International trade

Does it improve the lifestyle or create poverty.

This Carlton Television (C) Production video explains very well the pros and contras of world globalisation. The main points is that nations who do not wish to submit to global trade and international commerce may suffer genocide to rid the nations of opposition. The workers themselves do not get a high enough minimum wage to sustain themselves, often work 36 hours per shift and are not allowed to sit down for 16 hours.

The genocide in Darfur has similar motives like the genocide that took place in Indonesia.

the World Trade Organisation is not democratically controlled but relies solely on military support of its operations.

So do the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

John Pilger – The New rulers of The World


A recent poll by Deloitte in November 2006 resulted in just 13% saying globalisation was a good thing, compared to 29% in January, while 82% of the public believed enough jobs have been sent abroad already, and 32% wanted to force companies to bring jobs back to Britain.

Trade has been the engine of globalization, with world trade in manufactured goods increasing more than 100 times (from $95bn to $12 trillion) in the 50 years since 1955, much faster than the overall growth of the world economy. Of course its logical that if more people have access to goods to purchase the production of those goods has to increase.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is criticized for failing to take into account labour standards or the environmental impact of trade.


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