More food allergy for children

That is really concerning that more and more children suffer food allergies. I am not even qualified as doctor and often apply common sense and instinct when I look at something and often logic alone helps to resolve issues as well.

We are too specialised these days and often can’t see the forest because of the trees. Because everybody just looks at one very specific issue, we are unable to combine thoughts and are left to wonder what the cause of something is.

Severe food allergy reaction, which resulted in hospitalisation has risen by almost 100% in 4 years.

Allergies can be against, cheese, dairy in general, nuts, sesame.

Not all allergies result in a threat to life.

I blame lifestyle and eating too much pre-processed food.

agriculture barn clouds corn

Photo by Pixabay on I do not have any pictures from that time, so use a free pic.

My family used to run a farm, we made everything from cider to flour, from Sauerkraut to growing strawberries. We had geese, rabbits, cows, pigs.

I had a lot of contact with earth and the natural environment. All our food was basic and freshly prepared. My mother, nor her mother or the mother before that would go and buy any prepared food in a shop. In fact, in the village my family had a farm, the shop was the smallest institution in the whole area. It was tiny.

Whilst in a big city, all we see is shops. Our children live out of packets of ready-made food.

No doubt food selling has become a large part of our economy.

I’ve seen the changes here in London. So many shops have closed to be replaced by a shop selling food.

strawberryI still try to cook as much as possible myself. I walk past the cakes, I go home and bake one with ingredients I buy myself. You will be surprised how easy it is to make things from scratch.

Yes, it is more expensive. That is very unfortunate, because the more processed we buy and eat our food the less our stomach has to digest and that affects the microbes in our bodies and that is bad for us.

Probably food allergies are a reason why I could not buy any Tahini paste in my local Lidl nor in Sainsbury. Lidl didn’t even have any Humous in stock perhaps because it is made with Tahini, which is a paste made from Sesame seeds.

Can’t people keep busy doing crafts instead of buying everything ready-made, which  is a major cause of earth warming because producing things using machines, causes earth warming, instead of making food and selling it?


My home-made Christmas cake, it’s decoration is basic but it tasted very nice.

Yes, you can argue that the more people cook themselves the more ovens we need. Good point but health is the most important cause humanity can have.

We stick our children to sit in class-rooms all day and do not allow them to have contact with nature and then wonder why they do not know what a carrot is or where a chicken comes from.

Or, of course there is still apossibility that people always have been allergic to some foods but we just didn’t know it and they just died of something and it wasn’t clear to us what it was because science wasn’t able to detect the cause.

Enough of death, I just want to do something positive for the rest of the day, week, year.



the rainforest

Is without question one of the most importent assets of our planet. It is concentrated on various geographical locations. Lets take Brazil here as an example.

green leafed trees under blue sky

The typical British countrydise, cleared of forest, ready for farming. Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Of course us developed nations we have already cleared a lot of our forests and developed our lands. We in Britain even talk about becoming self-sufficient farming-wise to justify us leaving the EU without a deal.

For that of course we need to farm the land and clear probably even more forest.

We really do love to rely on the rain forest. The untouched and virgin rain forest, that same rain forest that saves our planet.

But what about those nationas that are couched within the rainforest areas. Nations like Brazil. Do their citizens not have the right to farm, to develp the land, to get skills-based jobs that are based within their national borders.

scenic view of rainforest

Rainforst    Photo by Arnie Chou on

Whilst we here in Britain demand that we can become independent of others, we do expect nations within the rainforest regions to leave that forest and just not devleop, to depend on others, help others, so that we developed countries can stay developing ourselves.

What are the nationals within the rainforest countries supposed to be doing?

Nobody has thought about this and I think that just shows how stupid our privately educated politicians and business leaders are because all they can think of is themselves.

It is an international problem and it needs nations to work together. But of course our political leaders only think about Brexit and becoming indendent from Europe and use the resources of other nations to bolster our own wealth.

The rainforest? The rainforest is depended upon that it stays as it is. So what about putting that thinking cap on?

Dinosaurs blew up the earth

It was long my theory that Dinosaurs created so much methane through their huge farts that it all became so concentrated one day that it ignited and literally blew up the earth and all Dinosaurs with it. I don’t belief that it was a huge comet, just the methane would do.

A story from Germany proves that cow methane in a shed of 90 cows blew up the shed when the methane became concentrated and was set off by static electricity. Just imagine if cows can create that much gas how much gas the much bigger Dinosaurs created around the globe.

The Sudanese Wave

Ever since the political changes started in Sudan we hear of other related incidents and measures around the world. Sudan of course was subject to enormous human suffering and related problems.

If I remember right, Egypt played an important part in the farming strategy of Sudan. The original nomadic tribes were displaced and forced to change their lifestyle of make space for the farming of cattle to produce beef.

Incidentally today an English paper warms people to eat less steaks because of cancer risks. Thinking one and one makes two, I wonder whether there is a direct connection in the political and of course then economic changes to do with the cattle farming regions of Sudan and our ability to eat beef.  Health warnings over certain food items, can be a convenient way to encourage less demand. Of course I heard warnings about processed meat like ham before, in that we are not to give children lots of ham, as it is also a processed meat. Yet ham is made from pork and steaks are made from beef.

Beef itself is not a processed meat but a red meat. I read previously that eating too much red meat could cause cancer of the stomach related organs. Yet find the current trend to put people off from eating steak a little surprising.

Research shows that at some stage of the human development, humans divided into two groups, the meat eaters and the vegetarians and that the meat eaters prevailed as they developed greater intellect. It was put to us that eating meat stimulates brain activity.

I am concerned that contradicting reports about the benefits of eating meat might be caused by current affairs and a need to curb meat eating because of political and economic problems in farming the beef.

