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Common Hold

What is needed is equal standard of housing for all. Common Hold is another type of management company for buildings owned by a owner management company. It was introduced in England in 2002. I read through the government guidelines. This concept is all about owners of flats within the system having the right to determine… Continue reading Common Hold

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is the best logistics invention for mapping. The world is divided into squares and each square is given a name made up of three words. This is brilliant and it stops apps sending you to the wrong address. Because post codes are misleading as they encompass larger areas. The What3Words address is that one little… Continue reading What3Words

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Vision Zero

As a Met Police volunteer I was given the unique opportunity today wo work with a large number of Met Police officers and support officers and staff to help promote Vision Zero policy in NW8, which aims to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries on London's roads by 2041. Vision Zero is supported by TfL,… Continue reading Vision Zero

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Organic contradiction

The new Abel and Cole TV ad must be music to all the nature lovers who just thrive of environmental issues. This ad personifies all the squabbles XR demos are trying to tell us and attempt to bring solutions. It describes how our need for greed is responsible for all our ills. Abel and Cole… Continue reading Organic contradiction

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Airlines on the forefront of freedom fighting

I am really glad that Ryanair take up the fight for a freedom to travel. As much as I do not fly nor have a car, I defend the right of everybody to move freely. As the BBC reports, a conglomerate of travel industry owners are taking the government to court over restrictions and the… Continue reading Airlines on the forefront of freedom fighting

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Getting there

Road closures always cause confusion. The mapping services of road directing apps are just not adjusting fast enough to every road closure, so that all types of vehicles get stuck. It doesn't matter whether we use 'What three words' or any other Sat Nav, it depends on what is programmed into the software, which determines… Continue reading Getting there

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No wonder pupil numbers drop

Raising a child in Tower Hamlets has become just that little bit more difficult now, with Shamima Begum and her other friends being raised in our immediate neighbourhood, I cannot help wondering what her return to Britain will bring. Her family must be from Tower Hamlets or she would not have gone to a Secondary… Continue reading No wonder pupil numbers drop

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The u-turn

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced that all who can should go back to work but walk, cycle or use cars and avoid public transport. All that caution about carbon emissions has been thrown to the wind for the sake of personal breathing space whilst in a car. It's all about direct transmissions; the government is… Continue reading The u-turn

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The desperate time government

They call it gender discrimination but in the times when women stayed at home to look after the kids, we could manage when a school closed. Now all are drafted in as workers and when the workers fall ill, there is nobody to run services and nobody to look after children. Not even in an… Continue reading The desperate time government

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fast movers

The urban myth that you need a car in London to get around, is really a myth. Scientific examination of transport has proven the following: The following numbers came up or moving people around town: 22.000 people using trains 19.000 people walking 14.000 people cycling 9.000 people using buses 2.000 people using private cares. Read… Continue reading fast movers