The Freemasons and mathematical concepts

  • Middleage punishment in the market square
  • Middleage punishment in the market square

The use of mathematical system has taken over the control of our lives. Whilst in the Middle Ages we were mostly controlled by religious measure and punishments were physical and gruesome, people where dragged out of their homes on carts, publicly quartered, flogged, burned, hanged. We could not possibly imagine this in today’s society, where health and safety and cleanliness is of the utmost importance.

This type of physical punishment as shown above was common before we had financial control. Financial control was introduced and developed by the Freemasons who are descendants of the early Knights of the Templar.

Population control – banking, debt

The most important aspect of banking is that it administers the exchange mechanism, which is the money. The bank not only distributes it but it also produces it. The money is produced on the strength of either deposits in the bank being credited with interest calculated over the amount of time it is in the account, and so increases steadily or on the other hand money is created by borrowing it to people requesting it. Money is borrowed against the understanding that the borrower can repay the money to the lender, which in itself puts pressure on the borrower and his employers to keep on employing him because otherwise the bank won’t get their money back.

Once the money is borrowed the borrower can then go out and spend the money. When the money is spend on goods those have to be produced and this demand is responsible for our manufacturing industries and service provisions, which may not be available locally but because the money has been made available for the purchase the goods have to be produced to satisfy the demand. Whether this demand is in the interest of environment or social development is another question.

Money is not borrowed because of criteria like a social need, etc. a new bridge has to be built, a new school has to be built and the money is needed for that, but solely because individuals approach a banker who empowers this individual with money. Therefore bankers have immense power over the fate of individuals, groups and our whole society, in fact they control what’s being done or not.

Once money is owed the interest on the loan often supersedes the original bulk of the loan and extra money has to be found to repay the interest, but also a profit has to be made, which is almost impossible for the small entrepreneur as he simply cannot comply with economic mechanisms favouring large corporations with plenty of capital tucked away, earning credit interest on it, which in itself creates wealth.

Hence when too much is borrowed to individuals who cannot make sufficient profit from the loan to repay the interest over time, people go bankrupt and the debts have to be written off.

Our whole economy is being driven by bank loans being given to people to purchase goods, property or services, which of course puts a strain on resources. Dictated by the balance sheet forcing the banker to make as much profit as possible from the loans. The latest victim of this policy is the African rain forest, sold for £50 at a time by the natives, making as much as $4000 per tree for the logger companies.

This perpetual increase in the economy is never ending.

Would our monetary policy be based on environmental concerns the bankers would not be able to borrow endless amounts of money because one would say: “Wait a minute if we keep on producing goods to purchase from the loan, we have to use more and more resources, which causes a strain on our environment and since this is harming our planet, you cannot have the money”.

This constant creation of money, which is not based on any real wealth like gold reserve or measurable criteria like labour available, creates inflation, the more money one is able to spend the more prices are to be increased by the people having had to borrow to be able to sell their products or services. This produces a creeping inflation and the more desperate the need for basic products the steeper the rate of inflation climbs, see Germany during World War II.

The answer to inflation is often to increase the interest rate but this makes the problem worst because with increasing interest the rich earn more interest whilst the poor have to pay more and so the prices have to be risen, whilst the rich can pay them easier.

Governments have become slave to those loans and are subject to banking rules rather then governmental rules.

Financial Dependency

The history

  • Early civilisations. In the very early civilizations stones or metals were used as currency until coins were minted to use as payment for goods. However what follows on are the people who want to amass as many coins as possible to be rich and able to buy anything they like. Each geographical or political region had their own particular currency to use for exchange for goods and services.
    What makes things complicated though is if a lot of people borrow money from the banks and then have to repay it with interest, which makes the banks more and more powerful, being able to repossess estates and land and so accumulate incredible amounts of wealth to the point of actually dominating countries and their governments because of financial dependency, when in fact the banks and the monetary rules govern policies and dealings within a country. Especially the third world countries became completely dependent onto banking, being unable to repay the loans with interest, stifling their fragile economies.
  • The Crusades were responsible for the establishment of banking. The Knights of the Templar would travel to Jerusalem to look for treasures and in order to transfer monies made, quickly established a system whereby they asked someone in their home land to give out sums specified whilst they held the funds in Jerusalem. Wealthy Knights and landowners would deposit the bulk of their wealth in their safe hands. This system of money exchange became widespread and is today the most widespread form of financial dealing. However in those days any money borrowed had to be secured against actual gold reserves, a system, which gradually deteriorated because today’s borrowing does not have to be secured against gold reserves but is secured against an individual’s/company’s ability to repay the debt, which is pure speculation. They established banking after 1118 and became very powerful, possessing properties and land. In October 1307 most of the Templar Knights were arrested and tortured to death by Philip the Fair of France. Pope Clement V dissolved them officially as they worshipped symbols like goat’s heads. Indeed banking has nothing to do whatsoever with the admiration of a god but only respects balance sheets and profits, hence the worship of goats heads, a symbol of the devil. Banking has no social conscience and indeed many people have lost their homes and wealth because of financial speculations. The Knights Templar adopted the white gown with a red cross, today still present in the Swiss flag. Banking previously only used in the Western civilized world has now become the worldwide form of money management.
    And its like a game of Monopoly, everyone wants to become as rich as possible to be the winner.

