Food scare

When we get terrorist attacks we usually also get advise to stock our larders just in case a public emergency comes up.

Some year ago now, I followed that advise and ordered a large amount of tins to stock up. What came from my online delivery service were some partly rusty tins and some were near out of date and the minority had longivity.

close up of meal served in plate

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The next time we were told that there is a food scare was the 1. Brexit deadline. This time, I bought items and stocked up my larder personally selecting goods at the supermarket.

This time, the 2. Brexit deadline, I notice that the prices of tins of beans have gone through the roof.

Some 25 years ago we were sold tins of beans for 4 pens each and were able to collect tins of beef free of charge to clear the EU food mountain. That also contained free butter for all who wanted it.

Now prices are so bad that maybe that is the reason that people need foodbanks. It’s probably the prices have gone up so much that people can’t afford food any longer on their wages.

So who calculates the inflation rate?


the rainforest

Is without question one of the most importent assets of our planet. It is concentrated on various geographical locations. Lets take Brazil here as an example.

green leafed trees under blue sky

The typical British countrydise, cleared of forest, ready for farming. Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Of course us developed nations we have already cleared a lot of our forests and developed our lands. We in Britain even talk about becoming self-sufficient farming-wise to justify us leaving the EU without a deal.

For that of course we need to farm the land and clear probably even more forest.

We really do love to rely on the rain forest. The untouched and virgin rain forest, that same rain forest that saves our planet.

But what about those nationas that are couched within the rainforest areas. Nations like Brazil. Do their citizens not have the right to farm, to develp the land, to get skills-based jobs that are based within their national borders.

scenic view of rainforest

Rainforst    Photo by Arnie Chou on

Whilst we here in Britain demand that we can become independent of others, we do expect nations within the rainforest regions to leave that forest and just not devleop, to depend on others, help others, so that we developed countries can stay developing ourselves.

What are the nationals within the rainforest countries supposed to be doing?

Nobody has thought about this and I think that just shows how stupid our privately educated politicians and business leaders are because all they can think of is themselves.

It is an international problem and it needs nations to work together. But of course our political leaders only think about Brexit and becoming indendent from Europe and use the resources of other nations to bolster our own wealth.

The rainforest? The rainforest is depended upon that it stays as it is. So what about putting that thinking cap on?

We need social mobility

The former Conservative slogan ‘Britain isn’t working’ showing people queueing for work could now be altered to show people queueing for food instead whilst they got jobs now.

The Brexit disaster is a great example why we need more social mobility.  It’s the way this Brexit story came about that makes the case.

At the time David Cameron and George Osborne formed that young Conservative government. Both pals from university, one could almost feel the connection those two had. They both felt strong and nothing bad could ever happen was the feeling they radiated out to us.

And then David Cameron cooked up this recipe for disaster, which is called the Brexit vote. Now we have nothing but division and dismay over this Brexit referendum when the country was split in half by it.  51.89% leave and 48.11% remain. David Cameron himself then left his post as prime minister as he was obviously upset by the results, which he did not expect and his old friend George Osborne followed David’s example to leave government as well.

Yet these two had a lot of power to set up British political events for decades to come, those two uni pals. Apparently many people in powerful public positions know each other from university. In Britain the two most influental universities are Cambridge and Oxford.

There are now some MPs who say we need to honour the outcome of the vote,

The vote was badly set up, it simply asked: ” Do you want to leave or remain in the European Union?”

Obviously things are not that easy. There are contracts and terms and conditions to respect. Only if the policital system in the EU was so bad that we would rather fight them then deal with them could we even consider not honouring our contractual obligations.

The vote itself was very badly set up, very short-sighted.

Neither politicians nor the public were properly informed what staying in or leaving actually implied.

People were not asked whether they want to just leave without a deal or what kind of further relationship they want and that insincerity now causes all the problems.

I blame to a great extent the lack of social mobility because the same mates that go to uni together then find themselves in position of power. If universities get populated more by people who come from different walks of life the whole emotional backdrop would not exist and people would become more rational and actually examine their own mindsets and the whole thought processes in depths.

