Flooding predictions for London for around 2080

Flooding predictions for London for around 2080

The European Environment Agency EEA, says there are growing signs of climate change affecting the European continent.

Graphic forecast of flooding in London

Graphic forecast of flooding in London

The speed of change means that within less than 50 years serious problems will emerge unless a European wide strategy is adopted to cope with this and to avoid further problems like the recent floods and landslides within the British countryside.  More heat waves and extreme events are expected.

The heat wave in 2003 killed at least 20,000 elderly persons in excess of the normal rate. Serious flooding across Europe killed about 80 people in 2002 and this also caused an economic loss of 10Billion. The north of Europe is expected to get wetter whilst the south gets dryer.

2 species of moths – not seen for 200 years in the UK – have been seen. They emigrated to the warmer south and are back now. Evidence of warming in the UK. Recently the UK has been hit by floods in more than one part of the country.

Although the Thames Barrier was installed to prevent flooding of the inner London area through rising tides and rises in the water level those weather storm floods have to be addressed separately.  Rising temperatures are due to green house gas emissions. This threatens to melt 3/4 of the glaziers of the Swiss Alps. Carbon dioxide levels are at their highest for 420,000 years and a third higher than before the Industrial Revolution in the 18th Century.


The earth's inner core and layers that make up the globe

The earth's inner core and layers that make up the globe

Britain has had an ice age recently –  1963 produced 6ft snow drifts – 3 1/2 million years ago, the separate continents of south and north -America were joined by a land bridge. Ocean currants in the north Atlantic changed and warm tropical currants came to Britain and the warm water brought moist air, which fell in the colder north as snow. Ice sheets in the arctic expanded and acted as giant mirror, the bigger the more sunlight reflected back into space, creating a circle producing lower temperatures and Britain became very cold, ice age like. Gradually winters became longer and summers shorter, until summers completely ceased. An ice bear found in a Scottish cave proves the existence of this ice age. Whole of Britain became buried in an icy tomb, burying for example Birmingham 1 mile and 1/2 under ice. When the ice melted in Yorkshire about 12 thousand years ago, rocks were left behind. Sea levels around the world were much lower and the north sea didn’t exist. A tundra stretched between Britain and Europe. The remains of 50 thousand Mammoths have been found in the North Sea. Neanderthal humans lived in those days and areas. 120 thousand years ago the icy wilderness was replaced by Serengeti planes right here in London in hot spots during the ice age.

Climate changes have been brought on due to the irregular orbit around the sun, whereby the earth also tilts. The level of the world seas rose with the end of the last ice age and the British Isles were born.  Of course on a larger scale, formerly – until Al Gore arrived – the American scientific community believed the earth is bound to get warmer anyway because the sun will expand – when it dies – get so hot that all living on earth is bound to burn in any case.

Extensive scientific experiments have proved that the current rise in earth temperature cannot be stopped and that it is undeniably connected to high carbon emissions.

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