Not so revolutionary

Just saw this very interesting statistic on BBC, which show that the percentage of money we used on food sank from 65 – 28%. We would have cooked all our own food and lived healthily. Now we almost live solely on highly processed food with higher obesity and worsening health.

In my view that is also a considerable reason why we have climate change.

So why do I know that Extinction Rebellion are lip service show people? Because they do not have a concept of cooking fresh food. They merely provide processed food to have enough time to demonstrate. I can see it from their weekend program, cooking has no place, only ‘food’ is mentioned. Not worth getting out for.

The truly organic lifestyle evolved around 100% self-sustaining food production.

XR are just creating possibilities for people to meet, as demonstrations are the new lifestyle, a fashion.

There is nothing rebellious about X-R, they are conformist fashion icons.

Don’t support slavery

That case of the Vietnamese people being smuggled into Britain in a lorry, in which they all died, highlights the danger of people smuggling and exploitation.

I have seen it in so many films how property owners in remote locations can easily hide slaves and nobody seems to care.

Photo by Mat Brown on

Labour intensive business, the beauty industry, sex industry and others seem to find it easy to use slave labour instead of the regular people who get wages and have contracts to work as free people.

What I find interesting is how to avoid buying goods or services from companies who use slave labour.

Most larger companies have a lot of scrutiny to content with but those non regulated supplier, whether they work from markets or selling over the Internet, who asks where they get their staff from?

What we need is labelling on all goods supplied in shops or markets, which state that the supplier has adhered to a code of human respect. That employes who helped produce the item in the packaging are employed under good conditions.

Why stop at calorific value and fat and sugar content, we also need to know who is making it.

Nobody seems to check what people companies employ. How else would it be possible that suddenly people get detected locked away and enslaved and that they worked for a business as cheap labour.

I refuse to buy things from non regulated business whether that’s a market or an unknown Internet company. I do not use the beauty industry like nail bars anyhow. The one time I used a nailbar, was extremely frustrating, the lady did not seem to know the first thing about nails. Though I got charged top money for a rubbish service.



Breakfast, a vingary salad made with red onion, sugar, salt, pepper, oil, white wine vinegar and pine nuts, beef tomatoes, celery leaf, avocado, melon.

I’ve never been a huggy / kissy person. I like to keep my distance at all times and probably now fare better during that social distancing period than others who always need to feel near to others to enjoy themselves.

Autism is the new fashion and society should stop making autistic people feel like they are the odd ones. In fact, odd is beautiful. I’m not autistic but feel nearer to it than to the ‘normal’ person.

As long as you socially isolate you can have theories about the Corona pandemic.

Just because the Chinese found out about the virus doesn’t mean it originated there. As it appears all over the world, it is most likely that it has been around for some time but hadn’t been recognised as such.

I had a Corona-like illness 10 years ago. Fever and breathing problems, my lungs filled with fluid. That happened just when I had my last court hearing and it was really bad. The doctor prescribed me steroid based medication, which resolved the issue pretty quickly. That illness wasn’t seen as viral then.

I’ve had a fair share of viral infections over my life-time, some of which could well have been fatal, had I been prone to dying from them.

So, now it is important that we socially distance and also keep eating fresh things, to fuel the bodyies defence systems.


Healthy eating


Avocado Hummus and celery

Whilst one of the East Enders actresses has developed an eating disorder, (in the soap), it reminds me to be happy with my own eating choices.

Yesterday’s episode showed exactly what’s at stake. On one hand we have this motion that we need to tuck into the full English breakfast but at the other hand we do want to stay healthily slim.

I suppose it depends what one does, how much one has to eat.

There are several categories of demand on calorific intake.

  • The worker, sportster, grafter
  • The sitter
  • The average person

It is important for anyone to calculate the amount of calories they use and the cvalories that are in the food we actually eat.

There is a good case for the workers, sportsters and grafters to have that full English breakfast but for the rest of us, it is not.

For me, it also is important not just to look at the calories on the packet but what type of calories they are and what types of fats they are.

We all love to stuff our faces and we just love that binge, just shuffling it in and feel satisfied.