What now also becomes apparent, is that after years of Conservative government the cracks begin to show. More and more companies close down, or get moved to Europe or other parts of the world. The only way the employment rate is kept high because people are driven into self-employment or zero hours contracts. Apparently many people have to do questionable things to be able to cope with Universal Credit, a system that causes immense misery to more vulnerable people. It also exploits women who are driven into doing things they normally would not do to survive.

Britain is now the least family-friendly country in Europe according to UNICEF.

That current benefit system is self-serving, it keeps the low very low and stoops them lower whilst it supports the government and allows them to keep huge amounts of savings in case of no deal Brexit. So the Brexit saga was merely an instrument to increase the misery of the poor.

Perhaps it is worth examining the data the Department of Works and Pension holds to find out how it is possible to have such a high rate of employment when the press is daily filled with company closures.

It is quite apparent to everyone that most of our high street shops have closed in favour of food outlets and that footfall in highstreet has dramatically decreased.

Social mobility would stop such crass disputes in parliament because the two sides created through our elitist education would not emerge to that extent. Working class and richer kids could mix in uni at student level and get to know each other then instead of clashing later. If there were more people from poor backgrounds involved in government, the policies would change to take more care of the vulnerable citizens.

The emergency of the Change UK new party is a direct result of social clashes and people who want to overcome them.

The only good thing I can say about Food banks is that they are better than the food stamps Hitler used to give to the people he liked and refused to give to the people he let starve to death. Food banks are relatively easy to use and people can access them.

Yet, a political system that boasts full employment but makes those employees relying on food banks despite a minimum and national living wage is obviously very flawed.



Peterborough for Labour

I must say I like it that Labour won Peterborough ahead of the Brexit Party. It is a clear indication that people voted against Brexit in an area that previously was predominantly pro-Brexit.

Now, that most of the lies and rumours about how glorious Brexit is, have been dispersed, people vote for remain.

I think Brexit was all along a red herring to keep people’s attention on a right-wing nationalist agenda for the purpose that the Conservative government could re-create Victorian values in Britain.

The Conservatives lost many councils in the recent council elections for the reason that people are fed up to the teeth with the cut-backs they have to suffer to do with care for the elderdy, children, schools, rubbish collections and so forth.

Councils are running out of money and its this Conservative goverment that is responsible for it.

Whilst the government keeps on saying people didn’t vote for the Conservatives because the Conservatives failed to deliver Brexit, the reality is that people didn’t vote for the Conservatives because of the severe cut-backs on local council spending and overall policies.

Policies, which saw the wider introduction of Benefit cut-backs for the disabled, the Universal Credit, that left people queueing for Food banks to be able to survive, Zero hours contracts and a reduction in overall wages value by 6%.

Obviously Nigel Farage was very deflated about the second place in Peterborough but I think it indicates the line of pro and against Brexit voters in favour of the against.

Yesterday’s D-Day 75. Anniversary, saw veterans in tears over Brexit planning because they fought for freedom in Europe and want to keep it that way.

This article is not meant to be a blank cheque of support for Labour, who have many faults but it just shows that on the political strategy people voted tactically for the party that could counter the Brexit party in that local by-election.

Added on 7/6/19, the newly elected MP Lisa Forbes was caught into questions over alleged anti-semitic behaviour.



Eating out

There is no doubt about it, that each time I ate out, I felt ill after. This was particularly bad yesterday after a McDonald’s meal. I never felt so tired as I am the type of person that never sleeps during the day or in public in any event. Even when I go to bed I do not feel tired as such, I just fall asleep.

Yet yesterday, when I sat in the Catholic Holy Communion class, I felt so tired, I nearly fell off the chair and couldn’t stop yawning. Poor priest, he probably thought I was rude or felt him boring.

Today I feel really ill, my eyes had big black rings underneath, also very not typical for me.

When I went to a local restaurant, Madison fell ill afterwards and even when we went to Giraffe, Madison fell ill after and she is never ill.

