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Sefer Kehillat Shlomo

One of the biggest mysteries in my life is a Hebrew prayer book left to me from my late father's estate. My father left around 1/4 Million in money but this book is of enormous value, not monetary but meaningful. People like the Royal family always talk about their past, present, history and family connections,… Continue reading Sefer Kehillat Shlomo

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Watched this new series shown on ITV with interest. I generally now watch much more ITV than BBC. But what this Unforgotten series really shows is, and I really should post this on my Neighbourhood Watch blog instead, is, that those who ask you to 'not grass' are not your friends but your enemies. Only… Continue reading Unforgotten

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Having a very peaceful time

Christmas flowers This Christmas is turning out a major source of rest and peace for us. I love it when shops are closed on Boxing Day, as it used to be. This closure emphasizes the restful period we have. Putting up Christmas lights makes the house look warm and cosy. That's what I love most… Continue reading Having a very peaceful time

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Emotional turmoil

I think the latest Eastenders could be more favourable towards the police's efforts to root out crime. The investigating officer is shown in a bad light, using threats of intimitation towards a junior officer who is romantically inolved with the son of the most serious criminal, Phil Mitchell, head of the Albert Square family crime… Continue reading Emotional turmoil

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The family man

Phil Mitchell from East Enders is a proper family man. I just wonder whether there is a psychological mechanism that compels people wanting to be in control of blood related people. It would frighten me if someone came up to me, saying we are related and that we have to be friends. I think a… Continue reading The family man

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learned behaviour

I am thinking a lot about family obligations lately. To explain this imagine three scenarios. Your family is Mafia and you learn how to grow up in that and you have to stick to your family and support them no matter what or you get killed Your family is police and you see your parent… Continue reading learned behaviour

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the rogue family

watched a few episodes of'the Durrells'. and my hair stood up and curled. A mother takes her kids to Crete to escape British justice and the Greeks were more than welcoming. The family gotten a free house. There are some very charming and nice aspects to this series, like the little boy who likes nature… Continue reading the rogue family

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Evil sisters

As in yesterday's post hinted, girls can become enslaved and/or exploited through other girls. The Cora story showed that it was actually her 'disabled' poorly sister that got her into male relationships to make money for a dream holiday. Cora was always made to feel responsible for her sister's disability and probably complied to not… Continue reading Evil sisters

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Morals as fashion item

Morals really are the fashion of the times and rules of 'acceptable' morals are usually set by the ruling classes. For centuries morals were dictated by biblical terms. The permanent marriage between man and woman were promoted by Christians and Muslims. The inability to fit in with the requirements to marry and have kids and… Continue reading Morals as fashion item

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the young people of tomorrow

Tower Hamlets is doing its best to close down public services like schooling for children. There are various applications in the council to close and amalgamate schools. A recent TV report claimed that Tower Hamlets moves homeless families up north but that the councils there do not get informed of the new arrivals. So if… Continue reading the young people of tomorrow