I’ve just taken to eating foods that

  • take a long time to eat
  • have few calories
  • are nutritious

A plate full of celery and home-made hummus is just the right start to the day, it won’t overload my calory intake and I can feel happy that it won’t make me fat either.

I’ve been diagnosed with Gout. about which I complained since 3 years with the doctor and that severely influences my mobility. It gradually gotten worst over the years, even though my life-style is really healthy. I almost cut out all alcohol since years and eat healthy and still I got it.

I got a severe gout attack a couple of months ago and that almost immobilised me. Have now been put on medication to reduce the uric acid in my blood as it has gone way to high.

That means I had a break in my usual exercise routine and I must eat less calories to not put on the weight.

The secret is to really make confident choices of what is good for us rather than go by the ads and general perception of what we have to eat.

I put a lot of blame on adverts and what’s available in the shops. It is easy to get led astray by shop displays and general myths.

More food allergy for children

That is really concerning that more and more children suffer food allergies. I am not even qualified as doctor and often apply common sense and instinct when I look at something and often logic alone helps to resolve issues as well.

We are too specialised these days and often can’t see the forest because of the trees. Because everybody just looks at one very specific issue, we are unable to combine thoughts and are left to wonder what the cause of something is.

Severe food allergy reaction, which resulted in hospitalisation has risen by almost 100% in 4 years.

Allergies can be against, cheese, dairy in general, nuts, sesame.

Not all allergies result in a threat to life.

I blame lifestyle and eating too much pre-processed food.

agriculture barn clouds corn

Photo by Pixabay on I do not have any pictures from that time, so use a free pic.

My family used to run a farm, we made everything from cider to flour, from Sauerkraut to growing strawberries. We had geese, rabbits, cows, pigs.

I had a lot of contact with earth and the natural environment. All our food was basic and freshly prepared. My mother, nor her mother or the mother before that would go and buy any prepared food in a shop. In fact, in the village my family had a farm, the shop was the smallest institution in the whole area. It was tiny.

Whilst in a big city, all we see is shops. Our children live out of packets of ready-made food.

No doubt food selling has become a large part of our economy.

I’ve seen the changes here in London. So many shops have closed to be replaced by a shop selling food.

strawberryI still try to cook as much as possible myself. I walk past the cakes, I go home and bake one with ingredients I buy myself. You will be surprised how easy it is to make things from scratch.

Yes, it is more expensive. That is very unfortunate, because the more processed we buy and eat our food the less our stomach has to digest and that affects the microbes in our bodies and that is bad for us.

Probably food allergies are a reason why I could not buy any Tahini paste in my local Lidl nor in Sainsbury. Lidl didn’t even have any Humous in stock perhaps because it is made with Tahini, which is a paste made from Sesame seeds.

Can’t people keep busy doing crafts instead of buying everything ready-made, which  is a major cause of earth warming because producing things using machines, causes earth warming, instead of making food and selling it?


My home-made Christmas cake, it’s decoration is basic but it tasted very nice.

Yes, you can argue that the more people cook themselves the more ovens we need. Good point but health is the most important cause humanity can have.

We stick our children to sit in class-rooms all day and do not allow them to have contact with nature and then wonder why they do not know what a carrot is or where a chicken comes from.

Or, of course there is still apossibility that people always have been allergic to some foods but we just didn’t know it and they just died of something and it wasn’t clear to us what it was because science wasn’t able to detect the cause.

Enough of death, I just want to do something positive for the rest of the day, week, year.



Food scare

When we get terrorist attacks we usually also get advise to stock our larders just in case a public emergency comes up.

Some year ago now, I followed that advise and ordered a large amount of tins to stock up. What came from my online delivery service were some partly rusty tins and some were near out of date and the minority had longivity.

close up of meal served in plate

Photo by Chevanon Photography on

The next time we were told that there is a food scare was the 1. Brexit deadline. This time, I bought items and stocked up my larder personally selecting goods at the supermarket.

This time, the 2. Brexit deadline, I notice that the prices of tins of beans have gone through the roof.

