel a need to express their views more violently than they would if they could discuss their views in private. It is simply not fashionable to have any right-wing views.

But then the action of Breivik is bad enough for me not to want to read his manifesto, but the discussion is ongoing its just that one simply cannot take part. What Breivik’s action has shown is that Western civilisation has got a problem with itself. It was a self-destructive action because if you hate Islam then you do not go around killing fellow members of your own race. Unfortunately the western world is too good in getting rid of itself. In Europe we saw wars waging between fellow countries. World War II saw the distraction of many white men, supposedly in defence of the superior Arian race. Yet Hitler himself was not even blonde and blue-eyed he just said the right thing at the right time and that took him on to the public admiration ladder. Germans at that time hated Jews, who controlled the economy and that talk of the wonderful blue-eyed superior race just turned them on because they suffered repression. Yet Hitler himself came from an Arabic background and he led the white, blonde, blue-eyed people into their death. It’s this blind admiration that now led to an immense amount of immigration. Now we want to show the world how tolerant we really are when before we were selective and tried to enslave the rest of the world in the Colonies.

It is not only that though it is generally that Western civilisation laid the foundation stone for its own demise. Whilst we developed technology and transport to visit foreign shores, we also allowed those former third world inhabitants to travel back to us and gave them the technology to now surpass us to the point that the USA lost their AAA credit rating. I suppose China and India will take their place. We are always in this do-gooder position where we think we have to bring salvation to those who are suppressed and just need this injection of western civilisation to get happy.

But that is completely the wrong approach. It is in my view simply because some Westerners could get rich quicker that we developed the multi-racial policies. It was not the Labour Party but it were industrialists and business leaders who developed that. They learned that if they opened businesses abroad they could make more money, they could sell their wares to other countries to the point that the economies in their own homelands died.

Unfortunately I think Breivik is not all that clever but that is not uncommon. It is sad that money in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage. The greed of business magnates led to earth warming and now to the demise of western civilisation. Politicians are only ever the spokes persons of those business leaders because that is where they get most of their funding from. Even the unions are only mouthing off because they find their existence in doing the work that help the business magnates to make more money, the union members are the ones that manufacture the goods, that pollute our world.

Breivik just did damage to his own race, he makes propaganda for Islam rather than against it because in saying he hates Islam and killing Christians as a Christian is a type of cultural suicide. I think that should be discussed. We really need to allow more open discussion and not get to a point where anybody who is somebody needs to consult a lawyer before they even open their mouth.

Again it is only that businesses profit more from international relations that we are not allowed to make the odd Irish joke, put down somebody because they got red hair or are fat or other silly reasons. This does not produce more harmony, it does produce more underlying hate and subversives.

The recent Tottenham riots have shown how the increasingly violent management of the public, in the shooting of a father of four now again led to riots. This is also going to get worst in my view because we now get a stronger Territorial Army with guerilla type groups operating, which I think will lead to gang wars and more violence on our streets. What we as a civilisation have to do is to define ourselves and think whether we want to develop as a Christian civilisation and if we do, we will have to discriminate against those who are not Christian or stop pretending that we are a Civilisation because we do not longer have grounds to exist if we do not wish to be a Christian civilisation.

We simply do not help ourselves to kill each other in any case. So from that point of view Breivik’s action was cowardly and merely the activity of a frustrated individual who killed his fellow citizens. I think a trial will help to discuss the point of our civilisation and to show that we simply cannot go around and kill each other just to show that we hate somebody else.  I think that Al Qaeda could not have done a better action and that Breivik played into their hands and therefore has surrendered his claim to being a Christian Conservative.  His action is that of a traitor on his own civilisation and heritage just as Wikileaks does a similar activity on the publication front.

I do not agree that the war in Afghanistan can do us any good, the Islamic world will not be disturbed by it and all we do is send many fine young men into their deaths and waste their lives. However it is unforgivable to betray them like it is done by Wikileaks and it weakens the defences of those troops even more. Unfortunately there are many white people out there now who are frustrated, maybe simply sexually and turn on their own race to let out their frustrations. But this is not a game any longer and I think political and business leaders should re-think international strategies to save their own heritage. But maybe the Wikileaks intelligence helped the Taliban to kill those American Elite troops en mass, which is a sad thing. Assange is a mere traitor and does help the Taliban, that is the simplest explanation. Julian Assange started his publication but it went against his own people.