Of course Sudan was a major beef farming region and those changes there might have been he start of the social and political unrest taking place in the east right now. Incidentally Egypt was the first post of call, when Egypt was the most economically dependant on Sudan.

Well, hat is just a thought, and it takes a lot of research of not widely publicised facts and figures to establish the facts of the matter.

Do animals deserve fairness?

Breeds of domestic dogs


Just reading an article about Battersea Dogs Home and that increasing numbers of stray dogs have to be destroyed despite being healthy but for reasons of uncontrollable aggression.  

I have grown up in a classical farmers environment where animals were looked upon for human value and not for sentimental motions like they are pets that deserve our sympathy. Animals were kept with a minimum of comfort to the effect that they could be of use for human consumption or protection in the case of guard dogs.  

Now I live in this big inner city environment for the main part of my life and see the completely different relationship people have to pets and even wild animals in that animal cruelty plays a big part and some people are considering whether some animals deserve their own legal entity because they are found to  have high IQs.  

Yet do domesticated pets fair worst than those semi wild animals that live uncontrolled in our cities like foxes. Without doubt foxes, rats, other wild animals pose a threat to humans but they have never been domesticated and are mostly smaller than some dogs, that pose a direct threat simply because they are large and don’t hide away. Stray dogs would roam around freely and feel confident amongst humans whilst foxes and rats don’t. But the latter ones can gome out from the hiding places to attack humans on occasions.  

The fact is that large cities, which have strictly controlled social rules and contexts are often becoming more and more unable to cater for the old-fashion family dog in the city, that was left to roam free in the part, because decades ago there weren’t that many people and/or dogs.  

Today that is quite difficult, especially in inner London dogs have to be kept on leads, and there are quite a lot about. It must be difficult for an animals that cannot satisfy the animal instincts that are its main communication method and therefore it seems cruel to lock animals away in flats by themselves. They are bound to become very unhappy and aggressiveness is often the only way to communicate that unhappiness. Should we restrict the number of dogs allowed into human society by re-introducing dog licences after careful scrutiny of the prospective owners because the irresponsible keeping of dogs that then end up in the streets, posing a threat to humans has to be weeded out.  

Similarly should we have to take greater strides to also cull the voluminous amount of cats, foxes and rats, though it is impossible to control the movements of wild animals that travel freely around the country and can enter a town at their will.  

I think inner cities are not the place to take risks and stricter animal controls should be in place to both curb irresponsible dog ownership and the number of potentially dangerous wild animals that occupy our cities. Would foxes be driven into the cities to escape fox hunts in nature or does the absence of fox hunts provide a breeding ground for unreasonable numbers of foxes that will pose a threat because they cannot find enough food in the wild and will turn onto humans for food, especially in the cities.  

The larger picture of course is how much rights should animals have to survive on this planet, how important are they for the natural balance of this planet’s environment. Because in the end we humans need a well-balanced environment to be able to live in it and I do not think that we could survive in an environment that is not fit for animals to live in as animals make an important part of the bio-sphere around us. I do not think that we can synthesize nature to completely adjust the functionality of it to our sole will and cut out uncontrollable animals behaviour.  

Most of the time wild animal behaviour is predictable, in the case of bees we can predict their useful activity in pollinating plants, that grow food for us to eat but those bees are part of a bigger biosphere and we have to be very careful not to mess with this with fatal consequences.

Call to ban trans-fats

I am more  than pleased, I am ecstatic that an official body calls for a complete ban on trans-fats in the food chain.

Those fats just linger  in the boy, clog up the arteries an cause those ugly body fats that are hard to shift. I noticed even just cutting out fats, but otherwise continuing a  normal diet would lose you weight. I now avoid eating biscuits to bulk up the diet and do not give them to children either.

We should get  a  special food allowance because on  a  low wage or  benefits one simply cannot afford healthy living. I have already cut out salt, well almost completely, I do not use sugar but find healthy foods unaffordable at the rate that I would need it. But to feed children healthy is expensive still. I think eating a lot of trans-fats might even trick the body into a self-destructive mode and seeking to have more and more of the fats that slowly throttle the body.

I do not think  that there is anything wrong with eating natural fats. I have heard of a very old woman that mostly ate cold pork fat, so that is a natural fat. Farmers used to use milk fats to make butter and curds or soft cheeses and cheeses. I do not know of any vegetable fats a European farmer would produce with the exception of olive oil, that is imported from the Mediterranean.

My family ran a totally organic farm and produced everything from butter to cider, but I cannot recall them using any unnatural fats ever. The NHS watchdog says 40.000 out of 150.000 annual deaths are preventable by having healthier diets, reducing salt, saturated fats and trans fats could save the NHS £1 billion per year. Ironically wer are now being told to cut out the healthy natural fat to be found in milk, the body does need a certain amount of fats to sustain itself, but to cut out the natural fats an replace them with trans=fats or unsaturated fats is stupid.

Well of course I did not ask for the manufacture of such products. As I said above, my family ran a completely organic farm, that was totally self-sufficient, they only bought in bakery products and when the government then paid them to stop that healthy lifestyle, they went to work, leased out the land and that put, nationally in Germany an end to organic family farming. The shops got stocked with unhealthy products and now the health services cannot cope with the problem that governments have burdened us with.

Well we are always told to do what we are told and if you protest you are seen as a trouble maker but it was the governments and businesses who produced unhealthy foods that are responsible for that problem not the people who were told to stop farming organically in the 70s and 80s.

The problem is that people are allowed to govern us that have no proper relationship to the land or lost their instincts for what is healthy and good for us.  Unfortunately education is measured only in terms of intellect but not in terms of healthy living instinct.

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