Human evolution

when I watched the film Gladiator this afternoon, at least part of it, I noticed how little value the Romans put into human life. I thought, they won’t have a problem with old age pensions because they killed people off before they could get old and it was a feral and savage society in those days.

I could not take my eyes of the fit Gladiator who was so strong that he was better than all the other Gladiators and so fit that he could beat them all. Yet in human society we still tend to use the fittest and strongest for some type of low-grade work, e.g. in Roman times Gladiators and today put them into the army.

If we look at the animal world the fittest and strongest animals are the ones that are entitled to make the females of the herd pregnant to ensure the strongest and fittest broods, yet in human society we do not appreciate the strongest and fittest for that purpose, we merely send the fittest and strongest to an early death and groom the weak and feeble in society as measure of how we organise society to be able to care for the weakest.

I just think that because it is always a strange question to answer if someone asks me, what is the difference between humans and animals, considering our DNA is not so different from that of monkeys and one of the answers must be the difference in treatment of the strongest and healthiest members of the tribe or society.

Instead of appreciating the strongest and their siblings they are often prevented from even having children by sending “the best” into war zones where they run a much greater risk of being killed and not even being able to pass on that good DNA to any child a woman may bear. Just hearing that the Gladiator’s wife and child had been burned and put on a cross alive is strange in evolutionary terms because it would make sense to groom the healthiest members of society to allow for healthier offspring but instead we do exactly the opposite.

I do not wish to appear as some kind of evolutionary supremacist but find the discrepancy with natural selection amazing. Darwin’s theory of human evolution is very much based on natural selection, yet we humans do not select the strongest but the weakest to build our society on. In animal terms natural selection is based on the strongest and healthiest reproducing but not in human terms. That is an obvious discrepancy that is very interesting to me and I shall have to look into this further.

Especially also as I wrote a blog about the BNP and the ideals of Mr Griffin being not so different from those of Mr Hitler but that Mr Hitler actually achieved the opposite from what his ideal was, namely that in the course of his war mongering he actually send all those blonde blue-eyed men to their deaths instead of breeding his ideal society using them for sperm (to put it blandly.)

Please do not understand me wrong I am not an advocate of breeding programs in terms of human evolution I just work on evolutionary theory at the moment. I always get those scientific streaks and try to analyse basic methodologies in all sorts of fields.

I find that a few human sciences are contradicting and got that thought from reading a paper in which a judge said that the law should not be contradicting and that is very noble goal to set by a judge. In evolutionary terms we use sciences to regulate our human life these days, which are contradicting for example mathematics is fundamentally a contradiction to medicine. Medicine is just like law not a pure science. We need to differentiated between pure and applied sciences and Chemistry is only in so far a pure science as it deals with the basic elements, yet medicine is only a pure science as far as anatomy and histology is concerned. Yet in my view anatomy is influenced by the basic biology that is produced with applied science and human breeding. Whereby anatomy is dependant on the health of humans from generation to generation as continued disfigurement would substantially alter our anatomy and our anatomy has already substantially been changed by human evolution. We have come a far way from the Neanderthal. Our brains are not dependant on physical health but physcial fitness is thought to be helping people think. We can see there have been many famous persons with disabilities who were world and community leaders. It is of course another question how we measure and detect disabilities, especially if they are not physical ones and put down a norm that is conceived as normal. I am not sure what normal means these days because the diagnosis of not normal has branched out into a lot of different conditions, not known a few decades ago.

Generally it is not necesary to be fit to be accepted and one of the most famous persons that were very fit in their youth is Arnold Schwarzenegger who has become a community leader and Governor of California. Arnold used to be a Mr Universe and it is very rare for somebody with total physical fitness then to change into politics because most sports persons stay within the realm of sports.

A lot of famous scientists had some kind of disability and must have seemed odd to their fellow human beings at that time.

Generally our modern society today is governed by medicine on the one hand, that aims to prolong life and mathematics on the other hand that regulates life by measuring in terms of monetary value how much each individual has to spend to live on. In country wide terms money available to spend on the whole of the society is called a budget. Whilst however medicine keeps on making humans healthy and long-living the monetary science shreaks and says, we can’t cope with all those healthy humans, what are we going to do.  Yet we all enjoy our lives today because society today is fundamentally different from Roman times were death was a sport and killing one another a basic normality.

Our basic health today is no longer dependant on our immune systems being strong and protecting us, we ensure our bodies pampered with all types of injections to help us withstand illnesses that can wipe out whole populations like for example the Black Death did in the Middle Ages. Nowadays our biggest fear is the bird flue. Humans have now entered into a phase where they wish to regulate life from birth to death and prevent unpredictable events from happening, so that we can plan a life for over 100 years or so and value a person for that period of time.

That is the fundamental difference from the more primitive societies also in animal and human terms, where a life is not worth a lot but if it is, its mostly the life of a tribal leader and his family and friends. Interestingly with the invention of easy travel we now get to know the different life forms all around the globe and realise how still there are some very primitive people in such as the Amazon rain forests and some other human groups elsewhere have societies as we had it in the Middle ages and it is the current aim to regulate all human societies into some common understanding and having the same basic values, usually expressed in Human Rights terms.

It is interesting to see if this form of human society can last longer than other earlier cultures could like for example the early Egyptians, the Aztecs, Romans.  Because if we look at it in culture terms all those early societies had very savage rituals all relying on public killings or human sacrifice in one form or another. Even the early forms of Christianity had ritual slaughter built in, during the Middle Ages and some primitive indiginous people today still live in remote spots on the planet. Extra-judicial killings still exist in some places.

The more primitive humans are the more is their society based on healthy people passing on their genes to healthy children that do not need medical intervention, that is at least my theory.

The bigger our modern societies grow the harder it is to keep all those people happy and content, we use media, whereby in early primitive societies music was also used to contain and control the people and keep them happy. In early civilised societies music was one of the main sciences. But in primitive cultures it has more of a stupefying and ritualistic use needed for social trances and fertility purposes. Medicine man in primitive societies use spiritual remedies when natural remedies no longer help. Unexplained behaviour can have fatal consequences in such groups.

As far as modern human society has developed advanced lifestyles, it has been done at the cost of the environment because all technical progress was made by using raw resources and turning them into manufactured goods and the energy to do so has produced earth warming, so some say. That is in contrast to those who say the earth naturally had cold and hot spells. But the general consensus is that modern activities have contributed to a warming up of the planet because of the amount of Carbon monoxide spewed into the atmosphere and the simultaneous reduction in natural growth causes an imbalance on the planet.

This natural event might well cause a lot of distraction to human societies that have formed all over the planet and live mainly near the coastal regions and low lands. Sea levels are predicted to rise with Global warming and cause widespread distruction to human habitats. It will take a worldwide effort to cope with this without much loss of life and keeping our social values in tact.

I shall look into that further, so far only some basic thoughts, but will come back to this.

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