We as Christian civilisation should stop to try to go out into the world and think we can just change the ways of other cultures. We are losing our own ground and destroy ourselves in the process as a culture. We started all those useless wars Vietnam was just one example but now at least with the Afghan war some sense is seen and there is a withdrawal on the horizon.  I think we should change strategies to help re-establish a common dialectic instead of having to support the harsh discipline of todays politics. There is little discussion possible on the ground, several political parties have lamented that and this is causing the downfall of our democracy if no changes are made. I do agree if things go on as they do we’ll end up with an Islamic world that will discriminate against Christians but the destruction of our current civilisation is not going to help prevent this. I think it is a matter of public discussion to ask questions why commercial developments favour a wider spread and Islamization of the world

Traditionally right-wingers are against Jews but that classic grudge is not going to help our Christian civilisation to prosper as we have seen that Hitler’s tactics simply helped to destroy Christianity and opened up the way for internationalization of commerce. If you are anti-jew today, you are automatically pro-palestine, but is that a good development, no it isn’t. We have to look who today’s world benefits the most and that information is simply not published and if Wikileaks wants to benefit western civilisation then they should rather disclose financial information than miliary secrets.

We mustn’t forget that Arabian business have huge resources and they can pay for many things to further the advance of Islam and that often enough white people are used to help their cause. Today’s western emancipation is often enough a cause for white men to do silly things simply because they cannot find sexual fulfilment and feel unhappy over this. I think this is the most single reason for men to abandon their own social circles and turn violent. Let’s face it today’s attempts to make men and women the same in those anti-discrimination laws is more than stupid and so far removed from reality that it just is laughable. Women with children are supposed to work to root out single parenthood but it will simply only strengthen those who are married and allow their wives to have many children, which is now mainly the Muslims who live that way.

If I look around me I see hundreds of Muslim men go to local Mosques every day whilst their women are at home and have babies or look after them whilst single mothers with only one child are told to find themselves a job. The only stop that is put to families having lots and lots of children is the ceiling on benefits. There is an attempt to stop forced marriage but then the European Human Rights Act helps to counteract this. There are too many do-good regulations, which all contradict each other and lead to unhappiness. Yes, there are too many rules, which are too complicated and can be exploited for the wrong reasons.

Our western communities are destabilised with European Union rules that give free movement for workers, which means we will soon just live out of suitcases, live in caravans or travel around to look for jobs. Unfortunately the unions have not helped in that respect because the Unions help the employers to make profits basically for lower and lower wages. It would have been unthinkable only 30 years ago that a worker would have worked evenings or weekends for the same wage. Now you have to work for the minimum wage and agree to work Sundays, evenings and public holidays for the same rate just to get the job. I think that Unions and the Labour Party have betrayed us. It doesn’t help to just ask for a minimum wage or a living wage and work all hours for the same rate of pay.

Our families are being destroyed by this strategy that aims to make men and women the same and forgets about traditional family structures and Christian holidays and our traditional way of life. It helps to settle Islam into our nation if we surrender our Christian holidays to have shops open at all hours and so the workers have to work all hours for the same pay, for less permanent contracts and for less housing benefits and less secure tenancies. It only helps business owners, share holders and the profits of individuals and it helps Islam to settle around the world.

So if anybody doesn’t like the Quran for its values and favours Christianity, they should ask the share-holders and business owners what they do to help Christianity and Christian communities to prosper. Today’s employment strategies are very much like the Zwangsarbeit that Hitler introduced in Germany as we are forced to work for free or take on any job or loose our benefits. Political parties are funded by big money and it is the businesses who have that money or those who earn it from working and so if we want to fight that degradation we have to look on how we can fight this Zwangsarbeit strategies to settle in and not go around shooting young party members of any party.

The work ethic itself is very questionable because many products that are produced today are damaging to health and destroy the environment. We must always think of children first and each individual mother has a duty to do so. From that point of view Breivik is an idiot who hasn’t got a clue, he is just a brat who gotten hold of some material and weapons and transformed himself into one of those violent games figures and caused unnecessary death to innocent young lives and to other members of the community. Murder is never acceptable in my view. Yet in today’s world it has become accepted that left-wing killings were good. We saw the Bolschewiks kill the Tsar, we saw the French revolution kill aristocrats.

One good development after World War II was the benefit society we live in today just that we Western nations started to develop the equal opportunities alongside it whilst other cultures kept on discriminating against those who did not fit in with leading beliefs. We separated the church from the state and now have a mixed culture that is grinding itself to a halt. I think we should just stop trying to be do-gooder as we will not change the world in a decade.

It is true that increasing immigration will further dilute Christian society but killing young Labour Party members is hardly going to make any difference whatsoever, the opposite is the case it helps to strengthen Islam more because there are less Christians to discuss the matter. It is today’s Liberalism and laws that only help profiteering, which is something that is condemned in the bible.

