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Kaschke (v Der Spiegel) v the UK

As the case with number HQ08X00921 has been thrown out of the UK courts it has now been listed with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Just had sight of the all important acknowledgement letter that the “completed” application form has been received and is getting due attention. Phew I am pleased that I was able to fill out the application form to an acceptable standard as the vast majority of cases is thrown out for lack of a properly completed application form. The case reference is 33844/09. I shall refrain from making any further comments about the case but you can follow its progress on the website of the European Court of Human Rights website. At this stage all proceedings are on paper.

But to tell you that much the application is not just on the Rule 6, Right to a Fair Trial but also contains several other complaints.

It’s surreal

Is it me or is it hot?

Just when I come back from my holiday I get this urge to read the Independent on-line and what do I find, a story about Alex Hilton my opposite in a libel suite, currently at the High Court. I shall not make any comment about the content of this article in the Independent from 29 August 2009, but can you believe it or am I imagining things?
I suppose every little helps as they say.
Don’t mention the Cuckoo’s nest.

Ian Dale looks at the situation in his usual rose coloured glasses and his comment in his post titled Alex Hilton Treads the Wire  is more than beside the point because the angry comment from the Americans does not at all sound  like getting away with this ‘prank’. Ian Dale took Alex Hilton under his wings and rubbished me over my libel claim against Alex Hilton.  My lifestyle seems boring compared to those TV and media personalities like Alex Hilton and Ian Dale, myself just having spent a week in a Pontin’s holiday camp, not glamorous at all but good old-fashioned fun.

lunchbox ham

Of course I support the call to give children less ham, in fact I completely stopped eating it. Having grown up on a farm, I know that small farmers produced maybe 4 hams per year to sustain themselves and ate it in moderation but today we use it as an every-day meal.

But, to say this again, children go to school for too long in a day and if they could go home at 1 each day they would not need to rely on lunch boxes at all and that would promote healthy eating anyhow. We rely more and more on take-aways because we spend less time at home and this lifestyle needs to be looked at as a whole.

BBC source

The case for and against troops in Afghanistan

A member of the Taleban beating a woman

A member of the Taleban beating a woman

Many people in those areas are indigenous people and tribes that mainly generate an income from Poppy cultivation and Afghanistan and Burma combined account to 95% of the world’s opium production.

At the same time one must consider that the times of the British Empire are well and truly over, that Britain has lost its standing as the world’s economic and political leader and former colonies are independent and the world production on manufacturing, raw materials, food and electronics have gone to former third world countries that now dominate the world. Britain has been reduced to a service provider for education and has become dependant on imports from others.

Our technology allows us to monitor all the failings in respect of human rights and atrocities that hurt our mentalities and we always feel we have to do something to better the evils of the underdeveloped world. But we are only a small country with very few resources and in danger of splitting ourselves up into too many fragments that will be detrimental to us. I blame much of this on the labour movement and the Labour Party in particular.

Gone are the days where we could occupy countries and teach them as our colonies.

The British army makes one big mistake in Afghanistan in that it acts as a social stabiliser as well as an army and that is what leads to so many deaths. The shoot to kill has been changed to the capture if possible as we try to help those we fight and as a matter of principle one cannot fight and help at the same time, one can only do one or the other and it should be up to the United Nations, the Red Cross and similar organisations to provide the help but an army should be fighting and nothing else.

There are so many regions in the world that have a lot of issues and we cannot possible cure all ills of the world. We should concentrate on keeping the drugs out of Britain and look after our own as we suffer from serious social problems within our own country, that is weakened by internal fragmentation as well as being the drug capital of Europe. I feel our whole culture is in danger of collapse if we do not concentrate on saving our own values and society within our own borders. We cannot be a good example to others if we do not manage to civilise ourselves first of all.

My heart breaks from the injustice women suffer under the Taleban and in Islamic nations in general but I cannot make those women stand up to the repression they suffer, they have to stand up to it themselves, just as women did in Europe and America.

We cannot help those that do not want to be helped. I feel that Britain always thinks others want to be helped they just need a little assistance but if the local status of those we feel need help is so weak that they cannot build their own support networks then we cannot possibly lift those in need of help out of the danger zones.

In my view the Taleban promote humans as feral creatures, not allowing women medical help or education. They in fact only use weapons to support their own power and farm drug crops to destroy others. They work on very basic and animal instincts and we as sophisticated society fall under the spell of that, trying to save what human motions are in place but are in serious danger to be beaten by the brute animal strength of those Taleban fighters who draw strength out of economic misery they themselves produce.

We are better off concentrating on keeping those drugs out of our borders, our people’s veins and strengthen our own society rather than trying to save those who have no realistic will to be saved.

It must be a worldwide effort with much greater involvement of all nations to solve the problems in Afghanistan, we need an international conglomerate including China, India, Russia and the US to solve the problems of that region, that is geographically huge.

For example there is now a drought in Afghanistan and some regions have not had any water and all crops fail, but does the Afghan government have a contingency plan for food? No, the people depend on foreign food aid whilst the farmers use the land for continued poppy and drug production whilst the people depend on foreign aid.

We are fools to fall for that because those suffering should stand up to their own leaders but instead they continue to support the Taleban without much resistance.

We have to realise that the Taleban think like animals, they merciless will destroy us if we let them. The Taleban keep women for baby production, use the sons for fighters whilst we still try to give women human rights by allowing them some education but the economic instability will proof our efforts in vein unless there is a worldwide support from all nations and total destruction of the poppy fields.