There is no point in getting paranoid but since it affects us so badly when we eat out, I decided not to eat out any more.

There are certain meals where a particular portion cannot easily be manipulated and this are instances like school meals for example but most other meals are pretty much individually prepared. Even McDonald’s meals come off a production method that is tailored to individual orders.

That’s eating out for me done and dusted. Not unless I absolutely have to.

Fact is one does not know what is in the production line and where a person that prepared food had their hands prior to serving the meal. I just want to evade extra occasions that could make me ill. Even my child has become more listless since she attends her school’s free breakfast club. Why would anybody offer free breakfast to kids who get fed at home?

Force-fed on fruit

The situation about obesity has now become a farce because the measure of analysis is stereotype and the treatment of poorer children in inner cities is even worst stereotype.

I have a situation where my child is actually forced to eat fruit and drink water only as a condition to be able to participate in a choir. That measure is put onto all people, regardless whether they are overweight or not. My child was forbidden from eating healthy sandwiches, e.g. grilled chicken and salad because there is a strict policy on allowing only fruit and water.

That is a clearly intimidating policy, as it might not be suitable for everyone to eat lots of fruit and water at 3.30 in an afternoon.

The main problem with obesity I think occurs because people just do not cook anymore, they often just live on ready-meals. Anyone who cooks their own meals is usually very aware of the ingredients they put into their pots but people who buy ready-meals often just buy them because they like the look of the packet.

I refuse to be told what I have to feed my child when and where because my child is not overweight, participates in athletic sports and is extremely healthy, has 100% school attendance, and I am an extremely good cook in so far as I am very good at providing nutritionally balanced meals, that are meaningful to the calorie requirement of the day.

The problem is that ministers such as Anna Soubry just do not understand that poor people often do know how to cook cheap but nutritious meals from basic ingredients. What the minister wants to do is to teach people how to cook, learn pupils in schools how to cook and get adults into the habit of cooking for themselves, rather than encouraging the stuffing of shelves in supermarkets with ready-meals.

I want to be able to decide that my child should have a sandwich rather than fruit at a particular time or day because it is more useful because of sporting activity later on in the day rather than having to give my child too much fruit, which can actually have a negative effect because too much of anything can be harmful, including too much fruit.

Every athlete knows that one just cannot perform on eating fruit all day, all athletes have carefully balanced diets, yet my child’s school wants to force my child to eat fruit all day and then commence training on a fruitful but bloated stomach, idiotic I’d say.

The Sudanese Wave

Ever since the political changes started in Sudan we hear of other related incidents and measures around the world. Sudan of course was subject to enormous human suffering and related problems.

If I remember right, Egypt played an important part in the farming strategy of Sudan. The original nomadic tribes were displaced and forced to change their lifestyle of make space for the farming of cattle to produce beef.

Incidentally today an English paper warms people to eat less steaks because of cancer risks. Thinking one and one makes two, I wonder whether there is a direct connection in the political and of course then economic changes to do with the cattle farming regions of Sudan and our ability to eat beef.  Health warnings over certain food items, can be a convenient way to encourage less demand. Of course I heard warnings about processed meat like ham before, in that we are not to give children lots of ham, as it is also a processed meat. Yet ham is made from pork and steaks are made from beef.

Beef itself is not a processed meat but a red meat. I read previously that eating too much red meat could cause cancer of the stomach related organs. Yet find the current trend to put people off from eating steak a little surprising.

Research shows that at some stage of the human development, humans divided into two groups, the meat eaters and the vegetarians and that the meat eaters prevailed as they developed greater intellect. It was put to us that eating meat stimulates brain activity.

I am concerned that contradicting reports about the benefits of eating meat might be caused by current affairs and a need to curb meat eating because of political and economic problems in farming the beef.

Of course Sudan was a major beef farming region and those changes there might have been he start of the social and political unrest taking place in the east right now. Incidentally Egypt was the first post of call, when Egypt was the most economically dependant on Sudan.