Of course it is often frustrated young Christian men who could not cope with either their emotions or rejected dreams that often turned to crime and ended up in the rapidly filling prisons whilst other immigrants who live to strict Islamic codes kept on finding that personal fulfillment simply because they got the woman at home and at least their sex lives are guaranteed every day. But that problem is caused by our do good, equal opportunities society that allows some to imprison women in their homes and live to strict Islamic laws whilst Christians had nowhere to turn to, to find satisfaction.

Is the US more racist than Hitler?

With the Olympics coming up next year here in London in 2012, we are all very excited to speculate about the amounts of medals each country will be getting. Of course the British hope for medals will be high and I must say, just watching over the years, that UK and British athletes did relatively well. At least I can recall having seen the UK crop up here and there in the contenders for medals lists in the various sports.

It is not the same about my country of origin Germany. When I was a child the Germans did much better in the Olympics than they do now. Especially in sprinting and other athletic discipline the Germans were athletes to be reckoned with but lately they are hardly in the headlines.

I was therefore amazed to read in a magazine that Germany got 33 more medals in the Olympics in 1936 than any other nation. So something must have worked well in the early Hitler years. It just all went badly wrong afterward with the Holocaust and the wars to follow.

Whilst Hitler then wanted to prove that the Aryan race is superior, his athletes gave Jesse Owens tips on how to improve his techniques, which led to him winning a record 4 gold medals but when he then returned to the USA he got treated like a second-class citizen because of his black skin says Doug Stanhope. Of course in those days athletes were amateurs who could not also endorse commercial products especially not if they were black and US citizens.

I always thought that everything about the Hitler era was bad but this article in Shortlist on page 45 seems to break the mould of universal condemnation of the Hitler era and at least allows some credit for sporting attitude. The 1936 Olympics success must have put the nation onto a high. Just wonder whether David Cameron now hopes that Olympic success will rub off on his popularity positively.

Jail for religious extremists from Tower Hamlets

I think it is a fair decision to send 4 attackers of a religious teacher to jail. The teacher was ambushed and attacked when he was on his way to school, where he, amongst others taught Muslim girls religious education.

The BBC article doesn’t show it but another one says 2 of those attackers are originally from Germany and are expected to be deported. I am surprised that such people have jobs in the first place and other people, who have no violent inclinations sit at home and feel like scroungers. If such race hate crimes are continually carried out within one religious community against another or individuals of another of course the bad reputation of that group doesn’t get any better.

I think the same would be happening were it white racism against black, Christian against Muslims or any other confrontational situation. The reasoning of the judge is transferable from group to group and apply equally valid.

I think it is up to each particular culture to not make it fashionable to have such views in the first place because such violent individuals are only always the tip of an iceberg that gets nurtured in very cold waters and swims on top of it.

If there is enough emotional and verbal support, such perpetrators feel they have a right to act as they did and only wake up from that bad dream once they are locked up in prison, if ever. In some cases prison makes it even worst and drives individual further into crime. It doesn’t take away the fear of Muslims in some non Muslims if such incidents happen again and again. It would be the same if white people kept on attacking Muslims and all white people say, oh no we are not really all that bad, don’t be afraid of us, its only a few.

Especially in the field of education it is now much easier to set up free schools but separatism is never a good idea. I have met many very friendly and sociable Muslim woman in schools who are very enjoyable to converse with and who are open and chatty. If such fanatics as the attackers of Gary Smith get their way, we’ll soon get demands for Sharia law and separation of men and women in the street, so that Muslim women are protected from western influences at all times and that is something I would not support because I enjoy the company of my Muslim acquaintances.

The liberation of Bin Laden’s wives

There is a link to a comprehensive overview of the proceedings that led to Bin Laden’s killing and closure of his compound in Pakistan. There has been a military operation against a person who lived as a civilian but carried out military terrorist war type actions against nations. That is the new face of war that with the guerilla phenomenon we see this problem of persons apparently living like ordinary people being in charge of armies and operating like military. They expect to be treated like civilians but act like army. It’s a bit puzzling and opened many questions of operational legality.

What is however most disturbing about Bin Laden’s lifestyle, is that one of his 3 wives, a Yemeni woman, asserted that she had not left her room for 5 years, that she had spent her whole time in the compound in that one room.

I had read on other sources that strict Islamist husbands expect a woman to sit in one room on a chair, heavily dressed all day and every day or they would make themselves liable to sexual attack (e.g. rape from other men). Just think there were 13 children in the compound and their mothers where never allowed to leave their rooms. How unhealthy is it if a woman is never allowed to leave her room? In western terms that would be unlawful imprisonment of a person.

religious debate in France

This debate is titled “Islam debate” in France on the BBC website, which I think should not be the correct title because the debate in France deals with all types of religious symbols from Christian crosses to Muslim headscarves.

