is what I thought when I read Tony Parsons’ resume about Keith Macdonald. But the Dickhead in my view is not Keith Macdonald but Tony Parsons who takes pleasure in almost graphically describing Mr Macdonald’s reproductive organs as meat and two veg.

Again a mayor newspaper has to lower itself to belittle parents who get support from the state to raise their family. People who are the most helpless and vulnerable in our society and do nothing wrong in the eyes of the law. In fact the government likes people having children because if we all lived like some big earners then the population numbers would drastically drop.

Now to the morals. One can discuss the morals of course but its not like as if all wage earners are excellent examples in that department and are not exactly role models because they do not live model lives themselves. So what is it with Tony Parsons, why can’t he keep his mind on his own Sunday dinner instead of telling us what Keith Madcdonald has on his plate or in his pants.

Having children these days is not a question of money, as we live in a welfare state, the state subsidises those brave enough to have children without a wage but those who earn often do not want to get married and have kids and rather do other things instead. If we had a situation, in which all wage earners had 2.4 children, instead of living any which way they like themselves, I would give Tony Parsons some credit but because things as they are, I don’t.

Money is  not the law, Mr Parsons and not having a job cannot be blamed on the jobless but on the employers that don’t give them a job. We cannot force anybody to give a job to all who need it.

Mr Parsons calls all parents on benefits beady-eyed spongers and looking at his photo he is the one who is beady-eyed. I am so really fed up with the constant belittling attitude some wage earners publicly pronounce against those who have to struggle to raise their children and make the best of what they’ve got. It doesn’t give tax payers the right to rubbish parents just because they earn a wage and others don’t.

It’s just that those victims of publishers like Mr Parsons have no legal remedy available to them, that people like Mr Parsons write the most disgusting comments about struggling families and parents who have to live on very little. Is it any wonder that with such hateful attitudes in the public sphere Britain came at the bottom end of child-friendly countries in a study of the UN. See also HMRC targets tax-payers with Swiss bank accounts.


Marriage bliss

When I do not usually advertise commercial products, this one is well worth mentioning because it does deliver outstanding value for money and solves a social problem of gigantic proportions. It is about the decline of marriage in the UK. Of course people tried to approach that problem from the angle of social problem and religious problems but looking at this offer, it is all about the price. If the price is right, people might take the plunge again and get married.

Marriage has become unaffordable for many and that is as simple as it is. Get married from £199 including wedding outfits, nightie, 2-night stand in a hotel and cake. Please click for more information, It is offered by the Premier Inn hotel chain at five of its hotels. People should make use of that opportunity so that it becomes a regular feature of our lives.  I think we might see a revival of marriage and increase in weddings in the UK.

I do not think that cheap marriage break offer is available at the Premier Inn website but think it is worth ringing them up if you think to tie the knot at an affordable price. Please ring them on 0871 527 8000 to enquire. I understand this is a special promotional offer and couples have to apply to be accepted for this limited offer.

However I have been made aware this morning in church that the Church of England’s wedding website is one of THE most popular wedding websites in the country and advises couples that a wedding can cost as little as £350, what a bargain.  That is the current  legal cost of fees. One can get wedding gowns and bride grooms outfits second hand at Oxfam and have a cake and wine reception at the church hall afterwards.

When so many complain that our cultural problems are huge, with single mothers, decline in social values and you name it, then if we look at how we price people out of doing the right thing, we should ask ourselves why no-one thought of that before.

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