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Johanna interview day 22814I was born German and grew up in Wuerzburg, Northern Bavaria. My mother comes from a family of carpenters and farmers from Unterfranken. The family was divided by the former East German border. My father came from Berlin and was a Chartered Accountant.

My father helped run the Swimming Club Wuerzburg SV and that is how I gotten started on swimming and Synchronised Swimming.

I developed severe Scolioses early on but was lucky enough to get pioneering treatment at the Wuerzburg Hospital and had my spine straightened with bone transplants.

I became a book seller. Whilst being a student at the local School of Ecnomics I had worked at my father’s bookshop and at the same time organising the first open Air Rock Festival and a progressive Rock event at the local university.

I moved to Hamburg, then Cologne (1976), started another apprenticeship as Tool-maker and worked in a factory as toolmaker and part-time as secretary for the Otto Versand.

I was in fact the only woman in  a male only Engineering college in Cologne. I was well ahead of my time.

Then a holiday break brought me to London (1977) where I was offered employment by the BBC German service almost immediately and I decided to stay in London.  I got married and enjoyed having children. I now have a growing number of grand children.

Just scrolling the InternetMy  husband Bob Taylor and kids Susanna, Janet, Michael, Robert and Roswita.

I started my own company working from home and was supported by a Barclays Bank scheme. I taught myself Webmaster skills having worked a few years earlier on the year 2000 compliance programming as a volunteer.  I had one of the first out-sourced Internet companies in the country. My Business was Whizz Business Solutions Ltd. Company No. 04572281.

I then also worke at an airport.

I am not a member of any political party. I did try a few though but can’t completely agree with any of them. So I support any party that brings out policies I do agree with.

I was also at some point a LEA appointed school governor, which came to an end pretty quick because I didn’t feel good about staying in this post due to reasons explained on this blog. I spent 3 years at the Royal Courts of Justice as litigant in person with a senior judge saying that I can argue as good as any lawyer.

I am still involved in my local community centre, and was active in a local swimming club and Swim England and British Swimming due to my grand daughter having won many medals as performance swimmer.

In September 2019 I accepted an appointment as Steering Group member of my local school, which is in the process of being dissolved.




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