Some 25 years ago we were sold tins of beans for 4 pens each and were able to collect tins of beef free of charge to clear the EU food mountain. That also contained free butter for all who wanted it.

Now prices are so bad that maybe that is the reason that people need foodbanks. It’s probably the prices have gone up so much that people can’t afford food any longer on their wages.

So who calculates the inflation rate?

the rainforest

Is without question one of the most importent assets of our planet. It is concentrated on various geographical locations. Lets take Brazil here as an example.

green leafed trees under blue sky

The typical British countrydise, cleared of forest, ready for farming. Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Of course us developed nations we have already cleared a lot of our forests and developed our lands. We in Britain even talk about becoming self-sufficient farming-wise to justify us leaving the EU without a deal.

For that of course we need to farm the land and clear probably even more forest.

We really do love to rely on the rain forest. The untouched and virgin rain forest, that same rain forest that saves our planet.

But what about those nationas that are couched within the rainforest areas. Nations like Brazil. Do their citizens not have the right to farm, to develp the land, to get skills-based jobs that are based within their national borders.

scenic view of rainforest

Rainforst    Photo by Arnie Chou on

Whilst we here in Britain demand that we can become independent of others, we do expect nations within the rainforest regions to leave that forest and just not devleop, to depend on others, help others, so that we developed countries can stay developing ourselves.

What are the nationals within the rainforest countries supposed to be doing?

Nobody has thought about this and I think that just shows how stupid our privately educated politicians and business leaders are because all they can think of is themselves.

It is an international problem and it needs nations to work together. But of course our political leaders only think about Brexit and becoming indendent from Europe and use the resources of other nations to bolster our own wealth.

The rainforest? The rainforest is depended upon that it stays as it is. So what about putting that thinking cap on?

We need social mobility

The former Conservative slogan ‘Britain isn’t working’ showing people queueing for work could now be altered to show people queueing for food instead whilst they got jobs now.

The Brexit disaster is a great example why we need more social mobility.  It’s the way this Brexit story came about that makes the case.

At the time David Cameron and George Osborne formed that young Conservative government. Both pals from university, one could almost feel the connection those two had. They both felt strong and nothing bad could ever happen was the feeling they radiated out to us.

And then David Cameron cooked up this recipe for disaster, which is called the Brexit vote. Now we have nothing but division and dismay over this Brexit referendum when the country was split in half by it.  51.89% leave and 48.11% remain. David Cameron himself then left his post as prime minister as he was obviously upset by the results, which he did not expect and his old friend George Osborne followed David’s example to leave government as well.

Yet these two had a lot of power to set up British political events for decades to come, those two uni pals. Apparently many people in powerful public positions know each other from university. In Britain the two most influental universities are Cambridge and Oxford.

There are now some MPs who say we need to honour the outcome of the vote,

The vote was badly set up, it simply asked: ” Do you want to leave or remain in the European Union?”

Obviously things are not that easy. There are contracts and terms and conditions to respect. Only if the policital system in the EU was so bad that we would rather fight them then deal with them could we even consider not honouring our contractual obligations.

The vote itself was very badly set up, very short-sighted.

Neither politicians nor the public were properly informed what staying in or leaving actually implied.

People were not asked whether they want to just leave without a deal or what kind of further relationship they want and that insincerity now causes all the problems.

I blame to a great extent the lack of social mobility because the same mates that go to uni together then find themselves in position of power. If universities get populated more by people who come from different walks of life the whole emotional backdrop would not exist and people would become more rational and actually examine their own mindsets and the whole thought processes in depths.

What now also becomes apparent, is that after years of Conservative government the cracks begin to show. More and more companies close down, or get moved to Europe or other parts of the world. The only way the employment rate is kept high because people are driven into self-employment or zero hours contracts. Apparently many people have to do questionable things to be able to cope with Universal Credit, a system that causes immense misery to more vulnerable people. It also exploits women who are driven into doing things they normally would not do to survive.

Britain is now the least family-friendly country in Europe according to UNICEF.