I understand that France, not unsimilar to Turkey, is a secular state. Germany works on similar principles, in that state education is secular but religion  is left to families. I do not think that a discussion about a very prominent religion stigmatize that religion. In fact it can intimidate the rest of the population if one particular group walks around in totally distinguished clothing and makes others left out, which can have very racist implication, in that the person who wears that “Social Uniform” tells other, unless you look like me, I won’t accept you.

There is a reverse stigmatization happening from those being very distinct towards those who are not.

I think that would apply to all religion and not only to Muslims or any other religions for that matter.

The question that arises for me is who is discriminating against whom? Members of a very distinct group of people, including some religions who keep out everybody else, or those who say, we do not wish to be confronted with your religious symbols in every walk of our lives, keep your religion in your church and your home.

I think freedom and tolerance has to have a breathing space that keeps a common ground for all of us and as much as Christians have stopped to indoctrinate the  society, as much must we expect of all other religions not to indoctrinate our lives as well.


I have a right to be a Christian – more housing issues

I do not rely on any statistics here but merely on what my personal impressions are from what I have seen and what I have seen over the years I resided here in Bethnal Green, which is part of Tower Hamlets, what I have seen is that many Christian buildings, whether churches, schools or community centers were dismantled and/or converted into housing. Whilst Christian buildings were converted into housing, I have seen a steady rise in Muslim prayer centres all over the area. More Mosques, less churches. When Christian buildings give way to housing, housing gives way to Mosques, so it seems to me.

Yet it seems to me that Muslim prayer centres are funded by public money whilst the Christian churches suffer from a lack of finance and for that reason have to sell up and convert into housing. I seem to detect a little bit of inequality here. Why is it that public money is used to convert public buildings into Muslim prayer centres and not into housing when the shortage of housing is so apparent?

Apparent examples are Christian churches in Bethnal Green Road and in Hackney road turned into housing complexes.  A former Lutheran church and school in Whitechapel turned into a housing complex.

Yet Muslim prayer centres sprang up everywhere. Our local council housing office was converted into a Muslim prayer centre. It would be interesting to work that out  in square meters how many Christian buildings were converted into housing whilst public community buildings were converted into Muslim prayer centres.

More interesting still is the finance of such facilities. St. John’s on Bethnal Green C.o.E. church, relied on a lottery grant for maintenance and many Christian churches suffer lack of finance. Whatever happened to church tax? Whilst we are squeezed for money people have hardly got enough to live on and cannot financially support churches. So it’s the churches that get abandoned by lack of financial funding whilst public monies are used to help Muslim churches. This seems highly unequal to me.

Christian churches also did a lot of valuable community work and whilst our governments worked hard to dismantle Christianity and the Christian infrastructure, local government administrations work hard and finance Muslim community centres, Mosques and therefore further the communities around that religion. Whilst of course we see an increase in anti-social behaviour of white youths all over he country, which is coupled with a decline in church attendance.

I think central government has to make an effort to make community care cheaper all around and use Christian communities rather than help destroy them and replace them with expensive white elephants, called local governments that are supposed to be non religious whilst at the same time paying for the upkeep of Islam whilst neglecting Christianity.  Well, I am not sure how exactly religion is financed in this country, still it requires planning applications to build anything on any land and the ratio of using public space for religion doesn’t seem to be in favour of Christian uses in any case.

I keep on noticing more and more how expensive it has become a be a Christian because Christian communities and churches do not get much public funding they rely on their members to prop them up and that is in principle wrong when Christian churches do an invaluable amount of community work. Yet our governments do everything to support foreign aid at the expense of keeping our own societies intact and healthy.

Even from my own perspective, I am a white immigrant from Germany, who came here to East London with the Lutheran religion, I found that nothing had been done to help me keep up contacts with other German speakers, local authority publications are never translated into German and I find it too expensive to travel into areas, where I could be mingling with other German speakers. As a white Christian nothing has been done to help me preserve my German mother tongue, the opposite was the case I was constantly bullied over my ethnic origin; that of course leads to emotional suffering, emotional suffering that Muslims and ethnic immigrants are spared because they get served. Why is there an assumption that white Christians do not need any support but only ethnic immigrant do?  

Yet whilst Germans are constantly bullied because of the former World Wars the support of Islam in the UK led to an uprising and strengthening of ethnic terrorism and a stigmatization of Muslims all over the country, whilst they still get plenty of public finance to further that religion by way of positive discrimination.

