I am a champion

Championships for social causes are a great way to promote good messages to the community. My championships include:

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator. I am the main membership administrator for the National Neighbourhood Watch Network in Tower Hamlets. We are a registered Charity and donations are welcome. We support autonomous local Neighbourhood Watch groups, whom we ask to work with the THNWA, a registered charity.

Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. I started a Neighbourhood Watch group in 2007 where I live for local residents. We now work closely with the Residents Association where I am also a committee member.

No place for Hate Champion for London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Please sign a pledge with the Council’s online link, either as person or as organisation and pledge no Hate.

Cyberhood Watch Ambassador. Helping to prevent people from becoming victims of Cybercrime criminals.

Communities that Care Ambassador. Join here is you wish to help in your local community.

I would also like to support local business start ups who have innovative ideas and have the potential to encourage the local economy and are likely to employ local apprentices. Please contact me.

Community Champion. Ourwatch currently collects expressions of interest about this. Whilst many councils also run Community Champion programs, I would like to develop a scheme, which is based on innovation, please get in touch here.

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