That current benefit system is self-serving, it keeps the low very low and stoops them lower whilst it supports the government and allows them to keep huge amounts of savings in case of no deal Brexit. So the Brexit saga was merely an instrument to increase the misery of the poor.

Perhaps it is worth examining the data the Department of Works and Pension holds to find out how it is possible to have such a high rate of employment when the press is daily filled with company closures.

It is quite apparent to everyone that most of our high street shops have closed in favour of food outlets and that footfall in highstreet has dramatically decreased.

Social mobility would stop such crass disputes in parliament because the two sides created through our elitist education would not emerge to that extent. Working class and richer kids could mix in uni at student level and get to know each other then instead of clashing later. If there were more people from poor backgrounds involved in government, the policies would change to take more care of the vulnerable citizens.

The emergency of the Change UK new party is a direct result of social clashes and people who want to overcome them.

The only good thing I can say about Food banks is that they are better than the food stamps Hitler used to give to the people he liked and refused to give to the people he let starve to death. Food banks are relatively easy to use and people can access them.

Yet, a political system that boasts full employment but makes those employees relying on food banks despite a minimum and national living wage is obviously very flawed.



Peterborough for Labour

I must say I like it that Labour won Peterborough ahead of the Brexit Party. It is a clear indication that people voted against Brexit in an area that previously was predominantly pro-Brexit.

Now, that most of the lies and rumours about how glorious Brexit is, have been dispersed, people vote for remain.

I think Brexit was all along a red herring to keep people’s attention on a right-wing nationalist agenda for the purpose that the Conservative government could re-create Victorian values in Britain.

The Conservatives lost many councils in the recent council elections for the reason that people are fed up to the teeth with the cut-backs they have to suffer to do with care for the elderdy, children, schools, rubbish collections and so forth.

Councils are running out of money and its this Conservative goverment that is responsible for it.

Whilst the government keeps on saying people didn’t vote for the Conservatives because the Conservatives failed to deliver Brexit, the reality is that people didn’t vote for the Conservatives because of the severe cut-backs on local council spending and overall policies.

Policies, which saw the wider introduction of Benefit cut-backs for the disabled, the Universal Credit, that left people queueing for Food banks to be able to survive, Zero hours contracts and a reduction in overall wages value by 6%.

Obviously Nigel Farage was very deflated about the second place in Peterborough but I think it indicates the line of pro and against Brexit voters in favour of the against.

Yesterday’s D-Day 75. Anniversary, saw veterans in tears over Brexit planning because they fought for freedom in Europe and want to keep it that way.

This article is not meant to be a blank cheque of support for Labour, who have many faults but it just shows that on the political strategy people voted tactically for the party that could counter the Brexit party in that local by-election.

Added on 7/6/19, the newly elected MP Lisa Forbes was caught into questions over alleged anti-semitic behaviour.



Eating out

There is no doubt about it, that each time I ate out, I felt ill after. This was particularly bad yesterday after a McDonald’s meal. I never felt so tired as I am the type of person that never sleeps during the day or in public in any event. Even when I go to bed I do not feel tired as such, I just fall asleep.

Yet yesterday, when I sat in the Catholic Holy Communion class, I felt so tired, I nearly fell off the chair and couldn’t stop yawning. Poor priest, he probably thought I was rude or felt him boring.

Today I feel really ill, my eyes had big black rings underneath, also very not typical for me.

When I went to a local restaurant, Madison fell ill afterwards and even when we went to Giraffe, Madison fell ill after and she is never ill.

There is no point in getting paranoid but since it affects us so badly when we eat out, I decided not to eat out any more.

There are certain meals where a particular portion cannot easily be manipulated and this are instances like school meals for example but most other meals are pretty much individually prepared. Even McDonald’s meals come off a production method that is tailored to individual orders.

That’s eating out for me done and dusted. Not unless I absolutely have to.

Fact is one does not know what is in the production line and where a person that prepared food had their hands prior to serving the meal. I just want to evade extra occasions that could make me ill. Even my child has become more listless since she attends her school’s free breakfast club. Why would anybody offer free breakfast to kids who get fed at home?

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