No wonder pupil numbers drop

chest hospital

Chest Hospital remains boarded up

Raising a child in Tower Hamlets has become just that little bit more difficult now, with Shamima Begum and her other friends being raised in our immediate neighbourhood, I cannot help wondering what her return to Britain will bring. Her family must be from Tower Hamlets or she would not have gone to a Secondary in Old Bethnal Green Road.

It’s really bad if not just one but three mainstream pupils from a council run Secondary school leave the country to join a terrorist organisation.

But, this reflects the demographic in this borough. And now, Tower Hamlets Council is very busy closing schools because of falling pupil numbers.

I won’t send my child to a Sixth form in Tower Hamlets either. As far as I understand Sixth Forms in Tower Hamlets fail to attract the high number of brightest pupils they need to expand.

I shall send my child rather to Hackney than educate in Tower Hamlets.

Because of the pupil mix Tower Hamlets now even reduces sports education sharply. It’s a very sad state of affairs.

I am constantly writing to my Member of parliament because of many maintenance issues.

Just looking at the former Chest Hospital. Every time I walk past I need to look at the constantly decaying buildings within and nothing gets done at all. It would be better to develop the site. I definitely prefer shiny new buildings instead of crumbling bricks to look at.


The air we breathe

Whist we see plans to raise the pension age, the warning is published in a very small, hard to see article in the Sun that the pollution levels in London have reached crisis point and are below par for the 36th consecutive time.

That is a good cause for a very justified protest to hold demonstrations on the pollution levels in London instead of protesting about all other kinds of matters. Yesterday I saw outside of the high court bikers protesting about charges for them. Yet, we have to get the pollution levels down. It is important for our health.

Problems arising from pollution are not immediately apparent and often affect us only years later. Studies have shown that children living near busy roads have problems developing their lungs properly. Asthma is becoming more common in big cities.

Britain as a whole has allowance for 35 bad air days per year only but that goal has not been reached. Whilst we are busy thinking only about football goals, we should spend more time thinking about healthy living goals.

Bad air days, don’t seem to bother us as much as bad hair days but what we have inside of our bodies should be more important than what we have on top of our heads.

We have to change our attitudes and see taxation of fossil fuel burning vehicles as a necessary step to improve our health and not as a punishment.

Cycling irresponsibly

Whilst we see cycling getting a promotion in many tabloids I just wondered this morning, how I should cope with cyclist as a pedestrian.

Trying to cross a road on a busy junction I saw 3 cyclists coming down the road. I stood in the centre aisle and was too afraid to cross the road because of cyclists unpredictable behaviour. Indeed 2 of the cyclists followed the road the proper way, waiting to join the main traffic at the junction, just as they should do, whilst the third one suddenly swerved off the road, taking a route into the opposite side pedestrian crossing onto the footpath.

How is anyone supposed to work around erratic behaviour like that? Cycles can kill children and recently an elderly pensioner was killed by a cyclist.

Only yesterday I crossed a quiet side street with a child in my hand, when suddenly from the left a cycle cut us off at great speed and came around the corner. I have very good hearing but could not hear that bike. It was a matter of luck that the child in my hand was not hit by that cycle.

Whilst it worries me to read that cyclists get killed in traffic, it makes me wonder, from my own experience (I worked as a bike courier in central London) whether cyclists couldn’t avoid problems if they followed the traffic rules and behave like any other road user and use the roads or cycle paths in the prescribed method rather than ride wildly across pedestrian areas or very fast down quiet roads.

Being a cyclist is not a free ticket to being irresponsible but a ticket to responsibly using the roads and avoid using fossil fuels in the process.

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