    Capitalism. Anyone having the biggest pot of money can manipulate the rest of the population, countries and even the whole world. Well in a world where no one is allowed to get much richer then the others, this type of monetary management becomes obsolete. However money can be used to ration and control the amount of money one can spend and therewith the purchases one can make avoiding over indulgence with products. However this must be controlled in a way that no one individual can amass too much wealth as it would not be needed. Just rationing in itself would be very impractical and so provision of limited amounts of money to purchase essentials would be desirable. But I think the whole world should have the same currency, which does not mean people cannot follow different cultural rituals or religions. I strongly belief the amounts of money anyone can have should strictly be rationed because if being able to become rich remains the desirable lifestyle people keep on inventing silly schemes to draw money out of others and this often is done at the expense of health and or environment.
    The World Bank backs deal to strip African rain forests of wood, worth millions in return for bags of sugar and salt, worth as little as £55 for the local communities.

  • Banking power versus Royal power. Around 1300 the Knights Templars became very, very powerful and a threat to the church and they were killed by order of Pope Clement V and their wealth confiscated, Surviving knights fled to Scotland. Today killing bankers is not an option despite the banks having become the most powerful institutions in the world, even more powerful then governments.
    Today’s policies tomorrow’s woesExamine the recent government policies of privatisation means that the banks will have an increasing stake and power over public policies affecting the rights of people.

Whilst previously housing was owned by the state and regulated completely by the state, the state now suddenly wants to transfer the ownership of housing to private associations who have the power to raise finance from banks.

Those banks in case of problems will find a way around the social housing legislature to get their money back if the housing association runs into trouble, giving the banks increasing power over public affairs.

The Public Finance Initiative has been criticised as using incorrect data to arrive at cost estimates.

  • Who is going to rule the world?Whilst previously churches ruled the world, as accepted by Kings and Queens, now churches and governments are losing their powers and governments are merely putting our regulations to fit within the existing financial framework run by the banks. The more is owned by banks the less freedom we will have. Banking profits are not related to democracy.This means there are very few laws to stop the grip the banks have over our daily lives, we have the choice to declare ourselves bankrupt or go into voluntary bankruptcy but this can lead to years of black listing and inability to function properly. Whilst more and more larger companies are able to conduct business because they have the funds to control the media with advertising.
  • Polarisation. This type of polarisation is assisted by the current main form of education, which is comprehensive, whereby competition is minimised and qualifying standards are lowered constantly.
  • Watch this video
  • See here also Hitler’s monetary system

    Hitler’s Monetary System

    “We were not foolish enough to try to make a currency coverage of gold of which we had none, but for every mark that was issued we required the equivalent of a mark’s worth of work done or goods produced. . . .we laugh at the time our national financiers held the view that the value of a currency is regulated by the gold and securities lying in the vaults of a state bank.” -Adolf Hitler, 1937 (CC Veith, Citadels of Chaos, Meador, 1949.)

    This Hitler principle fits like a glove onto today’s banking model whereby money is loaned for debt, whereby the debt money is used to purchase goods or services, for which a monetary value is created through labour and cost of goods, property.
    Today’s banking is based on a Socialist model namely that the persons rich enough to pay for goods can have them produced and therefore resources are shared out between the people.

    This article was originally written a few years ago but history doesn’t change so quick. It is essentially still true but now many people had to go bankrupt as the economy is down. However the ability to financially control something can be a good thing, in the case of hereditary peers I think it is. Just always depends what one is going to do with the power.

    22 June2011, this is a contemporary up-date by a guy called Rockin Ron who is on Facebook and posted a video on YouTube about this ina modern context.

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    1. Shem Booth-Spain
      Jan 30, 2013 @ 06:57:35

      really refreshing to see a mature person researching and see what us kids know to be true about who runs the world, fortunatley for us, off worlders see the planets rulers for what they are, consider checking the disclosure project dr steven greer, the rabbit hole goes as far as u yr willing to go, just keep to the light side!



    2. Edward the Garrulous Fencing Champion
      Apr 26, 2010 @ 19:41:51

      Amazing. Love and epee the blog.



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