Well, hat is just a thought, and it takes a lot of research of not widely publicised facts and figures to establish the facts of the matter.

Gone to the dogs

I think society has reached a low point in human terms, in that it is today cheaper to buy a tin of human food than it is to buy a tin of dog food. Does that mean that the value of a human is less than that of a dog? Or does it mean that humans should be discouraged from keeping animals.

On the global front we see that we endeavour to allow animals as much freedom as possible to follow their natural instincts and roam around freely but in our society we curb free movement by placing poor persons on a strict diet of monetary shortage so that they cannot afford to travel.

Do nowadays Animal Rights Activists get more say than Human Rights Activists?

There is a relevance to such thoughts in that in times of human nihilism like Ethnic cleansing is like a threat that runs through all types of fascist up-risings, whereby humans are forcibly displaced to make way for the “better race”. See Kosovo, Darfur, Germany in Hitler times, Cambodia. In all those cases, rulers see fit to curb the movements of indigenous or groups of people to fit in with some disciplinary regime.

Yet this human degradation never touches the issue of animal rights, in fact Hitler was a great defender of Animal Rights and Vegetarian, though he easily killed millions of people.

Whilst we condemn Travellers for doing what our natural instincts tell us to do, not far from the animal herding instincts that force animals to travel for food, we condemn humans for doing similar things.  Of course we have a well established network of food and water supply.  (Not far from the Roman viaduct system), We displace humans from their natural environments to fit in with the given world-wide discipline, whilst we feel animals have to enjoy the freedom to roam. Are we trying to transcend our own sub-conscious desires into the animal word, the deep embedded instinct of feeling free.

Whilst we usually think that whatever is the most expensive is the best, should we now start to eat dog food and leave our cheap human foods to the animals instead?

I think whoever are the people who are in charge of governmental decisions worldwide should take into consideration that our culture is a fragile thing that can break one day, just like the Roman culture broke one day, unable to continue because its leaders were crazed by drinking water from lead pipes. Today’s general poison is drugs, though we make sure all food and water supplies are strictly up to standards. We see a social interactions of drug takers with people in the highest positions and that is something that is of concern today. That might imply that some decisions that are made might be detrimental in the long run and do damage to our culture, but we won’t be able to stop ourselves now and will never be able to reflect on our decisions until we allow ourselves to step back and become fair again.

Call to ban trans-fats

I am more  than pleased, I am ecstatic that an official body calls for a complete ban on trans-fats in the food chain.

Those fats just linger  in the boy, clog up the arteries an cause those ugly body fats that are hard to shift. I noticed even just cutting out fats, but otherwise continuing a  normal diet would lose you weight. I now avoid eating biscuits to bulk up the diet and do not give them to children either.

We should get  a  special food allowance because on  a  low wage or  benefits one simply cannot afford healthy living. I have already cut out salt, well almost completely, I do not use sugar but find healthy foods unaffordable at the rate that I would need it. But to feed children healthy is expensive still. I think eating a lot of trans-fats might even trick the body into a self-destructive mode and seeking to have more and more of the fats that slowly throttle the body.

I do not think  that there is anything wrong with eating natural fats. I have heard of a very old woman that mostly ate cold pork fat, so that is a natural fat. Farmers used to use milk fats to make butter and curds or soft cheeses and cheeses. I do not know of any vegetable fats a European farmer would produce with the exception of olive oil, that is imported from the Mediterranean.

My family ran a totally organic farm and produced everything from butter to cider, but I cannot recall them using any unnatural fats ever. The NHS watchdog says 40.000 out of 150.000 annual deaths are preventable by having healthier diets, reducing salt, saturated fats and trans fats could save the NHS £1 billion per year. Ironically wer are now being told to cut out the healthy natural fat to be found in milk, the body does need a certain amount of fats to sustain itself, but to cut out the natural fats an replace them with trans=fats or unsaturated fats is stupid.