The international institute for strategic studies should put on their thinking caps and produce some very fast results please.

The worst outcome of this for us woman would be that should Britain become too weak from this conflict, we woman would be forced to start producing sons just to fight a war that weakens us so much that we would lose our privileges we fought for so hard and revert back into the same bearing woman who produce soldiers that fight wars just to save our country from defeat. We’d be equally repressed just as those Taliban woman are now.

We cannot enter any war under Labour and Socialist rules as those rules see all peoples as equal even if they are not emancipated yet.
We need to rid the region of poppy fields first, regenerate economically and we require the help of all nations who need to provide fighting soldiers, otherwise we are better off just destroying the poppy fields from the air and monitor the region electronically and use terrrorist prevention by other means. I do not think that we can win in that region because it is similar to the Vietnam war. Considering how small our resources are, each and every fit fighting man costs so much effort to train and maintain, it is ridiculous that we train up those good men just for the Taleban to kill them. We should stop our humanitarian attitude in Afghanistan and kill all those who are a threat to us and not worry about getting them on our side, as it will never happen.
See also Afghan helicopter crash kills 16
The case of the captures US soldier shows clearly that this man is undergoing or has undergone a brain washing process and he had his head shaved and is forced to start growing the tell-tale goatie bird for Muslims. He should agree to all he is told and stay alive as long as possible. It is a great worry that he has been told to say that the American people have that power to bring the American soldiers home, that indicates that again the Taleban want to hold the American people to account for the soldiers in Afghanistan. The Taleban are savages who use any excuse and have no emotions whatsoever and no human feelings at all. If that soldier is lucky he will be brainwashed into becoming a Taleban fighter (when he could escape at a later date) or if he will be killed and shown as sample on TV, he will loose his life.  Unfortunately the support network in that region is so great that is is extremely unlikely that he could be found or freed by our troops.
US Vice-President Joe Biden makes a case for troops in Afghanistan.

I am so pleased that today on 3 August 2009 I found some evidence of good action in Afghanistan instead of that constant negative reporting that is a little bit demoralising over time especially when we never get to know about those initiatives that we all so desperately want to see happening. Operation Panthers Claw is one good initiative, it split the insurgents up and strengthened the western forces and ultimately the Afghan government.

Home education

A college classroom in New York

A college classroom in New York

is something I took an interest in and find that here in Tower Hamlets the Education Authority doesn’t even mention it.

I have never heard in any school that any support for it exists. Yet in this article it is supported that home educators get more help and should register.

That would be a real step forward if home educating was properly regulated. At the moment its such a grey area. Here in Tower Hamlets the Education Department takes anyone whose child doesn’t attend school for unauthorised absence and I have never heard that they would even accept home educating. Does anyone home educate in Tower Hamlets?

I noticed some classes are very full up and looking at the picture a college in New York not much individual attention is given to students there.

It is an opportunity for anyone out of work to educate their child and give it more chances if one cannot afford private education and now there even is a call to prompt education authorities to assist home educators.

Lordi, Lordi

building work near St. Paul's Cathedral in June 2009

building work near St. Paul's Cathedral in June 2009

I am so glad that as usual I can rely on the House of Lords to put their foot down and they have done so in the summing up of the latest financial crisis to hit this century.

Our Lords criticised the Treasury, Bank of England and Financial Services Authority (FSA) for failing to do their job properly and it was based on the Northern Rock example.

As so often whose fault it is, is hard to say, as no one is definitely responsible for the mess. There has been the deregulation of the Bank of England but that has not manifested itself for binding responsibility on crises. Just as the latest expense scandal with MPs, there is no one really in charge of a set criteria that has to be adhered.

But in the MP expenses scandal if in doubt you can always blame the MP but that is not easy in the world of finance, where transactions span the globe and many are involved beyond traceable recognition.

Lord Valance of Tummell told the BBC that the powers of the Bank of England do not go far enough, don’t we know it as we suffer from the result.

Again we see a problem with being accountable and responsible that led to individuals using the system to their best advantage.

But the city expands and grows, with new additions alongside old and trusted buildings, new architecture is sprouting up all over the place, so it can’t be that bad, can it?

“The degree of control that our supervisors and regulators here in the UK have over bank branches of foreign banks is very limited,” said Lord Vallance. Interesting suggestion but what does it mean in European terms and what does this remark “If there is a crisis then the money tends to rush back to the home of the bank itself leaving the problem with the UK taxpayer.” mean for Icelandic citizens.

It seems to me this problem affects each and every nation who would need nationalised stop cocks installed to stem the flow of funds out of the bath, as not to let the baby out with it. Here we go again the old contradiction of how does globalisation affect the interests of each nation, now even banking has to ask itself that question.

(the photo is (C)

Vote Conservative June 4th

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Go to the country now

Conservative Party logo

Conservative Party logo

is one of the more notable petitions on the 10 Downing Street Petitions. One is asking for support to ask our Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Mr Gordon Brown to call for a general election.

A long overdue petition I might add, questions had been asked since Tony Blair stepped down under public pressure to do so.

Here is the link to the petition, feel free to sign it. There is also a Facebook group you could join if you wanted to.

Apparently the petition has been Submitted by Keith Jones of Taxpaying Pensioner without political affiliations but I gladly sign up to it, why don’t you?

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