First and foremost we must concentrate on keeping peace and harmony throughout all communities but what causes friction is the one-sided support that some communities get and not others. Government now works feverishly to reverse the strengthening of particularly Muslim social problems that prevent a mixing of cultures like forced marriage but unless government has a clear direction we will never see any change in the social mix.  But particularly housing problems will not be solved if valuable space can be occupied by Muslims simply for religious purposes whilst that land could be used for housing.  Of course needless to say that local economies are also short of space for businesses. I have however heard that there is an over-abundance of vacant garage spaces throughout Tower Hamlets.

What governments have forgotten is regulatory legislation that determines the right to religion for all cultures in this country. When we were predominantly Christian, the finance of churches was solved via a church tax, similarly to IR tax. Churches made good use of that money and delivered cheap and effective community care but now, since that finance was removed from Christian churches, the decline of society has steeply risen.

To avoid ethnic clashes, why not say, there is a right to so many churches per 10.000 of any religion and that should be financed by government funding, instead of supporting only some religions and not others. This would also avoid over-saturation of some religions at the expense of wider communal needs. There should also be a right to religious association for minorities and help to support social contact for religious minorities.

The Sudanese Wave

Ever since the political changes started in Sudan we hear of other related incidents and measures around the world. Sudan of course was subject to enormous human suffering and related problems.

If I remember right, Egypt played an important part in the farming strategy of Sudan. The original nomadic tribes were displaced and forced to change their lifestyle of make space for the farming of cattle to produce beef.

Incidentally today an English paper warms people to eat less steaks because of cancer risks. Thinking one and one makes two, I wonder whether there is a direct connection in the political and of course then economic changes to do with the cattle farming regions of Sudan and our ability to eat beef.  Health warnings over certain food items, can be a convenient way to encourage less demand. Of course I heard warnings about processed meat like ham before, in that we are not to give children lots of ham, as it is also a processed meat. Yet ham is made from pork and steaks are made from beef.

Beef itself is not a processed meat but a red meat. I read previously that eating too much red meat could cause cancer of the stomach related organs. Yet find the current trend to put people off from eating steak a little surprising.

Research shows that at some stage of the human development, humans divided into two groups, the meat eaters and the vegetarians and that the meat eaters prevailed as they developed greater intellect. It was put to us that eating meat stimulates brain activity.

I am concerned that contradicting reports about the benefits of eating meat might be caused by current affairs and a need to curb meat eating because of political and economic problems in farming the beef.

Of course Sudan was a major beef farming region and those changes there might have been he start of the social and political unrest taking place in the east right now. Incidentally Egypt was the first post of call, when Egypt was the most economically dependant on Sudan.

Well, hat is just a thought, and it takes a lot of research of not widely publicised facts and figures to establish the facts of the matter.

the EU membership is worth paying

I am most impressed by the EU Justice Commissioner Vivian Reding over the handling of the Romany affair in France. That shows that the EU is doing its job, is stepping in when serious discrimination of ethnic groups is in the making and happening and steps in at the beginning of the problem and doesn’t wait until people have been exterminated and been subjected to serious ethnic cleansing.  See BBC report here.

The argument of the French government that these people have to be thrown out of France because the children are subject to serious exploitation is laughable. All children potentially are subject to serious exploitation, just look at the constant cases of sex-abuse of established European children that constantly gleam in the media.

The French Romany crisis shows what is wrong with western society today in that people are allowed to travel to be exploited for low paid labour and that when they are no longer needed, they are being disposed of with some excuse. Of course it would not help those poor Romany children if they were sent back because that doesn’t improve their lives or their security one bit.

France is simply too lazy to do something about the problem and wants to rid themselves of it.

This type of ethnic discrimination is exactly the reason the EU was founded and why we have the Human Rights Act, in which I strongly believe. It was founded to create an instrument to prevent any society forming a similar mechanism as under Hitler, where one crazy person could gather so much political support that he manged to ethnically cleanse not only the people he openly supported, the blue-eyed, blonde (“Arians”), Germans, but also other population groups, the Jews. Both population groups got killed in similar numbers by different methods of death. One group the Jews got killed by the Germans and the Germans got killed in a crazy war.

Now the EU steps in at the beginning, when a matter of ethnic discrimination happens as it starts. It is immensely important if an ethnic group of persons is displaced and treated like that.

Considering that our laws are seriously rusty and corrupted, its only those who favour that corrupted legal system that do not want to pay the EU contributions.  It’s been over 70 years now since Germany and things have a tendency to repeat themselves, history has proven that many times.

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