Well of course I did not ask for the manufacture of such products. As I said above, my family ran a completely organic farm, that was totally self-sufficient, they only bought in bakery products and when the government then paid them to stop that healthy lifestyle, they went to work, leased out the land and that put, nationally in Germany an end to organic family farming. The shops got stocked with unhealthy products and now the health services cannot cope with the problem that governments have burdened us with.

Well we are always told to do what we are told and if you protest you are seen as a trouble maker but it was the governments and businesses who produced unhealthy foods that are responsible for that problem not the people who were told to stop farming organically in the 70s and 80s.

The problem is that people are allowed to govern us that have no proper relationship to the land or lost their instincts for what is healthy and good for us.  Unfortunately education is measured only in terms of intellect but not in terms of healthy living instinct.

The forbidden fruit

I went to the Paradise Gardens festival in Victoria Park yesterday with the family and it was a living fairy tale the way the whole event was themed. Central to the entertainment was a giant who presented himself as a sort of Pagan god of the trees. Unfortunately my camera didn’t work during the day, as the shutter refused to open but the giant went around the festival grounds and made a very impressive and charming figure. He was the heart and soul of the festivities. He was the one who called upon the moon at nighttime, and was booed for it.

The giant at the Paradise Gardens festival at Victoria Park 2010

The giant who called himself the maker of the trees at night on the lake calling upon the moon during the Paradise Gardens Festival 2010 fireworks spectacular

There were a few pagan elements to the festival when at the end the moon was called upon to judge the people on earth and how they mismanaged resources with wishes from children to do less damage to the environment and recycle more.

Though the overall attempt to remind people about how precious our planet is was an excellent one. We saw stalls from Tower Hamlets Council healthy living initiatives.  Please follow this link Paradise Gardens festival  to see the organisers own website and all attractions that were available at the event.

The police were well represented, I saw a total of 6 police officers in uniform around the grounds. According to the event management there were only 5.000 people watching the very expensive spectacular at the end, which is a very small number compared to the 60.000 people said to have visited last year’s event.

I enjoyed the stall offering fresh herbs in a variety of origins, showing the proprietors great knowledge of natural healing and herbal remedies, as well as culinary skills. the festival was a commendable effort to let many arts and crafts stalls offer their wears that combined with commercial stalls and many food outlets from around the world.

The fun fair, though very nice and without doubt very expensive to maintain, costed quite a lot per ride, in terms of local families not being able to afford a lot of rides on the prices.

I doubt that many vendors made a lot of money on the first day of the event because of a relatively low attendance. I thought the grounds were not crowded at all, but of course the areas offering alcoholic beverages, especially beers were well attended and so were the seating areas around those bars.

The New Orleans style Jazz tent attracted the most crowds, but still you see plenty lf grass, showing that the crowds were relatively small at the Paradise Gardens Festival in 2010 on the Saturday.

The tent were people made wishes to be floated on the lake at night during the Paradise Gardens Festival in 2010

Children could make wishes in the Giant’s tent during the day, those wishes were then floated in the lake at night, and were supposed to float around to light up the lake but unfortunately the wind didn’t like the idea, it would have had to blow from south to disperse those lighted wishes but it didn’t and so they all crammed up on the south shore.  The weather wasn’t great but tolerable, I think though that the dogs did get s soaking, that were placed on a large area of the green to be given away to people at around 5pm. I would have preferred children instead to remind people to be kind to, instead of dogs though.

The giant described the earth as a paradise we live on and the Paradise Gardens as his paradise and that reminded me of the forbidden fruit and I thought what is the forbidden fruit in this festival and I thought of the cash machine that was available for people to draw money out to spend at the festival. It was very well attended and attracted long queues (10 people). In biblical terms of course paradise didn’t know any monetary value for goods, it was just god and nature and the apple tree. So is the name Paradise really fit for today’s world?

The bejewelled dragenfly and the water lilie, 2 of the special floating features around the lake at the Paradise Gardens Festival n 2010

It must have been very expensive to design the art work for that event, that was commissioned by Tower Hamlets council.

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